What are the common floor lamp size specifications?

Floor lamp is used in living room space and bedroom space, it is often with coffee table, sofa They are used together to meet the needs of local lighting and embellishment of the room. Not only does it have a good decorative effect, but the lighting effect is also very significant. What are the common floor lamp size specifications? Then follow the small series to learn about Floor lamp size specifications!

Common floor lamp size specifications

1, large floor lamp size specifications are generally 15.2-18.5 cm, lampshade diameter 40-50 cm, using 100 watts of incandescent bulbs; generally used in the company’s lobby, home improvement living room.

2, the size of the medium-sized floor lamp is generally 14-17 cm. The diameter of the lampshade is 30-45 cm. Use in the workplace, lounge, etc.

3, small floor lamp size specifications Generally, the height is between 10.8-14 cm or 13.8-15.2 cm, and the diameter of the lampshade is 25-45 cm. An incandescent bulb of 60 watts or 75 watts or 100 watts is used. Use in small study rooms, bedrooms, rooms.

How to choose the floor lamp size specification

Floor lamp has a variety of shapes. Can be selected according to demand. The size of the floor lamp should be determined according to the height of the indoor ceiling. If the height of the ceiling is 2.4 meters or more, it is best to choose a 1.7 or 1.8 meter floor lamp. If the ceiling is too low, the light can only be concentrated in a local area. People feel that the light is not soft. In addition, too much contrast in the room will increase the eye load, try to choose a floor lamp that can be dimmed. The size of the floor lamp is mainly the height of the lamp holder and the height of the lamp cover. The choice of lampshade and lamp holder needs to take into account many factors, the most important being coordination.

Floor lamp type:

1, direct-lit floor lamp

<p style="color:#333333;font-size:16px;text-indent:32px;font-family:Microsoft Yahei The light of the floor lamp diffuses from the top surface of the ceiling, and the effect of light concentration occurs. The local lighting effect is also relatively prominent, and the relative influence range is relatively small. At the same time, the light is softer, which gives the visual a sense of comfort. To a certain extent, it will make people feel relaxed and frequently used in modern minimalist decorative style.

2, top-up floor lamp

If you use the floor-standing floor lamp, it will have a light effect, so the ceiling of the decoration space is mostly light, such as common white. In the choice of materials for the ceiling, it is recommended to choose a reflective effect. Products, so the overall lighting effect will be more obvious, the scope will be greater.

Overall, Floor lamp size specifications choice, the most important consideration is the effect of lighting and decoration, the size is most suitable, but also have to consider the space, size, and truly local conditions. Want to understand More knowledge about the decoration can pay attention to Qijia.com and more decoration information to share with you.

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What are the main points of home lighting purchase? Every room is different

  A lot of materials for home decoration are to be bought by yourself, so you need to know a lot about building materials, so that the purchase is both time-saving and not Laborious, so is the purchase of lamps. Therefore, today Xiaobian will share some points to purchase home lighting, and share what type of household lighting is good.

  What are the main points of home lighting purchase

  1. Choice of bathroom fixtures
   Choose incandescent lamps, not optional energy-saving lamps. Because the lamps used in the bathroom use a short time and a high frequency, it is better to choose incandescent lamps, so that the bathroom can be quickly lit up, and this does not consume electricity.

  2.Selection of living room lamps
  The lights in the living room are not specially ordered. Look at the style and size. If the space is small, a main light will be used. Well, if you have a lot of space, you need to use a luminaire that can create an atmosphere, such as a chandelier plus a downlight or a light strip.

  3. Bedroom lighting selection
  The bedroom is a relatively private space, optional soft lighting, which can make people relax, have to choose The yellow tone is dominant, which is also more welcoming. For example, it can be used as a recessed lighting or wall lamp, or in a decorative cabinet.

  4.Selection of restaurant lamps
  The restaurant can be selected according to the shape of your table, such as square chandelier with appropriate height; round can In addition to the long line chandeliers installed directly above, a hidden test downlight can be installed on the ceiling as an auxiliary light source.

  5.Selection of kitchen lamps
  The kitchen does not need to be so fancy, the best choice is energy-saving lamps, and there is no need to install too many. It is not recommended for ceiling lamps because it does not converge and is very astigmatic.

  What type of household lighting is good

  1. Incandescent

   incandescent is our Commonly known as a light bulb, after the heat generated by the current through the filament, the heat is continuously concentrated by the spiral filament, so that the temperature of the filament becomes high and then brightens.

  2.Fluorescent lamp

   This is also called fluorescent lamp, which has argon in the tube and a few drops of mercury. Mercury atoms discharge the gas, releasing ultraviolet light.

  3.Energy-saving lamps

   Also known as compact fluorescent lamps, the principle of illumination is not much different from fluorescent lamps. However, the energy-saving lamps are relatively small in volume, and the electronic ballast volume used is small, and the stroboscopic phenomenon is alleviated.

  4.LED lamp

   Its scientific name is LED, a solid-state semiconductor device that converts electricity directly into light. . When current passes through the wafer in the wire, the electrons and holes of the LED lamp are pushed into the vector sub-trap, where the electrons recombine with the holes and then emit energy in the form of photons.

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Several high-value choices for stainless steel entry doors

Since the entrance door is the first gateway to enter the house, of course, its anti-theft performance is higher, so many decoration friends usually choose security door products in the selection of the entrance door. Here, Xiaobian strongly recommends stainless steel entry doors. Especially the Foshan stainless steel door, the reason why the stainless steel door is selected as the entrance door is mainly because the stainless steel door has the advantages of beautiful appearance, no rust, strong anti-theft performance and the like. The stainless steel entry door serves as the facade of the house, and its style and appearance are very important. Choosing a beautifully-looking stainless steel door can greatly improve the grade of the house. The following small series introduces several stainless steel entry doors with good values.

Rose Gold Free pattern polished stainless steel single door

This stainless steel single door adopts rose gold free-grain color stainless steel plate, seamless production process, with anti-theft and anti-smashing locks, with decorative strips and “Fu” word door in the middle, the appearance is elegant and simple, more suitable for use in Chinese style decoration environment.

Stainless steel Korean mother-child door

In the case of a large door opening, ordinary The single door leaf can’t satisfy the practical and aesthetic sense of the whole building. At this time, the son-in-law door is put to use, which not only makes the whole building look more hierarchical, but also facilitates every user’s access. It is not difficult to find out through the picture of the mother-in-law. This name is still very image, mainly because it is a relatively large door, and there is a relatively small door in it. Therefore, such a name is particularly appropriate. The stainless steel Korean-style mother-gate sheet is made of 8K black titanium brushed in the style of Korean, so it is also called Korean-style door. In addition, it is equipped with a powerful fingerprint lock, which makes the door have a modern minimalist style. Has a strong anti-theft function.

Stainless steel white cracked paint Roman column double door

The following double door is in The use of colored stainless steel plates is based on the production process of white cracked paint. The Roman columns on the left and right sides and the arched design on the top are typical features of European style. Many people prefer to use European style when building villas. This stainless steel white cracked lacquered Roman column double doors, full of dignified elegance, noble and gorgeous, is the best choice for the giants.

Look at the design of the above-mentioned doors, you see the official Whether you start to feel the heart, in fact, you want to make a stainless steel entrance door with beautiful appearance and good quality.It is very important to choose a good manufacturer and brand. If you want to see more stainless steel door styles, you can visit the official website of Wang.

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Insight into the lifestyle | What do they think of “full security customization”?

April 17th, an “insight lifestyle” The “Floor of Humanity” theme-based fully renovated residential innovation forum kicked off in Shanghai. The event, hosted by the China Building Decoration Association’s Residential Products Industry Branch, has attracted attention from well-known real estate companies, top domestic long-term rental apartment companies, residential sector leading enterprises, residential lifestyle research institutions and authoritative experts. The issue of full-service customization and prefabricated housing mentioned in the conference has aroused the attention and attention of the sanitary industry.

The concept of “customization” from appearance to popularity, let the bathroom companies see new possibilities It has the characteristics of unity, coordination and high space utilization, attracting the attention of consumers and becoming a major outlet for the industry. Who can win the rivers and lakes? During the event, Zhongjie.com conducted a live interview with the participating companies.

Hu Yanan, Secretary General of the China National Association of Housing Industry Branch, spoke at the meeting

Mengyi| Actively cut into the custom bathroom market

Meng Yi, General Manager of Wrigley’s Large Customer Division

Wrigley began to produce custom cabinets in 2008, and entered the custom wardrobe in 2009, 2016 In the year of the opening of the Quanwei custom road, in 2017 opened 100 custom bathroom stores, now has nearly 200 outlets. With the surge of the whole house customization trend, Wrigley saw the trend of custom bathroom, drawing on the experience of custom cabinet wardrobe production, quickly integrating R&D, production, design and other resources, and cutting into the custom bathroom market.

When officially put on the market, Wrigley custom bathroom space It has been highly praised by real estate developers and consumers, which gives us confidence in the development of customized sanitary ware. In addition, Wrigley also cooperates with developers and designers to continuously improve the function of custom bathroom space, increase the functions of laundry, makeup and storage in the bathroom, and improve the space utilization of the bathroom in multiple dimensions.

Customized bathroom for production equipment, The requirements for process, design, software system opening and installation are high, which is also the difficulty of customization.

for prefabricated homes Wrigley is willing to participate in production and construction, but there are still difficulties in the landing of prefabricated houses, such as simple functions and acceptance of real estate developers. Wrigley Sanitary Ware will closely monitor the growth of the market and actively develop corresponding products to meet the needs of the assembly market.

He Zhiyuan| The essence of customization is humanization

Heng Jie Sanitary Ware Brand Director He Zhiyuan

Although Hengjie Sanitary Ware has not clearly put forward the concept of “full-service customization”, some products of Hengjie Sanitary Ware have already had quite Customization ability to meet the personalized needs of a new generation of consumers.

In terms of bathroom cabinets, Hengjie Sanitary Ware has been able to realize the custom production of color, material and size. For example, Hengjie “family” Variety series bathroom cabinets can be customized not only in color, material and size. Even the main cabinet, mirror cabinet, side cabinet can Now freely combined and matched, let consumers experience the fun of personality matching;

In terms of toilets, Hengjie Sanitary Ware also develops corresponding products. For example, “Maiqu” series of water-saving toilets, including ceramic toilets and water tanks of various shapes, can meet the differences of different consumers. Demand for the shower; Hengjie has a mature non-standard customization system.

The essence of customization is to gain insight into consumer demand and make the product more human. Hengjie Sanitary Ware always regards the user experience as the core part of design and development, and deeply understands the potential needs of users, thus bringing users more comfortable, healthier and more human products. Therefore, the research and development of each product of Hengjie Sanitary Ware has undergone a lot of research, from the user’s daily life style, daily behavior, to the use of scenes, usage habits, to the user’s age level, family members, there are rigorous and meticulous investigation reports.

Zeng Xiaoling|Foundation Research College, read consumers


Golden Bathroom General Manager Zeng Xiaoling


In recent years, Quanwei custom has become another hot spot in the industry The gold medal is not far behind, and gradually joins the “custom” ranks.

Zeng Xiaoling said, full-service customization, Everything is tailor-made, and now consumers pay more attention to comfort and humanity, which coincides with the brand concept of “golden brand and more love for home”. The extension of comfort is functional. Today’s products need to be considered from the elderly, children, pregnant women and other people. Tailor-made products are actually done according to human needs. For example, the mirror of the bathroom cabinet can also take into account the storage function, electronic function Feng Shui, etc.It is also necessary to consider the storage function of small objects such as chargers. Customization is actually inter-connected. For example, smart products also need to consider regional factors. Smart toilets such as flip cover, induction, and pedal are all from the perspective of humanization. From the perspective of the person, truly meet their needs, so as to maximize the customization.

Now, the growth of the custom-made gold plate is Amazingly, it is the pain point of the market and the pain points of consumers. It reflects the humanized demand from the details and functions, thus continuously occupying a higher market share. Beginning in 2017, Gold and Jinan University established the Consumer Research Institute. They really talked from the data, from the consumer life, work habits, local customs and field visits, based on scientific and reasonable data, the development of products, Bring the product closer to the user’s needs.

as very forward-looking The company, Jinpai Sanitary Co., Ltd. cooperated with the 3D home three years ago. With the software support of the front-end, the enterprise customization has more advantages in the front and rear. Standing on the shoulders of giants, the gold medal will be firmer on the road of customization.

Zhu Jianhong| Enter hardcover field

Zhu Jianhong, deputy general manager of Youda (China) Co., Ltd.

Customized bathroom and fabricated residences are industries A major mainstream, fine decoration and industrialization of finished products will make the parts more convenient and comfortable to be integrated into the assembly and finished products. Therefore, companies need to find the right entry point, and take advantage of it. that is, they have to consider not only the functional problems of the products, but also the close integration with the new model. And Hecheng Bronze has been paying attention to new trends in hardcover and finished products.

Zhu Jianhong revealed that in terms of fine decoration, and Cheng Bronze has always been a pioneer, and has taken the lead in cooperating with Vanke and Poly, and has achieved a good brand reputation. Among them, Vanke will also license its own brand to Hecheng, which is the certification of the quality and the recognition of its unique user experience. In the past five years, we have become a customized product of the housing industry, and have won the recognition and trust of developers. We have stood out from the international brands and made a strong voice for Chinese manufacturing.

Lin Xuezhou|First Make Big Single product and then fully customized

Lin Whale Sanitary Ware Brand Director Lin Xuezhou

Wave Whale Sanitary Ware 25 years, 2018 The annual whale sanitary ware will also keep up with the trend of fine decoration and finished product industrialization in the real estate industry, and carry out related product research and development. In terms of products, Whale Sanitary Ware will take the “big single product” strategy and develop products that meet the diverse needs of consumers.

In 2018, Whale Sanitary Ware will launch new sanitary products that meet the custom trend; in addition, in the second half, heavy Pound launches a smart toilet with a sense of design, sexy, experience and interaction to meet the needs of individual consumers. In the terminal market, Whale Bathroom will strengthen the national designer reserve team and introduce 3D design. The system provides consumers with a personalized whole bathroom space solution to create a personalized bathroom for consumers.

Lin Xuezhou pointed out that in the future, Whale Sanitary will work hard towards the full-service customization, providing customized and customized solutions for end consumers, especially On the bathroom cabinet with advantages, it will increase production equipment investment, strengthen quality control and create strong star products.

Talk about assembly At the time of the product, Lin Xuezhou believes that this is the future trend. Its simple modularization, integration and industrial production reduce environmental pollution and improve construction efficiency. This model is in line with the national development strategy. The Whale bathroom will follow the country. Strategic planning, increase independent innovation, promote product technology advancement with actual innovation actions, and bring more comfortable bathroom experience and healthy enjoyment to consumers with brand strength and product quality.

Chen Jianchao|Customized+Intelligent >

Aussie Sanitary Ware Brand Director Chen Jianchao

Aussie Sanitary CHAN believes that consumer demand is growing In order to meet consumer needs renovation, Osman bathroom to make changes in customization and intelligence, from product mix, size and color with three aspects to be customized . Not only that, but also a professional design team to design the floor plan according to the needs of consumers, consumers can see the actual style of the bathroom space they want before using the product. Due to the early development of customization, there are already mature technologies, and with the cooperation of software systems, we will continue to make full-fledged customization.

To cater to the intelligent trend, Aussman In addition to the conventional drying and lighting functions, the bathroom has also made great breakthroughs in core technologies, such as spiral washing. In terms of traditional products, in order to meet the needs of consumers, Osman has also been changing. Due to the large temperature difference in the north, in order to prevent the cracking of the toilet, Aussman has introduced a one-piece toilet very early. Now it is the fourth generation of seamless all-inclusive smart toilets. The all-inclusive toilet is not only beautiful, but also easy for consumers to clean and hygienic.

Zhang Kaifei|Assembled residences are promising

Zhang Kaifei, General Manager of One Day House Technology Co., Ltd.

In addition to the custom-made custom, the prefabricated house is also a major development trend in the sanitary industry, and one-day house is the solution solution for the assembly house. The house is built-in to improve the independence and better quality of human settlements.

First, there are fewer wet jobs in assembly, more need to be prefabricated in the factory, assembled on site, changing the form and processing technology of materials, reducing material waste and decoration cycle, environmental pollution At the same time, the assembled products are easier to replace and repair, especially the secondary decoration, without destroying the wall structure and improving the quality of the residents.

Second, the assembly type enhances the residential function. The assembly type can release more functions and provide a good foundation for the release of residential space. Platform. Especially after the introduction of smart home, the assembly will pass the wisdom Structured technology platform to solve problems, speed up the process of quality living, and make the house more comfortable.

Assembly is currently mainly used in the home improvement market and the engineering end of the hardcover market. Hardcover developers have a higher level of enthusiasm for fabricated products because of the assembly The product quality is relatively stable, allowing users to better realize the quality of human habitation. Compared with the C-end, the assembled product can provide consumers with systematic, personalized and integrated solutions in the shortest time to satisfy consumers. Personalized needs and quality requirements. At the same time, the assembled products can also provide added value, such as quick and quiet implementation of home partial modification, easy maintenance, etc.

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Ten application scenarios of smart doors and windows that designers have to know

  To understand the use of smart doors and windows, you must understand the meaning of smart doors and windows, know where smart doors and windows are smart, why smart? Aluminum nets tell you the real scenes, the top ten application scenarios of smart doors and windows that designers have to know:
  Scenario 1 , remote control, rainy days can also remotely control

   When the work went to work, the rainstorm suddenly came. The window at home was forgotten. The rainstorm will drip into the room, and the wooden floor of a thousand meters of square meters will hurt when it is stepping on the weekdays, not to mention the rainstorm. So, Xiao Xu opened the phone, clicked the window, and the window in the house slowly closed. This is not a scene on a sci-fi movie, it is a scene in reality.

   The maturity of Internet technology allows humans to ignore geographical gaps. We can directly control the closing or opening of smart doors and windows in the home through the Internet. Whether it is someone visiting or an unexpected situation, even if you are not at the scene, you are like visiting the scene. You can also get to know everything about your home from the outside. The remote control function is especially suitable for interactive design on the gate. When a friend visits, even if we are not at home, we can open the door to let friends enter the home.

  Scenario 2: Inductive control, attaching eyes and ears to the window

  How many steps do you need to open a window? Go over, reach out, turn the handle, and push it out.

   The cold wind that was blown in by the window in the winter night woke up, and was reluctant to leave the warm bed. So, turn on the phone, click on the window, and the window slowly closes. This is not a scene on a sci-fi movie, it is a scene in reality.

   With the maturity of remote sensing and transmission technology, Schmid has achieved more in smart door and window control Inductive control of smart doors and windows, from basic cell phone control, panel control to wind and rain sensing control, sound control and gesture control. Humans have been tireless in the pursuit of laziness. In the process of interior design, designers need to consider the characteristics and practicality of each type of induction control, such as wind and rain induction, suitable for the bedroom, and the wind and rain will automatically close in the middle of the night. Sound control for kitchens and more. Only by understanding the characteristics of various products and envisioning the user’s usage scenarios in advance can we create an excellent user experience.

  Scenario 3, intelligent linkage, dancing with smart home brothers and sisters

  If you go home, the lights in the house light up, the windows are already open, the TV is carrying the hot drama you are chasing, the rice cooker is cooked The fragrant rice is filled with water in the bathtub. Do you feel that life like this?

   Smart home is in the blowout stage, and all kinds of smart items have surged. However, although the smart single product has achieved the ultimate in single product, it has not formed an effective linkage. Make smart home a high-tech toy, not a real life experience. Only the design that truly involves the overall solution of smart home, let smart home items interlock with each other to form an overall intelligent and controllable system, which is a product that can be used for practical experience. Schmid’s intelligent doors and windows are open-minded in intelligent linkage, and the linkage between smart doors and windows and household lights and switches is attempted, allowing users to set up their own scenes and easily realize one-click control of doors, windows, lights, air conditioners and TVs. The switch can be combined to set various scene modes such as home mode and reception mode, and it is easy to enjoy the convenience of intelligent control.

  Scenario 4, Smart Security Alert, Let the Thieves Smell the Sorrow

   “Dudu~~” You are shopping, the phone suddenly sounded an alarm, showing that the window sash on the left side of the living room was damaged. You only need to open the phone, open the home camera, you will see a thief at home, and quickly call the police, and at the same time start the alarm on the window, and instantly scared off the little thief.

  This intelligent early warning systemIt is not a virtual concept, but Schmidt’s smart doors and windows have launched a family protection god that has been used in the market. The use of Germany’s advanced intelligent protection system, when the protection structure is damaged, can trigger alarm devices, first to restrict and protect home safety.

  Scene 5, frosted glass changes and protects privacy

  In the living room, watching movies with your girlfriend, seeing the passion, there is always a time when you can’t help yourself. The atmosphere is created to a very wonderful HIGH point, then it is not beautiful to pull a curtain, so sneak open the phone, click on the glass mode switch: clear glass, instantly turned into a matte, blocking the outside sunlight And the sight of passers-by.

  Scenario 6, energy saving and environmental protection, let the summer not be warm in winter

   If you like to collect all kinds of calligraphy and painting, the living room in the living room is full of famous paintings. However, what bothers you is that every summer, you always need to tighten the curtains in the living room, worrying that the sun will cause damage to the calligraphy and painting. Now he has no need to worry about this problem. Schmid’s smart doors and windows use high-end nano-glass materials, and have been designed with multiple structural improvements to allow windows to effectively block infrared rays up to 93% and ultraviolet rays by 87%. Effectively avoid indoor temperature rise caused by sun exposure, effectively reduce furniture aging, reduce air conditioning energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, green and comfortable.

  Scene 7, double inside and outside, clean glass, mother’s favorite

  If mom is a mildly clean person, like to clean the house every day, clean and spotless. But every time I cleaned the outer glass on the second floor, I was frightened. It is not only difficult to clean, but also extremely dangerous. In response to this cleaning problem, Schmidt’s intelligent doors and windows have undergone several structural improvements, and finally put forward a perfect solution. When people are indoors, they can clean indoor and outdoor glass on both sides of the window sash, which is consistent with high-level safety and beautiful and clean. Perfect demand.

  Scene 8, invisible screens, micro-innovation for mosquitoes

   Screens have become a standard feature for every window, effectively blocking mosquito infestation. However, it is impossible for people to vomit. The screen window can always destroy the aesthetics of the designer’s fine outline in its subtleties with its ugly shape, and destroy the original beauty of the window. Schmid’s smart doors and windows pass through the micro-innovation of the screens, through the hidden screens, effective anti-mosquito, the design is stylish and avant-garde, taking into account the aesthetic and reasonable space layout.

  Scenario 9, five-fold waterproof, the best weapon to combat heavy rain

  The water seepage in rainy days is a very troublesome thing, especially in villas, where expensive wallpapers and floors may It is scrapped in the seepage water again and again. The use of Schmidt intelligent doors and windows can effectively prevent the occurrence of such conditions, up to 5 heavy sealing strips, combined with a high-closed structure to ensure that the window seal is impermeable, the actual measurement can prevent the 9-stage platform wind and rain.

  Scene 10, 360° mute, zero tolerance for noise

  If there is a construction site next to your home, sometimes it is busy until midnight. Neighbors have been complaining and can’t be bothered. But Schmidt can make you sleep quietly every day, and you can’t feel the noise at all. Because it not only has a variety of special glass surfaces such as tempering, lamination, hollow, etc., and at the same time with multiple high-closed structures, the end of the door and window suspension is not strict and ill, effectively reducing outdoor noise intrusion, truly 360° all-sound insulation.

   The times are changing, and human needs are constantly changing. Under the background of the trend of smart decoration, the traditional door and window has evolved into a multi-functional high-tech intelligent product. The function of doors and windows is rapidly evolving and changing with each passing day. People must also put forward more requirements for the literacy of interior design.

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insulating firebricks

5 tips to repair damaged tiles, make your home look new

   Hello everyone! Xiaobian’s Xiaobian has also met with you! Today, as usual, explain the trivial things in the home, installation, maintenance, and maintenance, but today’s theme is highlighted in repair, maintenance is a good word, can reduce costs, let it achieve the best visual effects, and the new! What are you waiting for, hurry and read! At home decoration, there must be some tiles. If the tiles are damaged, it feels very difficult to repair. If you stop, destroy the overall layout of the house, look hard to see, how should it be, Xiaobian now share the damaged tile repair skills with you.
  1. Damaged tile repair tips

  1. Prepare to repair broken tile tools and materials, fix the number of broken tiles, buy the same number of tiles or buy one more, mainly to reduce cost and practicality.

  2. Before tiling, the new tiles should be soaked in water and dried for a while. Apply a thin layer of 107 cement slurry to the back of the tile, then press firmly into place and check that the newly tiled tiles are flush with the surrounding tiles.

  3. Remove caulking white cement along the edges of the tile, be sure to clean it, otherwise wait for dry After that, it is difficult to clean up and affect the appearance, and then carefully remove the damaged tiles with a small chisel.

  4.If the surrounding tiles are glued very firmly and you don’t want to replace the surrounding tiles, you can use Cut the glass knife in the middle of the tile, first cut the middle part of the tile, and then use a sharper steel chisel to slowly repair the broken pieces of the edge.

  5. If the old tiles are still intact, just disconnect from the other finishes and repair When the sand ash at the joint is removed, and the epoxy resin adhesive is injected, after waiting for a while, and then the joint is filled with a waterproof flexible caulking material, such as glass glue.

  6. After the old tiles are chiseled, use the steel chisel to cut off the underlying cement mortar. Heavy, the strength must be grasped, otherwise it will shatter other intact tiles.

   Then remove the dust from the tile surface and moisten the surface with water.

  7. Sometimes the old tiles are damaged only one or two, and the original cement mortar is difficult to chisel Drop or chisel. At this time, it is necessary to use epoxy resin (universal glue), apply a thin layer on the back of the tile and the cement wall, and then press firmly to ensure that the new tile is flush with the surrounding tiles.

   Second, how to distinguish the quality of tiles

   The feel of the tile, the same specification product, the good quality, the high-density brick feel is relatively heavy, on the contrary, the quality of the product feels lighter.


   mainly by tapping the tiles, by listening to the sound to identify the quality of the tiles, the following two aspects of kitchen and bathroom tiles and vitrified tiles.


   Unpacking inspection, see if there is any damage, take one piece of different box products, and see if there is any color difference after tiling.

  (1) Mainly to see if there are black spots, bubbles, pinholes, cracks, scratches, stains, missing edges, and angled vitrified tiles on the surface of the tile. Also pay attention to whether there are defects such as leakage and leakage, etc. Whether it is deformed.

  (2) Look at the water absorption rate of the tile, use water droplets on the back of the brick, the smaller the diffusion area, the dry The longer the time, the lower the water absorption rate and the better the quality;

  (3)View the bottom embryo mark The products produced by regular manufacturers have clear product mark on the bottom embryo. If there is no or very vague, it must be cautious!

   In summary, Xiaobian mainly distinguishes the quality of the tiles from the damaged tile repair techniques. Aspects to analyze tile repair skills, through reading, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of it, when the home tile is broken! Don’t feel that it is very difficult to repair or complain, how can it be so durable, the quality is really bad, etc. When the tile is used for too long, it will definitely have more or less certain problems. How to repair it at this time, how to maintain it later. Want to know more home information, please continue to pay attention to home repair and maintenance master Wan.


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Paint wall is just the last color? There are more doorways inside!

When decorating, although you can’t stop at the new home, you always enjoy this. process. With a rag on his butt, wipe the dust off with a rag. Fei Jinbala uses a bricklayer to remove the scale. Even if it is tired again, when everything looks first, look up at the wall of his paint, the color and pattern of the heart are on the top. Reality, it’s all beautiful and worth it!

Many people think that the paint wall is just the last Color, but the fact that there are many kinds of paints and coatings, the choice of quality and environmentally friendly paint is a good start for quality home improvement. Let’s take a look at the science of Xiaobian!

Identification of true and false paint

1. Look at the shape: The paint contains less impurities, and the paint that is stirred in the milky white line is good. On the contrary, the quality is poor.

2. Look color: Good paint is divided into three layers, the surface layer of soy sauce or pig liver color, the middle layer is light yellow, the bottom layer is grayish white, and all the color is fake paint.

3. Smell:Good paint has aroma or acidity. If there is corruption or other strange smell, it is a metamorphic paint or a fake paint. It is a long-lasting paint.

Subjective factors to consider when purchasing

1. For home improvement paint color, first of all, you like it, and secondly with regional or overall furniture, it is recommended to carefully choose the color of the jump, especially the fickle We don’t like it anymore, and repainting the wall is not a trivial matter.

2. Small-scale testing of water, ideals and reality The error must always be taken into consideration. You can choose to experiment in the small dressing room, the foyer or a small wall. The effect will come out very quickly. If you are not satisfied, you will pass immediately.

3. According to your own DIY pattern, put Draw your own little emotions to create a unique sense of warmth. Tips: Unless you paint as you like, it is best to have the gadgets ready when painting, such as rulers, molds, etc.

Objective factors to consider when purchasing

1. Shop around, for the same package, the same brand of goods, from the quality, price, service and other aspects of the comprehensive consideration, the general formal products are able to provide environmentally friendly materials testing report of.

2. Choose paint according to the different decorative parts, For example, the paint used on the interior wall should have adhesion, fine texture, and powder; the kitchen, bathroom and toilet paint should be waterproof.Mildew proof, easy to wash performance.

3. Different materials and materials have different coatings The requirements, such as the coloring of concrete and cement mortar should be preferred to use polymeric water-based paints, coloring wood and metal is preferred to use a variety of solvent-based paints, according to local conditions!


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How to buy insulation doors and windows

  The temperature outside in winter is very low, people can often feel the constant invasion of cold when they are at home. Therefore, there is a door and window on the market that can keep warm the doors and windows. The window frame material, glass thickness, sealing degree and even the shape of the window of the insulated door and window determine whether it can let you spend a warm winter. Then, how do we choose to buy insulation, heat insulation, soundproof doors and windows? Let’s take a look at the insulation window and window selection methods and door and window selection considerations.

  How to buy insulated windows and doors

  1, aluminum alloy profiles
  plastic steel frame materials are disadvantageous in that It is very easy to ventilate, and the gap at the interface is too large to bond. Therefore, in winter, the choice of doors and windows is preferred to consider the insulation and sound insulation effect. The aluminum alloy material is a good conductor of heat, and the thermal conductivity is mostly high. The sealing performance of the aluminum door and window of the broken bridge is relatively better, and the heat conduction path of the aluminum bridge is broken to achieve thermal insulation and sound insulation.

  Insulation, heat insulation, doors and windows need to use insulating glass, because the cavity between the hollow glass is filled with dry, static air, so that The thermal conductivity is greatly reduced, so the insulating glass has excellent heat insulation, sound insulation and frost resistance and condensation properties.

  3, sealing material
   sealant for thermal insulation and soundproof windows and doors should be weather resistant adhesive, anti-ozone corrosion resistance and anti-ultraviolet For neoprene products with excellent aging performance, three or more sealing strips shall be provided for the opening and closing of the door and window sash.

  What to watch out for door and window purchase

  1.Fire resistance

  Recently, count The incident of high-rise building fires has raised concerns about the fire resistance of windows. As the opening part of the building’s outer protective structure, the external window of the ordinary building is an important passage for the fire to jump upward. Therefore, it is an important measure to reduce the fire damage and casualties by improving the fire prevention capability of the exterior windows of the building in advance and effectively preventing the rapid spread of the fire.

  2. Sound insulation

  The outer window of the building with sound insulation function adopts hollow structure, generally adopting two layers of strong texture and durability. Floating glass with high wind pressure resistance, and some hollow structures with two or more layers of glass for the purpose of enhancing sound insulation. It is understood that the window with two layers of insulating glass will be sealed at the joint of the frame glass and the profile, using a ring of strips and two loops to improve the sealing of the window to enhance the sound insulation function.


   After installation, pay attention to check whether the whole window is deformed, whether the window sash is flexible, and whether the window and the wall are joined. Firmly and seamlessly, it is necessary to remove the protective film attached to the surface of the window material in time. In addition, households living in buildings with more than seven floors are not allowed to install windows that are sashed outwards to prevent the wind from scraping off the sash.

  The above introduction is believed to be helpful to everyone. The insulation doors and windows are still very practical. It is good for you. If you like the above introduction, please continue to pay attention to this website. , more exciting, please look forward to!

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Home improvement blackboard | Cabinet to buy those things!

[ Home Improvement Blackboard】Select the most practical home decoration dry goods, communicate with the owners and share the experience of home decoration to help you master the home decoration essentials directly. Knowledge and practice are combined, and home improvement professionals are invited from time to time to answer questions. Knock on the blackboard! Focus on the key! Home improvement must learn dry goods all here.

this topic

Home Improvement Blackboard | Cabinets to buy those things!

The choice of cabinets is A lot of doorways, how to choose cabinets, what kind of plates are used for cabinets, the classification of cabinet countertops, how to buy hardware, how to price cabinets, what to pay attention to when buying cabinets, these are best to do homework before you go to the store. To understand the basics and the introduction of the guide and the actual situation in your home can choose the right cabinet, then don’t worry, today’s home improvement blackboard newspaper to help you summarize a series of questions in the cabinet purchase. I believe that it can play a role when you buy cabinets.

focus is coming

Cabinet to buy those things Budget

Singer says:Everything that goes out of the budget to talk about purchases is not reliable. For the choice of cabinets, in the case of the same price range, we are more than accessories, quality, environmental protection, and the appearance of the pleasing to the eye and then choose the most suitable for yourself.

Cabinet budget How to do it?

Cabinet budget generally consists of three parts , wall cabinets, cabinets, countertops. In the real calculation, these three parts will be combined together, collectively referred to as “Yanmi.” Now the merchants are quoted according to Yanmi, such as how much a meter is extended.

1Measure the basic size of your kitchen</span

thisIt is best to measure it yourself, including length, width, and height. And estimate the general area of ​​the cabinet, one is conducive to the cabinet budget, the second is to prevent the late cabinet designer from reporting the size.

2Get a Merchant Quote

Go to different grades of building materials shopping malls (such as large chain home stores, Medium comprehensive building materials market, small and medium-sized building materials market near your home, etc.), to understand the general price of various cabinets. Now the merchant quotes will not report the overall price, but report the price of the rice, such as how much a meter is extended. (A length of rice is equivalent to one meter in length) Of course you can ask the merchant to give you an estimated price based on the size you provide. (This price tends to be different from the actual price, so it is for reference only)

Shopping options for those things to buy in the cabinet

One: Table Top Material Selection

台面Material quality, processing accuracy, strength, hardness, non-toxicity, and non-radioactivity are all key indicators for measuring the quality of countertops. When purchasing, the main considerations are whether it is scratch-resistant, temperature-resistant, environmentally friendly, and easy to clean.

two: door panel material selection

The kitchen cabinet door material can be divided into double finishes, baking varnishes, fireproof panels, plastic blister, molded door panels, solid wood and so on. The kitchen decoration style should be decided according to your home decoration, and then the kitchen cabinet door panel should be selected according to the style and price budget.

three: cabinet substrate selection

A cabinet we can see 80% of the part by the cabinet Composition, not only that, hardware, door panels are directly connected to the cabinet.

The vast majority of cabinets use particleboard and a small number of medium density boards. Particleboard is the main material of the current cabinet cabinet because its waterproof function is better than medium density board. In addition to paying attention to its waterproof and moisture-proof performance, the cabinet should pay special attention to the formaldehyde problem.

four: hardware accessories

If you compare the cabinet to a person, the hardware is the bone, which is directly related to the cabinet. Convenience, why many customers complain that the door panel is loose, tilted, and the sound of screaming is that the hardware selection is not concerned.

The function of the kitchen cabinet needs hardware support. The hardware accessories are usually hinges, slide rails, damping, gas bracing, lifting code, adjusting feet, skirting boards, etc. The quality of hardware often determines For the service life of kitchen cabinets, it is best to choose the hardware products of big brands.

Hardware purchase tips

1 slide rails, door handles are hardware that often rubs

The hinges, slides, and locks with good sealing performance should be selected. It is flexible and convenient to open and close and pull several times during purchase.

2 should choose a lock with good performance

When you purchase, you can plug the key a few times to see if it is smooth or not.

Select all kinds of hardware with good appearance When purchasing, it is mainly to see if the appearance is defective, how to polish the gloss, whether the hand feels smooth, etc.

In addition, the biggest problem with hardware is the installation, the door is out of order, mostly because the installation is not in place or the operation is not possible, not the quality of the hardware is not good. Therefore, choosing a general brand of hardware, strict installation is also an effective method.

five: size height

the height of the table is 80-85 cm;

The distance between the work surface and the bottom of the cabinet is about 50~60 cm;

stove top height is preferably no more than 60 cm;

The depth of the cabinet is 30-40 cm, the height is 50-60 cm, and the length is 120-390 cm;

The distance from the edge of the cabinet to the wall is 76-91 cm;

The distance between the sink and the stove is 8-10 cm.

dry goods summary

problem to be aware

1 look at the edge of the board

The edge of the high-quality cabinet is fine, smooth and feels good. The sealing line is straight and smooth, and the joint is fine. The professional manufacturer uses the straight edge banding machine to finish the edge sealing, broken head, trimming, chamfering and polishing. To ensure the most accurate size, the workshop-style small factory is glued with a brush, manually pressed and sealed, and trimmed with a wallpaper knife. It is polished with a manual polishing machine. Due to uneven pressure, many places are not strong and will cause Hazardous substances such as formaldehyde evaporate into the air.

2 See punching

The current panel furniture is based on The assembly of the three-in-one connector, the fit and precision of the hole position will affect the structural robustness of the cabinet.

3 Look at the board

Cutting board is the first process of cabinet production. Large-scale specialized enterprises use electronic cutting saws to input the processing size through the computer, and the computer controls the material size accuracy, and can be used once. Processing a number of plates, the performance of the equipment is stable, the size of the plate is very high, and the tolerance is in micrometers.


The door panel is the face of the cabinet, just as important as the human face. The door panel produced by the small factory is susceptible to moisture deformation due to improper handling of the substrate and surface.

5See the assembly effect of the entire cabinet

any dimensional error in the production process will be displayed on the door panel, the small factory will produce the combination cabinet, the door panel will have the door seam It is not straight, the gap is uneven, and there are big and small.

6See the slides of the drawer

Although it is a small detail, it is important to affect the quality of the cabinet section. Due to the hole position and size error, the sliding rail installation size is inaccurate, causing the drawer to pull unsmoothly or loosely left and right, and also pay attention to whether the drawer gap is uniform.


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What is the quality of the Four Seasons Mu Song Yuba? Good Yuba makes you no longer cold in winter

Yuba solved the cold of family showers in autumn and winter and winter and spring: Chuchu Yuba skillfully introduced the concept of warmth and warmth into the field of heating, so that people have been unresolved for three years in the family season. The cold problem is over.

Now almost every household has a bathroom to take a shower, which saves money and money for going outside to take a shower, saving time Saved money. But in the cold winter, the family can’t take a shower, but with Yuba I am not afraid of the cold winter. Let’s take a look at the Four Seasons MugeYubaQuality.

How the quality of the Four Seasons Muba Yuba

I feel the seasons Yuba is quite good, I feel that the cost is relatively high, the workmanship is relatively fine, the details are better, and the materials look very good, giving people a good feeling~ and the attitude of after-sales service is good, just because of a little problem when I bought it. After calling for a sale, the after-sales attitude was very good, and I quickly dealt with the problem, and I was very satisfied.

The Benefits of Four Seasons Muko Yuba

1. Solved the fall and winter And the cold of the family shower in winter and spring: Chuchu Yuba skillfully introduced the concept of light warming into the field of heating, which has caused people to end the problem of cold family showers in the three seasons that have been unresolved for many years. Take a shower in the bathroom with Yuba, and press the button with a warm glow. The bathroom is a greenhouse, letting you feel the warmth from head to toe. It seems that the winter has slipped away and the spring is coming.

2. Instant heating, adjustable heat, Concentration of heat: If the bathroom is installed in the bathroom, the temperature in the bath can reach 25°C or more at the moment of turning on the heating light switch. It does not need preheating, and it has immediate effect and excellent thermal efficiency. Some Yuba also have a waterproof splash remote control, which is free to adjust the temperature according to the needs.

How to choose the right Yuba :

Choose safe and high quality Yuba for heating lights. The heating bulb is an infrared quartz radiation lamp, which adopts the warming radiation to warm the heating range, the temperature rises rapidly, the effect is good, no need to preheat, the temperature can be raised to 23-25 ​​degrees Celsius, the Yuba has 2 lights and 4 lights, each of the heating bulbs The power is about 275W, and the power can be controlled separately. There are 500 and 1100W upper and lower gears. When purchasing, be sure to pay attention to whether the heating lamp can have sufficient safety, and it should be strictly waterproof and explosion-proof; the lamp cap should be double-threaded to eliminate the zero-fall phenomenon.

In addition, you should choose to protect yourself from warm bubbles Net products. The infrared heating bulb uses a hard explosion-proof glass, and its high-strength connection also avoids the risk of the lamp cap and the glass shell falling. Ordinary manufacturers should stop the rigorous testing of the heating foam, that is, imitate the daily bathing, and ensure that 100% of the experiment is carried out by cold and heat alternating experiments. After 15 minutes of energization, use 4 degrees Celsius of cold water to wash the warming bubbles to ensure each heating bubble. The average life span is over 5,000 hours.

The quality of the four seasons Muba Yuba is very high, the workmanship is also very fine, the materials are also very high-end, the most important thing is that the after-sales service is very good. Therefore, it is very popular with everyone. The first advantage of the Four Seasons Mu Song Yuba is to solve the cold family bath in winter; and it can instantly heat up, which saves time. But when choosing, you should also choose the bath that suits you, choose some The safety quality is high, the heating speed is fast, the service life is long, and the explosion-proof device is good for the purchase.

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