In water purification agent prospects good?

Water is the source of life, the importance of water to our self-evident, with the growing water pollution, water purification market was “out of control.” There is a demand would have a market, many investors see huge business opportunities hidden, have set foot in the water purification industry. Then the water purification agents how much the price? We’ll do the math.

In general, water purifiers to join the joining fee is 0, 0 margin, but the first delivery requirements. It should be note that some small brands still in charge joining fees or deposits, investors should take note. In general, water purification agents do not have much first mentioned restrictions, county agent about 8 to 10 million, or municipal agency in about 15 to 20 million.

water purifier market Why so popular? The main reference is that it is low investment threshold, high profits. Now on the market, just invest in a project, we need more than 200,000, did not know of these years to recover the costs. Then compare water purification agents, do municipal agency only takes about 15 to 20 million, and is the agent throughout the city, with no brand competition, price controls, and high profits.

water purification agents how much the price? For example, do a county-level water purification agents, shop rent, loan, decoration, showcase, and so want to increase spending, shop rental county area of ​​about 2,000 yuan a month , payment of the first delivery count 80,000 yuan, plus other costs, only 8 yuan to the shop operators.

In contrast purifier profits, the current water purifier is a sunrise industry, profit margins. If you are interested in doing business of water purification agents, may wish to consider the clear mountain spring water purifier oh. Water purification agents how much the price? After reading this article, I believe we have a certain understanding, hope can help to you.

What water purifier for home use? Take you to find the most suitable water purifier

2020 two “wolf film” “Wolf Totem”, “Wolf” so many viewers shocked voice wow, wolf once again become a hot topic. In all mammals, the most emotional person, than a wolf; most toughness were, than the wolf; most accomplished person, or than the wolf. Bully animal nature, law of the jungle is the iron law of nature. Wolves know how to attack, but also how to retreat, not afraid of the wolf naked, more adept at camouflage, both fighting alone, but also good group of offensive, wolf versed in guerrilla and jungle rules the wilderness, so the wolf could Wing Lap invincible. Build a water purifier brand, the same is true.

Here, spring water purifier ten brand clear advantage of the wolf summarized as “Seven”, will be understood as trick seven, seven or holy grail. A corporate brand, there is no wolf can not.

must first: seized the chance, pulling no punches. This is one of the best qualities of courage wolf winning. The opportunity is as important for businesses with very survival! Lost opportunity will lose the possibility of survival. By 2020, the water industry is a crucial period of transition, but there is no big brand in the industry, who can seize this rare opportunity to bridge Li Yong, who is the winner.

The second must: against the strong, absolute cooperation. Wolf team spirit is beyond human reach. For businesses, build brands, can not do it alone, it must be a lot of cooperation. Cooperation and win-win.

The third must: gritty, never lazy. In the face of harsh environment, only by virtue of indomitable will, to seek survival and development, a little lazy, will face an impasse. Corporate brand, must not be lazy. Frustration can not always be avoided, but it must be Yuecuoyueyong time not to abandon do not give up.

The fourth must: disdain crisis, the Jedi survive. The crisis is everywhere, always full of crisis is a survival game! By 2020, the water industry is the crisis of a year. This year, SMEs will be increasingly difficult in the face of crisis, only the pressure into motivation, to face up to the crisis will not be swallowed. Home of the resurrection, decisively lost OEM / ODM, began to build the brand. Let yourself facing death, to rise from the ashes.

Fifth must: adapt to the environment, not shunned. Environmental survival factors is an ongoing change, and with increasing competition, the living environment is always moreMany changes in direction towards the poor. Water purifier corporate brand, to the times, with the living environment changes.

VI must: hard skills, stunt enemy. No skill is unlikely to be strong to survive. Water purifier corporate brand must be powerful on its own strength. Including technical strength, the strength of production, marketing strength and so on. To improve product quality and sales, after-sales service.

seventh must: courageous and prudent, extremely wary. Wolf has been able to be strong to survive, because they are courageous and prudent, alert invincible! Water purifier corporate brand, be sure to think, communicate, play it by ear, not reckless, not blind. To plan a little more, a little more courage, a little more practice.

to create a water purifier brand, there is no wolf team can not.

Water purifiers joined the agency in respect of "Money" the four factors

We all know that water is the source of life, as people’s living standards and people’s increasing emphasis on health awareness, people are increasingly concerned about their drinking water health. The water purifier to join the agency has become such a social group demands also brought great business opportunities, many venture capitalists want to seize this opportunity to join water purification industries, want to make more money.

So, before joining the agency, is to pick the right brand water purifier agents to join a major point of success , concerning a future can go how far. Choose a good brand of water purifier, you must choose a strength of the manufacturers, the manufacturers because of the strength of the decision of potential proxy, in respect of agents to join the “Money.” Clear spring water purifier small series to tell you that agents select manufacturers should also pay attention to the following these four points:

First, professional and more focused manufacturers in the development of water purification industry, concerning a future water purifier.

has been a lot of water purifier has nothing to do with the production of products, but looking at the prospect of water purifier, then a face-lift, to start water purifier. Companies such professional is not strong, it is difficult to become water purification industry in the strength of the school enterprise. Only join clear spring water purifier brand in over a decade water-related businesses, of our products will be more and more promising.

Second, the integrity of manufacturers, is a factor that can not be ignored.

At present, many water filter companies are lack of good faith, and repeated investment of these enterprises at the expense of the interests of agents, so the water purifier business should be based on mutual benefit and win-win cooperative attitude and agents, allowing agents after hard to see the fruits of victory, so that agents can feel at ease fighting in the market.

Third, the manufacturer’s technical support is a water purifier agents success is a critical factor.

No one is born to know everything, especially the water purification industry, need professional guidance, otherwise it will be difficult when the agency’s work. Water purifier manufacturers should provide technical support for any technical problems encountered during the operation of the franchisee, we will have no spare capacity to make guidance and assistance to franchisees.

Fourth, the manufacturer’s service agreement.

In the current water purification industry competition, competition is no longer the strength of the financial and, But the service and after-sales competition, specially set up water purification booking site installation services to ensure a water purifier to join any service provider customers the opportunity to miss, the biggest sharing client, to ensure that the interests of water purification agents.

Water purification agents to join the preparatory work

Water purification agents to join? Please choose aftermarket strength of the manufacturers. This is a true story, with the intention to join the water industry friends beware.

things like this, Mr Cheng Sichuan Deyang, in November 2014 to buy a certain brand of water purifiers. Buy a home installed, water purifiers use more than a month will be broken. Later, Cheng Contact Deyang brand water purifier agents, but agents will try to shift the problem to the water purifier manufacturers, called Cheng directly contact the manufacturer.

Thus, Cheng only contact the manufacturers. After Cheng dial telephone aftermarket manufacturers, to reflect their own situation to the manufacturers, the manufacturers immediately promised to immediately contact Deyang agents arrange the sale, Mr Cheng This assured that heart of stone he has finally landed. But Mr Cheng at home waiting for a few days, no one to contact him after sale.

Subsequently, Mr. Zheng began to contact Deyang agents, there are people talking over the phone before, now can get through, but not even speak of people are gone. Cheng heart began to worry, he felt vaguely water purifier sale would be a big problem. He then phoned the brand water purifier manufacturers, the answer is still “will immediately contact the dealer to arrange Deyang sale.” Since manufacturers will once again promised to do the processing. Mr Cheng did not say much.

waited a few days, still no one to contact him after sale. Now, Mr. Cheng fire. He quickly called to the factory, he asked: “You said contact over there gave me a sale, but there has not come yet, if you do not solve this thing, I’ll looking for the Consumers Association..” Manufacturers still give Mr Cheng The answer is “Deyang agent will contact immediately arrange sale.” After listening to Mr Cheng heart is about cold, he felt his home water purifier maintenance hopeless.

Mr Cheng told friends, their home water purifier has been broken five months, and has played 20 times phone, manufacturers and dealers are not solved. Especially manufacturers, there is no perfect after-sales service. Cheng feel taken advantage of, he decided to wait a few days he made no one to deal with water purification, he will go to the local Consumers Association complained that the brand Deyang agents.

for water purification agents to join friends, you see this story, it is what kind of mood? Anyway, I was very sad Cheng, what is wrong with him, why would suffer such treatment? thereforeTo join the water industry friends, you choose aftermarket manufacturers to be sure to choose the strength of the manufacturers. The only way to be worthy of consumers, worthy of their own conscience.

water purifier manufacturers are so many, cohabitation, not every manufacturer is like clear spring water purifiers top ten brands that pay attention to after-sales service. Therefore, water purification agents to join friends, you choose the manufacturers must sharpen the eye, to examine whether manufacturers have sales department, whether there is after-sales installation personnel, whether the emphasis on after-sales work, whether really put consumers first. You only have to join the agency to improve after-sales of the manufacturers, it will not be like Mr Cheng tragedy.

Which materials are good for home improvement carpets? How to choose comfortable carpets? okorder

The carpet will also be in our home Yes, so many people still pay more attention. This way our residence will be more comfortable. But when choosing, everyone also chooses the material for us. This can also be taken care of when using it. Let’s take a look at the following renovation >Home Furnishing CarpetWhich materials are good? Let everyone come better Choose our material.

One, which materials are good for home improvement carpets

1, special cheap plastic carpet, plastic carpet with plasticizer. The feeling of use is also very comfortable. A variety of auxiliary materials such as polyvinyl chloride resin and plastic carpet have the characteristics of bright color, non-flammable, not afraid of wetness and anti-slip. Because plastic carpets are water resistant, they can also be used for anti-slip effects in bathrooms.

2, chemical fiber carpet is also very popular. Chemical fiber carpet materials, also known as synthetic fiber carpets, are also a good choice for environmentally friendly homes. For example, there are polypropylene chemical fiber carpets, polypropylene chemical fiber carpets, nylon carpets, and the like. The chemical fiber carpet material is made of a synthetic layer of fibers by tufting or weaving, and then stitched to the bottom of the linen. Suitable for floor decoration of general buildings.

3, acrylic carpet is also the first choice for living, in peacetime The more common kind of life is also a good choice for our home. The acrylic fiber is a synthetic fiber made of a polyacrylonitrile or an acrylonitrile copolymer having an acrylonitrile content of more than 85% by mass. Acrylic fiber is known as artificial wool. It is not easy to dye and has a bright color. It is also very suitable for use as a carpet material.

Second, how to choose a comfortable carpet

1. When we choose to see our appearance quality, the shape is the detection method that should be ranked first. Some of us pay attention to it. The specific method is also very simple, that is, to carefully check its surface On the one hand, check the flatness, on the other hand, check the color for inconsistent chromatic aberration. Avoid the subsequent sticky and greasy phenomenon.

2, we have to consider the carpet density of the carpet, it can help to achieve a certain sound insulation and anti-slip effect, we have Note that the density of the pile is the key factor affecting these two points. Not only is it very resistant to abrasion, so it is recommended that you try to buy a tightly woven carpet with your hands.

3, and our color fastness . One method that is most easily overlooked by many people, we have some understanding. Frequently, the owner complained to the merchant that the carpet was bought and used for a while and then faded heavily. floorAll are dyed. Then you can basically judge the quality of the product is poor, it is best not to buy.

(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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The new energy efficiency standard for refrigerators will be implemented, and the new standard products will save 40% of electricity. okorder

From October 1st, the newly revised “Home refrigerator power consumption limit value and energy efficiency rating” mandatory performance national standard will be formally implemented.

Yesterday, the reporter visited the market and saw that the eager merchants have posted the 2015 new standard, and some of the inventory products with lower energy efficiency ratings are ready to be reduced during the National Day.

“The old level rises “The new level of power saving 40%

It is understood that the new version of “Household electricity refrigerator power consumption limit The value and energy efficiency rating have been revised as early as last year and will be officially implemented on October 1 this year. This indicates that the 2008 edition of the energy efficiency standards for more than seven years will be withdrawn from the historical arena.

Introduction to the industry said that the new standard was introduced, the main purpose is to “saving electricity and saving money, low consumption environmental protection, all kinds of home appliances overall To develop in the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection, the energy efficiency standards of the old version of the refrigerator are slightly lower than the international standards. After this revision, the new national standard has already exceeded the international standard. The new standard still divides the energy efficiency rating into five levels, of which the first-level product is the most energy-efficient, and the old-level power consumption is reduced by 40% to reach the new level. Some analysts predict that after the implementation of the new standard, more than 20% of high-energy-consuming products in the market will be eliminated, and the overall energy efficiency of refrigerators will increase by about 10%. In addition, the new standard has expanded its scope to include traditional products such as refrigerators, freezers and freezers, as well as innovative products such as wine coolers, horizontal refrigerated freezers.

“The new level will increase by about 1,000 yuan

The sales monitoring data for the first half of this year shows that the retail volume of first-class energy-efficient refrigerators has accounted for 96% of all commodities. . However, after the implementation of the new national standard, about 80% of the products will be “from the moment”; the old level is “new”. In order to meet the new first-class standards, many factories need to update their equipment and need technical research and development, which will increase production costs. Therefore, compared with the “old-class products,” Or it will rise by 600 yuan to 1,000 yuan. However, this part of the price will also be recovered in the long-term use of residents by saving electricity. The insiders also suggested that in fact, the new two-level refrigerators are in line with households, and there is no need to pursue a new level.

Yesterday, consumers who are purchasing refrigerators in a home appliance chain store said that refrigerators need to be plugged in 24 hours, which is the electricity used in the home. Large customers will consider purchasing more energy-saving electricity. product.

Inventory products face price cuts

The reporter saw in some appliance stores that some impatient businesses have posted the 2015 new national standard. A brand promoter said that the manufacturer produced new models in accordance with the new standards in the first half of this year. Although it was officially implemented on October 1, it gave consumers a choice.

In addition, in the store, there are also some old models ready to cut prices during the holiday season. Another well-known brand sales staff told reporters that from October 1st to 7th, there will be 7 consecutive days of profit-sharing activities, many products not only directly cut prices, but also give extra gifts. According to the overall deployment of the headquarters, most of the participating activities are old stocks, and new products are also reduced in price, but the magnitude is relatively small.

Industry reminds consumers that even after October 1, the old and new standards will mix and match for a long time, because businesses need to digest inventory. Therefore, when consumers purchase goods, they should pay attention to distinguish between old and new versions. The new version of the refrigerator energy efficiency label also adds a two-dimensional code. Using the mobile phone to scan, you can know the information about the product record and other public information.

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Hitachi Appliances launches the first sweeping robot for the country okorder

On the 19th of next month, Hitachi’s Hitachi home appliance company plans to launch the first sweeping robot for the country “mini road & mdash; — Minimaru.

As early as 2003, Hitachi disclosed its successful development of sweeping robot technology, and it was only after 13 years that it finally became conditioned.

The sweeping robot is a late-generation product in the modern smart home appliance. It uses the rechargeable battery as the power, and uses the built-in program to measure the room cleaning space. Optimized cleaning route instead of manual completion of floor cleaning work.

The core technology is to measure and calculate the clean coverage route. The sweeping robot was first recognized in the European and American markets. The highest-end iRobot sweeping robot series in the North American Roomba brand is priced at $900, equivalent to RMB 6,100. In recent years, the average unit price of domestic brands has dropped to about 2,500 yuan, which is also accepted by users in first-tier cities in China.

Dyson of the United Kingdom and Roomba from the United States occupy a higher market share of sweeping robots in the Japanese market, while Japanese brands are only among the top Panasonic.

This body mini Minimaru is only 25 cm wide and 9.2 cm high. Known to be able to clean the path algorithm from more than 100 modes under the control of artificial intelligence (AI), especially to the seat, sofa A narrow space underneath.

Hitachi believes that the home cleaning equipment market is currently a blue ocean that can tap business opportunities, and can quickly gain market share in a less competitive environment. The AI ​​artificial intelligence sweeping robot is priced at 108,000 yen (about 7,000 yuan). Nissan plans to produce and supply more than 60,000 local markets in the coming year.

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After sharing the charging treasure and sharing the car, is the shared decoration going to be the original? okorder

“ The lazy mode has become the most popular economy today, & ldquo; survival of the fittest is the law of the market. The shared decoration platform looks very popular.

The sharing economy is a hot topic in the current society. From the time when the shared bicycle just came out, the public generally applauded, and later shared charging treasure, shared basketball, shared umbrellas, shared beds, etc., whether you want to accept or not, a large wave of sharing economy has stood on the cusp of the times. This article is based on the sharing of the economic boom, an interpretation of the “shared decoration model.”

Regardless of whether you are willing to accept or not, after a press conference of the National Development and Reform Commission, a large wave of sharing economy has stood on the cusp of the times. This new format and new model are developing in an orderly manner. Sharing and decoration is a service that enters people’s life circle in a new economic form after social service, bicycle, car and accommodation sharing, and has become the brightest and most dazzling star in the industry, so it has “shared”. What is the model of the decoration label?

The general direction: the demographic dividend is active and sharing the economy

Although China’s current demographic dividend is gradually losing, it is understandable that it is “ It is still a populous country. Under the premise of limited exploitation of resources and environmental protection development, proper allocation of resources is a better way to improve utilization.

With the booming of the sharing economy, people nowadays want to drive, bicycle, and live in different places without spending a lot of money on their own purchases and rents. “Ready-made, because you can use large goods for a small amount of money, naturally take a step further from financial freedom, WHY NOT?

And people like to share the economy is actually these social resources that are originally idle, now It is well used, simply saying “All things are used, so we are willing to pay for this wave of atmosphere.

In addition, the benefits of both the supply and demand sides of the shared economy can be combined, so the advantages it can gather are quite powerful. Especially in the current modern fragmentation of information, refining life and acquiring applicable resources, the non-shared economy is the only one.

The status quo of the decoration industry: the new model to use the Internet to remove water

As the decoration industry capital joins the shared decoration field, this makes the platform that was originally slow to develop like the clockwork Accelerating, in this wave of competition, quickly opened the Internet home decoration and traditional home decoration.

Contrasting the shared economy of the people’s livelihood, decorating the rising star (for example: three rabbits), quickly running through the idea of ​​sharing the economy, they realized the renovation contractor (professional term: foreman) and the owner Direct docking, returning the original advertising fee to the owner, without the third-party media cost, but also eliminating the traditional decoration of the home improvement grading outsourcing;

integration of supply and demand, both ends In this case, respectively, the Internet has become the most important carrier, and it provides opportunities for both the supply and demand to make money and save money. Therefore, these are properly echoing the development of the Internet economy. The economic power is integrated into the power of society and services. Can you not praise it?

The cost of internet decoration is low, the efficiency is good, and the instantization is the part of the current online arrangement that cannot be suppressed. The difference, the reduction of the pits that the owners will fall off, and the avoidance of the renovation process have become a booster for the rapid rise and prosperity of Internet home improvement.

And some well-managed platforms have a high degree of transparency, and the programs that are simple and simple are also more attractive. The decoration is only for the owners to stay in the road, and only the “hands” The decoration mode can resolve the fierce social contradiction between the current decoration owners and the bricklayers.

Sharing the prospect of renovation: the new format resources are well-placed

Because the lazy mode is currently the most popular economy, “the survival of the fittest is the market law. Branding, supply chain, and standardization are the models for decoration. Based on the new form of home decoration encountered the sharing era, now from the decoration company, designers, decoration workers and consumers because the Internet has a new way of linking, so sharing the decoration platform is popular.

To put it another way, Internet home improvement is a new broom to clean up the current “smoke-and-smoke decoration market. While promoting the development of the decoration industry in a more benign direction, it also takes a sustainable development for itself. The road has laid a good foundation. (Source: Bathroom Circle)

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18 kinds of brand-name flooring made by black dens okorder

Black dens can make 18 kinds of brand-name flooring

Santa Feiya floor, Ouwei floor, Fussen floor, Denison floor, Katie floor, Fumei floor, Hongrun floor, Kyle floor, auspicious Flooring, Ouwei flooring… A variety of brand-name flooring available on the market can be ‘made’ in a small warehouse with a black hole. Yesterday, the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers of Sifang seized a den on the Tailiu Road suspected of fraudulent use of other trademarks to create brand-name flooring. On the spot, more than 3,000 boxes of suspected counterfeit floors were seized, with a case value of more than 200,000 yuan. Law enforcement officers have seized all the suspected counterfeit floors and will further investigate the purchase and sale of the dens.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021818001611.jpg”>

‘Name Flooring’ Nail 抠 </

The law enforcement officers took a piece from the packaged ‘Jielu’ brand laminate flooring and gently stroked the surface of the floor with a key. The paint surface is cut off, and the inner layer can be scraped off with nails. ‘How does your floor look like a carton?’ Faced with the law enforcement officers questioning, Renmou actually said: ‘The outermost layer of the laminate floor is paper. The shell did. ‘The law enforcement officers told NetEase home that there are a lot of decoration teams that are all contract workers. Some homeowners who don’t understand the decoration let the decoration team buy the decoration materials themselves, which gives the bad decoration team a chance to take the opportunity. The team purchased the counterfeit brand floor at a low price, and the floor price for the regular market was reported to the homeowner. The difference of 1 square meter is close to 30 yuan, and the price difference for a house is much better. Remind consumers that when buying the floor, they must go to the formal market, especially the ‘brand floor’ used by the decoration team. Be sure to check the purchase invoice, it is best to personally check the goods with the decoration staff.

The secret behind the OEM

It is revealed that the reason why the OEM wood flooring is the most popular The important reason is that there is hidden profits behind it. The wholesale price of laminate flooring purchased from a small factory is 20-30 yuan / square meter. After labeling well-known brands, the price can be mammoth to 70-100 yuan / square meter. When these branded wooden floors are sold to ordinary consumers through the store, the actual price has reached 130 yuan / square meter. That is to say, just sticking a card, the profit has increased several times. In this way, many well-known brands of wooden flooring not only do their own branding, but also their dealers are also effective, they have to play cards and make big money. As for the quality of these branded wood flooring, it is like real brand promotion. In that way, only God knows. Because the production process of a factory cannot be easily changed, it is impossible to make an order for a large brand. The quality of its production will have a qualitative leap

Release date: 2012/3/ 16 9:36:16

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How floor companies can brand at low cost okorder

The shaping of the floor brand is a systematic project. For the current meager profit of the flooring industry, how to shape the brand with as little money as possible is what the flooring company dreams of. Very special times require extraordinary means. As long as the flooring companies are willing to work hard, it is entirely possible to build the brand with low cost. So how do you achieve branding at low cost?

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021816591609.jpg”>

Floor companies The 12 rules of low-cost branding

1. Social Responsibility Rules

The floor brand needs to shoulder the shaping process. Social responsibility, only in this way, can ensure the healthy growth of the brand and the long-term foundation, and it is possible to achieve ultra-low-cost brand operation. Social responsibility is a relatively general concept, large and wide, difficult to define clearly. Social responsibility in a certain sense Subordinate to the moral category, the ancients said: ‘There is no morality, no morality, no morality, no morality. ‘Being moral, it is cultivation, it is civilization, it is the cornerstone; no virtue, no faith, despicable, self-destruction. We call It is the law of social responsibility.

Floor companies want to build a strong brand at a low cost. First, they should shoulder social responsibility and accept the society’s detection of corporate conscience.

Second, Taishan Law

No matter what brand strategy the flooring company ultimately adopts, it must ensure the controllability of the branding process, including investment. funds Controllability, controllability of human resources, controllability of product and service quality, etc., these elements are indispensable to ensure the robustness of brand building. We call it the Taishan rule. Conversely, if we do not follow the Taishan rule The quality of products and services may lose control when brand awareness rises rapidly and sales volume rises sharply. The consequences will be unimaginable.

Floor companies are in a tight budget. In the case of competitive pressure, we must learn to effectively control resources and make rational use of resources to make the brand develop steadily when branding.


The fundamental element of the brand is people. The creation of a successful flooring brand is not a person, a department or a brand planning agency can do it independently. It requires the participation of all employees of the flooring company. All employees must have a strong brand awareness, and consciously use their own practical actions to maintain the brand image and contribute to the construction of the brand building. We call it the ‘full member brand management’ rule, or TBM law for short. If you don’t follow the TBM rules, employees will not be able to talk about brand building. There will even be some people who are constantly ‘stealing bricks and smashing tiles’ and digging the corners of brand building. This will not only cause the floor. The great waste of brand resources has also greatly increased the cost of flooring branding.

While flooring companies should mobilize all employees to maintain corporate and product brands while building brands, As a part of the corporate brand, the whole people mobilized and made themselves a corporate gold sign.

Fourth, the rule of water drop stone

a floor brand to be familiar to consumers in a certain area, it is inevitable To do a good job in brand communication. However, brand communication not only requires time accumulation, but also requires sufficient resources for the flooring companies to support, such as human resources, material resources, financial resources, selling resources, consumer mental resources and so on. As a result, some resource-constrained flooring companies are hard to do brand communication work, and they don’t even know how to start. The key to solving the problem is to accumulate resources bit by bit, to use resources realistically, to avoid losses caused by fraud, and ultimately to break the limits of resources and successfully achieve brand communication. We call it the rule of dripping stone.

Conversely, if we do not follow the law of dripping stone, by creating a false background, fabricating authoritative information, etc., and seeking the ‘one night riches’ in branding, then we will inevitably receive corresponding punishment.

Five, ‘Brand Allusions’ Law

‘Brand Allusions’ refers to the brand in the birth and development process can directly highlight the brand characteristics Iconic event. Brand allusions are often used to express some broad and profound themes. For example, the Haier refrigerator incident has become the most typical event for Chinese companies to pay attention to quality, and thus has become the classic of countless large and small media, books and universities. Case ‘. The main role of ‘Brand Allusion’ is that it can quickly convey the brand characteristics to the public, strengthen the public’s perception of the brand, and because of the vividness, fun, uniqueness and legend of the brand allusions, can generate the brand’s own speech. The situation – the masses easily remember and actively spread, get a large number of free communication opportunities, significantly reduce the cost of brand communication, and effectively promote the widespread spread of the brand.

Floor companies should explore from all aspects of the enterprise, pay attention to observation, learn to find ‘brand allusions’, manufacture ‘brand allusions’, so that ‘brand allusions’ to promote the long-term development of the brand.

VI. ‘Live Advertising’ Law

All possible relationships with customers, potential customers and the public in the flooring company The employees can be said to be important media in the process of corporate brand communication. They spread the ‘live image’ of the company, so we call it ‘living advertising’, for example, entrepreneurs, human resources managers, sales people, Press spokespersons, after-sales service personnel, security guards, cleaners, etc. are all important ‘live advertisements’ for enterprises. These ‘live advertisements’ play a vital role in the spread of the floor brand, even to a certain extent.The brand image of the floor company has the power of ‘killing and killing’. Therefore, in daily operations, flooring companies must carefully create their own ‘live advertisements’, which can not only avoid the harm of ‘live advertisements’ on brand image, but also reduce the negative impact of negative communication on brand reputation. More importantly, it can Give full play to the positive communication role of each ‘live advertisement’, thus effectively reducing the cost of brand communication, thereby reducing the cost of branding. We call it the ”live advertising’ rule’.

The floor industry is also a labor-intensive industry to a certain extent. If each employee of the company can improve their own quality and can represent themselves on the company’s brand image, the company will receive A large number of free brand communication opportunities. Corporate employees are rich resources for branding of flooring companies. Floor companies should instill brand awareness into each employee when branding.

Seven, one arrow and more carving rules

One arrow double carving is used to metaphor to do one thing for two purposes. Borrowing this idiom, the one-man multi-carving method we proposed mainly refers to the brand communication behavior of the floor enterprises to achieve multiple purposes, not just to spread the brand name. Only in this way can the flooring companies truly make full use of resources and significantly reduce the cost of branding.

Floor companies must innovate in branding techniques, so that planning events can produce multiple effects on the enterprise. ‘Take one to ten’ to minimize the cost of shaping.

Eight and four potential rules

‘Four rules of the law’ is an important principle for floor companies to achieve low-cost branding First, it means that public relations activities and the creation of news soft texts must conform to the trend of social development, the trend of industry development, the trend of enterprise development and the interest of consumers. Comply with the ‘Four Forces’ principle, it can effectively realize the active attention of consumers and the free reports of the media, and even get the support of relevant government departments. This can help flooring companies achieve low cost and build strong brands.

First, in line with the trend of social development. The trend of social development, as the name suggests, refers to the overall trend of social development, such as the increasing living standards, more and more people-oriented, or more and more full of human care.

Second, in line with the development of the industry, that is, recognize the overall trend of an industry development. This is more direct to branding than the trend of social development.

Third, in line with the development of the enterprise. Because only by recognizing the development trend of the floor enterprises, that is, the development prospects and strategic tactics of enterprises, enterprises can take effective measures to promote the development of the brand and promote the sustainable development of the brand.

Fourth, in line with consumer demand. The change in consumer demand determines the final choice of flooring products. The branding of flooring companies should constantly adjust their strategies as consumers’ needs change.

IX, convex lens rule

floor enterprises need to concentrate limited resources, especially financial resources, choose a suitable focus, do not waste any resources, and gradually break through To achieve a low cost to shape the brand. We call this the law of convex lenses.

When building a brand, floor companies can look for events that can reflect the advantages of the company’s brand, and vigorously promote the highlights of the corporate brand from the event.

Ten, the heart is the law

Since the ancient Chinese emphasized the heart attack, the Three Kingdoms period, the establishment of the Shuhan, Southwest The leader of the barbarians, Meng, received a hundred thousand troops to invade the country. Zhuge Liang took the ‘heart attack’, seven and seven vertical, so that he was finally moved, and vowed not to reverse. Since then, the southwest of Laos has settled down. This is the tactical value of ‘spoofing the city and attacking the heart.’ Being able to ‘be a war without a fight’ is the highest level of strategic planning and can significantly reduce the cost of flooring branding. We call it the rule of the heart.

Floor companies in the difficult expansion of the brand, the development of difficult to break through, may wish to use this rule, hearted customers, will have unexpected gains.

XI, the law of land and air

From the perspective of brand marketing, the Air Force refers to advertising, public relations activities, Event marketing and other activities that inform product functions, attract consumers’ attention, and enhance brand awareness and reputation; Army refers to the actual and ground-based work of rules and regulations, organizational structure, sales policies, and channel construction. In the process of growing the floor brand, the two played different roles. The Air Force focused on the pull, while the Army focused on the thrust. The Air Force needs to solve the problem of how to let consumers know about the product, pay attention to the product, and finally generate the desire to buy the product. . The biggest challenge facing the Army is how to occupy the channel, so that consumers can more contact with the product, how to price, how to promote, how to arrange the terminal, so that consumers have a greater probability of making a purchase. It can be seen that the two are complementary, and they are indispensable. Only land and air can cooperate to attack the city, otherwise it will cause waste of resources and increase the cost of brand building. We call it the law of land and air.

Floor companies must adopt land and air cooperation tactics when building brands, not only to let consumers know that there is this brand, they are willing to buy their products, but also to let consumers buy Happy, comfortable. Similarly, the planning and implementation of flooring business activities also requires land and air cooperation.

12, 3S rule

3S includes ‘Shi (Shi)’, ‘Shi (Shi)’ and ‘ Potential (Shi)’. ‘Things’ mainly refers to basic things, such as: raw material procurement, product production process supervision, finished product quality inspection, service level control, financial management, and office conditions, production equipment, plant environment, etc. . ‘Things’ is the foundation for the survival and development of flooring brands. ‘city’,Mainly refers to the market, such as: whether the product has a market, how big the market is, how to win the consumer, and then occupy the market. ‘City’ is the soil for the survival and development of flooring brands. ‘Potential’ mainly refers to the situation and situation. If the brand wants to develop, it must understand the trend and be good at taking advantage of the situation. This ‘potential’ mainly includes the trend of social development, the trend of industry development, the trend of enterprise development, and the development of public interest and demand. In order to achieve low-cost brand operation, flooring companies must do a good job at the basics, do a good job in the market, and be able to review the situation and take advantage of the situation. We call it the 3S rule.

Floor companies must fully grasp the ‘3S’ when building a brand, to do a good job in basic work, master the market and seek momentum, identify the situation, coordinate with the situation, one can not be less .

Release date: 2012/3/23 9:10:38

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