Chongqing self-heating hot pot bun Spicy and more shouting foreign cottage hot pot

Recently, an article appeared in NetEase News. “Nows of netizens sent 100 boxes of hot pot to scream for hot pots in the field caused a lot of netizens’ attention. According to incomplete statistics, the news caused more than 3 million people to watch in just one day, and more than 14,000 netizens expressed their views. In addition, this time, the screaming event also quickly warmed up on Weibo, and reached the top of Weibo’s national hot topic at an alarming rate. Due to the convenience of the party sent by the event, the hot pot is a product of the spicy food. This incident will bring the hot and hot pot directly to the cusp of the hot pot, inexplicably lying.


100 and the box from the hot pot.

Recently, many friends said that a news appeared in the circle of friends caught their attention. . According to the news report, a Chongqing netizen chose a Chongqing hot pot restaurant when he invited customers to eat in the field. The other party said that the taste was not authentic and refused to cooperate with him. After returning to Chongqing, the netizen thought that the taste of the hot pot restaurant led to the failure of this negotiation. In a rage, he bought 100 boxes of convenient hot pots from Chongqing and sent them to the hot pot restaurant. He shouted: “Please call 100 people for blind testing. If the taste is better than not to win the hot pot, please remove the Chongqing hot pot sign. Once the matter was exposed, it quickly detonated the network.

It is reported that this news first appeared in Netease News, and the release of less than one day caused an uproar. Millions of netizens watched and more than 14,000 netizens expressed their views. In addition, it also attracted leading media to report first. This time, why did the call out of the incident cause such a big reaction? We will continue to follow up.


“Calling the incident into a hot topic National netizens don’t spit out

It is reported that this time, in addition to being reported by the news media, Still on the biggest topic platform Sina Weibo, after the microblog of the event on March 27, the microblog quickly caused a strong reaction, and there was a big V forwarding to participate in the discussion. For a time, Weibo was “ The shouting event was swiped, and in a short time, it was pushed by the netizens to the TOP1 list of popular topics on Weibo.

According to incomplete statistics, tens of thousands of netizens have expressed their opinions on this incident. Some netizens praised this Chongqing guy for his character, local tyrant, can you send us two boxes. Some netizens said that only in Chongqing can they eat the most authentic Chongqing hot pot, and none of the Chongqing hot pots that were eaten in the field meet the expectations. The hot pots in the field should not hang the signs of Chongqing hot pot, saving the Chongqing hot pot from smearing. Some netizens said that Chongqing hot pot should follow the local customs and change according to local tastes. Some said that Chongqing hot pot is not everyone who thinks it is delicious, Chongqing hot pot is unpalatable, and there are even some excessive rhetoric. The tide of comments has intensified, and more and more netizens have joined the debate.

According to a person familiar with the matter, this incident directly drove the sales of hot and hot hot pots that appeared in the incident. The proportion of purchases in the northern region has increased significantly. It can be seen that quite a few netizens out there. Curious, try to take the hot and hot pot. However, the hot and soaring incidents involved in the incident were at the forefront of the turmoil, and the spicy and sour finally could not help but publicly voiced.


Spicy and angry, I still have a real Chongqing taste

The hot and hot hot pot that was involved in this “calling incident” has never made any comment, but as the tide of comments has intensified, more and more hot and hot pots have been mentioned by netizens. In the face of the misunderstanding of Chongqing’s hot pot by foreign netizens and the serious situation of the Chongqing hot pot in the field, I finally couldn’t help but publicly voiced.

There is a dynamic display, the spicy hot pot made a series of responses to the field “Chongqing hot pot theme posters, once released, it spread quickly in people’s circle of friends, all kinds of signs show that A discussion about the Chongqing hot pot is on the way.

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