Special design concept of an apartment in Russia

Each apartment or every home is unique and specially designed. However, some will stand out and be different. This is an example of this apartment located in Moscow, Russia, which has a very interesting interior design.

This is a Geometrix design project, the idea was to create a modern interior. The main requirement of the owner is to have bare walls, which is the starting point for the entire project. The team came up with a very interesting and unusual design concept that gave it a lot of compelling features. The materials, colours and textures they use achieve a harmonious and balanced result to a certain extent, which highlights the minimalist interior design features, with clear lines, different colours and a large number of elements that stand out.

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Blinds and curtains can manage energy use

Blinds and curtains control the light for your home and add style to your home, but these are only two of the purposes they serve. Choosing the right blinds can also help you manage energy usage and whether the weather is too hot or too cold. As the US Department of Energy points out, it is possible to reduce heat absorption in winter and summer by up to 77%, depending on the curtains you choose. Controlling their strengths depends on what changes you choose.
Curtain color
Simple and effective, it is installed close to the window glass sealable space. For best results, you should keep the shades down in the sun room during the summer. In the winter, you should raise those on the south side of the house during the day and lower them at night. Professional color to do better temperature control. Duotones, for example, are white, reflective, and the other side is endothermic and dark, on the other hand, so you can reverse the reflective surface in summer and winter.
More limited options for blinds
The blades in the blinds are both thermally controlled while giving more flexibility to enjoy daylighting and ventilation. If it is sunny, high reflectivity shutters reduce heat by 45% if they turn off and lower. In one with light ceilings, the curtains can block the light and guide it to the ceiling, which does not add heat or glare in the room.
With or without blinds or curtains, curtains and curtains can control heat. For effectiveness, window processing must be overriding the window and drawing is effective. How they work in blocking heat depends on many variables, such as whether they make open or closed woven fabrics, colors, how they are closely positioned into the window, whether they are made of thermally conductive materials, how full they are, and whether Combine.

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Northeast Asia Trade Building as a triangular section of the building

The tallest building in South Korea, the Northeast Asia Trade Building was designed by American company Cohen Pedersen Fox and finally opened its doors. At a height of 308 meters, as it is known, is a core Songdo International Business District (SIBD) – a new city from scratch to the 610 hectares of reclamation land.

The structure of the skyscraper was completed in 2011, but its internal organization is “shelved” due to “ Financial problems during the recession”. Although the building seems to be done externally, it is not completely complete for business use. The tower is provided with a glass body that is gently tapered, facing upwards, into a series of triangular planes. For the interior, the 68-story building accommodates office buildings, apartments and hotels, each with its own entrance lobby. This is the key project of Songdo Development, which was launched less than a decade ago, in one of the ridiculous land along the waterfront near Incheon. Originally scheduled for completion this year, the £20 billion city is currently about half completed and is expected to be completed in 2018. Other features of the tower include high performance glass and external sunshade, which helps reduce internal heat build-up. In order to reduce water consumption, low-flow pipeline installations, grey water recycling and rainwater harvesting are also utilized.

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Interesting home in the form of a triple brick arch in Belgium

The designer of the Moerkensheide villa in Belgium is Dietervos. This is a very spacious home with a total living area of ​​306 square meters, but the most interesting thing is the way it is organized.

The house is built in the center of the area and is designed with a series of equilateral triangles around the three cubes. It is completely symmetrical. Three gardens surround the house, and each one is suitable for a specific time. At the center, the cube here conforms to the three large arched windows designed by the architect, which seem to form a void on the first floor. The window can be seen across the wall to see three gardens. They each have a glass central door.

The dining space is also an open kitchen, and the space feels very harmonious. Warm and cold colors are used here. See a solid floor next to the solid wood floor walls and cabinets, a matching kitchen table and six elegant black chairs. White is the dominant color in most areas, which creates a strong contrast with the ground, and dark wood defines all the spaces.

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Leclerc Shopping Center designed by REC Studio

The studio REC has been designed for Leclerc Supermarket Group (E. Leclerc) with a white wavy exterior shopping center. “Break the traditional and conventional architectural concept” This will give birth to a shopping mall that reminds us of a place where the energetic and strong economic alliance is comfortable and aesthetic.

Future shopping centers will be classified as low-power construction, low-impact materials, co-production of Al Kaxiong aesthetics. The main facade of White Wave, recalling a purely modern plan in a curved shape. 0% waste, 30% reduction in energy consumption, one divided into 4 natural parts, rejecting the greenhouse effect; these figures summarise this new shopping center, especially this brand of the century – the new shopping center.

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A young apartment in Madrid

A person should decorate his or her apartment according to personal preferences, and the space should reflect the personality of this person. When someone needs to look at your home they should be able to say it suits you, in this case a good example is this chic apartment in Madrid.

As you can see, highly value the decor of the room and all the small details in this apartment. The atmosphere and decor are young and happy, but they are also chic and stylish. The style chosen is a combination of modern and traditional elements. In the living room, for example, there are brick walls that have preserved the original features. This is part of the personality and charm of the apartment, with many details to make the room feel comfortable and welcoming.

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Thai houses become huge indoor playgrounds

“Jerry House” A couple has four sons in a holiday home on Cha-am Beach. In Thailand, they asked architects to take their seaside homes, which were under construction at the time, to gather family members and friends. The requirement is to create behaviors that are not like a typical house, where minimum circulation is the norm, but like a playground where residents are encouraged to interact in such a way that they are able to interact.

Running, climbing, hiding, wall hanging, and even falling beyond the boundaries of common life, the proposed physical activity. That’s why the American-based animated series, from the interior designers of the 1940s short film project called “Tom and Jerry”, Jerry is a little mouse. Therefore, the house is regarded as the object of the children’s yearning, and the meaning of having a holiday as a parent is added.
For this, they have added an additional set of vertical loop cores to the existing corridors and ramps in the central corridor. The custom built net five-story level with different slopes, heights and sizes, functions as a slab extending in a three-story living hall. Each series has a hole, each hole being offset horizontally from its opposite lower or upper side. This emphasizes moving the entire path instead of simply stacking all the gaps on top of each other.
This work has been completed on the basis of the time when the children often agree with the room observation. If the door of the selected room is locked from the inside, the only access to the left side will be a small tunnel that is difficult for adults to enter, ensuring that the child has ownership and privacy.

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Roller coaster style for outdoor double chairs

Summer, if you want to find a unique decoration in your garden or swimming pool, what are you looking for? Lounge chairs, unusual. Then you should look at this wonderful outdoor double chair, with a roller coaster style that will surely impress your friends and guests. Mexican industrial designer Victor · Aleman came up with this super creation, as an outdoor furniture, a unique curved seat that takes you through all the hot summers to suit your needs.

Its innovative and fresh design inspired by the cycle roller coaster is quite amazing in a great conversation, Furniture allows you to stretch and relax. A pair of comfortable cushions creates a very comfortable place to sunbathe in the sun, making it a super beautiful and original outdoor furniture, which is also very romantic. Related to the fun, for any experience of a boutique hotel or spa poolside.

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3D concrete printing press is under construction

Interdisciplinary teams of architects and materials experts are developing commercially viable 3D concrete presses that can create complex objects using one of the most popular building materials on the planet. The purpose of this discipline group is to combine things, through 3D rendering software, which can be modeled in reality.
Foster is working with Skanska, Loughborough University, and contractors in various industries to develop this 3D printing project. Their primary goal is to reduce time (from weeks to hours), thereby increasing the number of options available for on-site deployment, creating new possibilities for one of the most ubiquitous building materials on the planet.

Essentially, a computer-controlled robotic arm lays down the concrete layer, according to the programming sequence in each previous building . The highly controlled extrusion of cement-based mortar is accurately positioned according to computer data and avoids the need for solid material input. Currently, the second phase of the prototype has been built and the team is working to create highly complex shapes. The results so far are encouraging: structural, sturdy forms, which will be difficult.

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Barbados furniture manufacturers encourage innovation

Barbados furniture manufacturers believe that the furniture industry has international market potential, but the furniture industry needs more innovation to push the entire furniture industry forward. The Minister of Industry of Barbados stated: “The competitiveness of the furniture industry in China is not fully reflected. It is necessary to increase the competitiveness of the furniture industry and promote the development of international business and small businesses. & rdquo;
In the 1980s, the furniture industry added millions of dollars in foreign exchange to Barbados, adding thousands of jobs. According to the survey, in September this year, the total export value of Barbados increased by 600,000 US dollars compared with the same period of last year, but the imported furniture decreased by about 17% compared with last year. Sales of imported furniture last year were $52.1 million, down 17% this year, equivalent to $8.557 million. Therefore, Barbados decided to take measures to help the furniture industry to be full of vitality, not only to earn foreign exchange, but also to increase employment.

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