The White House said that Kerry’s visit to China will reaffirm the building of positive cooperation in Sino-US relations.

Original title: The White House said that Kerry’s visit to China will reaffirm the building of a positive cooperation between China and the United States

Xinhuanet Washington, February 9th (Reporter Zhilin Fei Zhou Jiejie) State Department Spokesman Psaki said in a statement on the 9th that Secretary of State Kerry will reiterate during his visit to China that the United States is committed to establishing a “active, cooperative and comprehensive” relationship with China.

In the statement, Psaki announced that Kerry will visit South Korea, China, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates from the 13th to the 18th of this month. She said that Kerry will meet with senior Chinese government officials in Beijing and convey the following message: The United States is committed to seeking a positive, cooperative and comprehensive relationship with China and welcomes a peaceful and active role in world affairs. The rise of a prosperous China. Kerry will also discuss with China the regional issues including the North Korean nuclear issue and emphasize the importance of cooperation between China and the United States on climate change and clean energy issues.

Psaki said that during his visit to South Korea, Kerry will discuss with the ROK to strengthen cooperation in regional and global affairs and continue to coordinate closely on the DPRK issue. During the visit to Indonesia, the two sides will continue to Cooperation on climate change, security, democracy, regional integration, etc., in addition to Kerry will also meet with the ASEAN Secretary-General; during the visit to the United Arab Emirates, Kerry will discuss bilateral and regional issues involving the common interests of the two countries with the Afghan officials.

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American scholars say that commas are obsolete in the Internet age and should be deprecated

China News Service February 10th According to the Hong Kong “Wen Wei Po” reported on the 10th, recently American scholars claimed that commas in the Internet era is outdated, even if not used, does not affect the clarity of expression.

The scholar also described the comma as “and the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen into water”, no reason.

Commas are mainly used to reduce text ambiguity, but McWatt, an associate professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia University, says punctuation is just a trend and a tradition, and usage changes over time.

In the Internet age, netizens are increasingly paying no attention to punctuation, and this trend has gradually spread to professional writers. In modern American literature, the frequency of commas has been drastically reduced, and even completely eliminated.

Horobin, a professor of English language and literature at Modlin College in the UK, also believes that reducing punctuation is a trend in the Internet and SMS era.

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US Senator proposed that immigration reform can be implemented as a guarantee

Xinhuanet Washington, February 9 (Reporter Sun Hao Mudong) US Congressional Senate Immigration Reform Inter-Party Group Senior Member Schumer proposed on the 9th that since the Republican Party camp refused to promote immigration reform on the grounds of distrust of the Obama administration, This year, through the Immigration Reform Act, the implementation date of the reform can be set after the new government inaugurated in 2017.

Democratic Senator Schumer told the media on the same day that many Republican lawmakers have expressed their willingness to promote immigration reform. They just do not trust the Obama administration to put reforms in place. Therefore, a simple compromise is that This year, we will ensure that Congress passes the Immigration Reform Act, which will extend the implementation date of key content until 2017.

Schumer said that in the political cycle of the next presidential election in 2015 and 2016, Republican camp candidates will show a more conservative political stance to attract their camp voters and try to The candidates for the Democratic camp are more in stark contrast, and immigration reform may be more difficult to pass.

Schumer is a member of the Senate Immigration Reform Inter-Party Group & ldquo; Eight Gangs. On the occasion of Obama’s high-profile immigration reform last year, the Senate’s “eight-man gang” group took months to lead difficult negotiations, forming a version of the immigration reform bill and passing it in the Democratic-majority Senate. However, the initiative of the immigration reform issue has also been transferred to the House of Representatives controlled by the Republicans, and it has still been blocked.

House Speaker and Republican Bona poured cold water on the prospects of the Immigration Reform Act on the 6th, saying that the American people and Republicans in Congress do not trust the Obama administration to implement immigration reforms in accordance with the goals, if Obama takes The uncooperative attitude of Congress, I am afraid that the immigration reform bill is difficult to pass this year. The Senate Minority (Republican) leader McConnell also said recently that the Senate and the House of Representatives still have “irreconcilable contradictions” on the issue of immigration reform. I am afraid that it will be difficult to achieve practical results this year.

The US immigration system needs reforms to be the consensus of all walks of life in the United States, but there are serious differences between the democratic and republican parties on how to solve the illegal immigration in China. Although Obama re-emerges immigration reform as the focus of 2014, analysts believe that in the context of growing party differences, this year’s mid-term election year, Obama’s policy is likely to face greater challenges in Congress, the prospects for immigration reform Not optimistic.

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Governor of Tokyo, Japan, election, dust settled, Abe, joy, Koizumi,

According to Japanese media reports, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expressed his welcome to the Governor of Tokyo on February 10th. The analysis said that the election results will help Abe develop the economy and revitalize the Japanese nuclear energy industry. After Hosokawa’s defeat, his main supporter, former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, continued to call for “going to nuclear power”.

***Abe happy

According to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency, Zhai Tianyi supported the development of nuclear power and won more than 2.11 million in the election of Governor of Tokyo. The ticket exceeded the sum of the votes of the two candidates who were asked to go to nuclear power, Utsunomiya and Hosokawa. Polls show that most Japanese people oppose the development of nuclear power, and the reason why the nuclear power is to be successfully elected is largely because economic and welfare issues have always taken the initiative in the elections, overwhelming nuclear power issues. In addition, this election was affected by heavy snow, and the turnout rate was the third lowest in history.

In addition, Shinzo Abe welcomes Yuri to win the election and hopes that the latter will make efforts in low fertility, life expectancy and economic revitalization. Abe said on the 10th that it will set the best combination target according to the use of renewable energy and the restart of nuclear power plants, and actively participate in the export of nuclear power plants. It is also willing to provide technical, institutional construction and personnel training.

Some Japanese scholars believe that the people oppose nuclear power, but it is unrealistic to understand that nuclear power will be completely cleared immediately. The election results will benefit the Abe government. Japan News Network reported that Abe, who was nominated by Abe himself, was elected as Governor of Tokyo, responsible for one-sixth of Japan’s gross domestic product, and was responsible for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which is undoubtedly a positive for Abe’s economic development.

舛添要一 will be officially inaugurated on February 12. He will also travel to Russia to observe the Sochi Winter Olympics in preparation for the preparations for the Tokyo Olympics.


Japan’s former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s Hosokawa Hiroshi’s defeat in this election, Koizumi also suffered heavy Strike. However, Koizumi of anti-nuclear energy will continue to appeal to “go to nuclear power”.

According to the Japan News Network, Abe has always respected Koizumi as “political elder”, but they have fallen out of nuclear power. After Hosokawa lost in the election, there are LDP executives who believe that Koizumi is “not in the evening, his time has passed” and he has no place in our party and can only let him leave the party.

After the election, Koizumi also closed his Twitter account. He wrote: “I really appreciate it.” I wish everyone good health, please allow me to close my Twitter account. & rdquo; He also uploaded a photo saying: “will continue to strive for construction & lsquo; zero nuclear power & rsquo; dedication to the power. & rdquo; After Hosokawa’s election, Koizumi opened a Twitter account and attracted about 100,000 fans in a few weeks.

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At least 10 people died in a shipwreck in eastern India

Xinhuanet Mumbai, February 9 (Reporter Wang Ping Zhao Xu) The Indian police said on the 9th that a shipwreck occurred on the same day near a reservoir in Odishabang, eastern India, killing 10 people and missing several people.

The police said that an overloaded ferry had a shipwreck on the way back. The original private ferry with a capacity of 70 passengers carried more than 100 passengers at the time. Most of the passengers took part in the scenic spot on the other side of the reservoir. Picnic.

The police said that the passengers found that the water leakage from the ferry caused panic. Some passengers escaped from the boat and escaped, causing the hull to lose balance and rollover. All passengers fell into the water.

After the accident, the local military police and fire brigade immediately organized the rescue. Moha Patra, the police officer in charge of the rescue operation, said that more than 80 people have been rescued, and several people, including women and children, have disappeared. It is expected that the death toll will rise further.

Currently, search and rescue operations are still in progress. The police said they would try their best to find all missing persons.

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Floods in Nepal have killed 50 people 35 people are missing

Xinhua News Agency, Kathmandu, July 14 (Reporter Zhou Shengping) Nepalese police said on the 14th that the floods caused by heavy rains in the past three days have killed at least 50 people and 35 others were missing.

The police issued a notice in the afternoon saying that at present, the number of counties affected by floods in Nepal has expanded to 25 and tens of thousands of houses have been flooded. Search and rescue work is underway and more than 1,100 people trapped by floods and mudslides have been rescued.

Some disaster research experts believe that Nepal’s rainy season this year is worthy of vigilance and worry.

It is expected that heavy rain will continue in many parts of Nepal in the next few days. Nepal has carried out a national mobilization, and relevant government departments, police, military, and social organizations have all invested in flood control and disaster relief.

Russia launches 33 satellites with one arrow

Xinhua News Agency, Moscow, July 5th Russian space group successfully used a carrier rocket to send 33 satellites into a predetermined orbit at the Eastern Space Launch Site in the Russian Far East.

According to a statement issued by the Russian Aerospace Group on the same day, the “Union – 2.1b” carrier rocket was ignited from the Eastern launch site at 8:41 Moscow time (13:41 Beijing time). After more than four hours of flight, the carrier rocket sent a weather satellite and another 32 microsatellites into a predetermined orbit.

The Russian Aerospace Group said that the meteorological satellite can observe sky clouds, surface snow and ice layers in the visible, infrared and microwave bands, assist in detecting sea surface temperature and the Earth’s ozone layer, and improve the level of meteorological observations in Russia. . The 32 microsatellites are mostly scientific experimental satellites belonging to Germany, France, the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Thailand, Ecuador, the Czech Republic, and Estonia.

The Russian Aerospace Group said that this is the first space launch completed by the Eastern Space Launch Site this year.

Putin intends to visit Japan from October to November

Xinhuanet Beijing, February 10th Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to visit Japan this fall. On the weekend afternoon, Putin met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the presidential residence of Sochi. The two sides reached an agreement on Putin’s visit to Japan this fall. It is understood that Putin intends to visit Japan from October to November.

The heads of the two countries also confirmed that the negotiation process will be accelerated in order to resolve the four-island issue and conclude a peace agreement as soon as possible. The two sides also reached consensus on strengthening comprehensive cooperation in security dialogue and energy, and Japan’s investment in Russia’s Far East Siberia region. After the Abe meeting, a press conference was held. After expounding the Japanese government’s basic policy of resolving the issue of the ownership of the four northern islands and concluding a peace agreement between Japan and Russia, he expressed his determination to say: “Cannot be pushed to the next generation (to solve), must be in the possible scope Resolve as soon as possible. & rdquo; He also said, “I hope that the trust relationship with Putin (individual) will develop into a (trust) relationship between the two countries.” In the economic field, the two sides invited the ministers and senior executives of the Russian economy in March to participate in the “Russia-Russia Investment Forum” held in Tokyo, and reached a consensus on promoting cooperation between the government and the people in the medical and energy fields. As for the security field, Abe regarded Russia as “an important partner” and explained the activities of the National Security Conference launched in December last year.

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Overspeed truck in eastern India hit two jeep and killed 16 people

China News Service February 11th According to foreign media reports, Indian police said that on the 11th local time, in eastern India, two jeep cars collided with a speeding truck, and all 16 passengers on the jeep death.

The report said that the victims in the jeep were guests who had just returned from the wedding in a village 400 km from Kolkata.

The local police said that 13 people were killed on the spot in the car accident, and three others died after being sent to the hospital. Currently, truck drivers have been arrested.

India is a country with a high incidence of car accidents. More than 110,000 people die each year from car accidents. Most accidents are caused by driving negligence, improper road maintenance and aging of the vehicle.

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611 trapped civilians safely withdrew from the central Syrian theater

Xinhuanet Damascus, February 9 (Reporter Chen Cong Liu Yang) 611 civilians trapped in the old town of Homs, the capital city of Homs province in central Syria, withdrew from the area on the 9th.

According to the official Syrian News Agency, the second batch of 611 civilians were safely evacuated on the same day, according to a temporary ceasefire agreement between the Syrian government and the United Nations to ensure the withdrawal of civilians from the old town of Homs. At the same time, a number of humanitarian relief supplies arrived in the Old Town Theater of Homs to help those still in the area.

The Society quoted the Governor of Homs Province, Talal · Balaz’s words said that the majority of the more than 600 civilians who were evacuated that day were women, children and the elderly, the Syrian government and the United Nations. The institutions and the Red Crescent Society provided them with the supplies and medicines needed for their lives.

Balaz said that the parties concerned are discussing the extension of the scheduled three-day cease-fire period by three days in order to safely evacuate all those who wish to withdraw from Old Town of Homs. He stressed that the government is really committed to helping any people in dangerous areas to withdraw from the old city and escort them to any place they want to go.

The Syrian parties reached an agreement on February 6th, deciding a temporary ceasefire, providing humanitarian assistance to the residents of Homs Old Town and allowing civilians to leave the theater. A total of 83 civilians were evacuated from the Old Town Theater in Homs on the day of the implementation of the temporary ceasefire agreement on the 7th. On the second day of the implementation of the agreement, the first batch of humanitarian relief supplies arrived in the area, but the Red Crescent team that transported supplies was attacked by unidentified armed elements, injuring four Red Crescent workers. Both the Syrian government and the opposition have accused each other of disrupting the ceasefire.

According to reports from the Araba TV station in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Syrian government launched an attack on the area of ​​opposition activities such as the Karabs district in the Old Town of Homs on the 9th, causing casualties.

The province of Homs has always been one of the main battlefields of the Syrian war. According to sources, nearly 3,000 civilians are stranded in the Old Town of Homs.

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