Debut | 2019 Chinese security industry technology and product promotion conference “Black Technology” (Part I)

November 20, 2019, the South China Sea, 2019 China Security Industry Conference to the party.
How important is the security industry? Data hidden inside the universe. Since 2018, the development of China’s security industry set off a new upsurge, with a total of up to 889.8 billion yuan, an increase of 15.1% over 2017; expected in 2020, China’s security industry will continue to maintain a growth rate of 20 percent, the industry welcome the security industry to the “golden age.” This is exactly how large a sea of ​​blue? Come, let us go along with the lens 2019 Chinese security industry technologies and product launches site of the General Assembly held at the same feelings about the exhibition area from Guangdong, Hong Kong Bay Area heat –3.2 million square meters, more than three times the 2018 exhibition area ; nearly 300 exhibiting companies and professional organizations, most companies these days brings leading group “black Technology”, the number of exhibition concept is expected to attract more than 30,000 visitors in.
If the construction site have falling objects, what consequences will result? Once Upon a Lion Dance Martial Arts Museum, sounds very powerful way, you want immersive? Sitting in front of the TV watching racing fun when you can feel the thrill of racing in a first-person perspective of it? Great sense of technology through the time tunnel, these demands can be met in this year’s debut of “interactive experience and training area.”
“interactive experience and training area” is divided into two parts, technical equipment and overall experience area rescue drills district, with VR means, setting an earthquake museum, museum experience typhoon, Taiwan and other falling objects experience the interactive experience facilities, allowing viewers through training exercises, scene experience other forms of learning safety knowledge and experience of security products. Look, the scene of the little sister laugh more than happy!
Hey, how kind of front “people mountain people sea” feeling? The original of this promotion is the latest “safe auditorium.” Around hazardous chemicals, dust involving explosives, smelting and other issues of local businesses are most concerned about, this inviting experts to teach the relevant site safety production theory and case studies, the opportunity to face to face training and docking is rare, so the scene was packed.
Xiao Bian circle found CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , this referral will be three characteristics: First, large scale; the second is a new product, on display many new products, new technologies and a new experience;Third, experts, large influence, “GuoZiHao” Security Industry Conference to be up to their name. So, that scene is packed, unusually hot, two pictures on the site allows you to feel the heat.

Recommend this will set up a major security facility, safe city, safe travel, security services in four enterprise zones. Next, we turn the spotlight “black technology” and “unicorn” to see what the company’s products to our new security perspective? Considering the glittering too many special publication is divided into two. Part Please experience – “Security Services” and “plant safety.” Poly long associated industrial explosives, detonators, detonating cord, detonating tube, detonating with …… this sounds great power products, is how produced? Poly long associated for the perfect interpretation in this promotion conference, particularly demonstrated the full range of real intelligent electronic detonator manufacturing line. To promote civil explosive product development, production, sales, service integration blasting development Control Engineering Copyright , long associated Poly adhere to innovation-driven, promote research and development platform, and continuously improving product technology content, to become the industry leader in high-end manufacturing. Basic research and development of automatic filling production line and the detonator detonator automatic assembly line, automated, continuous high degree of NC rate of more than 90% , which realizes a spacer, an automatic transmission, a small ( no) human production control Engineering Copyright , to enhance the production of intrinsically safe detonation equipment. Bao Limin burst Technology Group Co., Ltd. Poly ALINKY Holding Group Co., Ltd. subsidiary. As China’s leading exporters civil explosive industry, the company produces a full range of different specifications of various types of civil explosive products, as well as mining, construction, infrastructure and other facilities to provide design and construction of integrated services. Its R & D movable Civil Explosives library of proprietary products recommended for the Ministry of Public Security, has been included in industry standards.
Jinao Bo Jin Aobo main business is the production of explosive materials to provide customers with complete sets of technology, intelligence equipment, software, systems, key raw and auxiliary materials and industrial explosive one-stop integrated services. The main products include automatic continuous production line of chemical explosives, mobile and stationary ground stations production of industrial explosives, explosive ground mixed bulk industrial vehicles, downhole chargeAnd bulk industrial explosive charge underground car remote matrix grading and distribution systems, smart packaging production line robots, robot crawler handling systems, industrial detonators automatic assembly line, the Internet industry wisdom civil explosive information management software, special emulsifier, complex integration The oil phase and industrial explosives. The exhibition is the star exhibit – the latest development of intelligent transport vehicle AGV vision navigation with independent intellectual property rights. AGV intelligent transport vehicle monocular vision system plus reflective tape and infrared remote control communication system, the unmanned automatic navigation, positioning with high precision parked, the maximum load of 2 tons, the fastest 5.4 kilometers per hour, etc., can widely used in various hazardous areas workshop materials transport, storage warehousing, loading and unloading platform, transit and other occasions.
Ali cloud “peacetime and wartime, and cloud-emergency” – red and white, Ali goes on the show floor flashed eye-catching slogans. The promotion will be unveiled Ali cloud wisdom emergency solutions, based on the accumulation of urban practice the brain, through networking, big data and artificial intelligence technology to deepen the application, together with the ecological partners to provide peacetime and wartime, is intelligent emergency management department early warning, rapid disposal of integration solutions. In terms of production safety risk monitoring and early warning, the establishment of a number of intelligent applications and big data analytics injury accident risk early warning prevention and control mechanism, to achieve high-risk industries, production monitoring of enterprise security risk, assessment, early warning and trend analysis, strengthen production safety risk-based classification hierarchical control. Comprehensive monitoring and early warning of natural disasters, integration of water regime, rainfall, engineering conditions such as global data, based on big data analytics and AI forecasting and early warning, intelligent judgments, plans a key to start, command and dispatch, emergency support, multi-channel targeting precision disaster publishing. Emergency command and dispatch, the establishment provides emergency relief collaborative, flat and intelligent integration of command operations platform for the production of safe, natural disasters, urban safety and other emergency disposal site, the maximum to avoid or reduce the incidents caused loss.
Tencent safety first half of 2019, Tencent safety monitoring in the country to 15.88 million secondary infection events, which accounted for non-personal user under attack more than half, we can see data security protection has become the lifeblood of business. Industrial age of the Internet, security urgent reconstruction. Tencent security building industry from four dimensions era security strategy for enterprise customers. First, Tencent has the world’s leading security threat situationDaily capacity, allow enterprises to grab opportunities. Second, on behalf of the industry’s top offensive and defensive strength, providing effective protection. Third, Tencent security for enterprise output management best practices to achieve visible security situation shows the closed-loop controlled. Fourth, Tencent security industry expert service team to provide full-cycle business plan developed to meet the security needs of the business. In recent years, Tencent laboratory safety Cohen expanded research capabilities in new areas CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , including intelligent network linking cars, networking products, cloud computing and virtualization, and artificial intelligence. In which the intelligent network linking car Information security is the focus of the research laboratory, from 2016 to 2017, two consecutive years of Tesla Motors break no physical contact remote, twice to become “Tesla Safety Research Hall of Fame” Winners: 2018 completed BMW series network of independent automobile safety project, and get the world’s first “BMW Group IT and digital technology research and development award.” Meanwhile, Tencent launched a car safety Cohen laboratory information security-related products and industry solutions, escort the automobile industry digital upgrade.
Dajiang Speaking UAV industry applications, people first thought is aerial machine, in fact, far more than the role of UAV camera video so simple, it can be used such as lighting, broadcasting and so on. Guangzhou Cheng Technology Co., Ltd. as intelligent machines to large Jiang industry application developers, its strengths are the provision of emergency UAV solutions. The main lighting matrix exhibits UAV UAV system and MP130 digital audio broadcasting system. UAV lighting family latitude series onboard lighting apparatus using an integrated circuit, integrated power and control signals, via a control signal to the unmanned aerial vehicle lighting device controller without additional configuration. Independent power supply system, without affecting the life time of the aircraft, to provide lighting for a long time. Jingwei series onboard lighting device is suitable for patrol, criminal chase, prison guards, search and rescue patrol, mining, villas, estates, electrical repairs, care farms, night rescue, ships at sea lighting purposes. UAV MP130 digital audio broadcasting system is completely abandoned the traditional drone Megaphone walkie-talkie architecture, is a revolutionary UAV remote peer voice broadcasting equipment, with easy to use, with plenty of volume, compact appearance and a series of advantage.
Cian letter afar, blue back, yellow bar frame,Cian letter stands as if to remind us in a peaceful, the danger is everywhere! Cian letter, as its name in general, this is a miracle company. Cian letter Group is designed to provide enterprise-class network security technologies, products and services to government, business, education, finance and other agencies and organizations, the network security company, related products and services have covered more than 90% of central government departments, the central enterprises and large banks, 2016-2018 years, the Group revenue compound annual growth rate of over 90%, becoming one of the fastest growing areas of domestic enterprise network security. Cian believe in big data technologies and security intelligence field, endpoint security protection technology, security attack and defense and combat techniques, safety operations and emergency response, and achieved an overwhelming number of strategic technological achievements. Research and development of network security situational awareness system, a global leader, widely used to govern operation of the network in the letter and other industry regulators and central enterprises, ministries, especially during the “two sessions” and other major conferences, in which government departments selected for network security work the emergency command system. Cian letter vulnerability Sky platform, the world’s largest Chinese vulnerabilities response platform, with more than 50,000 white hat submit vulnerabilities in real time, is currently before the vulnerabilities that have more than 500,000, becoming the protection of important national institutions and enterprises vulnerability response.
into the silicon melt think of coming RGSC think of silicon, with a “generation of chips RG19A” “EDS digital manufacturing center,” “new smart initiator” treasure exhibits a series of high-profile appearance. Please interpret with the small series of innovative financial silicon think of a password together – RG19A chip module series: the current domestic and international integration on the highest, the best safety performance, the strongest digital control new generation of digital electronic detonator core chip modules products, technology to achieve significantly improved the safety aspects of prevention and control, computing speed, communication efficiency, energy performance, the result of thousands of the order of market application, to obtain the favor of the global industry customers and partners. Based on EDS series chip module products, think of a silicon melt and China Poly, Chinese weapons, Gezhouba power Pu Yi, Ao Ruikai, Maxim, Bike Fu and other famous international enterprises to establish a civil explosive extensive cooperation. EDS Digital Manufacturing Center: the use of process parameter control system (process assurance), the inspection process control system (material quality assurance, production process guarantees), high data quality management platform (product quality assurance, reliability assurance) three service system, to achieve the oppositeProduction process, the production process, sensing device, the detection result of the data mining, the acquisition, analysis. Formed to meet the needs of large-scale production, production management standards, PPM level quality control system and inspection standards. The new smart initiator: the blasting application platform, the establishment of multi-scene, multi-application blasting site solutions for professional, convenience cured smart initiator, so that blasting site to become more intelligent, more personnel to operate simple.
era industrial era industry is established by the China Times Group Industrial Internet innovation companies. The exhibition, in addition to its core business presentation “R & D innovation Consulting + top-level design and digital factory planning and consulting + Internet industry platform solutions,” especially grand launch of the era produced record producer services established under the Dali government support integrated innovation platform – the internet industry in South China (South China Sea) integrated innovation Center! The Innovation Center relies on operational management consulting and digital factory design and integration of core competencies, management consulting and production outside the United Nations class brain Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and other research institutions, to introduce the best operating system, tools, methods, and advanced manufacturing technology of artificial intelligence to significantly improve the production rate target, the application of lean operations, knowledge management, systems integration, simulation and other management methods and technology tools, designed to optimize production and operation system, integrated shop floor to management, product development, supply chain and production site collaborative design and guide the construction of automated production lines, integrated information system integration, the establishment of industry cloud core, combined with artificial intelligence industry internet platform.

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