The call of the consumer, this is the product we want

The formation of the market depends on the relationship between the buyer and the seller. The exchange of goods of equal value and use value, the seller gets value, that is, money. The seller gets the value of use, which is the product. In this mutually beneficial and win-win exchange activity, a market has been formed. The same is true for the sanitary ware market. Dealers want to get better profits, they must fully grasp what kind of products buyers need, and the buyer is also trying to express their own needs and use the limited money to get more benefits. So next, let’s take a look at what both parties care about. The buyer, that is, what the consumer needs, is what kind of product.

Distributors may sometimes be confused as to why I think my product is unique among similar products. However, sales still have not been able to go up. In the end, what went wrong? Consumers sometimes enter the store to go back and forth and repeatedly think about it. They can only return without success. They must also underestimate why they are so many products. There is always no one I want. In the end, what kind of products can hit the pain points of consumers? What are the words behind those who say nothing but say it?

1. Look good

The previous home products are almost purely practical. It is good to use things, that is good products. Now with the improvement of living standards and the improvement of people’s quality of life requirements, just the use of things has not been so easy to capture the hearts of consumers, does not mean that this consumer has become a blind “appearance association”, but a good-looking The appearance of the decision really determines the first impression of the consumer on the product. With a good impression, there will be motivation and motivation to continue to understand. Therefore, when designing a product, how the sense of body feeling should be a point that the dealer is absolutely worth noting.


All kinds of products are flooding the market. The material market has already reached a level of saturation. In order to obtain more benefits, many unscrupulous businesses will not hesitate to reduce costs to obtain greater black income. Last year, because of the safety accidents caused by the quality of sanitary products, one by one, it also sounded the alarm for many dealers. Although the essential purpose of doing business is indeed to make money, but the conscience of people can not be lost at any time. To pursue your own profits under the premise of ensuring product quality, to be a qualified businessman is the right business.

3. Cost-effective

The number and type of products seem to have increased, but there are few products that can balance quality and price. The consumption of young people seems to be more casual and even impulsive than those of the older generation, but all consumption is not all about irrationality, but it will still be well thought out. After all, no matterAfter several years of rotation, the money is not falling from the sky, and the price and quality are more likely to stand out in more products. In fact, the consumption of modern society only seems to be casual, but in fact there are more necessary thinking. Impulse consumption is only a minority, quality and quantity are the key to determining sales and winning consumers.


The fast-paced life brings a high quality of life, but it also accelerates the deterioration of the living environment. In recent years, the problem of environmental pollution has always been put on the top of the agenda, but it is too complicated to solve. It is not a temporary smashing of the roots. It is really a hard battle. Various companies in various industries have joined the big queue of environmental protection, in order to optimize the environment as quickly as possible. Especially now, environmental protection has long been a social topic. Whether men, women and children are more and more concerned about their behavior or whether they will cause environmental burden, green sanitary products have gradually become the pets of the product market. Although I don’t know how much improvement I can make for the optimization of the environment, I always try my best to get a little bit of strength, and I can be satisfied both physically and objectively.

5. Personalization

The rise of the younger generation of consumer groups has brought about the unique but necessary needs of personalization. Material filling and even flooding, every time you go to the home store, there are many kinds of products, enough to see the dazzling and unpredictable, but the more you look at it, the more you feel the same, there is no special feature. The bathroom is an indispensable room in the home, and the decoration and layout are naturally not vague. From the ordinary overall style to the details of the bathroom hardware decoration style, has become the focus of consumers. How to highlight your personality, this is a demand that consumers are destined to consider when purchasing products.

Customized home gradually becomes Mainstream, the sanitary market is naturally standing on the cusp of such a cusp. Only a rapid transformation, as far as possible to achieve personalized custom bathroom, in order to keep up with the trend of the times and meet consumers.

In the final analysis, no matter what evolution and transformation, it is still for the satisfaction of consumers. Therefore, to listen to the voices of consumers, we can make the most suitable bathroom products.

Recently, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine announced the “2018 Quality Inspection Li Jian Action Work Plan” notice, requiring local quality inspection The department focused on smart toilet seats, hot water faucets, smart homes, furniture and home improvement products, and carried out anti-counterfeiting activities.

AQSIQ requires local quality inspection departments to use smart toilet lids, hot water taps, smart homes, furniture and home improvement products. Focus on products, and cooperate with consumer product safety standards to build a fenceSpecial action, strictly check the production of products that do not meet the national compulsory standards or explicit standards, shoddy It is illegal to pretend to be a qualified product, to falsify or fraudulently use the name of another person’s factory.

There has been a phenomenon in the bathroom industry that fraud, forgery, counterfeiting, and infringement of patents of others, and the use of legal weapons to protect rights Difficulties. In November 2016, a business consulting company hired by Jiumu Kitchen and Wash found that four sanitary ware dealers in Liuzhou produced and sold the patented faucet products of Jiumu Kitchen and Bath without permission. After Jiumu obtained the certificate, four sanitary ware dealers were brought to court. On March 19, the Liuzhou Intermediate People’s Court held a trial and ordered the four sanitary ware dealers involved in the case to stop the infringement and compensated Jiu Mu.The economic loss was 94,000 yuan.

Nine animal husbandry and kitchen anti-counterfeiting rights The operation was fairly smooth, and there were not too many obstacles from discovery to evidence collection, litigation, and claims. Now, some illegal elements have modified other people’s patent products, exploited legal loopholes, illegally infringed by lawful means, and made the law more insidious, which brought considerable difficulties to the company’s rights protection. Compared with Jiu Mu kitchen and toilet, the Whale Sanitary Ware is not so lucky.

On March 22, according to the Nanfang Daily, from June 2015, the Whales and Baths have received Nearly 30 dealers across the country complained that a company’s the same product offer was nearly one-third lower than the wave whale sanitary ware series. About 30 employees of Whale Whales were defending their rights. From the failure of many negotiations to the final settlement outside the court, the rights protection was finally resolved in two years. Foshan Chancheng District Economic and Technological Promotion Bureau and the relevant person in charge of China People’s Insurance P&C Foshan Chancheng Branch recently delivered more than 70,000 yuan of patent claims insurance compensation to Lang Whale Sanitary Ware.

This whale whale sanitary rights case is regarded as a typical case of providing patent protection for enterprises in Foshan Chancheng District. Its typical is that Whale Sanitary Ware compares the infringing products with the products of Whale Sanitary Ware. The similarity is extremely high. There are 2 series of products, 7 appearance patents are suspected of infringement, and without exception, they have applied for appearance patents. . In order to win the lawsuit, the Whale Sanitary Ware has invested about 30 people from the evidence collection, litigation and reconciliation. It cost about 150,000 yuan.

This whale whale sanitation case is only a microcosm of the bathroom industry. This case reflects a real problem, why is the cost of infringement so small? Why is the cost of corporate rights protection so high? Why is the company as a defender in a weak position? In reality, the anti-counterfeiting balance is inclined to infringement rather than to rights protection?

At this year’s two sessions, Baidu Chairman Li Yanhong and Guizhou Maotai Chairman Zhang Deqin also called for the protection of intellectual property rights. Even CPPCC members have proposed to severely punish fraud, and proposed a falsification, a proposal for life-long liabilities. Recently, the topic of Sino-US trade war has attracted people’s attention. Some experts believe that the trade deficit between China and the United States is not large. The biggest problem between the two countries is the dispute over intellectual property protection. In terms of intellectual property protection, the state has made great efforts and made significant progress, but there is still a long way to go. For the sanitary ware enterprises, the road to learning is farther away.

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What brand of bathroom Yuba is good?

In the cold winter, bathing is a very headache, so many people want to make bathing More comfortable, it will generally be installed in the bathroom, it can quickly heat up, the heating range is also relatively wide, and in order to meet the needs of consumers, the business is also increasingly diversified in the production of products, resulting in some users in When you choose, you are even more confused. What brand of bathroom Yuba is good? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.

Winter in the cold wind Bathing is a very troublesome thing, so many people want to make bathing more comfortable. They usually put Yuba in the bathroom. It can quickly heat up, and the heating range is wide, and at the same time, in order to satisfy consumers. Demand, merchants are also increasingly diversified in the production of products, causing some users to be more confused when they choose, then What brand of bathroom Yuba is good? What? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.

What brand of bathroom Yuba is good-Opp

It is the first in China to collect heating, lighting, and ventilation. In one product, we have always been determined to build the world’s best sanitary products. At the same time, after years of hard work and development, we have obtained more than 150 national patents and passed many international safety certifications. Small Appliances Original Award, “China Appliance Technology Innovation Award”, “China Green Star” and many other honors.

What brand of bathroom Yuba is good-beautiful

This is a large-scale integrated enterprise that mainly produces home appliances. It also offers a wide range of product categories, including air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances, and small businesses. Home appliances, and the United States adhere to the principle of “creating value for customers” and strive to create a better life. It is a very trustworthy brand.

What brand of bathroom Yuba is good – Panasonic

As one of the largest electronics manufacturers, its product quality and After-sales service is very in place, and has been favored by the public. At the same time, after several generations of efforts, it has become a world-famous international comprehensive electronic technology enterprise group. Panasonic products involve home appliances, digital audio-visual electronics, office products, aviation, etc. The field is known worldwide.

What are the types of bathroom Yuba–Wind heaters

This product is mainly used to determine the hot and cold wind according to the season and individual needs. The effect is very good, but because of the slow heating, the power is used, which requires more cost. The power, in addition, it can not be installed in the center of the shower area, the frequency of replacement will be faster than other Yuba products.

What are the types of bathroom baths? Carbon fiber bath

The products are warmed up very quickly, and they also have certain health functions, so they are popular among the public. The favor, but because the development time is relatively short, so the technical aspects have not reached the mature stage, so it is recommended that consumers buy according to demand.

What are the types of bathroom Yuba–Warm heaters

This is a widely used Yuba product. It has many advantages, such as instant heat, high safety, low power, energy saving and environmental protection, but the use range is relatively small. It is warm under the warmth of the lamp, high brightness, and light stimulation, which will affect the user’s eyes.

Summary: Ok, the above is aboutWhat brand of bathroom Yuba is goodThe content is introduced, I hope to provide some help to you, I believe that in the future bathroom Yuba brand purchase, Friends will be more comfortable and buy satisfactory products.


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What are the appliances of the kitchen? Which brand of kitchen appliances is good?

Electrical appliances have become an indispensable part of our lives. With the constant innovation of the economy and various technologies, various electrical appliances are emerging. It brings a lot of convenience to people’s life and work, then What are the life appliancesWhat? Which brand of kitchen appliances is good? I believe many of my friends will not be able to answer them for a while. Let’s take a look at Xiaobian together!

1,What are the appliances of life-home appliances

Everyone’s electricity refers to the high-power output electrical appliances, which generally occupy a relatively large power resource or a relatively large body is called collective electricity. In addition, the price can also be distinguished, generally higher than 1000 yuan of high-power appliances, such as color TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, home theater and so on.

2,What are the life appliances-living appliances

Life appliances generally refer to household appliances that can improve the quality of life, such as electric kettles, vacuum cleaners, electric fans, air purifiers, etc., which are closely related to daily life.

3,What are the appliances for life-kitchen appliances

kitchen appliances are household appliances for kitchen cooking, such as microwave ovens, ovens, rice cookers, electric water heaters, electric woks, bread makers , disinfection cupboards, multi-function food processing machines, etc.

4,What are the appliances of life-small appliances

Household appliances other than high-power are called small household appliances. These small household appliances have small size and small power resources, but they can improve people’s quality of life. Such as: humidifiers, air fresheners, razors, hair dryers, juicers, electronic beauty equipment, electronic massagers and other small appliances that improve the quality of life.

5,What are the life appliances – smart appliances

Intelligent electrical appliances refers to the intelligent functions of electrical equipment itself, and the second is the use of switching electrical appliances, such as intelligent circuit breakers and intelligent motor controllers, such as Bluetooth speakers, monitoring equipment, smart watches, etc. that we usually use.

Which brand of kitchen appliances is good:

1, combo

Cambo is the top ten brands of Chinese kitchen appliances It specializes in the research, development, production and sales of kitchen appliances. With advanced production technology and innovative design, its electrical products are highly recognized by consumers.

2, Siemens

When it comes to Siemens, I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar. Siemens has a good reputation and brand quality in the industry. At present, the company has stores all over the country, and its products are sold to many countries and regions around the world.


The beauty was established in 1968 and has a long history in the industry. Mainly based on household appliances, currently the United States owns three listed companies, four major industrial groups, is China’s kitchen appliances The most prolific manufacturer.

4, boss

The boss also has a long history in the industry, with a professional design team, through continuous development and innovation, Boss kitchen appliances have become the top ten brands. We are striving to provide consumers with a higher quality of life.


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About the floor What do you think is the right knowledge of the floor?

Now I don’t know why, many people like to buy imported building materials. It is also often said that “imported is better than domestic ones.” Is this the case? No, it’s just that ‘three people are becoming tigers’, and people are more convinced when they say more. Whether the wood is imported or domestically produced, the natural attributes of the wood itself will not change, so it is unbelievable to say that the domestic production is not good.

In the decoration, everyone will encounter the same problem, that is, why do I think that sometimes I think that is not the right thing when you If you think that the right answer meets the correct answer, you know how wrong it is. So what are the mistakes that I think about everything I think? The following small series is on the topic of the floor, let everyone know what you think is wrong. Where.

You think: imported flooring is more than domestic Good

Now I don’t know why, many people like to buy imported building materials, and often say “imported, better than domestic.” Is this not? It’s just that ‘three people are like tigers’, and people say that they are trustworthy. Whether the wood is imported or domestically produced, the natural attributes of the wood itself will not change, so it is not good to make the domestic Unbelievable. Many domestic floorings are very important for product quality and reputation. They are generally sold in regular stores. Also, you can check the product test report and certificate when you purchase. More assured.

You thought: Reinforced laminate flooring harder and more durable

In the exhibition hall, you will often see which two different woods are used by the floor merchants. The floor is tapped to compare the hardness to prove that the brand’s floor is good, and the consumer is much more entrenched because of the much seen, so the harder the quality of the laminate flooring, the better the durability. The durability of the floor is affected by a variety of reasons, not only hard. The durability of the floor is judged according to a number of comprehensive indicators, such as the density (hardness) of the floor, related to the pressure resistance of the floor; , related to the water resistance of the floor; the internal bonding strength is to see if the floor has delamination The strength of the layered floor will be reduced. The above factors will affect the durability of the floor. If the other indicators are the same, it will be harder and harder. But if it is free, the floor will be because of the floor. It lacks elasticity and becomes brittle, and in this case it is easy to break.

You think: the thicker the floor, the more Wear-resistant

Many consumers will unconsciously choose a floor with a thick skin when purchasing the floor, which will make it more wear-resistant. This cognition is incorrect. The wear resistance of the floor has a great relationship with the wood type and the paint surface, and the relationship with the thickness is not so important; the surface process is more related to the thickness. The harder and harder the wood species, the more flexible and wear-resistant the paint surface. The flexibility of the lacquer surface is not only the hardness, but also the lacquer surface is not too hard, otherwise it is brittle and easy to break.

You think: solid wood flooring is the best

Wood floors are generally divided into solid wood flooring, wood laminate flooring and laminate flooring. Many consumers will think that solid wood flooring must be the best, but its price is daunting. In fact, anything has advantages and disadvantages, the same as solid wood flooring. Solid wood flooring has a good foot feel and high environmental protection. The disadvantage is that it is easily affected by the environment and causes problems such as arching, warping and deformation. Maintenance is also difficult. The solid wood composite floor has the comfortable foot feeling of the solid wood floor, and overcomes the shortcomings of the deformation of the solid wood floor. The maintenance and care are more simple, but the environmental protection of the solid wood floor is not as good as the solid wood floor. The laminate flooring is more wear-resistant, uniform in color and good in visual effect. The disadvantages are poor environmental protection, poor foot feeling and poor repairability. So in summary, the choice of the floor is still based on a comprehensive situation.


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Under the trend of full decoration Where is the way out for the bathroom industry?

With the advancement of society and the improvement of consumption levels, the fully renovated houses have gradually become the development of the residential industry. Trend. Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other places have issued relevant regulations on the full renovation of the property market. In fact, the full renovation of commercial housing is basically an international practice, and it is strongly promoted to fully renovate the house, not only for the purpose of connecting with the international, but also for sustainable development, energy conservation and environmental protection.

China will gradually cancel the rough house in the future. Shanghai is expected to be around 2 to 3 years. What are the impacts on Shanghai interior decoration design, Shanghai building materials and Shanghai interior decoration materials including sanitary ware? Where is the way out?

Direct purchase object changes

Improve the entry barrier for your business

Sanitary ware has become an important aspect of decoration, consumers are willing to invest a lot of energy, time and money, Seek the most satisfactory sanitary ware for your own home. With the advent of the era of full renovation of the property market, consumers will gradually change the way they choose sanitary ware. From the original independent choice, supervision and installation, and self-solving after-sales problems, to the developer responsible for all procedures, consumers can save A lot of heart. Therefore, the purchaser of sanitary ware will be transformed from a single consumer to a real estate developer or a decoration company, which also raises the barrier to entry for sanitary ware manufacturers.

Consider enterprise capacity, management and logistics packages

Strongly weak will be eliminated

Order sales, mass production, unified installation, and after-sales service are no longer individuals, but companies. This is bound to have a certain impact on sanitary ware manufacturers. That is to say, the main body of both buyers and sellers is the enterprise, and the disparity in power is not so great. Developers and decoration companies will have more say in the installation and service of sanitary ware to protect the interests of buyers. Therefore, this is a big test for the sanitary ware manufacturing enterprises. The customer’s upgrade has higher requirements for the enterprise, which invisibly raises the threshold. Enterprises with weak strength or bad reputation will be eliminated in this situation. Accelerate the industry “shuffle”.

Marketing ideas need to be adjusted appropriately

In the market environment dominated by individual consumers, the marketing idea is mainly to impress consumption The group itself is the mainstay, but in the era of full decoration, it is also necessary to consider the direct purchasers (that is, developers and decoration companies), how to make them satisfied and worry-free in the whole process, in order to maintain the interests of such large customers. Once a good reputation is established, the cooperation between the two parties will continue for a long time.

Sanitary ware manufacturing companies are relatively peace of mind

Save management costs

The whole renovation project has high requirements due to the large amount of engineering. Therefore, the company’s large-scale “order production” needs to get rid of The production and sales decoration mode of “home improvement” loose orders, from the aspects of design, production, delivery and installation, after-sales service, etc., scale saving management costs.

Industry regulation needs to be strengthened

Currently, due to sanitary ware The industry is in the development stage, and the effective implementation of norms and standards also has room for strengthening, which leads to problems in some cases, so there are often problems that are difficult to solve. Due to the concentration of engineering, technical requirements and management requirements, and the wide coverage involved, the full renovation requires stronger supervision.

In short, full renovation is an inevitable trend in the further development of the residential industry, on domestic sanitary ware The impact of the sanitary ware market will be far-reaching and lasting, and the way out for the sanitary ware industry lies in understanding the impact of policies on the market, responding in a timely manner, adjusting its own business and development strategies, using changes, turning impacts into opportunities, and embarking on a market-adapted market. Road to Success.


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How to clear the toilet? How to confirm the cause of the toilet blockage

The toilet can be said to be every family It is an indispensable sanitary product. It must be known that it plays an important role in the bathroom. If there is a blockage in the use process, it will cause great trouble to people. The following small series will give you a little bit of how to clear the toilet and how to confirm the cause of the toilet blockage.

How much is the toilet?

1, first before processing Be sure to find out what causes the toilet to clog, for example, when something falls into the room. Then, just look for the toilet to clear the person to do it. They only need to use tools to wash the plugging inside. Said that this repair is relatively simple, the cost is relatively low, about 20 yuan or so.

2, if you find a toilet at home Because the float ball and the side wall of the water tank are generated, then the maintenance personnel only need to lift the floating arm gently. This operation is relatively simple. Relatively speaking, the charge is relatively low. How much is the toilet? The charge is only about 20 yuan.

3, if you find a toilet at home Because the damage of the float ball causes the toilet to clog, then the float ball should be removed first, and a new one should be replaced. The cost of such repair will be higher, and the purchase will be increased. The money for the float is about 50 yuan.

4, if the toilet at home Because the tank of the water tank has a problem, the maintenance cost is relatively high. First, it is necessary to replace it with a new water tank ball plug. The price is about 80 yuan. If you think the cost is high, then you can follow It is ok for the repairman to talk about the price or choose to buy it.

5, the most trouble is that there is a problem with this lifting water tank, then this maintenance will be more troublesome. If it is only because the guiding device of the water tank ball plug and the lifting steel rope are not aligned, then the operation is much simpler. If you want to replace it with a raised steel rope, then its cost is about 120 yuan.

How to confirm the cause of the toilet blockage

The first thing to do It is to confirm the cause of the blockage of the toilet. For example, it is an object that is difficult to dissolve in water. At this time, it is clear whether it is a soft body or a hard object. Soft objects generally include sanitary napkins, towels, etc., and it is relatively easy to handle the resulting blockage. There are special toilet tools on the market, which is relatively simple to handle. It is also very easy to handle the blocking of such soft objects. For example, hard objects belong to those small bottles and cans. If there is no accident, it is best to find a professional to repair them. They will use special machines to help.

Summary: About the amount of money to clear the toilet and how to confirm the cause of the blockage of the toilet, the relevant content is introduced here, the price of the toilet is still based on serious If the degree is fixed, if it is not difficult to handle, then the cost of the collection will be lower. I hope the above introduction will help everyone.

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In 2017, the price increase has shrunk into the main theme of the Chinese rosewood market.

The 2017 issue of legality of mahogany is placed at an important position, with the impact of the cites convention on the redwood trade. Most obvious. Since January 2, 2017, the State Administration of Taxation has strictly implemented the resolutions of the 17th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora on the revision of the appendix. Nearly 20 redwood species in the national standard of “Redwood” are strictly controlled by the cites convention. . Industry sources said that the cites convention regulation is hailed as the “last straw” for the protection of redwood species, and there is no way. Under the influence of such an implementation mentality, both the country of production and China are more strict and cautious about the legality of the trade in redwood. “In March 2017, Tamil Nadu, India seized a large amount of smuggled rosewood logs” “March 27, 2017 Kunming, Mengla Customs seized smuggled Sian rosewood logs, customs seized a smuggled Sian rosewood logs 3.54 tons” “June 9, 2017 The Burmese army seized 138 tons of smuggled timber and captured 13 Chinese citizens. “The port of Dilava, Yangon, Myanmar, seized 230 tons of smuggled timber on September 22.” On September 7, 2017, Vietnam’s Haiphong seized smuggled western African hedgehog rosewood. On November 27, 2017, Xishuangbanna seized 25 tons of Laos smuggling mahogany. The news about the seizure of redwood smuggling and so on, also shows the government’s determination and intensity to crack down on illegal logging and smuggling.

It is in the context of such an internal and external tightening of resources, the Chinese rosewood market has begun to show a significant upward trend, especially In terms of price, according to the monitoring data of China Timber Price Index, the main material of the mahogany market in 2017, except for Belize Dalbergia, the price increase of more than 10% of other species, Sian rosewood, Bali Dalbergia, A. sinensis , Dwarf Dalbergia, Hedgehog rosewood are in the forefront of price increases!

According to statistics, in 2017, China imported 1.129 million cubic meters of mahogany, an increase of 24.1% year-on-year, and the import value was 1.06 billion US dollars. Increase by 12.9%. Among them, the imported logs are 981,100 cubic meters, the import value is about 910 million US dollars; the imported sawn timber is 148,200 cubic meters, and the import value is about 150 million US dollars.

(1) The high-end wood of rosewood has no price, and the sandalwood rosewood is oscillating

With the gradual reduction of wood resources, high-end materials such as sandalwood rosewood, scented rosewood, and Vietnamese fragrant wood have also become A “collector” that only a few people can afford. In 2017, due to the limited supply of materials, the market fluctuations of Dalbergia sinensis and Vietnamese fragrant wood were not obvious, and the volume and price were in a stable state. The “Jian” scale became the normal trade of the industry. In December 2017, Hainan huanghuali root carving material Fujian Jianyou reported 2,600,000 yuan / ton; wild forest material, caliber 15cm, length 1 meter reported 1.1-1.5 million yuan / jin, caliber 20cm or so, length 1-1.8 Rice reported 1.3-1.8 million yuan / jin, diameter 25cm, length 2 meters or more reported 1.8-2.3 million yuan / jin. In December 2017, Fujian Xianyou Vietnam Huanghuali root carving material reported 84-273 million yuan / ton, furniture materials reported 270-600 million yuan / ton, stable throughout the year.

And sandalwood rosewood (commonly known as lobular rosewood). According to the investigation of the Timber Kingdom, under the control of the Indian government, the stock market of sandalwood rosewood in China has been reduced in 2017, especially after August. The Chinese market rarely sees dozens of tons of lobular logs. Operating a big store. In terms of price, although the sandalwood rosewood has an ups and downs in 2017, the overall trend is relatively stable. In December, Fujian Xianyou lobular rosewood furniture material length 1.5-1.8m, big head 13-17cm, small head 7-10cm uniform price reported 510,000 / ton, furniture material length 1.5-1.7m, big head 15-19cm, small head 7- 11cm unified goods price reported 670,000 / ton, fine furniture short material length 50-120cm, big head 18-24cm, small head 13-20cm unified goods reported 750,000 / ton. The length of the furniture is 1.6-2.0m, the big head is 16-21cm, and the small head 8-13cm is 820,000 yuan/ton.

(2) Red rosewood wood is glued up and down, The price increase has shrunk into the main theme of the market

In 2017, Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia continued to use raw materials for mahogany The import and export trade is subject to strict control policies. The increasingly stringent export control policy has greatly reduced the amount of mahogany raw materials entering the market. Among them, the main raw materials of redwood in Southeast Asia such as Dalbergia, Bali Dalbergia, and A. sinensis are even more affected. According to the timber kingdom survey, the Dalbergia Dalbergia legally entering the Chinese market in 2017 is almost zero. Even the abnormal channels have made many timber merchants unwilling to take risks because of the high cost. Therefore, the operator of the Chinese Sian rosewood in 2017The main focus is on clear inventory, and few new products are added. This also provides a lot of room for the price increase of Sian rosewood. According to the monitoring data of China Timber Price Index, the price of S. chinensis in 2017 is steadily rising, and the price increase is most obvious in October. As of December 31, Shenzhen Guanlan Sian Dalbergia larch-1-1.5m, diameter 15-20cm Laos, the origin of Laos, reported 9-13 million yuan / ton, origin of Cambodia, Thailand reported 8-13 million yuan / ton; length 1.8-2.2m, diameter 15-25cm origin Laos, Cambodia, Thailand reported 13-20 million / ton Length 1.8-2.2m, diameter 25-40cm, origin Laos, Cambodia, Thailand reported 25-400,000 yuan / ton.

In the face of the situation of low prices, in 2017, there was no blowout in the total demand for Dalbergia, and vice versa. run. According to the monitoring data of the China Timber Price Index Network, in 2017, the annual sales volume of S. chinensis in the Guangdong Yuzhu market fell by 14.37% year-on-year. The annual sales volume of Shanghai Furen Market decreased by 19.74% year-on-year. According to market analysts, although the rising price in 2017 has greatly affected the enthusiasm of downstream manufacturers to obtain goods, the shrinkage of S. chinensis is mainly due to the decrease in the amount of downstream manufacturers. It is understood that there are very few mahogany furniture factories with Sian Dalbergia as the main material for production. The re-production of customers has already been the management strategy of the downstream mahogany furniture factory. Therefore, in the absence of recovery, the price of Dalbergia rose in 2017 and Did not allow the holding merchants to bring too much dividends, and vice versa. In 2017, consumers chose Sian rosewood mainly in the series of rooms, such as desks and bookcases. These styles are basically more than ten hundred and twenty thousand, which basically meet the requirements of consumers for materials and prices.

Because of the similar material to the Dalbergia, in 2017, Barry Dalbergia (commonly known as Huazhi) also caused widespread concern in the industry. Many manufacturers began to increase the development of Bali Dalbergia to Guangzhou. For example, Tianpinhong Classical Furniture Co., Ltd., in 2017, the proportion of Bali Dalbergia furniture increased by at least 20%. According to the investigation of the timber kingdom reporter, under the driving of the increase in market demand, the price of Bali Dalbergia also increased in 2017. As of December 15, Shenzhen Guanlan Bari Dalbergia is 15-20cm in diameter and long. 2-2.5m, fine 枋 reported 3.1-3.3 million / ton, diameter 20-30cm, length 2-2.5m reported 3.2-3.8 million yuan / ton. The diameter is 30-40cm, the length is 2-2.5m, and the fine is reported to be 5-55,000 yuan/ton. It rose by 3,000-5,000 yuan/ton from the beginning of the year. Aussie Dalbergia (commonly known as white rosewood) has not been too prominent in 2017, but the market spot price has also seen a significant increase under the stimulus of the source tightening news. By the end of December, Aussie rosewood long 2- 2.5m, diameter 18-20cm reported 22500-25000 yuan / ton; length 2-2.5m, diameter 20-30cm reported 24000-30000 yuan / ton; length 2-2.5m, diameter 30-40cm reported 38000-42000 yuan / ton Long 2-2.5m, diameter above 40 reported 40,000-55000 yuan / ton. It rose by 3,000-5,000 yuan/ton from the beginning of the year.

Dimple Dalbergia (commonly known as South American red rosewood) 2017 performance is not satisfactory. Although the sharp price increase in the first half of the year was exciting, but the market price that came with it made the merchants dare not compliment. According to the monitoring data of the Timber Kingdom, under the influence of the new cites convention, the price of dimpled Dalbergia began to increase from December 2016. As of May 31, 2017, the diameter of Dalbergia in Nicaragua is 30-40cm. The above, fine price has been reported 4.2-43 million yuan / ton, the diameter of 20-30cm reported around 3.7-3.8 million yuan / ton, only one step away from the historical high. This price then continued until the end of the year. According to market analysts, the “high profile” of Dalbergia sinensis has made many merchants think that the market opportunity of Dwarf Dalbergia has come. Investors inside and outside the market have unlimited hope for their potential, and the quality of the material is gradually increasing, which has also promoted The price of dimpled Dalbergia is higher.

It is worth noting that, from the overall market situation, the sales of dimpled Dalbergia are still worrying. Taking the Guangdong fish ball market as an example, the annual sales of dimples in 2017 decreased by 9.04% year-on-year. It can be seen that the dimpled Dalbergia has no price and no market, but it has caused a lot of suffering for the holding merchants.

Belize Dalbergia’s 2017 trend is not so optimistic. Although there were many manufacturers looking for goods in December, but because the market was quiet for a long time, there were very few timber merchants in stock, so the market did not show significant volume.Signs of trading. Industry sources said that the downstream market demand was sluggish, the source cost did not fall, and under the meager profit margin, the enthusiasm of timber merchants was seriously frustrated, and the market was also caught in a vicious search for goods. The Belize Dalbergia market was even more depressed. In 2017, Hebei Dacheng Belize Dalbergia produced Mexico 1.5-1.6 million yuan / ton, the origin of Belize reported 1.6-1.7 million yuan / ton, the origin of Guatemala reported 1.5-1.55 million / ton. The price of Belize Dalbergia in the Guangdong market was reported at 1.3-1.4 million yuan/ton, which was stable throughout the year.

(3) Under the new policy of the cites convention, the hedgehog rosewood rises and falls over the New Year

It is understood that after For many years of development and utilization, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Gambia and Ghana are currently the main suppliers of Hedgehog rosewood. In 2017, the Hedgehog rosewood dominated the Chinese market, especially Nigeria, which accounted for more than 50% of the Chinese market’s Hedgehog rosewood. The force can be seen. According to incomplete statistics, affected by the new cites convention and other restrictions on customs, the Nigerian hedgehog rosewood was entered into the Chinese market in 2017. In 2017, the Gambia and Sierra Leone entered the Chinese market. The total number of hedgehogs and red sandals was no more than 10,000 cabinets.

From the above data, it is not difficult to see that the overall supply of Hedgehog rosewood is decreasing in 2017, but this does not affect the domestic market Hedgehog The need for price volatility. This has to mention the arrival of new goods in Hong Kong. According to the investigation of the timber kingdom reporter, in 2017, the new arrival of Hedgehog rosewood was mainly concentrated in two time periods. One was in March of this year, and the origin of Nigeria and Gambia was concentrated together; the other was in October-November. New shipments from Nigeria and Sierra Leone are concentrated in Hong Kong. Every time the new goods are concentrated in Hong Kong, the price drop is at least 500 yuan / ton, which is a bitter for timber merchants. Market analysts believe that the 2017 new collection of Hedgehog rosewood is too far in Hong Kong. This aspect has something to do with the pre-judgment error of the timber merchant market, but more is caused by the uncontrollable factor of “endangered certificate”. “There are too many uncontrollable factors, especially in Nigeria. The government’s non-standard management has made the timber merchants suffer from the application for endangered certificates.” Some merchants reported that they missed the opportunity in 2017 because new goods arrived in Hong Kong. A lot of people are there. According to the monitoring data of the China Timber Price Index Network, as of the end of December 2017, the Guangdong market Hedgehog rosewood producing Nigeria 120 / cabinet reported 5800-6000 yuan / ton, 140 / cabinet reported 5500 yuan / ton, 100-120 / cabinet Reported at 6500-6800 yuan / ton; the origin of Sierra Leone 190-200 / cabinet reported 4300-4500 yuan / ton, 160-190 / cabinet reported 4600-4800 yuan / ton, 140-160 / cabinet reported 5800-6200 yuan / Ton. This price fell by 800-1000 yuan / ton compared with January price. Among them, 5, 6, 10, and November are the time when the hedgehog rosewood concentrates on the goods.

In the face of ups and downs in market price fluctuations, Hedgehog rosewood downstream manufacturers have another feeling. It is reported that although the price of Hedgehog rosewood has declined from the beginning of 2017, compared with 2016, the domestic sales price of Hedgehog rosewood is still 500 yuan / ton, which greatly inhibited The enthusiasm of manufacturers to receive goods. Guangdong Jiangmen Xinhui is an important distribution center for the sales and production of raw materials of Hedgehog rosewood. More than 50% of the domestic hedgehog rosewood flows to Jiangmen Xinhui. Affected by the high price of Hedgehog rosewood, in the first half of 2017, many furniture factories in Xinhui added materials such as Shen Guibao (scientific name to Gu Yi Su Mu) and minibus flower (scientific name sheath seed Gu Yi Su Mu). The amount of use, although after a comprehensive comparison, the manufacturers of the last new meeting still feel that the cost-effective advantage of Hedgehog rosewood is more prominent. After October, the purchase of Hedgehog rosewood has been increased, but for the Xinhui area, the Hedgehog rosewood throughout the year. In terms of sales volume, its overall sales volume has shown a certain decline.

In addition, the cost increase is another thing that the Hedgehog rosewood has to mention in 2017. It is reported that since the hedgehog rosewood was included in the endangered appendix II control, the foreign procurement cost has also increased linearly with the market supply reduction signal becoming stronger. As of November 20, the foreign purchase cost of Hedgehog rosewood is basically 11-15. 10,000 / cabinet (depending on the origin), coupled with transportation, customs clearance and other costs, the cost price of Hedgehog rosewood is basically the same as the domestic sales price, timber merchants profit, how easy? “If it is a good commodity market, it can be sold at home, and it will go fast. But some goods with poor quality are terrible, and it is not bad to lose money!” Some merchants said. At the end of December 2017, due to the slowdown in downstream market demand, the “burst” situation of the hedgehog in the domestic market has occurred. Some merchants even ridiculed themselves: “Now it is not how to sell goods, but how to put the goods,” and such a scene is even more so in Jiangmen Xinhui.

(4) The big fruit rosewood market is thick and thin, the market is dancing Still have to wait for the day

After the traditional Chinese New Year holiday in 2017, the “Spring Inflammation” market of Daguo Red Sandalwood (commonly known as Burmese rosewood) is still fresh in memory. According to the monitoring data of China Timber Price Index Network, under the stimulation of the redwood resource crisis and the sharp increase in demand for wood after the holiday, the traditional Chinese New Year in 2017 has just passed, and the mahogany market in Shenzhen Guanlan has been active. The volume of goods is kept at 30-40 cabinets / day of high shipments, which shows the market heat. In addition, in terms of price, Daguo rosewood also appeared 2000-3000 yuan / ton rose, at the end of February, Shenzhen Guanlan market large fruit rosewood small material price reported 1.2-1.3 million yuan / ton, diameter 30cm or more, long material price report 2.0- 23,000 yuan / ton, up 2000-3000 yuan / ton before the Spring Festival.

However, the good times did not last long. After a short month of active replenishment, the volume of large fruit rosewood began to fall sharply. Especially in May and June, in the case of other alternative materials of mahogany, the large-fruit rosewood as the authentic mahogany suffered from Waterloo, and the monthly sales volume shrank sharply. Taking the Guangdong fish ball market as an example, in June 2017, the monthly sales volume of Daguo rosewood fell by 7.92%, and the transaction volume fell by 14.11%. In terms of price, although the price fluctuated with the fluctuation of trading volume, but the source purchasing price remained high, from the perspective of the annual price trend, the overall price of Daguo rosewood still has a certain increase compared with 2016. . In December, the large-scale rosewood in Guangdong market has a diameter of 20-30cm, Jingjing reported 21500-24000 yuan/ton; diameter 30-40cm reported 24000-27000 yuan/ton; diameter 40-70cm, round wood reported 2.6-3.0 million yuan/ton, Compared with 2016, it increased by 3,000-4,000 yuan/ton.

Businesses said that in 2017, the domestic market price and the price of the port were upside down. In August, there were even Less merchants pull goods from Guangdong to Ruili port. Affected by this, in addition to the positive appreciation of the off-market funds such as Kamakura in 2017, it is more cautious for the timber merchants in the market to stock up.

Bird’s red sandalwood and Vietnamese rosewood are basically in line with big fruit rosewood After the overall price rise, some of the more cost-effective furniture specifications are expected to go faster, especially the short material of the bird’s foot rosewood, the market is the fastest, December bird foot rosewood short material, length 1.2m, diameter 18-20cm reported 1.3-1.6 million yuan / ton. Diameter 20-30cm, length 2-2.5m, fine 枋 reported 1.6-1.8 yuan / ton; diameter 30-40cm reported 2.0-2.3 yuan / ton; diameter 40-70cm, fine 枋 reported 2.3-2.8 million / ton.

Chongqing rosewood is 1.2m long, 18-20cm in diameter, and 8500-11000 yuan/ton. Diameter 20-30cm, length 2-2.5m, hairpin reported 1.4-1.5 million yuan / ton; diameter 30-40cm reported 1.5-1.9 million yuan / ton; diameter 40-70cm, hairpin reported 2.2-2.8 million yuan / ton .

(5) Black rosewood wood is not shocking, broad-leaved Dalbergia

In 2017, although black ash, black-leaved sandalwood, broad-leaved red sandalwood, Lushi black rosewood, etc. Under the control of the new cites convention, timber imports have been affected by certain impacts. But in 2017, the market demand is not the most difficult thing for timber merchants. Taking East African black Dalbergia (commonly known as purple sandalwood) as an example, in early 2017, the Zhangjiagang timber market in China sent a message asking importers to submit all legally endangered species of wild animals and plants promulgated by the national institutions of origin of the East African black Dalbergia origin. International Trade Convention (cites) license. Subsequently, the Mozambican government’s Endangered Management Office (located in the capital Maputo) also stated that it would strictly enforce all the requirements of the new cites convention, and issued a cites license for the Chinese timber merchants Dalbergia melanoxylon. However, when people think that they can take advantage of the opportunity to “fire”, because the spot market in the domestic market is very abundant, and the market demand is far less than people expected, the black sandalwood in the East China market has not caused a hot atmosphere, and vice versa. The wave is not shocked. In June, the East African black Dalbergia market in East Africa, the black and yellow sandalwood, 30-40cm, reported 5,500-6,500 yuan / ton, this price continued until the end of the year. However, it should be pointed out that although the overall performance of Black Dalbergia in East Africa was not good in 2017, under the control of the cites convention, the sellers are reluctant to sell their minds, especially some good materials, which are not willing to sell at less than ideal prices. In addition, many merchants are in stock at the peak, so they are not willing to sell at a loss.

Lushi Black Dalbergia (commonly known as Big Leaf Rosewood) also faces the same Situation, although under the control of the new cites convention, LushiIt is very difficult for black Dalbergia to enter the Chinese market, but the domestic market is still not ideal. This aspect is related to the macroeconomic environment. On the other hand, the reduction of manufacturers’ materials is also difficult for Lushi Black Dalbergia in 2017. important reason. However, in terms of price, under the influence of the timber merchants’ reluctance to sell, the 2017 Lushi black rosewood market price returned to a high level. In December, Fujian Xianyou Lushi black Dalbergia 145 kg grade reported 10-13 thousand yuan / ton, 200 The kilogram class reported 13-15 million yuan / ton, the stock in stock is sufficient, and the business enthusiasm is not high.

Broadwood Dalbergia (commonly known as Indonesian Black Rosewood) in 2017 After the spring of 2017, due to the tight market spot, the downstream furniture factory had to find a good spot to buy the spot, so the situation continued until April, and it began to ease. By August, the broad-leaved Dalbergia timber merchants also showed the situation of letting the goods go, which shows that the market is unstable. According to the investigation of the timber kingdom, under the fierce competition in the market, the operation of the broadleaf rosewood timber market has been very transparent, which also has an impact on the enthusiasm of timber merchants. In 2017, timber merchants only received orders to receive goods, and rarely made spot stocks. Therefore, in 2017, the spot source of broad-leaved Dalbergia is also very normal. In terms of price, the price of broad-leaved Dalbergia is relatively stable throughout the year. In December, the broad-leaved Dalbergia plate in Guangdong market reported 1.1-1.3 million yuan/ton, and the diameter of rough sawn saws was 1.6-1.8 million yuan/ton, and the octagonal material reported above 40 cm in diameter. 2.7-2.8 million yuan / ton.

(6) African yamu wood gradually out of the trough, market increase

after nearly a year of crouching After that, African yam wood (commonly known as African big chicken wings) ushered in a rebound after November 2017, and the number of market-seeking buyers increased significantly. However, due to the tight market spot, the turnover of African yamu wood is far less than people expected. So optimistic. In addition, after the long-term cold-staying timber merchants are facing the market situation of out-of-stocks, the current enthusiasm for replenishing positions is not particularly high, and cautious wait-and-see attitude is strong. In December, the price of African peas in the Guangdong market was reported at 5300-5800 yuan/m3, which was 600-800 yuan/m3 higher than the beginning of the year.


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How to install shade cloth curtains What are the types of shade cloth?

The hot summer is coming, I believe most people are extremely scared. Therefore, in order to protect the living room from strong ultraviolet rays, many owners will choose to install sunshade curtains on the windows. So, how to install this shading curtain? What are the types of shading cloth? The following is a small series for everyone to explain.

1, how to install sunshade curtains

First, the actual size of the window should be measured before the size of the curtain can be clearly How much is appropriate. Next, measure the fixed hole pitch and the size of the track to be installed, and then determine the actual required spacing and distance.

Secondly, the current curtain track has single, double or triple points. If the width of the window is greater than 1200mm, it is necessary to pay attention to the position of the curtain’s track to be disconnected, which is convenient for later installation.

Then, it is necessary to install the hoisting clip. The method is to first rotate the clip 90° to match it with the track; then, screw it to the top plate, which is the case with a wooden structure. If the structure is concrete, it needs to be fixed with expanded filaments.

Finally, the pole is fixed, and its position should be consistent with the elevation of the room. Next, install the shade cloth curtains that have been measured in advance. Of course, after installation, check whether its appearance is abnormal; then, check the compact type of each interface, you can try to pull the installed curtains to check whether the curtain is flexible. If you still encounter resistance, you need to adjust it again, until the pull is smooth and flexible.

2, What are the types of shade cloths

a, coated shading cloth: This is dyeing the ordinary fabric The layer is coated with silver, flocking, etc., but the fabric generally has two or more layers, and the shading effect is good.

b, weaving shade cloth: by weaving, weave a layer of black silk in the middle of the cloth to make it shade effect. However, the fabric’s shade cloth can be subdivided into: flame retardant shade cloth: fabric with flame retardant function; embossed shade cloth: pressed by special equipment, has a variety of pattern effects; printed shade cloth: through Transfer printing or paint printing to fix the dye on the fabric.

xiaobian conclusion: The above is for Shading cloth curtains How to install and what kind of shade cloth type is introduced. The sunshade, as the name suggests, is meant to block the summer sun. Because the temperature in summer is too high, if the curtains are not installed in the living room, not only will people be very exposed to the sun, but if the furniture is exposed to long-term exposure, it will definitely affect the service life. Therefore, it is very necessary to install a blackout cloth for the living room.

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This decoration, let the balcony more sunshine

Spring to, Green浓浓

The breeze warms the earth, everything grows, this is spring~

Are you the same as Xiaobian

I hope to have a sun-filled balcony,

a close up and spring The space of contact?

pleasant weather, most It is suitable for dining with the breeze and the sun, and then a little while, all of which can be done on your own balcony. Whether it is to enjoy the afternoon alone, or invite three or five friends to chat about Hu Wei, the balcony can become a second place to relax outside the living room.

Flowers and flowers can make the balcony full of life, bring a small “oasis” to the home! Add a plant stand to the wall, plant some ornamental plants, or self-sufficient vegetables, watch them grow and grow up, and the mood will follow.

in limited balcony space,

Create unlimited possibilities to make your home lively!

After all, the balcony is an important channel for connecting nature!

The top is like the sky. When the sun is shining, sitting on a comfortable wooden bench, the head is full of blue, and time can’t help but stop for this beautiful. Yes, the green plants growing on the wall bring a refreshing air to Hume, so let’s breathe freely!

In the beautiful season,

Let your heart stay in the sun,

Change the balcony of your home with a new ceiling,

maybe the beginning of introducing sunlight into the heart.

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What kind of waterproof coating is good? This article teaches you how to easily solve home waterproofing

  Waterproof coating is one of the indispensable functional materials in the decoration of the house. Its quality directly affects the home improvement effect and affects the safety of daily life. Sex and comfort. So which piece of the family needs us to make a big splash? Simply speaking, it is the wall surface of the bathroom, the wall surface of the kitchen, the wall of the room and the floor of the balcony. So choosing a good waterproof coating is very important. However, there are so many types of waterproof coatings on the market. Which is better for waterproof coatings? Let’s follow the Xiaobian together to understand which brand of waterproof coating is good? Recommended for household waterproof coatings, teach you to easily solve the family waterproof.

   First, home decoration waterproofing problems

  1, Where to waterproof, be sure to know

   first figure out which piece of the house needs waterproof, usually kitchen, wall, balcony. If you live on the first floor and do a waterproof layer, the moisture-proof effect will be better.

  2, although waterproof, it is important to pay attention to environmental protection

  Waterproof coating is applied behind the floor tiles and cement, but its harmful objects will slowly release through the gap, then the air quality of our home is still Will it be alright?

  3, performance is different, each has its own good

   According to the characteristics of waterproof materials, they can be divided into four categories, acrylic, polyurethane, polymer polymers, also referred to as JS, flexible cement Four kinds of mortar.

&emsp ;   Second, kitchen waterproof: is important and necessary

   kitchen is in the home environment, water consumption Second only to the bathroom, although it does not spill water all over the floor like a bathroom, the lack of water-proof measures for the position of the drain and the water pipe will also cause a series of annoying problems.

  Recommended product: Waterproof mortar

  Recommended reason: Waterproof mortar is a general-purpose waterproof mortar, also called polymer cement waterproof coating, which is a mixture of modified polymer emulsion and cement mixed powder. Referred to as “JS waterproof coating”, it has excellent waterproof effect. It is non-toxic, harmless and non-polluting. It is an environmentally-friendly coating. It can be directly applied to the concrete surface and firmly bonded. The setting time is short. After 2 hours of construction, the next process can be carried out.

  1, the necessity of waterproofing the kitchen

  For the kitchen, many people doubt whether it is necessary to do waterproof, because it does not have the water in the bathroom, nor will it meet like a balcony. Rain drifting, clothing dripping. But Xiao Bian reminds that kitchen waterproofing is still indispensable.

  2, kitchen waterproof height

  The general kitchen floor will be waterproof, and the wall surface should also be waterproof. In addition, it is also preferable to provide a waterproof layer by turning 1.5 meters on the wall where the sink is placed. For the construction of kitchen waterproof coating, please refer to the general method of waterproof construction of bathroom mentioned on the previous page.

   There are many kinds of kitchen waterproof coatings on the market, mainly polyurethane, cement mortar, Acrylic and polymeric polymers. These four types of waterproof coatings have their own advantages in terms of water resistance. How to buy waterproofing paste? First of all, we must choose green and environmentally friendly. If the toxic and irritating waterproof materials will affect people’s physical and mental health. Secondly, waterproof materials should try to choose constructionSingle, labor saving and material saving. Finally, we must consider its waterproof time and waterproof performance, choose long waterproofing and good performance.

&emsp ;   Third, bathroom waterproof: is essential

   bathroom is the place with the most water, The waterproof treatment in the bathroom decoration is especially important, the waterproof is not done well, it is not only our own, but also disturbs the neighbors below, so the purchase of bathroom waterproof coating must be paid attention to during the decoration process.

  Recommended products: general purpose, flexible, K11, JS, GS waterproof coating/slurry, polyurethane Waterproof coating

  Recommended reason: the best waterproof material for bathroom renovation in home decoration is the use of polymer cement Base waterproof coating / slurry, the market name: general-purpose, flexible, K11, JS, GS waterproof coating / slurry, such products are non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free, simple and quick to construct, and cement substrate bonding It is characterized by tightness, long service life, strong waterproof effect and moderate price.

  1, waterproof requirements:

  The bathroom is waterproof. The standard practice is that the ground needs to be done all at all. The wall should be at least 1.8 meters high, if it is a light wall, then it must be To be full.

  2, waterproof material:

   The most easy to seep in the bathroom is the yin and yang angle, the pipe, the sanitary ware, the floor drain and other places, so the most waterproof when using the kitchen and bathroom waterproofing paste, the first key parts to strengthen Then, the whole is waterproof, so that it can meet the requirements of waterproofing.

  Options tips:

  The choice of bathroom wall waterproofing materials can not be underestimated. Ordinary residential toilets are small and have pipelines and floor slabs. Therefore, the coatings are often waterproof and rarely waterproof. There are two kinds of waterproof materials for bathroom wall surface coatings: synthetic polymer—polyurethane waterproof coating (such as polyester cloth, fiberglass cloth, etc.); high polymer modified asphalt type— SBS waterproof coating (need to add carcass reinforcement polyester cloth, fiberglass cloth, etc.); asphalt-based waterproof coating is basically no need.

&emsp ;  Fourth, room wall waterproof: it is important to pay attention to

   room is the place where the owner is leisurely. It is also the place that most affects the mood. For the owner, the moisture-proof, waterproof, crack-resistant and stain-resistant performance of the wall coating is very important. Besides, it is better to have a beautiful appearance and rich coloring performance in order to make the owner relax.

  Recommended product: wall paint

  Recommended reason: Wall waterproofing in the home decoration industry has always been the focus. If not handled properly, it will bring great trouble to daily life and affect the family. All kinds of furniture problems, so be careful when doing waterproofing on the wall. The interior wall paint and diatom mud waterproof material have decorative functions and should be used for waterproofing and decoration of roof and wall. It has good weather resistance, easy to scrub, and easy to care for the wall.

  1, base processing is the foundation

  The base surface must be cleaned before construction to ensure that it is firm, flat, clean, free of dust, greasy, wax, mold release agent, etc., if there are defects such as voids and cracks. It must be repaired and smoothed with cement mortar in advance, and the yin and yang corners should be smeared in a circular arc shape. GuaranteeKeep the base surface moist when there is no clear water.

  2, pay attention to the brushing method

  When the brush is evenly applied, be careful not to leak the brush; keep the angle of vertical intersection when brushing two times before and after, to fully cover the position; single brush should not be too thick , especially at the nozzle and corner, should not exceed 1mm to prevent cracks after drying.

  Options tips:

   For some wall surfaces that are easily damp and damp, the wall paint is more suitable for long-term haze-stricken rooms, while the latex wall paint is relatively stable in waterproof and moisture-proof performance. . The use of wall paint is easier to refurbish and repair. If the wall surface is mildewed or yellowed due to moisture, the cost of refurbishing or repairing the wall is relatively low. Of course, if economic conditions permit, you can choose a higher price diatom mud, which has better waterproof and moisture resistance, and is also a very environmentally friendly coating.

(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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