How about anti-sticking paint?

What are the types of anti-stick coatings?
   Type A: Anti-stick coatings for absorbent bases (such as concrete, natural stone, red brick, etc.).
   Type B: Anti-stick coating for non-absorbent bases (such as metals, tiles, coatings, etc.).
& emsp; & emsp; type C: that is applicable to free formaldehyde / (g / kg) ≤ 0.1, the sum of toluene, xylene /% ≤ 25.

  Anti-sticking paint selection tips:
   The first benefit of anti-stick coatings is anti-sticking. By modifying the silane in the resin, adding some waxes and blending auxiliaries to reduce the paint film on the surface layer of the paint, so that small advertisements such as glue, sales flyers, stickers, etc. will not stick to it, even if it is stuck in this The top of the paint will not be very strong, maybe the wind will blow away. In addition, it can also prevent uncivilized actions, such as graffiti, messy paste, etc. This kind of paint is often used by the government, which greatly improves the city’s appearance management. Therefore, when you buy, you can try to see if the paint has strong anti-sticking performance.
   Another advantage of anti-stick coatings is the strong anti-staining ability, which is due to the principle of anti-stick coating. The principle is very simple, that is, the wax is added to the anti-sticking paint. After the paint is dried, the original layer of the paint film is relatively smooth, and does not paste any dust, but also prevents the small advertisement from being pasted, even in the case of Under the influence of external force, it will be cleaned up by itself without leaving any smudges. The effect of graffiti is obvious.
   The variety of anti-stick coatings, the selective space will greatly increase. The choice of color is to meet the consumer’s demand for personalized decoration, so the color difference will make the sales space and market share of anti-stick coatings greatly improved, although in the aspect of home decoration, the application of anti-stick coating is not very Widespread, the popularity of anti-stick coating knowledge is not as good as paint or elastic paint, but it also has its own advantages.

   In terms of construction, the adhesion of the anti-stick coating is very strong, and it will not fall easily if it is coated with anti-stick coating. The anti-paste coating has a strong anti-paste and graffiti ability; however, it is tightly attached to the wall or the surface layer of the construction. This strong adhesion allows the anti-stick coating to occupy a space in the market and is recommended for sale by other businesses. The emergence of anti-stick coatings meets the consumer’s various comprehensive requirements for coatings.
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How can a small screw conveyor operate to improve delivery efficiency?

  Small screw conveyor is a continuous conveying equipment without flexible traction. It uses the rotating screw shaft to transport the conveyed material along the fixed casing. The small screw conveyor is suitable for conveying powder. In the process of conveying and small materials, the mixing and mixing processes are completed at the same time, and the spiral pitch is about 1.2 times the diameter of the spiral blade. Compared with other conveying equipment, the small screw conveyor has the advantages of simple structure, small cross-sectional size, good sealing performance, safe and convenient operation and low manufacturing cost. Since its use is so extensive, how can it improve the efficiency of small screw conveyors?
1, small screw conveyor transport different material speed is also different. Even if the same material is sometimes the same, the optimum speed range will be very different. Generally, the rotation speed of the small screw conveyor is linear with the feeding amount within a certain range. When the rotation speed and the feeding amount are lower or higher than this range, the linear relationship changes. Therefore, its speed directly affects its conveying efficiency.
2, the same material, its water content, particle size and physical properties are also different, especially the dust material has many changing factors, when designing and selecting a small screw conveyor, the user will calculate according to the actual experiment The amount of material delivered is measured to obtain the transport efficiency.
3, due to the different materials, the fluidity is not the same, so the delivery volume is also different, generally in the order to understand the characteristics of the material to be transported and then confirm the purchase.
4, the amount of transport directly affects the transport efficiency, and the amount of transport is also related to the size of the import and export, if the material outlet is connected to the pneumatic conveying pipeline, then the pressure should be considered when the transport and the material is sucked Send or blow to determine the exact parameters.
5, small screw conveyor will have the main flow when conveying materials, if you want to add materials in the middle, you can add flow sensor to the mainstream material, send the signal to the controller, there is a controller to change the feeding of the screw The amount of the material to be added is consistent with the dynamic ratio of the main flow, thereby improving the conveying efficiency.
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What accessories are needed for the shower room?

What are the shower room accessories? This question is a problem that more and more people will encounter at the moment. Why? Because you pay more and more attention to the taste of life, and pay more and more attention to the improvement of the quality of life, so the installation of the shower room is the best choice for many small partners, then the shower room accessories will inevitably be encountered after installing the shower room. The problem, let’s take a look, what are the accessories for the shower room.
  What is the shower room accessory

  1, shower room accessories-glass

  glass is shower room accessories In the middle of the weight, tempered glass must be used. Good glass still has good performance after long-term use. Even if it is unfortunately encountered a three-thousandth of the self-explosion rate, good tempered glass will not harm the user of the shower room after self-explosion. When many small partners bought the shower room, they did not know how to choose the tempered glass of the shower room. Therefore, they purchased the tempered glass with poor quality. After using it for a period of time, various self-explosive accidents occurred, resulting in the shower. The person was seriously injured.

  2, shower room accessories – pulleys

   shower room hardware is made of 59 copper or 304 stainless steel, This kind of material is actually very good, and each has its own characteristics. 59 copper has a strong load carrying capacity, and the flexibility is also quite good. The use of 59 copper can greatly improve the service life of the shower room. It is durable and can maintain a good appearance after long-term use; 304 stainless steel is in the ranks of stainless steel. It is also top-notch, processed and has a strong metallic texture, which can greatly enhance the style and texture of the shower room.

  3, shower room accessories – retaining stones

   the retaining stones in the shower room accessories, there are two types of artificial stone and natural stone. Natural stone is suitable for shower rooms that have been paved with floor tiles. Artificial fenders, there is no seam at the time of molding, there will not be too much residual debris, and it is very simple and convenient to take care of. It is suitable for the decoration process of rough houses.

  4, shower room accessories – track

  The track of the shower room also needs to be carefully checked before buying, because the track follows The glass and door frame of the shower room must be of high quality, and some of the tracks are at the bottom of the shower room. It is relatively moist, and the good quality track is not easy to rust and deform. The door and glass of the shower room are not easy to fall off. Pay special attention.
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Details to pay attention to when ordering the whole cabinet

Cabinets are important furniture for kitchen life. General cabinets are available for sale in bulk, except for the whole cabinet. The whole cabinet is a product that needs to be customized, so you need to measure the size of your home first. In this issue, let’s take a look at how the overall cabinet is designed.

1, the choice of the whole cabinet configuration products

Question: After selecting the countertops and cabinets, have you chosen a product that is comfortable and convenient? If you want to make the kitchen more user-friendly, only the countertops and cabinets are not enough. The consideration of configuration products such as food waste disposers is also very important.

2, the design of the cabinet pull basket

Question: Is the cabinet pull basket in the kitchen more than three?

The cabinet drawer in the kitchen is not only a kind of ultra-narrow basket. Under the cooktop, under the hood, or even next to the refrigerator, you can design different baskets to make the kitchen design more appropriate.

3, storage design of scattered items

Question: Are the scoops, seasoning bottles, cleaning cloths, etc. arranged in the right place?

The scattered items in the kitchen can achieve space-saving storage through various hardware pendants.

4, kitchen space design

Question: Is the corner of the kitchen ingeniously handled?

The kitchen area is small, Each space needs to be carefully designed to maximize the overall cabinet and increase the use area.

5, the division of the five major areas of the kitchen

Question: Do you know that there are five areas in the kitchen?

The kitchen space can be divided into five areas: storage area, storage area, cleaning area, preparation area and cooking area.

The five major regions are rationally planned separately, and the use of the triangular working area principle can save more energy. This is also a question that designers must fully consider when designing cabinets.

6, the design of the cabinet drawer

Question: When you take the items in the floor cabinet, can you not bend down?

If the cabinet is designed with full pull drawers, it will greatly reduce the number of squats and reduce labor.

7.Design of cabinet cabinet door

Question: When the cabinet door is opened, will it be touched?

There are many ways to open the cabinet door of the cabinet. Choosing the height of the cabinet door that suits the height of your family and the proper opening method can increase the overall pleasure of the overall cabinet.

8. Design of the height of the countertops

Question: Is the height of the countertops carefully considered according to their own situation?

The counter top is too high or too low, which will increase the burden on the back. If you can calculate according to your own situation, designing a reasonable cabinet counter height will improve the comfort of the whole cabinet.

9, kitchen layout design

Question: Do you know which kind of kitchen layout?

Understanding the layout of your kitchen will help you plan properly and store more items.

10. Design of the cabinet door

Question: When the cabinet door of the cabinet is switched, will it ring?

Before the cabinet design, if you consider adding a damping or anti-collision strip to the cabinet door, no noise will be emitted when it is closed.
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Curtains are more than decorative

When buying curtains, it is usually considered for its decorative nature, but it is also necessary to pay special attention to the following four aspects;
   1. First, shading. If you want to have a comfortable nap during the day, it is best to choose a cotton or flocked fabric with a shading effect. In the study room and restaurant, there is usually no need for too strong light. Blinds can be used to facilitate light adjustment.
   2, followed by noise prevention. Studies have shown that when the continuous noise pollution in the room reaches 30 decibels, it can interfere with normal sleep. Therefore, it is important to choose a curtain with sound-absorbing effect. The texture is better with flocking, cotton and linen. Generally speaking, the thicker the curtains, the better the sound absorption, and the good quality Beijing curtains can reduce the external noise by 10%-20%.
   3, can also adjust the mood. If the color is too deep and the time is long, it can make people feel depressed; the color is too bright and not good. Choosing colorful Guangzhou curtains can last a long time, which can cause visual fatigue and make people feel upset. To put it bluntly, you may wish to go to the simple and simple, choose light green, light blue and other natural, fresh colors, can make people happy; people who are prone to insomnia, you can try to use red and black matching curtains, help to fall asleep as soon as possible.
   4, in the end can also keep warm. In the winter, you need to consider the problem of keeping warm. The flocked curtain fabric is thick and warm. According to Japanese interior designer research, among all colors, the deep red is the warmest and suitable for winter use.
   Finally, everyone is reminded that the reason why the price is too low is that some cheap curtains are flammable in the fire, and the good quality usually has flame retardant properties, and the safety of the family is guaranteed.
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Maintenance of solid wood cabinets, share it

Undoubtedly, the solid wood cabinets are the top grades of all the cabinet materials, and the kitchens are replaced with new ones, which are often neglected. Due to the construction of pure wood furniture itself, it has an impact on various aspects such as air humidity, so maintenance work has a long way to go. For the maintenance of solid wood cabinets, share the practical experience with you:
  1, influence of temperature difference

  The ideal environment for solid wood cabinets is 18 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees Celsius Relative humidity between 35% and 40%, please avoid the cabinets placed close to the heat source or air conditioning tuyere. In the winter rainy season, you should pay attention to the humidity of the kitchen, avoid excessive evaporation of water and increase indoor moisture. Water on the door should be wiped in time.

  2, avoid direct sunlight

   should avoid outdoor sun exposure to the whole or part of the cabinet for a long time, the best position In a place where you can escape from the sun, or use a transparent gauze curtain to separate the direct sunlight. In this way, it does not affect the indoor lighting, but also soft light to add a warm and romantic atmosphere to the living room, while protecting the indoor cabinets.

  3, avoid hard scratches

  When cleaning, do not let the cleaning tools touch the cabinet, usually pay attention, do not let the hard Metal products or other sharp objects collide with the furniture to protect the surface from scratches.

  4, Avoid using alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents to remove stains

   If the surface of the cabinet is stained, do not rub it hard. The stain can be gently removed with warm tea water, and after the water is volatilized, a little light wax is applied to the original portion, and then lightly rubbed several times to form a protective film.

  5, pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the cabinet surface

  The surface of the solid wood cabinet is painted with paint, which is especially important for the maintenance and maintenance of the paint film. Once the paint film is destroyed, it not only affects the appearance of the surface, but also further affects the internal structure of the product. Therefore, the cabinet should be kept clean. Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe off the surface dust every day. At intervals, use the wet cotton thread that wrings out the moisture to clean the dust on the corners of the cabinet. Clean and dry soft cotton cloth can be dried, or apply a thin layer of high-quality light wax after drying, and gently wipe the luster like rubbing leather. This not only maintains the solid wood cabinet, but also adds It’s bright. However, the use of light wax must be cautious, and must not use inferior products containing chemical corrosion components.
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Is the electric faucet safe?

Electric faucets have the advantages of convenience and time saving, but many people are worried about its safety. Let’s discuss whether the electric faucet is safe.
leakage protection device (double)

   In fact, many electric faucet products now have a better safety protection against leakage. Among them, for example, photo-ceramic technology, the special materials used in photo-ceramic technology can reduce the electrical loss of common metal materials, and more importantly, it plays an important role in the safety of human body. The photo-ceramic technology is different from ordinary electric heating heaters. Experts test, even if exposed to water, will not cause leakage accidents, as well as the application of leakage protection plugs, double protection.

Electric faucet principle

   Because it has a cold heating function that can replace the faucet, it is called “electric faucet”, which is a non-insulated The water is heated in a slightly insulated container, which is only temporary storage of hot water, and has a miniature instant electric water heater that controls the water temperature device. In layman’s terms, it refers to an electric heating device that rapidly raises the temperature of water when cold water flows through the heater. According to the water discharge type, it can be divided into two types: outlet closed type and outlet open type. The company’s products are open-ended design.

  The principle of rapid energy saving of electric faucet is to use special titanium and other anti-corrosion high-strength magnetic materials to make chips, so that the water will heat up instantly under the action of high-strength magnetic field. The faucet also adjusts the power depending on the flow to suit the water temperature supply required for different seasons.

  The best electric faucet brands are: Ding Nai, Xun Tenger, Ya Le, Maxwell, Ke Yi Le, Chuan Fu and so on.

Is the electric faucet safe?

  1, the water and electricity double-layer isolation, the withstand voltage of 1500V or more is completely afraid of the occurrence of “just in case”.

  2, insurance companies undertake product liability insurance to make consumers more comfortable to use.

  3. The main body is grounded, and the traditional imitation measures are also a reliable protection measure.

Electric faucet price

  Olier instant electric faucet-6D-authentic special price¥298.00

   Oriel Instant Electric Hot Water Tap-3C-Genuine Special Price¥288.00

   Oriel Instant Electric Hot Water Tap-3D-Genuine Special Price¥288.00

Introduction of electric faucet

  The safety problem of electric faucet, I believe this problem is a problem that many friends are more concerned about. Because the electric water used by the electric faucet is heated, many friends are more worried about whether the faucet will conduct electricity. In fact, many electric faucet products now have a better safety guarantee against leakage. Among them, for example, photo-ceramic technology, the special materials used in photo-ceramic technology can reduce the electrical loss of common metal materials, and more importantly, it plays an important role in the safety of human body. The photo-ceramic technology is different from ordinary electric heating heaters. Experts test that even if exposed to water, it will not cause leakage accidents, and the application of leakage protection plugs, double protection.

  The electric faucet generally has the safety protection measures:

  1, water and electricity double layer isolation, withstand voltage above 1500V – not afraid of “in case “Occurrence;

   electric faucet (also known as hot water faucet or quick faucet), including faucet body and water flow control switch, the faucet body has a heating chamber And the electric control chamber, the electric control chamber and the heating chamber are separated by a sealing plate, the electric control chamber is provided with a heating circuit, and the heating chamber is provided with a heating tube, the heating tube power is generally 2-3KW, 3-5 seconds Heating the hot water, the heating pipe is connected to the heating circuit, wherein the heating pipe is an insulated heating pipe; the insulating heating pipe is a hydroelectric isolation type insulated heating pipe; the faucet body is mostly a high temperature resistant engineering plastic type, and a few are all Metal type; the electric control chamber is provided with an insulating water pressure switch; the heating circuit is provided with an electrical switch, the electrical switch is connected with the end of the insulating water pressure switch, the water is energized, the water is cut off; the heating circuit is provided with a temperature controller and Dry burning device; it can also be provided in the heating circuit Leakage protection switch.

  Characteristics of electric faucet:

  1, electric faucet quickly heats up: 30-60 degrees of hot water can be supplied in 5 seconds. It is hot immediately, meeting the high standard and fast-paced life needs of modern people.
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Semi-painted wall to enhance the layering and artistic sense of space

I am tired of monotonous white walls and don’t want to decorate with grand wallpapers. What should I do?

Want to think about it, it is easier and more convenient to brush the wall. However, unlike the traditional practice of brushing a wall, what we are going to talk about today is the popular half-painted wall! It can enhance the layering and artistic sense of the space, make the interior more rich, and the dark wall is also resistant to dirt.
In terms of color selection, but more elaborate, mainly depends on your personal needs and preferences. I hope that the wall is resistant to dirt. I choose dark wall paint. I like the fresh or lively space. I recommend the choice of youthful and beautiful colors. I want the choice of both to choose neutral gray. Below, we will focus on several painting methods for semi-painted walls! The method has learned that the color, texture and taste you want are all available!

I. Straight line brush method

The beauty of the geometric rules of the rules, the most common is the upper and lower layered brush wall method, the white space above, the color, the height can be according to the individual Preferences or needs to choose. Dark gray makes the sofa background wall beautiful, the color position is 1/3-1/2 higher than the height of the sofa, and the visual effect is more balanced. Only half of the pink, the girl’s heart is full, and will not make the space appear oppressive. Dark blue adds a touch of calm to the original living room. Brush to the same height as the curtains, leaving room for breathing at the top. Or choose to leave the lower part white. The bright yellow makes the baby room look lively and lovely. The red walls echo the red pillows on the sofa. One black and one white, highlighting the spatial texture. You can also use the left and right split mode. The dark green color gives the wall a retro feel, and it’s just right to connect it with a black lounge table and a transparent black frame. The ceiling and the floor are painted green together, and the three-dimensional effect of the wall is greatly improved. There is also a special way to stay white. Brushing a section in the middle, white and white, is quite interesting. The gap is white and the visual effect is awesome.

Second, the irregular brush method

Free and easy, unrestrained, free to keep the edges. The rough and uneven brushing method makes the painted area look full of personality. Weakened the edge and showed a casual beauty. Irregularly retaining the burrs, the heights are staggered, giving the walls a chic aesthetic. Use a soft gradient. The safest grey gradient is simple and comfortable. Gradient coloured walls with good daylight give the space elegance and poetry. Color blocks of the same brightness and different colors. Because the brightness is the same, the color blocks of different colors can not be combined with each other, but they have a very comfortable visual effect.

Third, “heart machine” brush method

Ingenuity, it is not the same, with different colors to distinguish. Add a touch of bright yellow in the middle of the cool gray, and the atmosphere becomes lively immediately. Brushing a black between the rehmannia and the white space enhances the sense of spatial hierarchy and order. In the same color as other items. Brushed together with the door, it seems to blend into one, the visual effect is extended. The same is true of the windows. Paint the furniture in the same color as the wall, or paint the wall in the same color as the furniture, with a strong sense of fashion. Apply only a small area
Brush a color block in the corner to form a specific work area. After painting the blocks, it became a professional display wall.
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What is going on when you step on the floor and make a “beep” sound?

Phenomenon 1: The climate is dry or humid, and the sound is loud

Cause: Excessive dry weather makes the floor and cheekbones grip The nail force is weakened, and the connection between the floor and the gutter is loose; excessive moisture causes the floor to expand laterally, and the expansion is slightly squeezed and arched to loosen the tibia.

Remedy: If the weather is excessively humid or dry, it can be observed when the weather is normal. If there is no obvious sound, you do not have to trim it.

Phenomenon 2: Sometimes there is no sound when the sound is

Cause: If somewhere is stepped on, sometimes there will be sound, sometimes not, this condition is mostly the floor. The nail is smaller than the drill hole of the solid wood floor, and there is a loose gap between the male and female on the floor.

Remedy: When installing solid wood floor drilling, the hole diameter must be smaller than the floor nail, so that the floor only eats nails.

Phenomenon 3: Step on one foot and ring

Reason: If you step on one foot and then step on it again, this is the case, it must be the wooden dragon and the ground. There is no fixed between the rafts, or the raft material is too soft and not too hard to be pulled up by the dragon.

Remedy: The material of the raft is harder than the material of the earthworm, and the hard shrinkage force of the wood is small. It is not easy for the earthworm to pull the raft to keep it stable.
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How to extend the service life of plastic steel doors?

For the door, everyone is no stranger, because the door, it is the face of our home life, it is a symbol of your status, it is a symbol of the quality of your life, most people will have a special choice for the door, there are Solid wood doors, plastic steel doors, today Xiaobian will introduce you to the maintenance and maintenance of plastic steel doors, thus extending the service life of plastic steel doors. Hope everyone likes it.

The trick of maintenance and maintenance of plastic steel door

1. The dust on the doors and windows should be cleaned regularly to keep the doors, windows, glass and hardware clean and bright.

2. If the door and window are contaminated with oil and other difficult to clean things, it is best not to use strong acid or alkali solution for cleaning, otherwise it will not only damage the surface finish of the profile, but also damage the surface of the hardware. The protective film and oxide layer cause corrosion of the hardware.

3. The granules and other debris on the inside of the frame should be cleaned in time to prevent the drainage channel from being blocked and causing poor drainage and water leakage.

4. When opening the door and window, the intensity should be moderate, try to keep the speed even when opening and closing.

5. Try to avoid hitting the door or window with a hard object or scratching the surface of the profile.

6. Qujing decoration company designer reminds the owner that if the door and window are found to be inflexible or other abnormal conditions during use, the reason should be found in time. If the customer cannot eliminate the fault, it can be produced with the door and window. The manufacturer and the supplier contact so that the fault can be eliminated in time.

Summary of small series: The steel door is very beautiful, the quality is light, the material is hard, which brings convenience and comfort to life. In order to give full play to the advantages of plastic steel doors, we remind the owners to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of plastic steel doors to improve the life of plastic steel doors. I hope that Xiao Bian’s masterpiece about the maintenance and maintenance of plastic steel doors can help everyone in time, and through the daily maintenance, extend the service life of plastic steel doors, so that your face is more face-saving, why not.
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