Modern cottages around the world

This prefabricated cottage is located on Block Island on the coast of Rhode Island and was built in 1967 by designer Jens Risom as his family resort. A few years ago, the designer decided to update it and prepare for the next one, which meant some maintenance was needed. An important task is to replace the glass panel on the north facing facade and open this A-frame cabin to the beautiful surroundings.

This modern cottage is located in the San Juan Islands of Washington State and is connected to the family resort of HeliotropeArchitects, blending in with nature and the surrounding landscape. The architect provided a roof garden for the cottage to compensate for the lost habitat and retractable wall panels, allowing the living space to be fully opened to the outdoors.

The owner of this modern cottage built by FLOAT, a research and design firm in Oregon, presented a very peculiar and interesting request: she wanted a roof that allowed her to hear rain falling on it. The team had to overcome two other challenges: building the cabin without road access, no electricity, no large-scale excavation, and ensuring that the cabin could be removed and recycled at the end of its useful life.

Olson Kundig built Rolling Huts, a modern cottage located at the RV campsite in Mazama, USA. The owners wanted to rescue the site and restore the landscape to its natural state. Surprisingly, these cottages are just like this. They are basically just steel boxes on steel and wooden platforms.

Located on the land near Edirne, close to the border between Turkey and Greece, this off-grid cottage is a wonderful summer retreat ideal for such remote areas. The prefabricated cottages are designed by SO, and the studios feature weatherproof birch panels, asbestos insulation, and a compact but well-organized interior with kitchen, loft bed, bathroom and sofa bed.

This modern Nordmarka cottage is mainly used for winter and the nearby forest offers excellent cross-country skiing opportunities. Designed by Jarmund/VigsnæsASArchitects MNAL, the lodge barely touches the ground beneath it and seems to hover over the gentle slopes. Internally, the space is divided into two areas, one of which is the two-level area of ​​the center.

When Cutler Anderson Architect James Cutler designed this comfortable cabin on an island near Seattle, he hoped it could be his The design studio, and as a meeting place for his daughter and her friends, so he makes it comfortable and fun, with a reminiscent of the characteristics of the tree house. The exterior is made of Corton steel, which blends the cabin with the surrounding environment.

Although it has the right features, you can hardly call it a hut. Located in Washington, surrounded by mountains and mountains, this holiday home is designed by Prentiss Balance Wickline and has a different floor plan to create a private and comfortable courtyard. These structures are coated with weather-resistant steel for an eternal and wear-resistant appearance.

In addition to its unique and spectacular location, this cottage has a special, uncommon design that is very narrow, only 2.4 by 4.9 meters. Designed by OFIS Arhitekti, he works with the structural engineer CBD and you can find it cantilevered on the border hill between Slovenia and Italy. It combines aluminum with glass and wood to provide some truly spectacular views.

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Minimalist Residence at St. Francis Lake, Canada

The minimalist home on Lake St. Francis in Canada, designed by Bourgeois/Lechasseur. The home is located on a complex terrain with a subtle tilt along the scene.

Customers and their expanding families want to retain their original homes and take advantage of the vast free space along the lake. Most of the front is bare to maintain privacy, while the back of the house is entirely made up of large glass windows.

The part of the house closest to the lake is a three-story building that displays a façade consisting of angles and large openings. Customers usually have someone to their home and want to have a large kitchen and dining space to accommodate their party.

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Furniture depicting Colombian weaving traditional art

Industrial designers are inspired by her native roots in Colombia, a collection of furniture that depicts the traditional art of Colombian weaving. Bamba is a native term that means “majestic tree”, an ancient theme that represents growth and change.

With The Bamba, Ortega hopes to provide users with opportunities and space to reflect on their lives and experiences. Inspired by Colombian culture and art, hand-woven textiles are designed to symbolize balance, just as the balance between our inner self and the world we live in. The series is made of a mixture of plastic, aluminum, wood, etc., with a variety of colorful textiles.

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Notebook-inspired cabinets and benches

Swedish Ninja, a Malmö design studio led by Maria Gustavsson, recently released two new products that blend metal bases and cork with colored spots to add spice to your interior.

The first is the Notebook cabinet, which is used to store your stuff while highlighting external photos, inspirations, or clippings, like a notebook. The door is covered with practical cork, but not just old cork. This cork has a colorful mix of colors that give it a fun, playful look.

The oval Notebook bench features a similar metal base with a spotted cork on top that can be added to your collection as a relaxing piece of furniture.

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Los Angeles warehouse becomes an animation studio

The former garment factory in the Los Angeles Silver Lake community is now home to Roger, an independent animation and animation studio. The 6,500-square-foot space is being refurbished by CHA:COL, Inc., whose mission is to bring industrial structures here. To accommodate a young company, the company must design a workspace for 30 animators, 6 producers, 4 private offices, 3 editing suites, 2 meeting rooms, 3 bathrooms, a green screen workspace, and a kitchen. Space is available in the lounge.

The layout design includes a central area called The Pit for work, meals, meetings or breaks. It features laminate plywood and features a countertop, seat and display area.

They did not disguise the industrial nature of the building, but decided to incorporate it into the design, such as choosing to restore the concrete floor and expose the ceiling.

The mezzanine adds extra space and it includes the post-production department.

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California hotel gets Japanese style update

The hotel was designed by interior design and branding company MARKZEFF and recently experienced a new interior update influenced by Japanese style.

Although the influence of the East inside the hotel is very rich, there are many details to pay tribute to the music industry, hippie culture of the 1960s, and the anti-cultural movements of the 1960s and 1970s.

In the lobby, black and gold tones are inspired by Japan, setting the tone for interior design. Carbonized black, crocodile skin texture wall and golden wood floor juxtaposed. Japanese calligraphy-style rugs outline public spaces, and the design and cultural books of these public spaces are neatly stacked for leisure and entertainment. The public desktop contains popular albums curated by DJ for a variety of events at the hotel.

Zeff designed two themes for the room: one with a vintage Japanese newspaper print and the other with a retro sumo wrestling card. All rooms are furnished with custom furniture, carpets and Japanese aesthetically inspired fabrics such as dyed enamel and headboards, patchwork bike stitching styles, and clean lines from Japanese woodworkers.

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Traveler’s paradise

Clear and transparent waters, white sandy beaches, calm and comfortable, you can enjoy all this on Kanukhura Island. MUZA Lab has redesigned this unique island, combining Gypsy ideas with the lifestyle of the jet travel industry.
Guests can choose from a variety of suites and villas, all with beautiful interiors inspired by the stories, colors and sculptures of the beautiful islands. The house is above sea level, allowing you to shower indoors while observing the fish below the floor hole. In the evening you can look up at the stars in the outdoor courtyard.

The villa’s bedroom has a vast view of the Indian Ocean, and the interior is inspired by the lush landscape. Private pools, private sun loungers and outdoor dining areas encourage you to enjoy the outdoors. The furniture, decorations and artwork are made of local teak wood.

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Kanso bench is a fully customizable design

suitable for developing offices and flexible spaces. Components can be moved as needed to fit people and technology.
West Elm Workspace brings more relaxation and comfort options to the office. The Billow Seat Collection offers a semi-private partnership when two sofas face each other.
Chair 2 was designed by Bakery Studio and you think the chair is hugging you when you are sitting in a chair. The design combines wood and iron pipes around the backrest.
The Telo lounge chair was designed by Sebastian Herkner and has a round or semi-circular configuration. The cushioned chair was inspired by the South African cabin camping seat.

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Modern residence that blends into the surroundings

Okas Island, Washington, USA,Lone MadroneThe footprint of the house is 1600square feet. The project is composed of eliotrope ArchitectsResponsible, a studio focused on intelligent contemporary design.

Because of the residence The location must be designed to coordinate the house with the surrounding environment. At the same time, the location brought a series of problems and the house was exposed to hard weather conditions.
In order to reduce the impact of the weather, the architect designed a retractable wall panel. These wall panels act as a protective layer of interior space to block the house and provide warmth and comfort for the winter.
Another important aspect that studios have to consider is to reduce the impact of the project on nature and the environment. To achieve this, the studio incorporates a roof garden design.

Roof Garden Partially replaced the landscape that disappeared during the construction process, and also allowed the house to better integrate and become part of the natural area.
Interior design is simple and modern. Full height windows and glass walls provide a beautiful view of the room while also providing plenty of natural light.

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Thai Cliff Villa Surrounded by Coconut Trees and Ocean View

This villa is located at the top of the cliff in Chanthaburi, Thailand. The view is wonderful. Naturally, its design must make full use of everything.

The villa offers a total of 300 square meters of living space. It was built in 2006 and has two spaces, one is a social area and the upper is a private area. Architects focus on maximizing the landscape of the sea and natural light and air, but at the same time they ensure privacy and intimacy.

Before the house was built, the land was full of trees. The vegetation was preserved and the project did not have any impact on the land. You can still see the coconut trees around the house. The design concept focuses on building a close connection with the surrounding environment, especially the sea view.

The house has five bedrooms and three bathrooms. The living space is on the first floor and has an open floor plan that is seamlessly open to the deck and then connected to the pool overlooking the sea.

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