Cross-border distribution of industrial robots, the industry leader of no small ambition

For the United States, Geli, Country Garden, wow ha ha, Foxconn and other industry leaders, in the case of its own stock market it is difficult to break through, have offensive robot incremental market, to seek rapid onrush. These industry leading cross-border has the same purpose, on the one hand in order to promote their traditional business, Improve Efficiency growth rate for the industry to upgrade and cross-border; on the other hand are pioneering in their own diversified business, to seize new development heights and cross-border.
From robotics to manufacture robot “beverage giant” Wahaha to the field of intelligent robot has taken a solid step forward. In March this year Control Engineering Copyright , Wahaha set up a new company artificial intelligence robot – Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Wahaha. Enterprises look shows that Zhejiang Wahaha intelligent robots Ltd. was established in March 27, 2019, the registered capital of 40 million yuan. Wahaha Commercial Co., Ltd. is a major shareholder, shares accounted for 65%. Zong ultimate beneficiary of the company and served as chairman of the board, 52.15% stake. In fact, as early as in 2011, Zong put eyes turned to the development of mechanical and electrical engineering and information from the food and beverage industry. This year, Wahaha undertaken research “high-speed transport and logistics robot production line demonstration of key technologies and applications,” the Ministry of Industry “second five” major science and technology issues. In 2013, Wahaha began developing the robot, using the experience gained in the beverage machinery and equipment development, system integration applications into research and development of intelligent manufacturing equipment. 2015 , Wahaha complete serial robot, manipulator, robot development plane, and a beverage production line for products Group packing, palletizing, materials serving production, packing, and other fields . Now in the Wahaha beverage production line, most of the process has been to achieve a fully automated production. It is reported that Wahaha successful development of industrial robots, not only its internal service more than 80 branches, at present, has also achieved foreign sales. Similar Wahaha This integrated application directly from the terminal layout to the body’s production companies are now more and more, the United States and the acquisition of library card, and take the road of independent research and development of Gree, Foxconn robot with a house built of Country Garden and foundry giant. Zong behind the layout has said: “big business must be diversified, because the East does not shine bright, but want to corporate diversificationThere is no need to look at, there is no ability, there is no chance there. “From the perspective of Wahaha, a beverage industry has become bigger and stronger, and is a leading enterprise, it is difficult to achieve the target of 100 billion, so there is a wide range of needs, availability of funds, talent advantage, the key depends on chance behind the layout of the robot they have a common consideration is that with the disappearance of the demographic dividend, rising labor costs, machine substitution has become a trend; on the other hand, like wow ha ha, Midea, Gree, Country Garden, Foxconn, leading the development of the event to bottlenecks, ceiling industry has now, badly in need of a breakthrough, and intelligent manufacturing positive outlet. to wow ha ha, for example, 1987 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , Zong founded the Wahaha, spent a few years He did put the company value 217 million, and breakthrough billion in 2003. until 2013, Wahaha is still the industry leader, when revenues of up to 78.28 billion yuan. but starting in 2014, Wahaha revenues start to decline year after year. publicly available data, 2013-2016 years Wahaha’s operating income was 78.28 billion yuan, 72.8 billion yuan, 67.7 billion yuan 52.9 billion, until 2017, reduced to 46.4 billion yuan in revenue in 2018 for the first time in five years Wahaha achieve a slight increase in revenue, 46.89 billion yuan for the year. Not only that, ranking among the bottled market, Wahaha down by the fourth sixth, the market share fell from 6.7% in 2015 to 5.9% for wow ha ha, in the case of the conventional main industry is difficult to break, the robot is a new blue ocean. United States, for the transformation of Gree, also see the future of the home appliance industry, home appliance market peaked in 2014, after years of rapid growth, growth in the second half of 2014, the sharp decline in home appliance company’s revenue was affected by a steady downward trend even for in Country Garden real estate industry, the “ceiling” of traditional real estate development business has been clearly visible, how to break this ceiling has become a problem facing many of the real estate business. intelligent manufacturing a positive outlet for the deep pockets of Country Garden is undoubtedly a new opportunities face of China’s rising labor costs, in addition to the election foundry giant Foxconn Lower labor costs were a place outside the foundry, as well as an important initiative is the change machinepeople. Crossed the “midlife crisis” as Wahaha beverage industry’s leading enterprises, although suffered a midlife crisis, but its current production scale is still in a dominant position. But in its own handling, palletizing, filling, packaging and other aspects of automation needs are enormous. The United States recently said that the United States each business unit has completed more than 50 automation projects , widely used in welding, handling, palletizing, vision inspection and other aspects, effectively raising the level of the US group Intelligent Manufacturing . By the end of 2018 has been the use of robot density up to 200 / million people, the future will further enhance the level of developed countries to 625 units / million. Country Garden to sources in the headquarters of three of the Country Garden site, building a dozen models show different robot prototype construction process, wall-mounted robot can lift a wall, indoor spraying robot back and forth stencilled walls, floor leveling robot to achieve concrete floor leveling precision. Industrial USI Vice Chairman Li Jie said that at present, Foxconn and its affiliated companies a total of over 80,000 robots, more than 1800 SMT (surface mount technology) production line, more than 175,000 sets of mold processing equipment, more than 5000 kinds of test equipment, third-party developers more than 3,000, more than 1000 of APP. For the United States, Geli, Country Garden, Foxconn, wow ha ha and other industry leaders layout of the robot, their advantage is obvious. First, as a technology-intensive industry, wow ha ha, Midea, Gree, Country Garden, leading Foxconn has sufficient funds into research and development, to attract talent. At the same time, their own ability to resist risks of strong Control Engineering Copyright , even if the robot business transformation fails, there are other business supplement, and will not affect the situation as a whole. Second, these industry leaders as labor-intensive enterprises, itself a huge demand for automation. In addition, self-sufficient understanding of the industry, production lines, process technology, rapid application. However, some industry insiders pointed out that the original industry leader in its field, has in place a mature operating system, but this system can not be fully applicable to the robotics industry; and they expect robots like its traditional industries, work fast , eager to prove himself to the outside world, or to produce great results to the capital markets, rather than to put in some effort to explore thoroughly understand the robotics industry, it will form a resistance, or toss consumption.From beverage tap wow ha ha, the leading home appliance Midea, Gree, the leading real estate Country Garden and then to have the layout of the foundry giant Foxconn robot performs lose ground, while the auto industry as the most robotic applications industry, but so far no large-scale layout of the robot car company, which The reason behind is worth considering. Now robot business was very difficult, but one thing is sure, “substitutions machine” has become an irreversible trend, and now have to do is polish their technology, product quality, slowly waiting for the arrival of spring.

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