Chinese tourists become the “biggest household” in Paris shopping

During the Chinese New Year in the past, the tax refund window at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport has a long queue every day. Eighty percent of the team is Chinese tourists, and each visitor has to wait in line for an average of one and a half hours. The French Customs Tax Refund Officer slowly checked each shopping list and even opened the suitcase to check each item, but still elegantly said to Chinese guests in Chinese, “Happy New Year”.

According to the latest survey by the world-renowned online travel platform Travelzoo, France is still the country of choice for Chinese tourists to travel to Europe. Paris is the first shopping paradise in the minds of Chinese people. French Foreign Minister Fabius announced last month that in order to attract Chinese tourists, France decided to shorten the time for handling Chinese tourist visas to France within 48 hours since January 27, the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France. This measure will attract more Chinese people to France for sightseeing and shopping. According to French survey data, more than 900,000 Chinese people travel to France every year, and this number is expected to increase to 4 million by 2020.

Although there are not many Chinese tourists visiting the streets of Paris in the winter, as long as you walk into the “Lafayette” department store and the spring department store, you can see the crowds of Chinese people crowded. Various luxury counters, especially leather bags and jewelry counters. Almost every counter arranged a Chinese-speaking clerk to smile. In some large shopping malls, merchants will pay special attention when they see Chinese customers, because they know that Chinese customers will buy more than 175 euros at a time to get more than 10% tax rebate. Spring Department Store opened a small shop mainly engaged in jewellery and luggage next to the Louvre. On the machine providing tax-free documents, the most prominent language mark is Chinese.

Of the Chinese respondents planning to travel to Europe in 2014, 35% chose to travel to France. Among the Chinese tourists planning to travel to Paris, go to the “Lafayette” department store and spring department store, the luxury shop on the Champs Elysées, and the large and inexpensive shopping mall “shopping”, which is scheduled in advance. Ironing the trip.

Hongwei, the president of Travelzoo Tourism China, believes that the guests who went to Paris this year are different from previous years. In the past, they were mainly the first group guests to France. This year, there are more free travellers. They saw that the Spring Festival coincided with the French winter discount season, and they booked discount tickets early and arranged their own shopping trips. However, it is necessary to remind free travellers that the French have limited English and it is best to learn a few simple French in advance and do their homework in advance.

From the tax exemption documents of the Paris City Tourism Bureau, the average Chinese consumption has reached 1,500 euros, more than twice that of Japanese tourists. For Parisian businessmen, the Chinese have become the number one customer in France after the Japanese and Russians. (Li Bin, the chief correspondent of the newspaper in Paris)

Responsible editor: Wu Yuanchun

Extreme weather in Italy continues to wreak havoc, killing at least 6 people

Xinhua News Agency, Rome, October 29 (Reporter Ye Xinke) Extreme weather continued to ravage many places in Italy on the 29th. According to local media reports, at least 6 people were killed and many others were injured on the day of the meteorological disaster such as hurricanes.

According to Italian radio and television, the city of Terracina in southern Italy was severely damaged by tornadoes, and vehicles were hit by trees, killing one person; the same accident occurred in the central city of Fu Rossino, causing two deaths.

According to Ansha news, in Savona, Naples and Veneto, one person was killed by a hurricane and other objects.

Yingluck denied that there was misconduct in the government’s acquisition of rice

 According to foreign media reports, on the 17th, Thailand’s anti-government protesters in Bangkok surrounded the seat of the Thai government and tried to “clear the field” against Thai police to enable Thai watchdog Prime Minister Yingluck to The action back to his office office protested.

According to foreign media reports, 17th Thai anti-government protesters in Bangkok surrounded the seat of the Thai government and protested against the Thai police’s attempt to “clear the field” to enable Thai watchdog Prime Minister Yingluck to return to his office.

China News Service February 20th According to foreign media reports, Thai caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck defended his innocence on the 20th, she said that she did not commit any misconduct in the government’s acquisition and sale of rice.

The Thai Anti-Corruption Commission announced on the 18th that it found evidence that Yingluck as the prime minister and chairman of the National Rice Policy Committee was suspected of misconduct, that is, in the government’s acquisition and sale of rice, letting go of corruption and causing national finances. Loss.

But Yingluck said that she reiterated that she is innocent, “although those who wish to subvert the government want me to be accused and face down, I am willing to cooperate. & rdquo;

It is reported that the Anti-Corruption Commission decided to call Yingla to the Anti-Corruption Commission at 2 pm on the 27th of this month for an inquiry. The Anti-Corruption Commission said that Yingla can defend itself when accepting allegations. If convicted, the Anti-Corruption Commission will launch impeachment against Yingluck.

On the same day, Yingluck called on the Anti-Corruption Commission not to rush to make a ruling, because this ruling may cause social dissatisfaction and make those who attempt to overthrow the government feel good. She said that the investigation into the matter is still in progress.

Yingluck also said that she only wants to improve the living standards of farmers.

It is reported that the rice acquisition project is a policy of benefiting people after Yingla came to power in 2011. The acquisition of rice at a price higher than the market aims to improve the living standards of farmers. However, since the implementation of the project, the export volume of Thai rice has declined and the country’s fiscal losses have been controversial.

In addition, the Thai government was unable to deliver rice to the rice farmers involved in the acquisition on schedule, causing anxiety and loss of interest. At present, rice farmers across Thailand have continued to hold demonstrations due to the fact that they have not received the rice purchases this season. They have recently entered Bangkok and asked the government to return the arrears as soon as possible.

Responsible Editor: Wu Yuanchun

Swedish reflection on parenting methods is too tolerant or unhelpful for children

China News Service, February 18th According to foreign media reports, some Swedes are now beginning to reflect on child-centered education, as this may cause young people to be prepared for adult life.

According to reports, Swedish legislation prohibits corporal punishment of children, gives parents long-term parental leave, and has a publicly funded nursery to help care for children over the age of one year. All child-centered parenting practices allow children to get used to it when they are young. Be the master of the house. Swedish children often decide what to eat at home, which TV to watch, and where to go on vacation.

But David Eberhard, a Swedish psychiatrist who published How Children Took Power, points out that Sweden’s practices are overkill, too sensitive to children, and unwilling to punish Will lead to educational problems.

He explained that his intention was not to advocate that everyone corporal punishment of children, but for children “respectful respect”, for children and society, it is more harm than good.

Eberhardt observed that when Swedish children grew up, they found that they were not prepared for adult life, and that anxiety disorders and self-harm behavior increased.

The report pointed out that the scores of students in Swedish schools have begun to decline in the international rankings. The Swedes are now envious of countries such as Finland, whose schools are more disciplined and teachers are still authoritative, and these are no longer seen in Sweden.

Eberhardt exemplifies that if a Swedish teacher confiscates a mobile phone because a student sends a text message or video game during class time, he or she must face the accusation that they infringe the student’s rights. Some teachers later had to talk to the students during class time and advised them to put their mobile phones away.

Sweden’s strict child welfare law makes parents afraid to discipline children. Corporal allegations will be investigated by police, psychologists and prosecutors and the fine may be as high as $1,000.

Sweden is the first country in the world to ban corporal punishment. Although there are only 2 million children in the country, at least since 1979, it has played an important role in the discussion of raising children.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Ukrainian National Assembly President Announces Resignation

China News Service, February 22, according to foreign media reports, the Ukrainian parliamentary deputy speaker in the congress, said that the pro-government speaker Volodymyr Rybak (Reodymyr Rybak) on the 22nd on the grounds of poor health resignation.

On the same day, a number of lawmakers said they were withdrawing from the party of the ruling party belonging to President Yanukovych and protesting against the use of police force against the demonstrators.

Ukrainian President Yanukovych and opposition representatives signed an agreement in Kiev on the 21st to resolve the Ukrainian crisis. The content includes the restoration of the 2004 Ukrainian Constitution, the establishment of a national unity government within 10 days, and the holding of general elections in advance.

According to Ukrainian opposition leader Klitschko, Yanukovych has left Kiev. He urged the parliament to pass a resolution to allow Yanukovych to resign immediately.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

Experts interpret the situation in Ukraine: east or west is still troubled

President Yanukovych is unknown.

The Ukrainian parliament passed a decision on the 23rd, and the new speaker, Turchinov, temporarily held the presidency. The picture shows him on the 22nd in the parliament.

On the evening of the 22nd, former Prime Minister Tymoshenko appeared in the Independence Square in the capital, Kiev, and gave a speech.

The Ukrainian parliament voted on the 23rd to temporarily perform the duties of the president by the new speaker, Turchinov. On the 22nd, the situation in Ukraine changed suddenly, the opposition announced the control of the situation, and President Yanukovych was forced to leave the capital Kiev. Since last week, “Storm Center” has witnessed the turmoil of the Ukrainian crisis: bloody violent conflicts, fragile “de-combat” agreements, Western sanctions, fierce politics “shuffle” ;……No one knows, what will happen tomorrow? No one knows, is this the end of a mess, or the beginning of a new uncertainty? No one knows what the future of this country will be like?

A sudden change in situation

The new speaker temporarily performs the duties of the president

Starting to form a government

The Ukrainian parliament met on the 23rd and 339 members attended, of which 285 voted to support the acting president of Turcino. The meeting also passed a decision to lift the positions of several cabinet ministers, including Foreign Minister Leonid · Kozala and Minister of Education and Science Dmitro · Tabacnik.

Kozara is the president of Victor · Yanukovych, and is believed to be deeply involved in Yanukovic’s decision to shelve the EU Contact Agreement. Since late November last year, Ukraine has experienced a crisis due to the government’s decision to suspend the signing of an agreement with the European Union, and the political situation continues to be volatile. The parliamentary meeting did not determine Kozala’s successor. The meeting also agreed to establish a national unity government. Turchinov said that all parties should immediately start consultations and complete the new government formation 25 days ago. & ldquo; This is a priority task. ” Turchinov said.

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting closed in Sydney

China News Service, Sydney, February 23rd The two-day meeting of the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors concluded in Sydney on the 23rd. The conference focused on current global economic situation, long-term investment, economic growth strategy, financial sector reform and international tax cooperation, and issued a joint communique.

The meeting positively evaluated the continued steady growth of China and other countries’ economies, and improved the economy of developed countries. However, it pointed out that the global economy is far from achieving strong and sustainable development, and there are many challenges. Recently, the international financial market is in turmoil and debt remains high, and the global economy faces major risks. The G20 countries are confident and adopt a pragmatic policy to achieve a comprehensive growth strategy and prepare for the successful G20 Leaders Summit in November this year.

Zhou Xiaochuan, Governor of the People’s Bank of China, introduced China’s economic and financial situation in his speech. He pointed out that China’s economic growth slowed down in 2013, with GDP growth of 7.7%, slightly lower than the average of the past decade. The newly added employment population of 13 million is an encouraging figure. The reasons for the economic slowdown include: many new investments flooding into infrastructure construction projects may result in a decline in production capacity; the government encourages more economic development while balancing environmental protection, resulting in increased production costs; some structural adjustment measures and reforms that promote long-term economic development. In the short term, it may affect economic growth. The Chinese government attaches great importance to the risks in economic operations and will strive to balance the relationship between GDP growth, structural adjustment and stability, create endogenous driving force for economic growth, and continue to contribute to the promotion of global economic growth.

At this meeting, Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei said that China currently faces challenges in terms of population aging, resource constraints, and labor costs. The Chinese government will work hard to promote stable economic growth, create employment opportunities, maintain stability in inflation, and ensure long-term stable economic and social development. In accordance with the spirit of the decision of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the Chinese government will comprehensively deepen reforms, promote the construction of social security systems, reform investment models, and strengthen and improve financial support and methods for education and science and technology to enhance the momentum of long-term economic development.

During the meeting, Minister Lou Jiwei and President Zhou Xiaochuan also participated in other multilateral and bilateral meetings, and exchanged views with representatives of relevant countries on global and regional economic situations and bilateral cooperation. Minister Lou Jiwei accepted a collective interview with Chinese reporters in Australia and answered questions from reporters on issues such as world economic growth, the development of emerging economies, China’s contribution to the world economy, and the RMB exchange rate.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Yang

The representative of China said that countries have the right to choose the rule of law that suits their national conditions.

Original title: The representative of China said that countries have the right to choose the rule of law that suits their national conditions

Xinhuanet United Nations February 19 (Reporter Yu Lei Wang Lei) Wang Min, Deputy Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations At the United Nations Headquarters in New York, the country stated that countries have the right to choose the rule of law that suits their national conditions. The peaceful settlement of disputes is an inevitable requirement of the rule of law.

On the same day, Wang Min’s debate in the Security Council entitled “Promoting and Strengthening the Rule of Law in the Maintenance of International Peace and Security” stated that due to the different national conditions and development levels, there is no application in the world. The rule of law model in all countries. Countries have the right to choose the rule of law that suits their national conditions. At the same time, the rule of law practice in each country can learn from each other and develop together. In strengthening the international rule of law, all countries must strictly abide by the rules of international law. In handling international affairs, they should adhere to the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and adhere to the important principles of national sovereign equality, opposition to internal affairs, and opposition to power and aggression. Good faith in fulfilling international obligations.

Wang Min emphasized that the peaceful settlement of disputes is an inevitable requirement of the rule of law. The principle of peaceful settlement of disputes and the non-use of force is the proper meaning of the international rule of law. It constitutes the core of the United Nations Charter and the foundation of the contemporary international order. It is an international obligation that all countries must abide by. He said that to achieve the effectiveness and sustainability of the rule of law in conflict and post-conflict countries, we must adhere to the rule of law and the political process, economic development, national reconciliation and other aspects of overall coordination and mutual promotion; we must respect the sovereignty and reality of conflict and post-conflict countries. The situation is committed to strengthening the capacity building of conflict and post-conflict countries.

He also stated that the UN Charter is the starting point for the construction of the international rule of law. All countries should defend the authority of the UN Charter, safeguard the post-war international order and the victory of the world anti-fascist war, and effectively follow the UN Charter. And its established basic principles of international law deal with international affairs and resolutely oppose any act that violates historical justice, human conscience and international justice. He also stressed the need to properly handle the relationship between maintaining peace and pursuing justice. Achieving judicial justice is not simply a legal issue, but closely related to political, economic, cultural and other factors. Pursuing judicial justice should help the countries concerned to promote reconciliation and achieve stability, at the expense of the peace process and the obstruction of national reconciliation. .

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Tymoshenko was released from prison

China News Service, February 22nd The Associated Press, according to news from the press secretary of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Tymoshenko, Tymoshenko was released from prison on Saturday.

The Ukrainian parliament passed a decree allowing for the exemption of Tymoshenko from criminal punishment. The decree on the implementation of Ukraine’s international obligations concerning Tymoshenko was supported by 322 members, who had 331 members in the conference hall. When the poll results were announced, the lawmakers applauded and shouted “To Yulia Freedom”.

Ukrainian Supreme Rada amended the national law on Friday, which allowed the release of Tymoshenko, but Ukrainian President Yanukovich did not sign the law. According to the current leadership of the Verkhovna Rada, the form of the decree can be signed without the president.

(Original title: former Prime Minister of Ukraine Tymoshenko was released from prison)

Responsible Editor: Wang Yi

More than 20 people in a kindergarten in Japan were taken to hospital for discomfort: 9 children, 14 employees

[Global Network Report] Nine children and 14 employees of a kindergarten in Aichi Prefecture, Japan were sent to the hospital for feeling sick.

The Russian Satellite News Agency reported on October 31 that the news posted on the kindergarten website said that a strange unpleasant smell was the cause of discomfort. But the police who arrived at the scene did not find anything suspicious. At the same time, the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) reported that children in large classes had symptoms of cough and headache, and windows in adjacent rooms were open without any abnormalities.

Kyodo News reported that when the children arrived at the kindergarten by bus, they developed symptoms of discomfort. Children and employees are not at risk.