Comprehensive strategic cooperation of Control Technology and 360 Enterprise Security Group, to provide support for the industry to protect Internet security

December 27, 2018, Beijing of Control Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “of Control Technology”) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the 360 ‚Äč‚ÄčEnterprise Security Group, the two sides will be in terms of Internet security industry theory, technology, products, services and markets to carry out comprehensive and close cooperation, and seek common industrial Internet security solution.

With the rapid development of the Internet industry, industrial control systems become more open, while leading to traditional information security threats spread to the industrial production systems, industrial automation and the Internet on the development and integration of information presented a higher update requirements also produced new information on non-traditional security issues. Industrial safety requirements in order to secure industrial control system covering the core functions of security, information security, security equipment, process safety, operational safety and other aspects of the increasingly urgent, industrial production and operational safety facing an unprecedented grim situation. Domestic automation innovative products and industry solutions provider of Control Technology and domestic enterprise network security market leader in enterprise security 360 group together, for the industrial nature of Internet security issues surrounding the safety of industrial systems, industrial Internet security products, industrial manufacturing operations security services and other direction to carry out comprehensive cooperation, marking the consensus of both sides of the road of industrial security solutions based on the nature of the security industry, as well as IT and OT infiltration of integration, functionality and information security practice throughout the fusion route. The two sides will carry out in terms of technological innovation, project cooperation, market development and other depth cooperation in order to secure intelligent control systems, security, large-scale industrial software products, based on the industrial nature of the industry rules of security solutions for the industrial scene dedicated information security products as the carrier, the use of AI, big data technologies, joint research and development, to provide comprehensive situational awareness of security services and security operations support services for industrial enterprises, and systematic security management and control. Senior Vice President of Control Technology Wang Jinbing that the current domestic high-end large-scale industrial control systems and software is basically monopolized by foreign, security situation is grim, we must proceed from the nature of industrial safety, innovative technologies, products and services. Of Control Technology As a leading industrial product manufacturers, shouldering the responsibility CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright to provide security support and protection for China’s Internet industry strategy, will give full play to its own automation and control in twenty years technology and business sectors understand the plotTired advantage, and Information Security Group’s 360 corporate security, industrial security situation awareness of the advantages of combining new ideas to develop new products and explore new models and demonstration in the petrochemical, power industry, forming a typical demonstration effect. We firmly believe that we can embark on a self-controlled, safe and reliable Internet security industry a bright road! Qu Xiaodong, senior vice president of corporate security set represents 360 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , China’s Internet industry industry is in rapid development period CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , is expected to 2020 reach one trillion yuan scale. At the same time Control Engineering Copyright , industrial Internet security issues become increasingly prominent, become an important factor restricting the development of the Internet industry. To protect the Internet security industry needs a complete system and ecological needs of industrial enterprises, industrial enterprises, network security companies and pipe, industry, academia, research various aspects of participation CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , a concerted effort. 360 enterprise security continues to improve their capabilities, while also actively exploring the “customer value as the core of ecological safety” building, extensive cooperation and information service providers, research institutes, universities and industry authorities in all areas of common build a network of ecological security. The cooperation with the security control technology, is one of the important steps we build a network of ecological security, the two sides will cooperate, escort for the industrial development of the Internet security needs of our country around the Internet in the field of industry. Advisory Committee for State Informatization expert Chen Yulong researcher in his speech, hope of Control Technology and 360 Enterprise Security Group has made a breakthrough in the following four aspects: information content security, network security, information security control and security control systems combined; digital technology and automation control technologies; industrial production systems closely integrated with industrial control; industrial economic development and economic development information further the depth of integration. The two companies adopt a new model of comprehensive work together will be fruitful. China Automation Association vice chairman Wang Hung acknowledged the automation industry in close cooperation mode and information security industry in his speech, the parties jointly developed integration of functional safety and information security, based on rules defined sceneIntelligent safety control system application functionality to be highly valued, that this will represent the self-controlled safety and reliability of industrial product development trends. The two sides hope to speed up the implementation form can be copied, replicable model, to solve the problem in the exploration, cast model.

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