New York police crack down on illegal cockfighting action named “angry bird”

The New York State Police launched the “Anger Bird Action” and seized nearly 3,000 cocks.

The police also carried out three joint inspections at the same time, the largest cockfighting action in the history of New York State.

China News Service, February 10, according to foreign media news, the US National Security Service and the New York State Police launched a joint operation on the 8th, preventing an illegal cockfighting activity and destroying an underground cockfighting gambling gang. 9 suspects were arrested.

It is reported that the New York State investigators have seized nearly 3,000 cockfighting and dispatched nearly 70 police officers to carry out the “Anger Bird Action”, the largest ban on illegal cockfighting in the history of the state.

The report said that from the evening of the 8th to the early morning of the 9th local time, the operations carried out three audit operations, including blocking a cockfighting activity in Queens, New York, and smashing a Brooklyn area. There is a secret chicken cage and a chicken farm in another county.

New York State Attorney General Eric · Schneiderman said that cock fighting is a cruel, barbaric activity. New York law enforcement and animal protection organizations are committed to ending this bloody activity.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

President of the European Council: US Assistant Secretary of State speech is unacceptable

EU Council President: US Assistant Secretary of State speech is unacceptable

EU Council President Van Rompuy

US Assistant Secretary of State New Zealand According to European media reports, EU Council President Van Rompuy said that US Assistant Secretary of State New Zealand’s remarks about the EU are unacceptable. He also said that the EU is the best middleman to resolve the Ukrainian crisis.

He pointed out that Newland’s remarks cannot be taken out of context, but “can’t accept such remarks from a partner’s perspective”.

He said that Americans should not be involved in this matter. In an interview, he said: “The more middlemen, the more complicated the problem. If there is a middleman who can work well there, it is the EU. ”

On February 6th, “Youtube” posted a section of the recordings of Newland and Payette at the end of January. Newland said in the recording that he did not want to see the opposition “strike” party leader Vitali & middot; Klitschko entered the government. Payette said that “the Liberal Party” leader Oleg · Ji Yagni Bock has problems. The two also said that opposition leader Arseny · Yashenuk should enter the government.

The United States did not acknowledge the authenticity of the recording, but Newland has already indicated an apology to the EU counterparts. Officials in the United States said that the possibility of leaking the conversation may be Russian, because the link to the recording first appeared in the assistant of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin – Dmitry · Los Kutov’s Twitter. Los Kutov announced the recording link on February 6, and the recording itself appeared on the Ukrainian Internet as early as February 4.

Responsible Editor: Fang Fang

A bus crashed in Uttar Pradesh, India, causing at least 29 deaths and many injuries

China News Service July 8th According to Russian satellite network quoted local media reports, on the morning of 8th local time, a bus carrying about 50 passengers overturned on a highway in Uttar Pradesh, India, and fell Into the canal. Local media reported that at least 29 people were killed and many others were injured.

Reported that the bus was involved in an accident on the Lucknow-Agra highway in Uttar Pradesh on the way from Lucknow to Delhi.

The local media quoted a report from the National Emergency Services Agency that at least 29 people were killed and many others were injured. According to reports, the authorities are carrying out rescue operations at the scene of the accident.

A letter to Philippine President Aquino: You can’t do anything

President Aquino III, I am sorry that I have not been able to add the words “Respect” in front of your name, because it is really difficult to match these three words considering what you are doing.

I heard that you not only refused to apologize for the Manila hostage incident, but also pressured Mayor Estrada, the mayor of Manila, who had planned to apologize to Hong Kong, to make a “apology trip”. There is an old saying in China that you don’t want to do it, you should be able to understand it as a Chinese. However, it is really disappointing, and you really don’t understand its essence, because you not only block even the most polite behaviors of others, but also others to align with your self-righteous rude behavior.

The Presidential Office stated that it is ready to provide additional “generous” compensation for the families and survivors of the deceased, hoping to express their willingness to communicate and the Philippine people’s “sympathy” to them, to resolve the Philippines and The gap between Hong Kong. This is a bit disappointing. The families or survivors of the victims may not be wealthy, but there are still two poor bones. As compensation, money is indispensable, but the families of the victims and all Hong Kong people, more importantly, the official apology of the Philippine government.

I was shocked to hear that the Hong Kong Chief Executive talked about the position of the Philippines at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting in Bali, Indonesia last year. This incident is an act that individuals should implement when their mental state may not be stable. It is regarded as the behavior of the entire country of the Philippines. Your defense also lacks logic. If the government apologizes for this matter, it may mean that it is acknowledging that the country is at fault and should compensate for the casualties caused by the incident.

This is clearly inconsistent with the well-known facts. On the second day of the incident, the police admitted that they had made mistakes in the rescue process.

Your instinct is not what a responsible leader does. It is also difficult for your ingenuity to be commensurate with the normality of a head of state. Under your rule, Manila, the capital of your country, is known as Asia’s “Kidnapping Capital”. As a country known for its tourism development, the gangsters with deadly weapons hijack unarmed tourists and do not maintain good local security. The Philippine government is duty-bound, how can we say that this incident has nothing to do with the government?

Even more ridiculous is your “generous”, after the incident, your cabinet said that it will not compensate the dead and injured. Even under major pressure, it simply means “encouraging local businessmen to provide some assistance in an appropriate manner. ” For the presidential palace, the word “generous” has been used in the past, it can not be expected.

Not everything can be solved with money, sometimes it is really fair. President Aquino only mentions money and refuses to apologize. It is not only a disrespect for the family and the wounded of the deceased, but also a violation of the fairness of the world today. Since the Manila police have completed the investigation report on the incident, the most simple way is to explain that an official has failed. I believe that if you apologize for these aspects, your family will be easy to accept.

President Aquino, today, this problem has been delayed, and the responsibility lies with you. If it is not your blindness, this matter may have subsided. If it is not your stubbornness, your country’s tourism industry will not suffer such a significant negative impact. The Philippines has been rated as a “failed country” by the outside world, and it is undoubtedly related to your ability to govern for the president’s national leadership.

Hong Kong has already taken the first round of sanctions. Although about 800 Philippine people are affected each year, it is relatively restrained. If the Philippine side is still arbitrarily arbitrarily, it will only impose more severe sanctions, suspend Philippine tourists from visiting Hong Kong, and restrict work visas other than foreign domestic helpers, which will only hit the people’s livelihood in the Philippines. President Aquino, if you really think about the well-being of the people, more rationality and humility, less loyalty and arrogance, you can’t do things and walk into a dead end. (Yang Ziyan)

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

Take stock of political love road: Obama high-profile old Bush long love (Figure)

Obama and his wife Michelle often high-profile “show love”, swearing., February 14th Every year, February 14th is the day when lovers join hands to celebrate the holidays. Some married politicians also put down their serious faces on this day and spend romantic holidays with their wives. US President Barack Obama has warned married men: Take advantage of this day, otherwise the wife will not let you go!

The love of the Obamas seems to be always fresh. For example, every day, Obama tries his best to “please” his wife. In addition to “Twitter” on the “Twitter”, he will also prepare flowers and gifts, go out with his wife, “搓一搓”, enjoy the world of two.

Some people like romantic flowers before the moon, and some people admire calm and long flowing water. In the face of the eternal topic of love, politicians are no different from ordinary people.

Do not love Jiangshan only love beauty

Whether it is a royal family or an ordinary person, there is a right to decide in front of love. Those who do not care about the throne of the throne, their love is relished by the people of the future, and become a beautiful talk around the world.

The most famous royal family is the former British King Edward VIII. On December 11, 1936, the young and handsome Edward VIII had just been in the throne for less than a year. In order to join his beloved American woman, Mrs. Simpson, she resolutely chose to abdicate. After the fall of Edward VIII, he was named the Duke of Windsor. On June 3, 1937, the Duke of Windsor and Mrs. Simpson held a private wedding in France.

In modern times, the young princes of the European royal family began to pursue the fashion of “Don’t love Jiangshan Aimei”. In 2003, the second heir to the throne of the Netherlands, Joan · Prince Frieso announced the marriage with the civilian woman and gave up the right to inherit the throne. In 2006, the 20-year-old Luxembourg prince Louis also gave up the throne and tied up with his lover.

Car bomb attack in Pakistan, at least 8 policemen killed

China News Service, February 13th According to foreign media reports, Pakistani city Karachi on the 13th car bomb attack, at least 8 policemen were killed, and 25 others were injured.

According to reports, the explosion occurred in the local morning. A senior local police officer said in an interview with the media that a car full of explosives crashed into a police vehicle.

According to local hospital sources, they have received the bodies of at least eight police officers. Some other wounded were also taken to the hospital.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Obama asked Hollande to eat caviar marshmallow chocolate cake (Figure)

The first national banquet of Obama's second term will entertain the singer of Hollande's singer

Obama took the opportunity for Hollande. >>>

US President Barack Obama will host a dinner at the White House on the 11th, welcoming the French President Francois · Hollande’s visit, which includes specialty caviar, dry cooked beef and cotton candy.

Agence France-Presse reported that according to the menu announced by White House officials on the 10th, the appetizer is American caviar, with quail eggs and potatoes. Followed by “winter garden salad”, the ingredients are from the United States “first lady” “Michel · Obama in the White House’s vegetable garden. The main dish is a dry cooked ribbed beef from a family farm in Colorado, USA.

Desserts are chocolate cakes, chocolates from Obama’s hometown of Hawaii.

The White House chef also prepares two red wines from California and Washington, as well as Chardonnay white wines from Monticello, Virginia.

Amaranth, cookies, and marshmallows sprinkled with orange peel are served after the meal.

Scheduled for 350 people to attend the dinner, along with a singer performance. (Xinhua News Agency)

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Former Egyptian President Mursi was tried in a cage and his defense lawyer retired.

People’s Daily on February 17 According to Reuters, former Egyptian President Morsi was tried in Cairo on the morning of the 16th, and his defense lawyers retired from the protesters. As a result, the relevant trial had to be suspended until February 23 and resumed. Mursi’s defense lawyers retired to protest that Mursi and the other defendants were confined to a soundproof glass cage.

The former leader of Islam faced four different trials, three of which have already begun. Mursi was transported by helicopter to the Cairo Police Academy from the Arab Tower Prison where he was detained on the morning of the 16th.

In this trial, Mursi and 35 other people were accused of attacking Egypt with Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. Mursi and his co-defendants were accused of colluding with foreign organizations and undermining national security. If the crime is true, the death penalty can be imposed.

In recent court appearances, Mursi and others were placed in a soundproof glass cage to prevent them from yelling and interfering with the proceedings. The defendants said they could not understand the trial process because they could not hear anything. But the judge said that the headphones in the cage allowed them to hear the sound outside. This cage also allows the judge to control when the defendant speaks.

According to Reuters, people in the court once heard Mursi say: “What are you afraid of?” Are you afraid because you don’t have public support? & rdquo; The court said they will now appoint a new defense team.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Tourists visiting Thailand can hold a “blank passport” landing sign

Yesterday, Miss Shang Shang called the hotline and said that she had successfully implemented the Thai visa as a backpacker. “My time to go to Thailand is this year’s Spring Festival. I took two photos, a proof of a round-trip ticket, a passport, and paid 1,000 baht to pass. ” Yesterday afternoon, the official microblog of the Kunming Office of the National Tourism Administration of Thailand also said that after the office and Kunming Airport confirmed, holding the “blank passport”, the Kunming Airport Customs will release it. At present, the normal handling fee is 1000 baht and the fast-track handling fee is 1200 baht.

Up to 45 visa-free or landing visas

On January 28, the Ministry of Public Security’s Exit-Entry Administration website announced that as of On January 1, 2014, 45 countries (regions) applied for visa-free and landing visas for Chinese citizens holding ordinary passports. Among them, China has signed visa agreements for exemption from ordinary passports with four countries including San Marino, Seychelles, Mauritius and Bahamas, as well as Samoa, Haiti, Jeju Island in South Korea, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (Saipan). 6 countries including the British Turks and Caicos Islands, British South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands are unilaterally exempt from Chinese passport holders, Maldives, Indonesia, Georgia, Brunei, Fiji, Comoros, Palau, Myanmar, East Timor, Bahrain, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Laos, Lebanon, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Iran, Vietnam, Egypt, Togo, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Ghana 35 countries (regions) such as Côte d’Ivoire, Madagascar, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, Guyana, British St. Helena, Tuvalu and Vanuatu unilaterally allow eligible Chinese citizens with ordinary passports to arrive at the country Apply for an entry visa at the port.

Subsequently, many netizens on the Internet began to talk about the fresh feelings brought by the landing sign. Many people also shared their experience of landing and signing. Everyone said, “White Passport” can also go to Thailand. I am greatly lamented. Many netizens conducted actual measurements in the first time. Netizens said that they would successfully exit the country with valid passports and joint-time tickets. China’s border inspections will no longer check other materials, including visas for embassies and consulates.

The basic materials will be released.

The staff of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Thailand in Kunming introduced that according to the official website of the Ministry of Public Security and related requirements, Chinese citizens need to carry 2 two-inch photos, proof of property income, a certain amount of cash, proof of round-trip ticket information, valid passports and other materials can handle related matters. If you need to travel to Thailand, it is best to call the consulate for specific consultation.

However, the Kunming office of the National Tourism Administration of Thailand told the Evening News reporter that the relevant departments may not be so strict in actual operation: “In the past, it was mainly because China’s border inspection and customs exit did not allow visas to leave the country. Since the announcement of the news, it is now known that tourists who come out of Kunming will have basic materials in their possession, and there is basically no problem. As long as the visa on arrival meets the stay time of no more than 15 days, and prepares a passport, 2 photos and proof of return ticket information, upon arrival in Thailand, you will receive an application form to register the information. At present, there are 24 ports in Thailand to provide the application form. In addition, when you go through the relevant procedures, visitors are also required to pay a fee of 1,000 baht. & rdquo;

In the past, if visitors bring their own materials to the consulate to apply for a visa, the cost is 230 yuan / person. Acted by the travel agency, the price is higher. However, the person also reminded that the time for the tourist visa of the Royal Thai Consulate in Kunming to apply for a tourist visa is one working day. If the materials are fully prepared, one working day can be used. In the case of not being particularly urgent, it is still recommended that tourists complete the visa in advance and then leave the country. In order to avoid delays in travel time due to language barriers or other problems.

Reporter Zhang Fang (Spring City Evening News)

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

The President of the Council of Europe’s personal website was removed from the Nazi officer’s poems.

European Council President Hermann · Van Rompuy (data map)

International Online Special: According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on February 11, recently, Europe Council President Herman Van Rompuy was forced to remove a poem from his personal website. Because the author of the poem is the Nazi officer Cyril · Cyriel Verschaeve, the Belgian League opponents think this is an insult to the Jews. Fan Longpei once explained that this poem is the favorite work of his mother-in-law.

It is reported that Fan Saif was a pastor of Flanders in northern Belgium. During the Nazi occupation of Belgium, he was appointed chairman of the Flanders Cultural Committee and worked very closely with the Nazis. In his political brochure, he called the Jews “and pests” and “weeds” should be eliminated. After the end of World War II, he was sentenced to death by the Belgian court. Subsequently, he fled to Austria and died there in 1949. Seagull, which caused opposition to the sound, was his work in 1909.

Opponents believe that although the poem itself does not contain any anti-Semitism, and Van Rompuy placed it on his personal website for his mother-in-law, it has nothing to do with politics, but because the creator of the poem is A Nazi officer should be removed from the website. They welcomed Van Longpei’s approach.

Van Rompuy is the pride of the Belgians. He served as Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium from September 1993 to July 1999 and became Prime Minister of Belgium in December 2008. On November 19, 2009, Van Rompuy was elected as the first permanent chairman of the European Council and will retire at the end of this year. Fan Longpei also loves to write poetry. He has published a collection of haiku poems and is good at short poems.

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