Comparison of whole bathroom and traditional bathroom

Speaking of Japanese bathroom, do you first respond to smart toilets and bathtubs? For those who like to watch Japanese TV dramas or have been to Japan, I believe that they are also very impressed with the Japanese bathroom. This whole bathroom sparrow is small and complete. Even more, it is more comfortable and intimate than the large domestic bathroom. The whole bathroom was in the 1990s, and it gradually became “into the domestic home improvement market”.

With the increasing popularity of finely furnished homes and the national policies of industrialized, low carbon and environmentally friendly homes In the introduction, domestic hotels, hospitals, ships, and fast-loading rooms have used a large number of bathrooms. However, compared with Japan, the overall sanitary ware is currently mainly used in commercial projects in China, and has not yet taken root in the homes of ordinary people. Therefore, the overall bathroom market has unlimited potential.

What are the advantages of the whole bathroom and the traditional bathroom?


The whole bathroom: generally only need two workers, the fastest 4 hours to complete During the assembly process, the construction period is extremely short, which greatly saves construction time.

Traditional Sanitary Ware: Each bathroom fitting is independent of each other, the decoration is complicated and the cost is high, which takes more than ten days to complete.


Overall bathroom: SMC material, which is an aviation material, It weighs less than one-fifth of the tile, but its strength is much better than that of the tile, which is light, tough and durable.

Traditional Sanitary Ware: Most of the building materials used are relatively hard, including cement walls, tiles & hellip; if the anti-slip measures are not in place, it is likely to cause a fall.


Overall bathroom: It is formed by CNC machine tool once, with high precision and good stability. It eliminates the quality problems caused by artificial empty drums and uneven seams, and avoids water leakage. Hidden dangers.

Traditional bathroom: the traditional bathroom floor is easy to leak, the wall is also easy to leak and mold changes; the traditional craftsmanship of the plasterer can not fundamentally solve the problem of bathroom leakage.


Overall bathroom: SMC material has thermal insulation properties, and the skin feels intimate . Insulation in winter and heat insulation in summer.

Traditional Sanitary Ware: The use of decoration materials has poor thermal insulation properties and thermal insulation properties, and heat is easily lost. Heating facilities such as Yuba are also required.


The whole bathroom: the top can be equipped with cool breeze, sauna, ventilation , dry, hot and cold air conditioning and other functions in one device, the bottom has two stainless steel tubes, encountered yellow clothes that are difficult to dry clothes, you can hang the washed clothes in the bathroom, open the drying function, dry the clothes. There are also multiple intelligent control panels in the bathroom that automatically set the water temperature and heating time.

Traditional Bathroom: The function is relatively simple, you need to install other accessories yourself.

After reading it, is it just an eye-opener? And this is just the bathroom of ordinary Japanese people! As far as China’s current situation is concerned, there are certain difficulties in the development of the whole bathroom.

There are many types of sanitary products in the whole, but because the current market demand has not yet enabled them to form large-scale production, product design and logistics distribution require more costs, and the price is difficult for civilians.

However, the speed of China’s development is so rapid, so the popularity of intelligent bathroom should not be far away from us.

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