Brick candlestick

The work by Swedish designer Jenny Nordberg uses the brick concept.

BRICK It re-imagined your thoughts about the candlestick in your head, which were hand-polished in exactly the same dimensions as traditional bricks.

Then they were assembled in Sweden and covered with the original metal cup of the candlestick.

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New York Condominium

520 West 28th is a condominium apartment located in New York, designed by Zaha Hadid. Designed by architects from the inside out, this 11-storey boutique duplex overlooks the upper floors and offers views of the Empire State Building.

Some of the 39 homes include a private 12-seat IMAX theater, one of the world’s cinemas, a 75-foot sky small pool, a 24-hour juice bar, and one Book a spa suite with a hot tub, rain shower, nursing bed, plunge pool, sauna and steam room.

The building also features a robotic parking lot that utilizes automation technology to valet and retrieve cars via buttons. In the same way, the private vault is also automated, inspired by the design of the Swiss bank vault. Residents can activate their personal vault by viewing the in-room keyboard, and the QR code takes their vault to a secure space so they can easily access their storage space.

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Modern Spanish house full of light

Located in Girona, Spain, a modern, airy home is designed as an open space surrounded by trees. Known as oxygen, this is the concept of the architect Susanna Cots due to its spacious open interior floor plan and expansive outdoor area. The front façade hints at the tranquility of the interior, and the natural stone section features a smooth brown wall with a scalloped edge at the top. Clay tile roofs are practical and aesthetically pleasing, suitable for residential design and materials.

The 600 m2 home has a natural flowing space to relax and encourage the family to slow down and enjoy the surroundings. The overall design revolves around a series of cubes that make up the various rooms of the home, all of which are unified by natural elements. The large glass windows are actually full-surface glass walls, making the home seem to be an integral part of the landscape.

The central cube of the home includes the main residential area. It is divided into two parts by a wall of unique shape that depicts the two areas but still visible and has enough light to enter the space. On the one hand, there is a large entrance window and slat wall at the door, allowing light to pass again. The area also has a sculpture that serves as the focal point of the minimalist corridor.

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New furniture, lighting and carpet collections

The New York brand Good Thing brings a range of everyday items.
The 6063 stool from the Toronto Design Studio MSDS is to pay tribute to the glory of American manufacturing. The foldable stool combines modern design with traditional craftsmanship, resulting in some unique and new feel.

Chen Chen & Kai Williams designed the Pearl table, available in three different sizes, either alone or in combination.

Cabin chandeliers mimic the geometry of the spacecraft cabin. The bottom opening of each luminaire will illuminate the light.

Sam Anderson was inspired by the Bauhaus movement to design the Falling Line carpet. Hand woven woven carpets explore a variety of colors with bold tones.

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Family home in the Brazilian jungle

Located between the mountains and the sea, this family home allows you to experience the beautiful and beautiful Brazilian jungle. JungleThe house is made byMK27Studio at2015Designed and built in the year.

Located in Guaruja, Sao Paulo, Brazil, the house is located on a piece of land 805 square meters.
The house has three floors and its internal structure is unusual The way it is built is the opposite of the traditional method. More specifically, the first floor is a large wooden terrace with a children’s playroom and common areas. The terrace is protected by an upper floor.
the middle floor has 6 bedroom, where5 has its own terrace with a hammock. The top level is the social area. On one side is a deck with a hot tub and sauna. On the other side is a fireplace and a swimming pool. In the middle is the living room and kitchen.
This unusual internal space structure was chosen because of its geographic location. The house is surrounded by dense jungles, so in order to give the social area a view of the ocean and the surrounding environment, they need occupationtop level.

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Comfortable family home in Poland

Fence House is a family home located in Borowiec, Poland. It covers an area of ​​290 square meters and was designed and built by mode:lina architekci.

The building is divided into two structures. They all have sloping roofs and similar sizes and shapes. One is the area of ​​the parents, and the other is the children. Customers want to create this distinction in every space they need for privacy and independence.

The design of the house is a modern interpretation of the traditional style, so it has a sloping roof. The garage of the house is an extension with a similar design style with an asymmetrical cube form.

The architects used simple and original materials such as brick, concrete and grey metal panels for a minimalist look, and perhaps some industrial and rustic feel between tradition and modernity.

The first floor of the two structures is a common area for everyone. Here are social spaces such as lounge areas, kitchens and restaurants. They shared an open floor plan. A corridor connects them, which is where the stairs are.

The upper level contains private areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms. The parents’ bedroom is simple, and the children’s sleeping area has a cool design.

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Seamless way to hide the living room TV in a modern way

Architectural studios designed in Moscow, Russia, have elegant wall partitions, built-in open fireplaces that can be enjoyed from either side, and a door that cleverly hides the built-in TV. The antique oak looks exquisite, especially in combination with the marble on the floor.

Wolveridge Architects chose a different strategy when designing a Northcote home. The TV in the living room is mounted on the wall, and the sliding panels can be moved left and right to hide or display, depending on the activities the residents want to enjoy. This house is located in Melbourne, Australia.

This is the living room of an apartment in Paris, France with views of the Eiffel Tower and the River Seine. This is a space designed by SO-AN that makes sliding and rotating panels. This special room features a sliding partition that hides the TV. When they are turned on, the TV is revealed and the lights on both sides are hidden.

The living room is not a space for TV in a modern home. It is also common to have a TV in the kitchen if size and layout allow. Architect Ben Herzog and interior designer KevinDumais created this space when Tribeca designed the attic. They created this beautiful wood paneled wall, and they hid a TV set inside.

The apartment designed by Sanders Architects and Cravotta Interior has a dining table that can be converted into a pool table, which is cool, but even so, it is not an impressive element of this room. Look at this striking wall with geometric panels of all shapes, sizes and colors. One part opens and shows a wall-mounted TV.

The Italian manufacturer Acerbis created an entertainment unit that lets people slide a panel to hide it when it is not in use. The unit was designed by Massimo Castagna. Elegantly designed and seamless, the sliding panel can be configured in a variety of configurations.

The combination of sliding panels, open shelves and built-in features make this living room in a Polish home a great multi-purpose space. When the TV is revealed, this can be a TV room, but if the TV is hidden and the bookshelf is exposed, it can also be used as a comfortable lounge or studio.

Diagchitecture chose a different strategy than trying to hide the TV set directly behind a wall or cabinet door. Check out this modern home on Atlantic Beach, Florida. It has a gorgeous interior with industrial elements. In the living room, the wall-mounted TV is hidden behind the carved wooden boards on the metal track.

As you can see, there are many modern ways to hide TV, many of which are the perfect combination of style and function. Many ideas are also customizable and adaptable to suit specific decorations and layouts. CONTENT Architecture designed one for the residence in Houston, Texas.

A common dilemma in decorating the living room is that TV and wall art are two elements, and if placed in the same place, it will look very ideal. Usually this is impossible and must be compromised. However, there is a solution. It involves hiding the TV behind a sliding panel with artwork.

Excessively complex decoration is not a good thing, so don’t try to hide the TV in a complicated way, perhaps sticking to a classic idea: hide the TV in a unit.

The wall units in this family room are simple and complex. It is primarily a collection of open shelves of various shapes and sizes. One of the compartments is large enough to hold the TV set, and a set of vertical sliding panels can be repositioned to hide the TV or some shelves.

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Flexible privacy screen

Hungarian-born Austrian industrial designer Brigitta Nemeth designed a privacy screen concept that not only looks cool but also adapts to your changing needs. Most screens are fixed or large and difficult to move, but this one is different.
PAIS privacy screens are flexible and can be rotated around your work surface. In addition to adding privacy, the screen also acts as a sound absorbing panel to absorb you and any sound around you, helping to reduce noise.
The irregular shape of the screen adds more visual interest and brings interesting colors. The embedded magnet lets you attach it to any table.

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The New Hampshire region of the United States is a very charming and relaxing place.

The New Hampshire region of the United States is a very charming and relaxing place. The cottage is only 160 square feet and is very small, but it is designed to be versatile and very comfortable. The interior of the wood has a stylish look with a black exterior. The cabin was designed in 2015.

Norway is a very beautiful country, known for its incredible views and minimalist cabins. One of them is the Vindheim Lodge, located in Lillehammer. It was built in 2016 and covers an area of ​​65 square meters. You can find it in the depths of the forest, surrounded by conifers and mountains. Because there is a lot of snow here, the design is inspired by the classic snow-covered cabin, only the roof is revealed.
These small houses are actually a group of three miniature huts that are connected by an outdoor deck. They are located on a small island off the coast of Maine. Can you imagine living here? The interior is modern with a fireplace, comfortable seating and large windows, and the decor is simple and chic.

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Multifunctional kettle

Stable Goods is a San Francisco outdoor lifestyle brand that has been working to ease the burden of travel and bring The Pint.
At first glance, The Pint is a water bottle. The kettle-like appearance gives it an outdoor feel and is suitable for camping trips. However, quick assembly shows that The Pint is more than just a kettle.
Its base and lid are easy to move and become your new favorite beer mug.
The Pint has two equally attractive color options, granite and carbon. The granite color looks and feels like ceramic, strip durability. Carbon has a rich polished surface with a long lasting powder coating.

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