Chang Ya Culture Group Selects Infor solutions to improve operational efficiency and business innovation

Commercial cloud software for specific industries, a leading provider Infor announced a partnership with China Chang Ya Culture (Group) signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen. Ya Chang will deploy Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) solutions and Infor OS cloud platform to enhance the Group’s operational efficiency and intelligent management, to deal with the challenges posed by the rapid development of business, in order to achieve business innovation CONTROL ENGINEERING China All Rights Reserved , to provide customers with better service. Chang Ya Culture Group is a comprehensive cultural industry group, to enrich the art of data-centric, IT technology as a means of the Internet as a platform to provide data and wisdom of art for art IT services industry integrated solutions www.cechina. cn , to provide professional service and quality products for art lovers. Now owned Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen’s three main operating base Control Engineering Copyright , Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Xi’an, Hefei six arts service center, and set up offices in Hong Kong, products and service throughout the world dozens of countries and regions. With the continuous development of business , Artron the original system has been unable to support the Group’s expanding business. Operational challenges they face include: various departments system is relatively independent, accurate and transparent data to get a big challenge, to share information in real time, the difficulty of improving efficiency is also high; for example, the financial system is in urgent need of uniform accounting standards and business seamless integration system, data consistency is like. And after the deployment of Infor CSI, Ya Chang will be able to establish data sharing platform through systems integration, data standardization management Control Engineering Copyright , reduce communication costs and improve efficiency; Infor’s solutions also help build financial, business integration of the ERP system, document flow, information flow, capital flow and logistics four streams-one, so that Artron optimize business processes and enhance; analysis and management can achieve production costs, marketing costs, enhance the company’s overall operational level. Dry CEO Peng Chang Ya Culture (Group) Co., Ltd. said: “We are delighted to establish a partnership with Infor After evaluating different solutions exist in the market, we have chosen.Choose the Infor. We believe Infor-depth industry-specific solutions and mature ecosystem established in the Chinese market, we can help improve operational efficiency, ensure to maintain a flexible and rapid response to market in the process of cross-market expansion. “” Today, many companies are considering or are taking advantage of the digital transition and tap the potential business and drive growth. Infor is pleased to help Artron promote its transformation, “Infor vice president of Greater China and South Korea expressed Xie Xiaobei sales.” We are committed to providing sophisticated industry-specific solutions in the cloud. Infor will help Artron optimize efficiency, make informed and accurate business decisions in order to further promote its business transformation and expansion. “Ya Chang is expected to be formally launched in January 2020, Infor’s solutions.

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