Color sand coating process

Color sand coating, also known as sand wall coating, contains sand as a wall coating exposed on the surface of the coating film. It is usually composed of acrylic copolymer emulsion, colored quartz sand and various additives. It is a water-based thick paste latex paint. According to the choice of quartz sand color, it can be matched into various colors (monochrome or complex color). Through the quartz sand particle size grading, the decorative effect of the coating film can be adjusted. The coating film has a three-dimensional effect, but it is easy to pollute the dust and can be adjusted into The appearance of imitation of natural stone varieties, commonly known as simulated stone paint; then, how to paint sand paint how to do it? What kind of construction method is there in construction? Below, Xiaobian tells everyone about the construction method of colored sand coating, I hope to help everyone.

Color sand coating process:
Base treatment → base repair → paint primer → spray main paint → protective top coat
Base treatment: first remove dust and other adherents on the surface of the base layer. Knock out or smooth the raised part; the empty part should be knocked out and then dried. The misaligned part of the joint and the larger recess are filled with polymer cement mortar; the steel mortar which hinders spraying is removed to fill the hole; the surface is floated and loosened and pulverized partially removed with a blade and a wire brush. Remove the surface release agent and oil stains; repair the surface of the surface, holes, cracks, etc. with cement floor putty.
When the wall surface is brackish, brush it with zinc sulphate solution or dilute hydrochloric acid solution, and then wash it with water. The basic base should be flattened with wood wool. The original coating of the base layer should be treated differently according to different conditions: the old coating with looseness, cracking and brittleness should be removed; the old coating with strong adhesion should be sanded with sandpaper; the coating with water resistance should be completely removed.
Brush primer: Stir the primer evenly. If the coating is thick, it can be diluted according to the requirements of the product manual. The two-component primer should be prepared in strict accordance with the specified ratio by adding a curing agent and a diluent, and fully stirred and placed for a prescribed period of time. Brush it evenly with a roller brush or a squeegee brush, taking care not to miss the brush, or brush it too thick.
Spray main paint: After the main paint is evenly mixed, put it into a special spray gun, start the air compressor, and control the spray pressure to 0.4~0.7MPa (4-7kg/cm2), open the spray gun, and move it horizontally and vertically. Spray evenly once, the distance between the spray gun and the wall is about 30~40cm. The spray gun should keep the spray gun perpendicular to the scene.
Protective topcoat: A material with ceramic composite core technology that significantly improves durability. In addition, the dense coating film structure can exert superior anti-pollution properties.
I saw the construction process of the pottery sand paint above, and then look at the following precautions for the construction of pottery sand paint.
1, in order to ensure the integrity of the coating, the primer and the main coating should be preferred to use the supporting products; when the manufacturer only provides the main coating, the primer should use the main coating to produce the recommended product.
2. Construction should be avoided under ambient conditions where the temperature is below 5C and the relative humidity is below 85%. It is also not possible to work in windy weather to avoid cracking of the coating material too quickly and should be noted.
3, when the primer is a two-component coating, it should be formulated in strict accordance with the provisions of the product instructions, each batching amount should not be too much, so as to avoid waste caused by curing failure of the coating. The primer should be diluted with a special thinner or a manufacturer’s recommended brand.
4, due to the long drying time of the paint, should pay attention to the weather forecast. Make construction arrangements to avoid construction before rain or snow.
5, after the coating is dry, do not immerse water for a long time before delivery, so as to avoid quality accidents;
6, the brushing tools should be cleaned in time and properly kept.
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