“CHINAPLAS 2019 Chinaplas” gorgeous opening today carrying more than 3,600 exhibitors were “plastic” New World

The manufacturing sector accelerated recovery in the global bottlenecks, an atmosphere of tension in the field of trade is spreading outward, the world economic situation is undergoing complex and profound changes. In the transformation of development mode, optimizing the economic structure, transforming growth momentum crucial period of China, on the one hand to send tax cuts drop fee “gifts” to reduce the burden on the manufacturing sector, encouraging technological innovation, stimulate domestic demand; on the other hand to encourage foreign investment, continue promote open. Plastics and rubber industry to meet the new era, new challenges, new opportunities, “CHINAPLAS 2019 Chinaplas” today kicked off a four-day (May 21 – on the 24th), heavy return technological innovation gathering place – Guangdong, Hong Kong Grand Bay Area city center – Guangzhou. Show together the world’s leading exhibitors over 3600, to more than 250,000 square meters of exhibition scale, Pazhou in Guangzhou China Import & Export Fair Complex Allure Juxian pioneering technology, pilot rubber companies grasp the opportunity to stand out.
plus scientific and technological innovation “plastic” to promote the development of high-quality 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, networking, face recognition, curved screen, folding screen …… In the past year, these keywords pocketed the eye, but also the birth of the new opportunities and new materials, new equipment. The key lies in the development of high-quality scientific and technological innovation. As an important manufacturing base of industry, rubber industry are driving the industry chain, value chain, accelerate the upgrade to high-end. Plastics in human life and an integral part of the development of science and technology, but for a long time, the plastic can easily be misinterpreted to be underestimated. With consumer product upgrades and accelerate iterations, comes in plastic is more extensive and high-end CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and build extraordinary imagination. As a high-tech high-quality display and exchange platform, “CHINAPLAS 2019 Chinaplas” mustering the strength to launch more than 180 global or Asian debut hotspot technology, and intensive publishing outstanding high-performance plastic, intelligent manufacturing solutions, plus for the industry, “plastic” give new impetus to the development of new energy. For plastics and important field of application, the annual industry event “CHINAPLAS Chinaplas” as the top show, presenting more active than ever focused on technological breakthroughs and innovation. 5G will detonate the coming era of disruptive changes, the wisdom of life science and technology at your fingertips, cutting-edge applications end to end application initiating expect from 5G communication base stations; at the show, low-kModified plastics dielectric constant, the antenna material, a heat conductive material, a shielding material or the like to expose a powerful innovation skill. Car is becoming more and more “smart”, follow the development of intelligent network-linked, high sense, conductivity, color and other high-performance materials favored. Customized packaging color value of a brand of high appreciation of the accelerator, 3D printing, and special new environmentally friendly plastic, fast, variable technology by the blitz. In the medical field, high purity, high transparency, chemical resistance, and a medical grade plastic medical grade silicone rubber is popular. But also the case of “build” durability, high strength and toughness of high quality building materials and solutions at the show. In addition, the exhibition spared no effort to develop new sports and leisure section of the application CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the emergence of brisk spurt technology applications covering multiple industries. In order to assist the industry from the vast ocean technology quickly and efficiently navigate sophisticated, popular hard core science and technology, the organizers held at the same “technology platform”, in the form of an open forum, more than 40 exclusive shock release Rubber hi-tech, including long fiber injection molding, 3D printing, bio-plastics, new energy vehicles and other 11 large units. Cope with high potential high-growth medical market demand, the exhibition at the Forum Products + + + comprehensive guide in the form of guided tours of creating “medical plastic sink”, led by medical equipment, supplies and pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers stop collecting global medical plastics Science and Technology.
and then “plastic” the new model of circular economy following the end of 2017 banned the import of domestic sources of waste plastics, China “waste ban order” further escalation, a total ban on industrial sources of waste plastics at the end of 2018. Plastic pollution problem becomes more urgent and serious. “The traditional ‘materials – Production – Consumption Use – discard’ mode is gradually being abandoned, adding the key to recycling in order to reshape the industry model innovation, while addressing the pollution caused by plastic ‘trouble’, but also digging significant development opportunities and huge potential hidden behind “Ms. Liang Yaqi, general manager of the exhibition organizer, Adsale exhibition services Ltd spoke:” ‘CHINAPLAS 2019 Chinaplas’ focus intelligent manufacturing ยท Advanced materials environmental protection and recyclable solutions wind swept the global economic cycle to the beautiful landscape on the show, is absolutely not to be missed. “recycled plastic recycling economy and the rising buzz. Let plastic re-Hwan new life in full bloom of life is an important mission, which will not only stimulate economic growthLong, to create new value, but also help protect our beautiful planet. With upgraded technology, plastics offers many green solutions. Global deployment of the whole industry chain is actively recycling economy, from the UN to the EU, China, the United States, from chemical raw materials and equipment suppliers to Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, L’Oreal, Kafu Heng’s, Nestle, Pepsi, Apple, Logitech, Adidas brand and other terminal giants are positive action to promote the rational use of hot plastic and recycling of this resource, to reverse the fate of plastic waste. Organizers together “CPRJ China Plastic & Rubber” magazine effort in one day (May 20) prior to the show to create “plastics recycling and Circular Economy Forum and Exhibition”, the industry responded. Activities concentrated economy and the world’s latest recycling plastics recycling materials innovation, technological advancement, application stories, unique perspective, cutting-edge perspective. More than 350 industry experts, elite face to face at the meeting on how to promote the business trend in the world of resource conservation, recycling and recovery of business users with ad hoc cases share how to build circulation of plastic products and plastic recycling ecosystem lifecycle. Forum for the exchange ideas spark collision, show the depth of observation solution. Snug fit the theme of recycling economy , “CHINAPLAS 2019 Chinaplas” for the first time set up a “recycled plastic zone”, raising rPET, LDPE recycled resin, PP resin regeneration, regeneration of modified plastics other 100% recyclable, non-toxic and safe material. To point “waste” materials can be made to “Recycling Technology Zone” get tips. Area is committed to closed-loop recycling industry chain, the exhibition runs through every aspect of recycling production line of advanced technology, from sorting, crushing, washing, drying and then intelligent renewable granulation systems, etc., are very relevant with the current trends. “Bioplastics Zone” appearance of bio-based plastics, bio composites not only more versatile, covering packaging, appliances, toys, children’s products, car, 3D printing, compostable and biodegradable, nontoxic Control Engineering Copyright (C) , the price has gradually “civilian”, and becoming more and more close to the oil-based plastics.
equipped with smart industrial design and manufacturing, heavy “plastic” demographic dividend gradually disappear development space, after 90 young fewer and fewer are willing to enter the factory engaged in repetitive tasks, such as high labor costs increasingly become a crossWataru in front of the problem of manufacturing. “Reinventing” traditional manufacturing mode of production and operation mode, a new generation of information technology to become “intellectual support point” to improve labor productivity and economic efficiency fundamentally. 5G’s high-speed, high capacity and low latency, even more intelligent progress made even more powerful, leaps and bounds. Digital, intelligent, automation has become standard in the future development of the manufacturing sector, “CHINAPLAS 2019 Chinaplas” effective launch mass of intelligent manufacturing solutions, such as to enhance the capacity of integration of intelligent manufacturing equipment, a variety of high-quality small quantities production processes and so on. The total beam introduced to: “In addition, we have successfully organized in the past three years ‘Industry 4.0 Forum’, the out of the room, held at the same ‘factory of the future industry 4.0’, the real show floor exhibition hall in Industry 4.0 aims to revolutionary changes into plant managers, production processes bring to the industry share figures, thereby improving quality and efficiency, reduce costs, but also attract more young people into the manufacturing sector. “exhibition site to build” Homo sapiens wisdom made Master control room “and” smart factory “, connected through the big screen the show booths machinery and equipment, as well as outside the exhibition hall is located in a remote site production plants, live real-time operational data; co-injection molding machinery manufacturers and equipment supply exhibitors, model future operations of the plant, so that the industry insight into how to use production data to analyze, fix the problem and manage daily operations of the plant, to help companies catch the high-speed train industry 4.0. Product design known as the “reinventing hand”, reshape the product value, with a huge potential demand for industrial design. Cross-border integration, ecological symbiosis, a continuation of the previous hot, exhibition held “design innovation x” to “CMF inspiration Library”, “Design Forum” and “CHINAPLAS Designers Night” three major activities to stimulate product innovation inspiration. “CMF inspiration gallery” to show the rich resources of plastic technology designed to provide the CMF, let the audience observe up close and touch the exhibits. “Design Forum” brings together the world’s leading designers and suppliers of plastics technology, product innovation and sharing environmental design possibilities. “CHINAPLAS Designers Night” to “Union? Create unbounded” as its theme, the joint cross-border electronic information industry plastic x partying, impact of product design possibilities in food and wine and relaxed atmosphere. Shape the future, there can chase a dream! Nine units from the base soil; a thousand miles begins with one step. On the positive breakthrough, breaking, reconstructionUnder the background, as the “plastic” build a better future, a group of people together, to take the initiative Control Engineering Copyright , to meet the challenges, the light to be found, you can chase a dream! 1. “CHINAPLAS 2019 Chinaplas” to bring 3600+ exhibitors were “plastic” New World! 2. industry from the influx of a global audience hall, exploring intelligent manufacturing o o environmental protection and high-tech materials can be recycled rubber solutions. 3. The annual industry event “CHINAPLAS Chinaplas”, presents an unprecedented concentration of active technological breakthroughs and innovation! 4. hi various materials show strong innovation expose skill. 5. environmental protection and recyclable solutions is definitely not miss the beautiful scenery.
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