Complex lattice sculpture made of 140-year-old tree

ArtistJohn GradeWith the help of hundreds of volunteers, created a sculpture, one by one Growing in 140The old western hemlock tree. This huge work is called Middle Fork, is made up of thousands The complex lattice of the tin blocks.
This beautiful and impressive mission started a year ago. First, he and a team passed the measurement The height of the tree is made into a mold, wrapped in foil and plaster. The hardened shell is broken down into parts and shipped to SeattleMadArtWorkspace. In the following 12 Hundreds of volunteers used a separately shaped square to construct the structure during the month. All the rough edges are ground into a smooth shape by sandpaper. The final thickness of the sculpture corresponds to the tree’s annual ring.
Middle Fork
Parking in Seattle nowMadArtSpace, where it will be exhibited until4month25Day. After that, it will make roving exhibitions at other galleries and art fairs in the United States. This work will be broken down within two years, and the cedar block will Will be sent back to the forest. They will rot into fertile soil and return to Earth.

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Artists use fire to create exquisite glass sculptures

Use fire to subtly handle thin glass rods, artistEmily WilliamsCreated an organic life form Exquisite sculptures such as coral, seaweed and jellyfish. The fragile fronds, veins and tentacles show ripples under the projection of light, as if every plant and animal was created by the ocean. Looking at the artist’s work, it is a meticulous process to shape a hard glass rod into an incredibly complex glass mesh.

Williams Since childhood, I have been fascinated by art, science and natural history, thanks in part to the influence of her family. These passions have turned into a long career as an artist using a variety of media such as cast metal, glass and welding to shape physical forms. As her ideas and crafts develop,WilliamsLove the use of hand torches to make glass sculptures. Her recent complex glass sculpture of marine life was subjected to 19The influence of Century Technology illustrations and scientific glass models.

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Seven doors designed by NENDO

nendoCelebrate wooden door manufacturers by creating seven unusual and unique doorsAbe Kogyo70anniversary. Each door has the same underlying base, but with a different style and new features when opened.

Hang is a door that can act as a storage unit. Pots, vases, trays and more can be attached to the door by magnet pieces.
is an art door, the creation of the internal grid without the use of any nails.

similar to gallery wall, Wallis a door with an easy-to-move frame to help showcase cherished memories.

BabyYes Children and built doors are available to a variety of nurseries and kindergartens. Different heights are convenient for children and entry.

Lampis the door and lamp Fit.

SlideLike a blackout curtain, different sizes of mouths allow you to control light and wind Inflow. Its purpose is to create a continuity between rooms.

CornerThe door transforms the way we think about spatial layout. The corners in the corners open to provide extra width, making it easier to get in and out, especially for those in wheelchairs. style=’font-family: Times New Roman; mso-ascii-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-hansi-font-family: "Times New Roman" ‘> Gold medal in print form and product design.

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Charming Gothic church turned into an amazing holiday cottage

England is a country church that has changed from a Methodist refuge to a Charming modern home. This transformation was completed by Evolution Design they repaired this disrepair that had been idle for many years. space. Now, this is a vibrant holiday cottage that can accommodate 7 Guests who appreciate their timeless structure.

Although the country house looks good now, decorating the church is not a simple matter. The first step is to repair damaged roofs and windows and doors to prevent any further rain erosion. The cottage has three guest bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen/Restaurant area and a living room. To ensure openness and ventilation, the designer added a mezzanine to the bedroom. The first floor contains everything except the fourth bedroom.

Although the use of the church has changed significantly, the designer maintains the original elegance of the building. The original Gothic architecture, roof trusses and arched windows remain unchanged.

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Perfect bench for outdoor snoring

DesignerSantiago Sevillanowith outdoor furniture companyRoberti Rattanco-designed this PORTOFINO bench, it will make your dreams fight outdoors. Metal and weave together, the bench has a comfortable Mediterranean feel and is suitable for any balcony or terrace.
You can choose to have awnings and no awnings Two styles so you can choose how much sunshine you have when you sleep in the afternoon.
Built-in space under the bed to store your magazine Or snacks, and an auxiliary table to save your stuff.

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Minimalist house Matsuyama, Japan

Wrap is a minimalist house located in Matsuyama, Japan, by APOLLO Architects & AssociatesDesign. The client of this creative project works in advertising and graphic design, hoping that the architect will maximize the panoramic view of the hilltop house, allowing the room to be ventilated and open.

Exposed concrete and cedar panels form a patterned look, and mixed galvanized steel creates a harmonious and orderly architectural look. Most of the interior is hidden, except for the large openings that reveal the internal wooden structure. The entrance to the courtyard is located behind the wooden gate and is enclosed by a reinforced concrete wall.
The unique staircase has a cantilever steel structure that seems to float to the upper level. Soft astigmatism passes through the grating and illuminates the courtyard space next to the bathroom. All spaces are on one floor, including private rooms facing the inner courtyard.

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Young Li created amazingly complex scenes without using Photoshop

Self-prepared handmade scenes by young artists from Seoul for a few months.

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London Design Festival works at a glance

Spine is a series of motion-sensing light bulbs that are suspended on the stairs with brightness Tourists change up and down the stairs.

This is fromMarjan Van Aubel works with her stained glass windows that absorb solar energy and convert it into enough power to charge the phone.

Max LambMy Grandfather’s Tree is one of the highlights of the design festival. The Cornwall designer will be a 187The aged damaged ash tree turned into high-end furniture and maintained their original form.

Design BrandHemRecently with Italian designers Luca NichettoCooperate to introduce modularAlphabetachandeliers, which can be paired into different shapes and colors.

Arik LevyWith Istanbul ArchitectsTabanliogluco-created a device, Explore the transition between cold and heat, wet and dry, light and solid.

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Calibre 32 stool

Calibre 32is a Richard Yasmine Designed stools inspired by time and ancient Lebanese civilization.

The design of the chair refers to ancient architecture and traditional tiles, combining shapes, patterns, structures, materials and colors. One.
by 32A combination of different elements, the stool consists of many different sizes of wood chips, using the old joinery to form the bottom and top. The design concept of the stool encourages people of different religions, communities, mindsets and doctrines to unite.

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Architect’s apartment in Beirut, Lebanon

ArchitectKarim Andary Stayed in Paris before deciding to move to Beirut, Lebanon 20year time. Living in a small apartment in Paris for so long, his design focuses on maximizing storage space and creating a spacious living space.

AndaryIt seems that small houses provide us with shelter and storage, while larger houses provide us with non-satisfaction while meeting these needs. Utilitarian spaces such as leisure and architecture.

The living room or lounge has a full wall that serves as the main storage space for the apartment. It is covered by glass and a smooth surface, and the reflected light makes the room look bigger.

The middle storage wall is a glass box that can be seen from the lounge to the hallway. Family members can place their most important items there.

A video projector turns the room into a cinema

Stainless steel cabinets in the kitchen hide cooking equipment Let freedom counter looks clean.

In the kitchen, the change of lighting provides a different atmosphere at different times. A corner dining area is inspired by the local 20Century70<span style="font-family: Song; mso-ascii-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-hansi-font-family:"Times New Roman"

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