China’s huge auto industry, which the local industrial robots giants are cultivating?

As a necessity workshop, industrial robots and national manufacturing development are closely related. With China’s economy develop in depth , domestic industrial robot manufacturers have mushroomed emerged. Huge automobile industry, is that the domestic manufacturers of industrial robots fertile ground for growth. Ai Fute, Ruisong science and technology, people and other North Jiangsu focused on automobiles and auto parts manufacturing in the field of local manufacturers of industrial robots from behind the stage, hoping to leveraging the capital markets, develop more room for development, however, the market is still fertile ground for cutting-edge technology “reclamation”. Chinese manufacturers of industrial robots, after all, “late” for decades, the technical level is difficult to compete with ABB, Fanuc, Yaskawa Electric and KUKA this “robot four families”: Most local manufacturers to start from the downstream application integration market, upstream higher core components of the robot body and technical barriers, domestic equipment is hard to match. Technical validation still need to support industrial applications. How Chinese industrial robot manufacturers are to succeed in the automotive industry? And whether rooted in this fertile land, the core technology further, and even grow out of the same industry-leading ABB? Value
automotive industry, industrial robots fertile ground for the development of the automobile industry , is reflected in the economic benefits. 2017, China’s automobile output exceeded 10 trillion mark in gross national product accounted for more than one-tenth. As a very long chain industry, upstream boosting the development of electronic, metallurgy and other industries, downstream also spawned the super-trillion-scale automotive market. Not only that as well as the automotive industry for a country of strategic importance. The car is the most complex large-scale civilian products, the need to achieve a stable collaboration tens of thousands of parts up to ten years. Automotive industry requirements for industrial design, manufacturing, management and other aspects of a very high level, representing the highest level of manufacturing. Changes in the automobile industry, can often lead to changes in production methods humans. Ford’s assembly line model not only opened the era of US global car aspect, but also changed the previous industrial workers by the piece count wages management system – different processes with corresponding job beats, production line workers into a “machine” , production efficiency far more than the traditional piece-work law; Toyota’s lean production methods, will control inventory, productionPlans into the management system, so that the production rhythm fit sales pace, to address the high cost of automobile inventory management pain points, the Japanese car naturally better prices, almost always in the market. The automobile industry will mature technology and management experience diffuse ported to other manufacturing industries. Recalling the history of the development of robot four families, we are ultimately chapter in the automotive industry in grand plans. Automotive industry demand for manufacturing automation, large-scale opportunities for industrial floor applications robots. In practice landing, robot manufacturers can continue to adjust the design and production program, thus forming technology is mature, stable operation of industrial robots, then as other manufacturers enter the scene. Today, the automotive industry is still one of the most important applications of industrial robots. China’s booming auto industry, can become fertile ground for the industrial robot industry in China? From the sales point of view, the answer is yes. According to Chinese Industry Alliance robot (CRIA) statistics, in 2018, the new automobile manufacturing industrial robot 4 million units, sales in China’s second industrial robot applications industry. New electrical and electronic equipment and equipment manufacturing 46000 units of industrial robots, ranked first, but of which a considerable proportion of small robots. Therefore, Control Engineering Copyright , the automotive industry is the main battlefield of industrial robots. Competition from the market perspective, the answer is yes. End car manufacturers produce huge demand, China’s industrial robot manufacturer has a vast living space. Although the technology behind the robot foreign industrial giants, but let the Chinese localization of integrated business manufacturers of industrial robots from scratch to take root, and form a stable business cooperation with OEMs. Some manufacturers of industrial robots directly from the OEMs hatch from. Ai Fute’s predecessor, is Chery Automobile Equipment Division under the Ministry of manufacturing equipment, a mere ten people, is only responsible for equipment selection and maintenance. Because at that time are imported industrial robot, a device problem need to ask foreign experts playing the “fly” support the high cost of time and money, the production line stops, but suffered heavy losses Chery production line used. Therefore, Control Engineering Copyright , and most of the domestic industrial robot application integration by different career, Ai Fute from its inception to replace domestic purposes, cut from the robot body. For this reason the founding team went around the country looking for partners, final and Harbin Institute of Technology, successfully developed the first robot body. With the body after,Ai Fute before considering application integration services, to achieve domestic alternative industrial robots in Chery. Today, Chery production line over 90% of industrial robots from Ai Fute hands. General Motors, Volkswagen, Chrysler, Fiat, Beijing Automotive OEMs are Ai Fute large customers. Another industrial robot manufacturer Ruisong technology is closely linked with Guangzhou Automobile. Initially, Ruisong Panasonic robot and welding technology is the first domestic agents; launched the motorcycle’s first welding automated production line two years later, opened up an integrated industrial robot business. Ruisong business cooperation with Guangzhou Automobile Technology Department has more than ten years. Guangzhou Toyota, Guangzhou Honda, Guangzhou Automobile passenger cars, new energy and other Guangzhou Automobile Guangzhou Automobile production line welding system OEMs, 30% to 50% from Ruisong technology. The new crown during the epidemic, Ruisong technology to provide technical support to the Guangzhou Automobile Group to help build it into five masks intelligent production line within 10 days. In addition to the Department of Guangzhou Automobile, the client list Ruisong technology lacking Changan Mazda, Dongfeng Honda, and other well-known OEMs. It has also been listed in the North Jiangsu Branch board who is in the auto parts production in this segment track. Although many buy their equipment parts manufacturer, but in addition to FAW business, other major customers were to serve the SAIC system OEMs. The domestic auto industry nearly three decades of rapid development, so that many domestic manufacturers of industrial robots has been successful at the operational level. Whether technical or business can scale CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , domestic enterprises and foreign manufacturers such as ABB still a wide gap, can offer.
2016–2018 Nian Kechuang board (be) listed industrial robot manufacturers (automobile-related business) revenue
downstream cooling, industry consolidation is expected birth of “local ABB” ABB is committed to the development, production robots for over 40 years history, is a pioneer of industrial robots, is the world’s leading robot manufacturers. ABB sold in 1969, the world’s first painting robot, in 1974 invented the world’s first electric industrial robots, with today’s most diverse and most comprehensive robotics products, technologies and services. ABB’s development course, inextricably linked to a strong rise of the local industry. In the same industrial logic, perhaps China is breeding its own “local ABB”. In 2009, China surpassed the United States as the world’s first automobile production and salesBig country, and car ownership superpower throne steadily forward. Dozens of large and small domestic OEM market share dividends, automotive industry chain upstream and downstream naturally catch. Specific to the industrial robot industry, foreign body giant responsible for domestic integrator is responsible for application integration, division of labor enjoyable. There is spare capacity of domestic manufacturers may be able to glimpse the technical gateway to the middle, only to enjoy the growth dividend is understandable. 2018, rising for the first time in 28 years, car sales fell, kicked off auto industry consolidation reshuffle; 2019, car sales once again plunged 8.2%, new energy vehicles, also ushered in the sales double after retirement subsidies slope drop; in early 2020 broke new crown epidemic, so that in winter the automobile market once again cool. In 2019, its own brand car sales have accounted for less than 40 percent, the first two months of 2020, section known as the “God-made car” monthly sales of own-brand direct “zero.” Countries could learn from the United States, Japan, Germany and other auto industry has entered a mature stage, the number of own brand but a few. Integration of the automobile industry reshuffle is nothing but a matter of time, lack of core technology and product strength Ersan Liu own brand, will become the first objects out of the market. For the upstream manufacturers of industrial robots, the market environment, you can use the “greenhouse longer, still fertile ground” to describe. With the increasing trend eliminated OEMs, industrial robot manufacturers will gradually bid farewell to the era of barbarism growth: in 2018, the first decline in sales in China of industrial robots, robot car manufacturing sales fell 8.1%. At the same time, China’s automobile market is still sold 2,500 vehicles, car prices head still executing capacity expansion plan, annual sales more millions of car giant enterprises will come to the fore, their supply chain will hatch out of an industrial robot manufacturers giant, four families in which even par on the scale of business.
part of the next round of the inventory cycle car prices capacity expansion plans
business development and technology research and development, will be the key domestic manufacturers of industrial robots breakthrough. North Jiangsu people focus on welding processes, already expanding the production of general industrial automated welding production lines, especially in the yacht structure flexible production lines represented. Its technical strength, is reflected in the aerospace field. North Jiangsu “and rocket tank intelligent welding equipment and technology” is the relevant agencies certified as “advanced international level”, in 2016 to 2018 the proportion of revenue contribution of over 10%. Jiangsu North Kechuang board raisedOwned 2.25 billion will be invested intelligent production line project, in addition to this line of work aimed at car manufacturers, but will continue to play the advantages of the prior art and business, to compete for bonuses aerospace and shipbuilding industries. Ruisong equipment business outside of science and technology for the automotive industry in 2016 and 2017 have occupied 40 percent of revenue, had become a diversified business climate. In addition to robots used in automobile manufacturing automated production lines outside Ruisong science and technology as well as lift the robot, precision electronic flexible automated assembly line and other services. Listed by Branch fund-raising, Ruisong hope that through science and technology mainly for 3C, high-speed rail, aviation, marine and other sophisticated products industry competitiveness research and development business restructuring, enhanced. Ai Fute from the beginning of the venture involved in the business of the robot body, is to adopt a “buy buy buy + digestion and absorption” mode. Through the acquisition of CMA, EVOLUT and WFC, Ai Fute adhere to technology absorption and re-creation strategy, success extends from the body to application integration business areas downstream. Ai Fute also a strategic investment ROBOX, and set up a holding company in the territory Rui Bosi, the core components into the upper reaches of the track. Now, Ai Fute R & D has been run through the middle and lower reaches of industrial robots, autonomous level continues to increase, and its products also extended to applications in aviation and rail transportation, electrical and electronic. From the point of view of China’s industrial robot density, even automated, the highest level of digital auto industry, still a wide gap compared with developed countries; non-automotive robot density in comparison with South Korea, Japan, is a difference of several times. As the population dividend disappearing, automation equipment and production lines will become the universal demand for our manufacturing industry. Automotive industry reshuffle is for local manufacturers of industrial robots and machine coexist crisis: weak power companies naturally out of the danger, but large-scale business giant will accelerate born in the competition. Set of core technology and large-scale business-in-one “local ABB” are less likely to be born in the greenhouse can only occur under market competition, “coercion.”

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