China’s industrial automation rapid development, in 2022 the total value of the industry is expected to break 600 billion

Recently, the China Import and Export Fair held “2019 Guangzhou International Industrial Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition (SIAF)”, the exhibition will be the cutting-edge technology in industrial automation again onto the front desk. Project researcher, said Xu Bo, the exhibition for the first time demonstrated the industrial theme of the Internet, but the Internet industry is to upgrade the manufacturing sector, the key technology transformation, including industrial communications, cloud platforms; another noteworthy theme is sensing technology and machine vision, these two themes not only represents the blueprint for the future development of industrial automation CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , also offers advanced sensing technology and industrial testing and other industry applications for the enterprise. Work on the automation of the development process, said Xu Bo, industrial automation, in fact, a direction of the manufacturing sector, refers to the use of automated equipment in industrial production, instead of manual operation. The concept was born in the forties of last century, when mass-produced goods to meet the needs of manufacturing, maximize the use of resources, improve labor efficiency, in the early to CNC machine tools as the representative of a variety of stand-alone hardware devices continue to emerge, it is industrial automation early stage. “Stand-alone automated primary bud just, in fact, can not meet the higher production needs,” said Xu Bo, between the sixties to the seventies, along with rapid development of the market, gave birth to a “fast iteration”, “quality pass rate high “and” improve efficiency “,” cost “and a series of rigid requirements, therefore, stand-alone automated equipment began to use a combination of the birth of a new automated production line. “From the seventies to date, with changes in market conditions and production problems, automating again entered a new historical stage, automation technology to advance the field of vertical and horizontal, integrated application of technology has brought to enhance the overall effect of the combination, to build factories wisdom this stage is the goal, “Xu Bo explains. Xu Bo believes that the current Chinese industrial automation is still , but the transition to the third phase was in full swing at the second stage, is on the track of rapid development. Domestic industrial development basically realized mechanization, some industries have completed the semi-automatic, which is the domestic economy is a very large driving force. From 2012 to 2016, China’s industrial automation industry output growth limit gratifying, close to sixty billion yuan, according to expert estimates, in 20During the 17 years to 2022, China’s gross industrial automation production will stabilize at 7% growth rate, the industry output value is expected to reach 600 billion yuan, the development is very promising. However, due to the late start CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the fierce market competition, Chinese enterprises are still lagging behind compared to high-end technology with the international advanced level, our country from achieving a fully automated target www. , there are still some distance. Xu Bo pointed out that the prosperity and development of industrial automation in China, the economy and industry is a very significant positive conditions, but in the process of development, there are still some problems to be solved. The core of the problem, in fact, industry awareness. Said Xu Bo, you first need to realize that we old “heavy hardware over software,” the idea for the healthy development of automation work is a hindrance. “A lot of companies like to buy automated production equipment, but does not attach importance to software, such a combination is not combined with a control device, while still in the stage equipment + people,” said Xu Bo, industrial automation equipment represents automation and digital control, only heavy hardware devices can only be semi-automatic, so cognitively speaking cONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , many companies need to re-establish the correct working of the automation industry awareness.

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