Aluminum alloy doors and windows investment, smart doors and windows is your best choice

Smart doors and windows are not windows and doors that can deform and speak. The smart doors and windows we are talking about here are the intelligent system doors and windows that are often seen in aluminum alloy doors and windows. What are the reasons why smart doors and windows are favored by franchisees?

Smart doors and windows can only monitor the system, and intelligence Door and window locks, they seem to have no technical content, but they have been constantly updated in function. In the market, because of its increasingly sophisticated features, it is very popular.

The future direction of smart doors and windows is actually the daily necessities of the home. We all know that the door and window must be installed at home, not only to keep warm, but more importantly for theft prevention. The general aluminum alloy doors and windows do not have intelligent anti-theft function, while the intelligent door and window system can monitor the situation of doors and windows in real time, triggering the alarm and alarm system when forced to open, which is very useful in the anti-theft.

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Deciphering Chinese style, ambiguous and artistic conception

Chinese-style living room

Chinese-style living room, generally spacious and generous, The living room furniture can be made up of a set of shapes Simple cloth sofa with dark wood table.

The lights in the living room are also the main points of Chinese style, available in Chinese style white or red lantern-type main lights; in the center of coffee table, small ornaments with Chinese style, embellished with color, with the auspicious meaning of traditional culture.

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The launching ceremony of the National Health Industry Double Creative Public Welfare Training Series was held in Shandong

Based on the health industry, promote dual development

—— The launching ceremony of the National Health Industry Double Creative Training Series was held in Shandong

On the morning of December 1st, the National Health Industry, co-sponsored by Huaxia Industrial Economic Research Institute, Beijing Private Technology Promotion Association and Jinan Huanyuan Kun Beauty and Body Co., Ltd. The launching ceremony of the Shuangchuang Public Welfare Training Series was held in Qihe, Shandong. Former Director of the General Office of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, Executive Dean of the Huaxia Industrial Economic Research Institute, Executive Chairman of the Beijing Private Technology Promotion Association Lu Yinlin, Vice President and Executive Director of the Huaxia Industrial Economic Research Institute, and Executive Vice President of the Beijing Private Technology Promotion Association Mr. Fang Guohui, Secretary-General of the People’s Republic of China, Huang Zhiyue, Deputy Secretary General of the Beijing Private Technology Promotion Association, Executive Vice President of the Huaxia Industrial Economic Research Institute, Executive Vice President of the Beijing Private Technology Promotion Association, and Hu Yuqin, Chairman of Jinan Huanyuan Kun Beauty and Body Co., Ltd. This event.

President Lu Yinlin said at the launching ceremony that the event promoted a healthy China strategy. Implementation, promote the development of the health industry as the theme, and promote the mass entrepreneurship and innovation in the health industry. He said that promoting healthy China’s construction is an important foundation for building a well-off society in an all-round way and basically realizing socialist modernization. It is a national strategy to comprehensively improve the health quality of the Chinese nation and achieve coordinated development of people’s health and economy and society. Healthy work, innovation and entrepreneurship are important people’s livelihood work that the party and state leaders pay close attention to. Today, Huaxia Industrial Economic Research Institute, Beijing Private Science and Technology Promotion Association and Jinan Huanyuan Kun Beauty and Body Co., Ltd. jointly launched the National Health Industry Double Innovation Public Welfare Training Series, which is to promote entrepreneurial employment activities in the health field, and organize public welfare training to make Many people understand how to start a business in the health industry, encourage hard work and law-abiding, expand middle-income groups, and increase the income of low-income people. This charity event is to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and hopes that more people will pay attention to health, healthy living and healthy consumption, and find opportunities for entrepreneurship in the health industry.

Former Director of the General Office of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Executive Dean of Huaxia Industrial Economic Research Institute, Beijing Private Technology Promotion Association Executive President Lu Yinlin presented the appointment letter of the Executive Vice President Hu Yuqin, Chairman of Jinan Huanyuan Kun Beauty & Body Co., Ltd.

Fang Guohui, President of Beijing Private Technology Promotion Association and Dean of Huaxia Industrial Economic Research Institute, Jinan Huanyuan Kun Beauty Hu Yuqin, Chairman of the Body Industry Co., Ltd., issued the letter of appointment of the Executive Vice President.

Executive Vice President of Huaxia Industrial Economic Research Institute, Executive Vice President of Beijing Private Technology Promotion Association, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jinan Huanyuan Kun Beauty & Body Co., Ltd. Hu Yuqin said that Huanyuan Kun Beauty & Body Co., Ltd. has been through more than 20 years The development of the country, there are thousands of chain stores nationwide, based on the training of employees, with the physiotherapy as the core of the ancient palace’s professional technology, with the purpose of quality service, backed by product quality, for the majority Female friends who want to start a business offer a complete one-stop service. Huanyuankun actively responded to the country’s “vital innovation” call for innovation, leading the new development of traditional health.

After the launching ceremony, the health industry women’s entrepreneurship training activities led by Jinan Huanyuan Kun Beauty & Body Co., Ltd. Also officially launched in Qihe, Shandong.

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2017 67th Miss World Shenzhen Finals and Awards Ceremony was a complete success

On September 10, 2017, the 67th Miss World Shenzhen Finals and Awards Ceremony was successfully concluded at the Huafu Hall of Shenzhen Fulin Hotel.

After a selection from the sea to the finals, the final 15 The famous Jiali player stood on the stage of the finals of the Shenzhen Division. Under the eyes of the five judges and the distinguished guests at the finals of the Shenzhen Division, 15 Jiali players competed through the energetic performances, talent show, cheongsam show and evening dress show, the 67th Miss World Shenzhen Finals The result was finally settled.

2017Miss World Shenzhen Final Miss World Shenzhen Finals Awards

Miss Ye Junjun from Hong Kong won the title

Miss Wu Minghui from Henan No. 7 won the runner-up

Miss Wang Zhe from Hunan No. 13 player Winner of the third place

No. 8 player Miss Pan Chuxin, No. 12 player Miss Peng Meiting, No. 4 player Gao Zizong, No. 11 player Miss Lu Weiyu won the best talent award, best photo award, best temperament award The best shape award.

Ms. Dong Chunmei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dong Pinhui and Chairman of the 67th Shenzhen Division, presented the award to the new champion

Director of Shenzhen Qianyuanyuan Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. Zeng Yi awarded the runner-up award

Zhang Yuzhen, the representative of the Duo Fan brand of Taiwanese Group, presented the award to the third runner-up

Liu Li, Chairman of Guizhou Huisheng Forestry Development Co., Ltd., awarded Pan Chuxin the most Jiacai Art Award

Shenzhen Guozi Supervisor Li Zimo awarded Peng Meiting the Best Mirror Award

Liu Zhuojun, Chairman of Guangzhou Chao Liuxing Group, awarded Gao Zizong the best temperament award

Dong Zhenghui, founder of Chairman Dong Chunmei, Dong Zhengmei, awarded the Best Shape Award to Lu Weiyu

International Goodwill award obtained by the Yewan Jun

The Shenzhen Division title Miss Yewan Jun was only 16 years old, highly talented amazing talent, calligraphy and painting works totally natural charm, wit and originality. Beautiful and kind, she has a long black hair. Her wish is to donate her hair to those who have lost their hair because of cancer chemotherapy, helping them to regain hope and confidence! She won the International Goodwill Award and said she hopes to bring more people to care for those cancer children. At first, I also won the thunderous applause from the guests!

A vivid life, “World Lotus (and) Ping” Ink paintings to express your wishes!

Special thanks to the sponsor Guizhou Huisheng Forestry Development Co., Ltd. for giving the championship 3 scented Dalbergia

Organizer: Dong Pin Hui Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Co-organizer: Shenzhen Qianyuanyuan Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.

The only designated skin care product unit: 瀚荃 Group’s brand – Duohuh Dreamhound

The only designated talent director: Shenzhen Guozijian Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

The only designated clothing Unit: Guangzhou Longshi Buyi Zhai CLOTHHOUSE) Fashion Design Co., Ltd.

The only designated evening dress unit: Ruxin Gao Evening dress customization

The only designated media unit: Future Media Network Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Special thanks to the unit:

Shenzhen Xinruifeng Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Company, Shenzhen Qianyuanyuan Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., Guizhou Huisheng Forestry Development Co., Ltd., the brand of Duo Group, Duoamhound, and the brand of Shenzhen Yusi An Electronics Co., Ltd. – leeioo Leyi, Guangzhou Dragon CLOTHHOUSE Clothing Design Co., Ltd., Future Media Network Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Guozijian Culture Communication Co., Ltd., UK Yingxie Model (Physical & Etiquette) College, Guangzhou Chao Liuxing Group Co., Ltd., Musk Liquor industry, Shenzhen Shichuang Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hongyin Project Management Co., Ltd. and other enterprises.

Communication agency:,,,; Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, Shenzhen Evening News, Jingbao, Southern Metropolis Daily More than 200 mainstream media have participated in the report.

Judge Qian Ying


Liu Li, Chairman of Guizhou Huisheng Forestry Development Co., Ltd.

Li Qixin, Chairman of Shenzhen Qianyuanyuan Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., Director Zeng Wei

Li Anrui, Chairman of Zhejiang Hongyin Project Management Co., Ltd.

Liu Zhuojun, Chairman of Guangzhou Chao Liu Xing Trading Co., Ltd.

Ms. Dong Chunmei, Chairman of Dong Pinhui, Founder of the Group Zhang Yuzhen awarded the plaque

Chairman of the Guan Teng Enterprise Co., Ltd. 耿浩

Zhang Yuzhen, Director of the Group </

Chen Wenhui, General Manager of Shenzhen Yusi An Electronics Co., Ltd.

Liu Yuan Orange, Chairman of Future Media

Li Zimo, Director of Shenzhen Guozijian Painting and Calligraphy

Feng Xinzu, CEO of UK Association of Models,

Ms. Dong Chunmei, founder of Dong Pinhui, sponsored the sponsor: Liu Yuan Orange, Chairman of Future Media (wlmedia), placard

Zhu Wenhua, Chairman of Beijing Huasheng Jiahe Film and Television Communication Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Boai Hospital Camp Director Shi Hui

Huang Yanmin, General Manager of Fenglang (Shenzhen) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Wang Shenghong, Chairman of Shenzhen Hao Tesi Energy Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Centennial Technology Yang Junming, Chairman of Logistics Co., Ltd.

Lin Wei, General Manager of Shenzhen Yujin Garment Design Co., Ltd.

Liu Liang, Marketing Consultant, Chairman of Shenzhen Xiangdang Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. >

Chairman of Guangzhou Shangleishi Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. 冉

Chairman of Shenzhen Green Food Technology Co., Ltd. Xie Jun ECO Evgenii, Olesia, LeraLera, Iulia, Chen Mengda

Ms. Dong Chunmei, founder of Dong Pinhui, presented the plaque to the sponsor of Guangzhou Long’s CLOTHHOUSE Apparel Design Co., Ltd.

Zhou Minghui, General Manager of Shenzhen Jianyi Lingdu Graphic Design Co., Ltd.

Liu Nian, General Manager of Shenzhen Delil Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen People International Clothing Zhang Jun, Marketing Director of Ltd.

Shenzhen Wujie Wealth Management Co., Ltd. Brand Director Zhao Feizhen

Shu Tong, General Manager of China Real Estate Development Corporation

Dong Pin Ms. Dong Chunmei, Chairman of the Founder of the Hui, presented the plaque to the sponsor of the Shenzhen Guozijian Painting and Painting Supervisor Li Zimo

Yu Jiang, Chairman of Guangdong Zhongrun Investment Development Co., Ltd.

Foshan Fulisi Chairman of the Board Huo Guannan, General Manager of Sales Zhang Wei

Zhang Guo, Chairman of Shenzhen Qianhai Zhangshi International Cultural Joint Development Co., Ltd.

Peking Opera and Singing by Two Lovely Children Latin dance performances also add a lot of color to the game

The contestants compete on the same stage to show the beauty of women

Over the years, Miss World has become a new era woman with charity, love, beauty and wisdom. The role model is to promote world peace, set an example for outstanding women, and help children with hunger and disability to establish the correct values ​​and spread more positive energy for the younger generation.

The theme of this Miss World contest in Shenzhen is “Because I understand, so love, to inherit and promote the world’s young and talented, full of love and positive spirit as the overall goal, intended to love and Peace is communicated to more people.

Contest The only designated cheongsam is provided by Vision International. Long’s Buyaizhai

The only designated dress in the competition is sponsored by Ruxin Senior Evening Gown

2017 67th Miss World Shenzhen Finals Photo of the third runner-up team

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Xiaomi shared motorcycle status and market background

I am honored today and I am very fortunate to learn about the shared motorcycle project sharing the economic traffic. The profit of a regular VIP880 member, sharing 10 VIP members with an annual salary of over 50,000; sharing 20 VIP members with an annual salary of 100,000; sharing 40 VIP members with an annual salary of 200,000; sharing 60 VIP members with an annual salary of 300,000; sharing 80 VIPs Members earn 400,000 a year; share 100 VIP members with an annual salary of 500,000. The above has not been counted in the second generation of bonuses, it is counted to double. The bonus is very attractive, but many people have doubts. Can this bonus be taken? Insurance? Is it reliable? This requires me to explain our shared motorcycle further. Team Leader WeChat: QQ9349146

Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology Co., Ltd., June 2, 2017 in Hangzhou The Singapore Science and Technology Park in Jianggan District was established with a registered capital of 80 million and the legal representative Lin Tongbing. Under the jurisdiction of Shanghai Mouth Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., responsible for the operation and promotion of Xiaomi Life Circle and shared motorcycles “Dangdang Travel” APP, as well as the first phase of market launch of vehicles and maintenance equipment, the second phase of shared cars, the third phase of intelligent farms

It is impossible for buses and subways in the city to take the bus directly from the doorstep and sit on the bus. The subway needs to walk a certain distance to reach the nearby bus station or subway station. When taking the bus, especially during the peak hours of commuting; it is necessary to wait, after all, driving on the road, so it will be affected by road traffic, resulting in station and station time. The interval is relatively long; there are also problems of walking to the beginning and the end. The subway needs to go down the stairs again and again, and then go through the security check, and then wait for the subway train to arrive. During the peak period of commuting, you have to go along with the crowd of black people, and you are crowded into the subway. It’s good to be able to grab the handrails. When you get off the subway train, you still have to walk forward and climb the stairs. You may have to walk a distance to get to your destination.

Taxi still needs to wait, especially the peak of work, sometimes a few people grab a car, so It is said that there is a new thing to make up for this piece, but it also needs to wait. At the same time, taxis or drips are wasted on the road because they are driving on the road, which is a waste of time. Some friends say that it is better to take an electric car than to take a taxi. Fast. There is also the cost of money is relatively expensive, it is impossible for an ordinary office worker to bear the daily taxi fare.

Private cars With the development of society, private cars are no longer a new word, almost adults With one car, the private car has a good experience and a high degree of freedom. However, as the concentration of vehicles increases, the traffic burden is too heavy, resulting in congestion and increased time costs. Even if you drive to your destination, the parking space may be full, and the parking space is limited. The private car that originally brought you a high level of experience becomes a burden. Even if you have a parking space, you need to pay a monetary cost to take up limited time. This parking space. The feeling of the infinite beauty of the private car turned into a pile of distress.

To make up for the shortcomings of the above three sections, Shared bicycles came into being, and it effectively connected the problems in the range of several hundred meters to several kilometers in front of and behind urban traffic at a very low cost. So why shared bikes are developing so fast because it makes up for the market.

Although the shared electric vehicle is greatly welcomed by the people, the shared electric vehicle currently in use does not meet the national standards: 1. The speed setting is less than 20 kilometers per hour; 2, it cannot be carried; 3, There are ankles; 4, each has insurance. Therefore, the initial release was ordered to withdraw from the market.

Xiaomi shared motorcycles are completely in line with national standards, and more importantly, fundamentally The problem of using and standardizing the parking of electric bicycles has been solved. Therefore, once the small honey electric bicycle is put on the market, it is convenient for consumers to travel, and the government no longer has a headache because of the disorderly suspension and affecting the appearance of the city appearance! p>

Future shared motorcycles must occupy the shared bicycle market, just as electric vehicles occupied the bicycle market! Sharing is a trend, and sharing motorcycles to replace shared bicycles is also a trend in the trend! Xiaomi shared motorcycles for far-sightedness And will become the industry leader! Team leader WeChat: QQ9349146

Article And images are from the network

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Qianqian Zouping: The risk in the eyes of others is the opportunity in my eyes.

On October 21st, 2017, on the 8th floor of Lifan, Chongqing Times, in a warm cheer, Zouping’s man-made business became a great deal. Zouping, who has followed Qianqian for 10 years, from a husband and wife shop in a four-line county town to a modern enterprise with more than 300 shops and more than 300 people, not only has its own hotel and modeling school, but also realized a worth of billions. The fate is reversed. If you don’t meet Shu Mulan and Qian Qian, Zouping’s life may not be so exciting. He may still be an ordinary property seller, or regain his old business as a carpenter, or return to Beijing to sell cold dishes.

The turning point of fate comes from a long distance relationship that seems impossible to succeed.

Doing an uncertain career for an uncertain love

2006 According to the introduction of the matchmaker, 25-year-old Zouping met the 22-year-old Shu Mulan. One in Beijing, one in Xiangxi, chatted for 9 months before determining the relationship between lovers. At that time, Shu Mulan had been working hard in the hair accessories industry for many years. He was supervised by the ordinary employees of Qianqian and accumulated two store management experience. When the two met for the first time, Zouping also came into contact with Qianqian for the first time. “A small store, people are surrounded by water, thinking that they are robbing bargains, and asking for a hairpin must be 200.” More, actually more expensive than clothes, must be very profitable! “Recall that at first sight of thousands of people, Zoup said with a smile.

On the one hand, in order to retain this hard-won love, on the other hand, it is optimistic about the Qianqian brand. Zouping ended his many years of North drift and followed Shu Mulan to Guangzhou Qianqian headquarters for half a year. On the National Day of 2007, the two married and married. After borrowing money from relatives and friends, Chongqing Wuxi founded their first Qianqian couple shop. From the big city back to the small county, borrowing money everywhere to barely open the store, the outsider seems to be stupid “, the decision, Zouping is particularly determined.

Efforts for an uncertain career

This step, Zouping is not wrong. Shu Mulan understands technology and is responsible for managing employee training; Zou Ping understands sales and is responsible for the overall market. Because there is a mature store system, coupled with a “sales jewelry, long-term free disk mode, the Wuxi River in the information occlusion. In less than four months, the input cost was recovered, and it became the first place in the national performance for thousands of years. Subsequently, Zouping and his wife successively opened five stores in Chongqing District, and the two people’s small days have been moisturized.

An accidental opportunity, Zouping learned that he had the opportunity to take over the agency of the original Qianqian Chongqing Municipality and the seven stores in his hand. However, the transfer fee of more than 600,000 still kept him stretched. Is it to guard the small five days of the original five stores to live a moist, or to pledge once again to gamble once again? Zouping regardless of the strong opposition of friends and relatives, or chose the latter.

In order to seize this opportunity, Zouping made a lot of rounds. First discuss with the other party to give 100,000 cash, and the rest of the monthly 100,000. The headquarters’s joining and training costs, or Qian Qian’s chairman Zeng Zhaoxia borrowed more than 300,000 from them in their personal names. Many people guess: This Zouping will not always be so lucky! “But Zouping is like a mirror, this is not a big gamble, because from a shop to five stores, he has already eaten the scale of thousands of stores. The sweetness of development.

The only thing that can be determined is that it is important to know how to seize the opportunity.

After taking over the Chongqing Municipality, the two divisions, Shu Mulan manages the original five stores, Zouping is responsible Takeover of 7 new stores. With the successful operation experience of the five stores and the unremitting efforts of the couple, after half a year, Zouping not only paid off the arrears, but also expanded the number of stores in Qianqian to more than 200, making the southwest market the densest in Qianqian stores. Provincial level. Zouping said that the reason he worked so hard was to make money at the beginning, and later to help the thousands of brothers and sisters who were born in the same poor. “Because of the benefits of thousands of dollars, we want to pass it on to more people. For this reason, Zouping began to lead family members to join Qianqian.

In 2014, the haircut jewelry began to appear as a consumer fault, and the industry showed a ceiling. There are more and more young women who like to make light makeup and have a need for makeup services, and become a new trend. Qianqian took the lead in responding and has been fully transformed into an Internet makeup service brand since 2016. Based on “do not wear makeup and go out to the consumer scene, we are committed to creating a “Thousands of Thousands of Going Out” ecology, and the layout includes offline city stores and lines. The upper community operates with the goal of creating an eco-type company that integrates community, service, customization, chain, big data, e-commerce and financial-like Internet genes. When the peers were spinning around, Qian Qian quickly entered a new era of dividends. After years of trust in the company, Zouping and his wife resolutely upgraded more than 300 stores after learning the company’s major decision, and the most direct benefit was the 10-20 times outbreak of performance and traffic.

Zouping sums up the success of Qianqian’s business secrets —— obedient care, customer focus, employee focus, continuous learning and continuous struggle.

Time is the best answer. In the past ten years, China’s fashion and fast styling industry has been overwhelming, just as Zouping’s life has been ups and downs, but Zouping is fortunate that he and Qian Qian are lucky. In the Spring and Autumn Period of the Tenth Anniversary, he has harvested the human-made company, the Shu Mulan Hotel, the Enxin Model School and the wealth of over 100 million in Qianqian. He has more than 350 people, more than 50 loyal partners and 33 people. Family members go on the road to getting rich…

The only constant in the world is change, the only thing that can be determined is uncertainty. Although the opponent is changing, the wind is changing, and even the age is changing, but ZoupingThe couple and Qianqian’s career have not changed and are getting better and better. One of them is attributed to —— the risks in the eyes of others are opportunities in his eyes. Resolutely resigned and borrowed money to join Qianqian. After the profit, he re-debt and win the city-level agent. After he has already scaled up, he will invest all his assets and upgrade into a man-made business company… Every big leap in life It is an adventure in the eyes of outsiders, but the fact is like the sentence he repeatedly emphasized: “It is more important to know how to seize wealth than ever!”

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How do all the smart home products coexist harmoniously?

Some people say that it is a matter of switching a light, and it seems to be complicated by the field of intelligent lighting. Do you want to make so many colors at home? Do you want to open the APP when you want to turn off the lights? When the smart home enters our lives, the lighting becomes incredible, controversy and imagination are in the same place, and the future can be expected.

Image from “

Speaking of smart lighting, what keywords can you think of? Remote switch lights, time switch lights, color temperature adjustment lights … … Well, this means that you are not a smart white, but It is not enough to know only these. Today’s smart lighting has been refreshed by new technology, and it has been endowed with humanistic connotations: you can not only see the changes of spring flowers, summer, autumn and winter snow from a lamp, but also feel the love and dependence of couples. .

Boutique T-stage

Philips show “4 o’clock

People are born in four seasons, by extracting the tones of the four seasons in Chinese ancient poetry, Philips show creates A “four-hour theme space” allows users to recall the four seasons at any time according to their mood or season: spring flowers, summer, autumn, and winter snow. A little & ldquo; spring flower pattern, visible on the lampshade “Peach Blossom Spring Green, with pink and light green to show the spring blossoms in front of the scene; call out “summer mode, cool colors let the blue sky and white clouds come into view, but also In the autumn, it adds a touch of coolness; in the fall, it can be adjusted out, “Qiu Xia, the room has a “Landscape and the lonely sky, the autumn water has a long-lasting feeling; for the Guangzhou people who have not seen the snow all year round,” The winter snow mode lighting can solve the pain of Acacia on the snow.

Philips show “Luxury”

“ Humanities use the three idioms of the game to set the scene light effect, “game world,” “night night Yangko,” If you are a game fan, open the game at this moment, you can let the gorgeous light with you to play a king of glory; alone Lele is not as good as the music, invite friends to come home to play at the weekend, open at this time “all night, Yangge, Open the party mode; everyone is exhausted, & ldquo; leisure clouds wild cranes let you enjoy the fullness of the wine and lean on the lounge chairs on the balcony, waiting for the passage of time, you can see a sunset from a lamp. The Philips Show Smart Lighting System allows you to quickly adapt to different situations in different scenarios.

Philips Show “Love”

The theme of the intelligent lighting system explains the Chinese feelings about love: lovesickness, love, and dependence. The blue tone is turned on, it is for “Acacia”; the red tone is for “love, and the pink tone is for “dependence.” The creation of the atmosphere can promote the burst of hormones. Philips intelligent lighting is not just a simple switch or voice control, but can adapt to different emotional needs in all aspects of life, for the needs and for the needs.

Sony Smart Lights


Sony’s smart light unit Mu ltifu n ctio na lLight, built-in humidity sensor, can transmit humidity data to air conditioner, constant temperature Equipment such as equipment. The luminaire also has a built-in microphone and speaker that can be used as a home intercom system. It is no exaggeration to say that Sony has almost all of Amazon’s smart audio Echo technology built into the luminaire, and this luminaire is more like a small flying saucer.

Ubiant Smart<;Candlestick

Ubiant’s device called Lum inion looks like a “candlestick,” but it can be a smart home device. center. Lum inion’s upper half can emit different colors of light, and U biant’s cloud solution is built in to integrate smart home energy consumption, family member health data management and artificial intelligence.

It is reported that Lum inion has a large number of sensors and N FC modules built in, which can display the current smart home data in the whole home in real time. Users can also connect to NFC-enabled smartphones or tablets via the My Apps application. For many people, it also has a very beautiful decorative effect, or a colorful smart “candlestick.”

Live Experience

Intelligent Lighting & ldquo; Unlimited Potential in Xiuwaihuizhong

Recently, Philips Lighting has created 5 equipments in the creative space of Shanghai Huaihai Zhong Road. The hardcover rooms of Philips “Showing Intelligent Lighting System” let the media from all over the country experience the personalized intelligent lighting system of “5 Days, 4 Hours, Mo Yun, Humanities and Love” to showcase personalized intelligent lighting. “Under the potential of Xiuwaihui.” Philips lighting designer introduced that for Chinese users, in addition to the basic lighting functions, lighting is also an important part of the home atmosphere, and the intelligent lighting system displayed this time through the season (one day, four o’clock), occasions ( The three aspects of ink rhyme, humanity, and mood (love), from the life of the day to the life of the four seasons, from the world of humanities to the world of inner emotions, show the Chinese understanding of light, and in different scenarios. The need and use of light.

Seeing is believing, the experience of the scene also makes the reporter feel deeply: everyone’s mobile phone,Can turn into the color palette of the room, and you can call up the lighting and atmosphere you want. It turns out that lighting can be so smart and so literary. Intelligent lighting is not to say that the pursuit of high brightness and high functionality, but to meet our daily needs, with mood changes.

The most impressive thing is that the four-time model room, Philips show the spring season, summer, autumn, winter snow changes in the same space in the same space, “in the past, human In keeping with the weather, now, using technology, we can let the day come to our mood. The designer of the Philips show told reporters.

Because the Chinese have a deep feeling for the ink and wash landscape, the intelligent lighting system of the ink theme meets the Chinese people’s emotional and ambience needs. The designer believes that the ink is not pure black, the ink is divided into five colors, coke, thick, heavy, light, clear, plus white, collectively said “six colors.” In the ink rhyme, “ink” uses the different color temperatures of white light to create a layering similar to Chinese ink painting, while the colored light strips placed on the cabinets, under the sofa, and behind the mirror show Danqing (red, Blue) and the color of rice paper (yellow).

The Philips white light atmosphere lighting series launched this time meets a series of needs from ceiling lamps, floor lamps to table lamps, and then with color light atmosphere lamps, Philips Hue G o portable Magic lights and light strips have opened up a new world of intelligent lighting for domestic consumers.

It seems that magical operation on the designer’s hand will be difficult to master. Technology white does not have to worry, in fact, the operation is very simple, can be controlled by the new Hu eA pp. If you don’t want to hold your phone all day, you can also control the luminaire with a wireless dimmer. H ueA pp is mainly divided into “home,” “leave, “wake up, and “sleep” several modes, you can choose different scenes, and the brightness, color, color temperature, etc. of each light in the scene. Adjustment. According to Philips Lighting, the Hue smart luminaire contains red, blue and blue wicks, which can be used to match 16 million colors.

In the field of intelligent lighting, Sony’s smart luminaire, the ultifunctional Light, is also on the list. How intelligent is it? It is reported that the built-in motion sensor of the luminaire can sense that the user is located in the room. Directly turn on the TV; and the LED bulb color version launched by Xiaoye Eco-chain’s lighting company Y eelight, compared with the Yeelight LED white light bulb, adds 16 million colors based on the remote control and brightness adjustment function. More abundant, such as warm color is suitable for dating, birthday, cool color can meet better viewing needs.

Reporter’s observation

How do smart home products “harmony?”

Some people say that it is a matter of switching a light to the field of intelligent lighting. It seems to be complicated. Do you want to make so many colors at home? Do you want to turn on A PP when you want to turn off the lights? Actually, the mood is not a necessity. You only want to hang a fluorescent lamp, and you want to eat a cup of tea. Also rises as usual. But it is undeniable that many young people who like to try new things are far more accepting of smart products than we imagined. Their pursuit of personalization is far more than their predecessors.

From the experience of the reporter’s site, the process of using Hue APP to control the luminaire is not complicated, and it is easier to get started, but if you want to use more smart home products, the operating experience will not become This is complicated. This is also the problem faced by many smart home brands. After all, when the smart home rises, many people’s homes often don’t have only one brand and category of products. At present, there is no unified standard for smart home brands on the market. How to integrate multiple functions in one platform will also be smart home. One of the keys to the popularity. Intelligent lighting systems are no exception.

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Unmanned retail spread, is the building materials industry just around the corner?

Image from “

Human Increasing costs and increasing consumer demand for shopping convenience have given the retail industry the power to test unattended convenience stores. Moreover, in July of this year, the EATBOX unmanned convenience store owned by the Real Estate House settled in Beijing, which not only caused people to think, but the home of the home can open an unmanned convenience store. Is the unmanned retail store in the building materials industry feasible? /p>

In many developed countries, the unmanned retail model has matured and developed in general. In China, the concept of unmanned retail is gradually being understood by the people. This year, Ma Yun founded the unmanned supermarket “Amoy coffee instantly turned unmanned retail into a social hot spot. It can be said that the fire of the stars in the unmanned retail industry is gradually spreading in China.

In July of this year, the EATBOX unmanned convenience store owned by the Real Estate House settled in Beijing, which attracted a lot of attention from the public. It is not difficult to see that this new retail model will usher in an important development period with wide attention. As far as the current situation is concerned, the promotion and landing of unmanned retail supermarkets and convenience stores have been basically smooth in the process, and the acceptance of the people has steadily increased. This has also allowed some building materials companies to see new development opportunities. Since the traditional home appliances and furniture can be opened in the traditional concept, there is no one convenience store, is the uninhabited retail store in the building materials industry just around the corner? p>

Is the unmanned retail industry spreading the building materials industry just around the corner?

Unexpected prospects for building materials unmanned retail prospects

Labor costs are rising and consumers are shopping more convenient The increased demand for sex and the increasingly fierce competition in the industry have made the retail industry have the real motivation to test unattended convenience stores. Putting building materials into unmanned retail stores, the bright prospects have driven some building materials companies in developed countries to try, but these precedents are not a smooth path, but a series of problems.

The American Home Depot Home Building Materials Retail Company has made such an attempt as early as 2003. At that time, no one retailed, whether it was a concept or a technology, was in a relatively traditional stage. At Home Depot’s attempt, we started with the checkout and replaced the manual service with a self-checkout machine.

Previously, the company predicted that the promotion of the self-checkout model would not only save the company the cost of hiring cashiers, but also reduce the waiting time in multiples to provide customers with more efficient services. It is a pity that the company soon found that the actual situation was very different from the expectations. The small number of manual checkout channels kept in the store were overcrowded, while the unmanned checkout machine was almost unattended.

According to internal investigations, customers generally have a resistance to this new type of self-checkout. Many customers prefer to wait long queues for manual services, and they are not willing to pay even a try before the self-checkout machine.

This situation may be unexpected for the company, but to some extent it is reasonable. For example, the British retail giant Tesco, who also dares to try new things, has taken the lead in the promotion of self-checkout machines, and has decisively implanted this new model and new technology into a large number of local Tesco supermarkets in the UK. The result is also “one step ahead” I encountered the same problem.

From the three aspects of customer return visits, on-site interviews and internal research, Tesco found that not only customers are reluctant to try new things, but also self-checkout machines “dismissed many customers who dare to try.” . At the time of checkout, the problem of unsuccessful scan code, program failure, amount error, misleading prompts, etc., caused many customers to lose interest in new things early. There are even some customers who, because the self-checkout machine can’t help pack the goods into the shopping bag, prefer to choose the method of manual checkout. It can be said that the self-checkout machine is not enough. “Humanization has become one of the main problems faced by the unmanned retail industry in the early stage. The promotion of unmanned retail sales of building materials, the obstacles are far more than the checkout.

If it is said that the checkout is difficult, it is the tip of the iceberg of building materials unmanned retail predicament, then the whole iceberg is “to buy this core link.” In contrast to traditional building materials, home retail stores, the introduction of staff can often help consumers to have a better understanding of the product, and then choose the favorite products. For many people, building materials are not an area that is often touched.

Whether it’s buying large windows and doors, or a set of tables and chairs, it’s probably not as simple as buying a bottle of drink or a bunch of greens for consumers. Even from the price point of view, spending thousands of dollars to buy a security door, it is not a period of time do not like it and then want to change it. This means that customers usually make careful selections during the purchase phase, and “the goods will be compared to the three.” Without a staff member, how can customers buy goods in unmanned building materials stores?

It is true that just copying a batch of matching product introduction cards and materials is not enough. Some merchants have discovered this potential problem. Since there is no one, the merchant has moved out of the robot to replace the staff to provide customers with product introductions.

In 2016, Lloyd’s introduced retail robots in several of its stores. The customer can select the item according to the text on the robot screen to read. In addition, this robot is also free to move and shuttle between the shelves in the store to serve different customers at any time. Through the bundled mobile app, customers can also instruct the robot to find the items they need to buy. The use of robot technology has enabled a technological breakthrough in the field of building materials unmanned retail. However, after all, robots are not people. In the face of different needs of customers for building materials, robots sometimes have “hands and feet.”Measures.

For example, the robot knows about the goods, some may only stay on the basic information of size, material, weight, and the customer’s demand is often based on the actual situation of the house, the robot is difficult to provide customers with more In-depth, more targeted introduction. It can be said that robotics technology is helping unmanned retailers to get out of the bottleneck, but there is still a certain distance from the final goal.

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Aichen safety doors and windows | on the development trend of domestic aluminum alloy doors and windows

For the aluminum alloy door and window industry, the recent years have been an important period for industry changes, especially with the decline in domestic house prices, unclear pricing, imperfect service systems and the global door and window brand predators have begun to enter the domestic door and window field. In the future, the survival of domestic small and medium-sized aluminum alloy doors and windows brands will become more and more difficult.

The implementation of the national macro-control policy came into effect, and house prices in some areas fell sharply for the first time. Domestic housing gradually returned to the just-needed trend, and the aluminum alloy doors and windows field has gradually returned to the healthy and orderly growth stage of the door and window industry after experiencing the outbreak. The competition in high-intensity industry, the increasing demand for personalization and functionalization directly leads to the difficulty in achieving the expected benefits in the service of small and medium-sized aluminum alloy doors and windows.

The old opaque seller market has quietly changed, many brand quotations have gradually become regionalized, the market environment area has become specialized, and the standardized quotation mode has been developed, so that the national quotation of aluminum alloy doors and windows brand stores tends to be unified, and some distribution Business profits will be difficult to achieve the expected value of the past, but for most dealers, it is beneficial, because the store needs to do after the unified quotation is only to let customers choose and reduce the bargaining link.

Aichen security doors and windows _ well-known door and window brand

2017 China (Shanghai The international door and window curtain wall fair, the international door and window curtain wall giants represented by the German ALUK door and window curtain wall brand have appeared on the exhibition site, which means that the Chinese market has long been in the attention of international big names, facing the global door and window brand, facing the world High-end brands have become inevitable. Then, in order to survive in the competition, in addition to relying on the penetration of the domestic market in the early stage, we also need to do our own products and services.

In summary, in fact, we can easily find that the domestic aluminum alloy door and window brand is facing not only internal factors but also external pressure. Various factors of domestic aluminum alloy doors and windows brands want to be divided in this market. In the middle of a mountain, brand innovation is imperative.

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Analysis of the trend of the floor industry style in the second half of 2011

Just like the important position of house ownership in the new marriage law, it affects the nature and direction of marriage. The concept of the floor is accompanied by the conflicts of ideas brought about by various new life styles, which is affecting the refinement of the concept of room decoration. Simple, warm, romantic, luxurious and so on. No matter what kind of floor style feeling is the mapping of the owner’s happy life, it is also the world in which the owner is introspective, and the spirit is vividly created according to the changes of the owner’s life and the environment.

Aesthetics of visual conflict

The second half of the style predicts Baroque’s luxurious, dynamic and ever-changing visual conflicts. The aesthetic and rhythmic details of Rococo’s details will become the protagonist of the floor style, and the noble and elegant in the noble. Soaked in luxury, its international fashion style invades the essence of creation, maximizing the redundancy in the traditional floor making process, and condensing the traditional floor craft essence to achieve beautiful and practical.

The quality of smart fashion

The trend of floor style in the second half of the year is the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetic fashion. After a new thinking, interpretation of new understanding. Comply with the perfect combination of intelligence and fashion, stunning, dynamic, agile, free, tasteful…. Zhang Yang is not exaggerated, swimming between classical and modern, everywhere is the classics of the new technology mechanized production can not afford to fall The charm and aristocratic complex pay attention to taste, emphasize comfort, and conform to the way and habit of modern people’s life.

The Freedom of Freedom

The release of agile and free, the manifestation of taste, provides people with a new way of understanding life, and will still follow the ten styles of leadership in the style of positioning. The way of presenting the whole body, the soul of the stunning and exquisitely scattered is the most unique interpretation of quality. The flying skirts, the falling ribbons, gracefully rotate, and in the interlacing, the brilliance, the extraordinary.

The floor created by the new technology is ‘stunning’

In the process of the gradual evolution of the flooring market, the floor style is highly regarded by the quality of life, compared with the traditional craft floor, through the spirit of the times, lifestyle, consumption In-depth analysis of preferences and value orientation, the appearance of the floor style ‘stunning’ not only injects the organic, fresh and beautiful fashion trend into the 2011 floor, but also uses the core technology to ensure the quality of each piece of flooring due to the precise and scientific rational design. Stable, so that consumer satisfaction is not just ‘glamorous’ on the surface.

Deductive life, every floor is full of a style of heart, just like you know how to live, enjoy happiness, enjoy the spirit, enjoy the love, the beauty of visual conflict, the quality of intelligent fashion, the free movement of the spirit Whale creates, self-confidence, taste, and happy life!

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