James Mattis kept declining White House requests to appear on Fox News

Secretary of Defense James Mattis has maintained a low, apolitical profile amidst a nation that is plagued with non-stop politicized rhetoric led by perhaps the most divisive presidential administration in U.S. history. According to a report by the New York Times, the key to this non-partisan approach has been to avoid going on President Donald Trump’s favorite show, “Fox & Friends.”“For him to do his job, he has to be apolitical,” Dov Zakheim, the Pentagon’s top financial officer in the first term of President George W. Bush, told the New York Times.

Is Janet Napolitano deepening economic inequality at the University of California?

This post originally appeared on Capital and Main.When University of California, Berkeley neuroscience postdoc Lydia Majure sat down for contract talks with administrators last spring as a member of United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 5810, which represents 6,000 university postdocs, she had an extremely personal stake in the matter. Among the main concessions she and her colleagues were pushing for was family leave – and Majure had just become pregnant.The administration, however, wouldn’t budge. “They looked a pregnant woman in the face and failed to care,” says Majure.Majure wasn’t surprised by the university’s behavior, even though the UC system is helmed by Janet Napolitano, the former Democratic governor of Arizona and President Obama’s onetime Homeland Security chief, who has spoken out on progressive issues like free speech, immigrant protections, sexual violence and gender inclusivity. “While she has a strong stated commitment to certain issues, I was skeptical that she would be a progressive leader of the University of California,” says Majure.The University of California has been awash in scandal over a scathing state audit that accused UC leaders of costly and unnecessary administrative bloat, and revealed that Napolitano’s office failed to disclose $175 million in reserve funds. The audit has led lawmakers to challenge the university’s recently approved 2.5 percent tuition increase, and some – including the student workers union UAW Local 2865 – have called for Napolitano’s resignation.The 10-campus public university system — the state’s third-largest employer — is struggling with worker strikes and contentious contract negotiations, as mounting  evidence shows that compensation and benefits for the university’s clerical, administrative and support workers aren’t enough for them to survive on. Many of these workers hold Napolitano directly responsible.“You can’t have a group of employees in the UC system who are food-insecure when we are doing audits and finding that the office of the president is holding on to $175 million,” says State Assemblymember Miguel Santiago (D–Los Angeles).Wages for front-line UC workers are stagnating, while real incomes for the university’s administrative support workers have decreased 24 percent over the past two decades, claims a study conducted by Teamsters Local 2010 and Occidental College. (Disclosure: Local 2010 is a financial supporter of this website). The union local, which represents 14,000 university support staff, and the college’s Urban & Environmental Policy Institute, allege that 70 percent of UC’s clerical, administrative and support employees struggle to put enough food on the table. Meanwhile, the Washington, DC-based Economic Policy Institute, a nonprofit think tank, says 93 percent of these employees don’t earn enough working full-time to cover a family budget that supports one adult and one child in their metropolitan areas.

Trump’s travel ban blocked by another court

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in San Francisco, has ruled against President Donald Trump’s most recent effort to pass a travel ban against a group of six predominantly Muslim countries. The countries included Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.The ruling affirmed that federal immigration law allows the president can bar immigrants in certain circumstances, but he can’t do it discriminatorily.“A reasonable, objective observer — enlightened by the specific historical context, contemporaneous public statements and specific sequence of events leading to its issuance — would conclude that the executive order was issued with a purpose to disfavor a particular religion,” Judge Derrick K. Watson wrote, according to a report by The New York Times.

“Jordan Klepper Solves Guns” answers crucial questions (unrelated to guns)

Spoiler alert: After covering all the key aspects of our nation’s fascination with firearms in “Jordan Klepper Solves Guns,” Jordan Klepper does not actually solve guns.Look, if Americans couldn’t come together to solve guns after the mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, or the attack at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, a self-satisfied satirist probably isn’t going to do the job, regardless of his declared qualifications. “I’m enlightened, I’m progressive, and I feel like I was put on this earth to enact righteous change,” Klepper says at the top of the special. “AKA, I’m a 2017 comedian.”Klepper further solidifies his credentials by listing the number of brown rice cookers he owns (4) and his tally of gay friends (12) and podcasts he hosts (5) prior to announcing his mission. As a member of the media elite against whom the National Rifle Association’s president, Wayne LaPierre, has declared war, he says, he is taking it upon himself to fight back by changing the minds of millions upon millions of American gun owners, one at a time.

Emmy Rossum Weds in Custom Carolina Herrera

Emmy Rossum wed “Mr. Robot” creator Sam Esmail this past weekend wearing custom Carolina Herrera.The designer shared a photo of herself with the bride pre-ceremony. Rossum donned Herrera’s off-the-shoulder embroidered gown and a floor-length veil for her nuptials at Central Synagogue in the Upper East Side and celebratory post-ceremony dinner at the Guggenheim Museum. Guests included “Mr. Robot” stars Rami Malek and Christian Slater as well as Robert Downey Jr.,William H. Macy and Hilary Swank.Showtime series “Shameless” shared its congratulations for its longtime star, writing on Twitter, “Congratulations to @emmyrossum & @samesmail! Wishing you all the love and happiness.” Her costar Steve Howey wrote “Congratulations to our #Shameless matriarch @emmyrossum and @samesmail on tying the knot! Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness,” while Shanola Hampton added, “We partied and partied some more! This celebration of @emmyrossum and @samesmail’s union was epic! So happy for the both of them!”Esmail directed Rossum in the 2014 film “Comet;” the pair went on to date for a few years before getting engaged in summer 2017. Rossum will next appear in “Hard Powder” along with Laura Dern and Liam Neeson. The elegant @emmyrossum wore a custom #CarolinaHerrera wedding gown yesterday to her nuptials in NYC.A post shared by CAROLINA HERRERA (@houseofherrera) on May 29, 2017 at 8:40am PDTA post shared by Emmy Rossum (@emmyrossum) on May 29, 2017 at 8:59am PDTA post shared by Sam Esmail (@samesmail) on May 29, 2017 at 1:48pm PDT Anderson as flower girl to the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. @emmyrossumA post shared by MANDANA DAYANI (@mandanadayani) on May 29, 2017 at 3:50pm PDT Photobooth fun with my favorites!A post shared by Dorie Golkin Smith (@doriegolkin) on May 29, 2017 at 11:48am PDTMore Coverage From WWD.com:Five Minutes With ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’ Star Brenton ThwaitesSam Riley Takes a Shot in “Free Fire”Freida Pinto Takes a Stance in “Guerrilla”Sienna Miller on Motherhood, Being ‘Shy and Weird,’ and Taking on Tennessee WilliamsYou're missing something!

Armani/Silos to Hold Larry Fink Exhibit

MILAN — Giorgio Armani is staging another exhibit at his Silos space, to be opened to the public on March 29 after a cocktail event the evening before. Called “The Beats and The Vanities, Larry Fink,” it will run until the end of July.“I believe Fink has a very captivating point of view,” Armani said. “You feel you are there with him, observing a private moment. The people portrayed in his photos have lowered their guard and seem unaware of the camera, and this is surprising because he must have been very close to them. The approach is clearly very discreet because the images are spontaneous and natural.”The exhibit comprises 125 original black-and-white photographs, of which 54 are from Fink’s book “The Beats,” chronicling his hitchhiking trip through America in the late Fifties. The other 71 are from “The Vanities,” his portfolio of images interpreting Vanity Fair’s Oscar parties and Hollywood events in the 2000 to 2009 period. This is the first time they are all displayed together.A Larry Fink photograph of Courtney B. Vance, André Leon Talley, Angela Bassett, Kimora Lee Simmons, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Russell Simmons.Larry Fink“The pictures have more in common than might at first be obvious: from two different very, very opposing levels of egotism, ‘The Beats’ and ‘The Vanities’ live within the same valley. Each set of participants fashions themselves to be on the top of the mountain of contribution,” Fink said. “It is great that Armani has recognized and understood this and it is the first time both collections of images will hang in the same space. I understand this is also the first time that the Armani/Silos has presented a one-man photography exhibition, and that is indeed an honor. The images were made 45 years from each other. ‘The Beats’ were photographed when I was a young romantic, ‘The Vanities’ when I was — not hardened — but a humanist ironist. Therein, the bodies of work have different aesthetics and moral calculations for all that come to see.”“I find his ability to capture form and line in such a fluid way something I can really relate to as a designer,” Armani observed. “Fink is a jazz fan, and you can almost view these images in terms of musical composition — people in flow, surprising us, possessing an un-self-conscious sensuality. There is much that a fashion designer recognizes here.”“I like to tell a story as it is, as it is lived,” Fink said. “I seek various psychological elements within the same scene and I try to combine them, not necessarily in a harmonious way, but in a fusion of different meanings. This is how stories are created, so that they can be told with a single image or a long-term project. I started photographing pushed by an almost pathological curiosity. Photography allowed me to always be front row, to go where things happen, to explore places I would probably never have entered without a camera.”A Larry Fink photograph of Naomi Watts and Lucy Liu in Los Angeles in 2000.Larry FinkWorks by Fink, now 76, have been displayed at New York’s Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of Modern Art. In Europe, he has also had one-man shows at the Musée de l’Élysée in Lausanne, Switzerland, and the Musée de la Photographie in Charleroi, Belgium. The recipient of many awards and two John Simon Guggenheim Fellowships and two National Endowment for the Arts, Individual Photography Fellowships, Fink has also been teaching for more than 50 years at Yale University, Cooper Union and Bard College, where he is now an honorary professor.“The Beats and The Vanities, Larry Fink” follows the photo exhibition called “Emotions of the Athletic Body,” unveiled in September during Milan Fashion Week, displaying images by the likes of Aldo Fallai, Kurt and Weston Markus, Tom Munro, David Sims and Richard Phibbs.The Silos space was unveiled in April 2015. Armani said he didn’t like to refer to the space as a museum.“The plan for the Silos has always been that it should be a home for temporary exhibitions as well as for my permanent collection of work,” he explained. “It is also a center for learning, and as part of its mission to educate it should host work that inspires and enlightens people.”The Silos building, built in 1950, was originally a granary of the Nestlé company. After the renovation, it covers around 48,600 square feet on four levels. Armani, whose Tadao Ando-designed theater stands on the opposite side of the street, conceived and oversaw the renovation project himself.The building is modeled after a basilica layout, an open space four floors high with two levels of naves overlooking it on either side. The ceilings are painted black in contrast to the gray cement floors, keeping the rough edge of the building as it was.You're missing something!

The Ned Hotel Opens in London

Andrew Zobler and Nick Jones are “banking” on their latest project to be a huge hit. The two hoteliers have teamed up for The Ned, a sprawling luxury hospitality concept located in the City of London’s former Midland Bank that combines a hotel, member’s club and a string of restaurants.Zobler and Jones were connected by Ron Burkle, the hotel’s current owner and an investor in each of their respective companies —Zobler runs Sydell Group (whose other projects include the NoMad and The Line) and Jones is behind Soho House, which will be responsible for operations at The Ned.“Zobler challenges me on all my creative decisions — he’s creative himself, very good on operations and brilliant at development. We got on like a house on fire,” Jones says by e-mail. “The Ned is a TwentiesGrade-1 listed building so we wanted to embrace that. The look we’ve gone for is faded glamour — Twenties and Thirties transatlantic ocean liners was the starting point. Our designers Adam Greco, Alice Lund and Rebecca King trawled the bank’s archives to find out what the building looked like in its heyday, and we went from there.”The building was originally built by famed English architect Sir Edwin “Ned” Lutyens in 1924, and has been fully restored and converted for hotel use. The 320,000-square-foot property features a massive footprint — each of the 11 floors are about 30,000 square feet — stocked with interesting architectural details, which the team largely kept intact.“When the space was built, it was the largest clearing house bank in the world, with these really great vaults with these giant doors that were built in the Twenties, and some of the areas have these really cool, elaborate, elegant safe deposit boxes,” says Zobler, detailing the space. “I say if you have to fight an old building, you’re going to lose the building, it’s going to win. The building is understated and brilliant in detail so it was really easy to say, ‘Hey, let’s celebrate that,’” he continues. “We were able to use all of that square footage in a way that would enhance the guest experience.”Amenities at The Ned include more than250 guest rooms, women’s and men’s spas, a private member’s club, a gym, rooftop pool — as well as a pool located in an old vault — and nine restaurants throughout the expansive property. Basically, once you’re inside, you never have to leave.“We took pains to make sure the project had a lot of intimate moments and was really broken down into a lot of spaces that were discreet, and no one space is all that vast,” Zobler says. “Although there are a lot or different things you can do, it’s not at the exclusion of being able to feel like you’re in a place that is comfortable and similar to the experience you would have at a smaller, more intimate property. We didn’t want it to feel like you were in this giant place.”Despite the exclusivity that Soho House can represent, the team stresses that The Ned is, in fact, inclusive — at an elevated price point.“I think there’s this culture at Soho House where they’re really going after the creative class, to some extent to the exclusion of the suits,” Zobler explains. “I think that here, sitting in the middle of the City [of London, the financial district], this is very much for business people in addition to creatives. The beauty of it is this coming together of business people and creative in one environment,” he continues, pointing out the demographics of The Ned’s club members pre-opening — a mix of residents living in the city versus West and East End, men and women, and variouscareers. “I think basically the idea is there are so many different offerings, that I think appeal to a lot of different people.”The Ned27 Poultry, London + 44 20 3828 2000thened.comMore from WWD.com:Audemars Piguet Uproots Sculpture by Artist Sebastian Errazuriz for Art BaselTreasure Hunting With Jerry Lorenzo‘Henry Segerstrom: Imagining the Future’ Documentary Sheds Personal Light on the LegendYou're missing something!

Kyoto City Guide, for the Louis Vuitton Traveler

KYOTO— Japan’s ancient former capital may be best known for its temples, gardens and ceremony but there is more than what meets the tourist’s eye. The I.M. Pei-designed Miho Museum, which Nicolas Ghesquière chose as the site for Louis Vuitton’s resort show on Sunday, is an example of the modernist elements that dot the city’s landscape.Visitors — welcomed by a train station that houses a multilevel Isetan department store and industrial art installations — may be surprised to see that the city center is a metropolis in nature. Meanwhile, coffee shops, design stores and interesting foods are integral to Kyoto’s modern-day identity. Here, WWD isolates some of the key spots for the fashion folk to hit while in town to take in Ghesquière’s show.Arts & Sciencehttp://arts-science.com/en/Hours: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.Address: 459 Hinokuchicho Kiyamachi, Nishiiru Nijo-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 604-0912Tokyo’s complex of pristine miniature design shops has also taken residence in Kyoto. While the offering in Tokyo’s Aoyama is larger in breadth, Kyoto’s Arts & Science grouping includes a trio of boutiques: its signature Arts & Science store as well as a more casual brother & Shop and home design store Hin just one block away. The unisex styles — designed in-house — are a take on Japanese utilitarian dress, with Mackintosh coats and linen ensembles offered through a craftsman’s lens.Hermès Pop-up ShopAddress: 570 Higashiyama-ku Higashiyama-ku Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto Prefecturehttp://www.maisonhermes.jp/feature/349857/#event_5The French luxury brand continues its nine-month residence in a historic home along the Gion district’s Hanamikoji Street. The build-out is intended to strike a contrast between modern Japanese design elements and Kyoto old world charm. A current summer exhibition has transformed the home into a makeshift beach. The house will reopen with a facelift on May 13, with a new punk theme.Tenryu-ji Shrine, Garden and Bamboo Trailhttp://www.tenryuji.com/en/Kyoto’s many shrine attractions are spread out across the city, making them a time-consuming pursuit. Tenryu— a UNESCO World Heritage site, originally built in 1339 — offers multiple attractions in one fell swoop (a garden, shrine and brief bamboo hike), without long queues. Another advantage is the shrine’s surrounding neighborhood — more residential than those of other shrines. Hop off the commuter train at Saga-Arashiyama station to find vintage kimono stores, small matcha production houses, Japanese soft-serve ice cream, home design boutiques and macrobiotic restaurants on the walk to the garden’s entry.Bar K-ya HonkanAddress: 103 Yaoyacho, Gokomachi Nishi-iru, Rokkaku-dori, Nakagyo-kuThe tranquil establishment with interiors inspired by traditional Kyoto residential architecture offers a full list of single-malt whiskeys, as well as cocktails prepared with freshly squeezed fruit juices. Guests can look out onto the bar’s verdant, well-maintained courtyard while being served refreshments by bartenders in starched tuxedo shirts and bow ties.Kilnhttp://kilnrestaurant.jp/Address: 194 Sendocho Nishikiyamachi-Dori Shijo Sagaru, Shimogyo-ku | 2F Murakamiju Bldg., Kyoto 600-8019The multipurpose, relaxed eatery boasts earthy interiors focused on Japanese minimalism — with wooden community tables and architectural light fixtures. The restaurant’s food exemplifies its aesthetic, with vegetarian and meat options of farm-to-table quality. À la carte options are often priced under $20. The restaurant is best known for its proprietary Wagyu beef hamburger, prepared with a variety of toppings. A vegetarian burger is also on offer.You're missing something!

Pepsi Pulls Controversial Kendall Jenner Ad

Following a growing roar of backlash from the social media community, Pepsi has pulled the plug on its controversial ad starring Kendall Jenner, which was released earlier this week.Thecommercialfeatures a blonde-wig-wearing Kendall Jenner completinga photo shoot against a wall in Bangkok. She catches sight of a peaceful protest in the streets and decides to join it. Jenner rips off her wig and enters the crowd, later handing a Pepsi can to a police officer.“Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding,” the company said in a statement. “Clearly we missed the mark, and we apologize. We did not intend to make light of any serious issue. We are removing the content and halting any further rollout. We also apologize for putting Kendall Jenner in this position.”The ad was widely accused of downplayingthe Black Lives Matter movement.Actress Rosario Dawson was among the ad’s many critics. She posted her thoughts toTwitter on Tuesday, pointing out some similarities between it anda music video in which she appeared in 1999.“Eerily reminiscent of Chemical Brothers ‘Out of Control’ vid we shot in Mexico City ~15 yrs ago sadly minus the point,” Dawson wrote in the tweet. She also included a YouTube link for the “Out of Control” video by The Chemical Brothers.Eerily reminiscent of Chemical Brothers"Out Of Control"vid we shot in Mexico City ~15 yrs ago sadly minus the point: https://t.co/LTI9mJ7zjS https://t.co/DqBjKdQylS— Rosario Dawson (@rosariodawson) April 4, 2017The video forThe Chemical Brothers’ “Out of Control,” directed by W.I.Z.,features Dawson making peacewith the police by sharing a fictional soda beverage with them. The video was meant to bea commentary on the advertising cultureof big companies.Pepsi initially released a statement Tuesday after receiving a storm of backlash on social media for its ad. The company defended the commercial, saying, “This is a global ad that reflects people from different walks of life coming together in a spirit of harmony, and we think that’s an important message to convey.”“I had never been to Bangkok before, so it was interesting to be inthat city,”Jenner said of the Pepsi ad ahead of its release. “There were a lot of really cool people on set that I got to meet. It was fun, it was entertaining. The whole concept is really something that I’m about, so it was just fun to be a part of.”The modelshared a behind-the-scenes post from the commercial on Instagram Tuesday. She has not yet spoken out about the backlash the video has received.More fromWWD.com:Kendall Jenner Fronts Pepsi ‘Moments Campaign’Selena Gomez to Host WE Day California 2017Hillary and Bill Clinton’s Nephew Tyler Clinton Signs With IMGAdvice From Hugh Jackman’s FatherYou're missing something!