Dematic, MIR, library card …… AGV see foreign brands in the Chinese market rules and layout

Different from the perennial domestic industrial robot market foreign brands dominate the situation, the mobile robot market, domestic manufacturers to develop rapidly, after occupying most of the domestic market, some domestic companies have even started “going out” of the road, but the broad market, the domestic enterprise occasion of fighting, some foreign manufacturers have begun to enter the domestic AGV field, trying to share. First, , we look at the current domestic market AGV What are the main foreign brands. Dematic is a leading global logistics integrator, Dematic 1996 began to enter the Chinese market in 2006, Dematic build factories in Suzhou, then continue to increase investment in plant expansion. Dematic in 2017 announced the establishment of “Mobile Automation Center of Excellence (COE)”, the Dematic, Britain and the NDC Benjamin automation products AGV technology integration. Today, Dematic automated guided vehicles cover a wide range of products, including forklifts, trucks unit, as well as any special handling high forklift vehicles and other products for the Chinese market.
Mir As a mobile robot manufacturer from Denmark, Mir in 2017 began to enter the Chinese market, the same year MiR total sales of 500 mobile robot, its sales model in China mainly cooperate with the agents, but since entering the Chinese market since, for the Chinese market MiR contributed 15% of global sales, MIR also plans within three years, China will strive in the market share of the global market to 25%. 2018, Mir registered in Shanghai set up a “proud name of the mobile robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.”, seems to have intended to vigorously explore the Chinese market.
library card library card acquisition Swisslog 2014 officially enter the mobile robot industry, Swisslog has been cultivating for many years in the Chinese market, but with the completion of the acquisition of the US library card, library card is also increasing efforts to expand domestic market, 2018, KUKA its general industry business in China and Swisslog Holding AGV Chinese business through a merger, joint venture, which will further promote library card penetration and expand business in China market.
Axter Axter automation is a French company in the field of automated material handling solutions with over 30 years of experience, incorporated in 2015 Faai Si Automation Technology (Shanghai onSea) Limited, officially business development in China.
Meidensha electricity for homes is a long history of Japanese companies. AGC its products are not directly doing business in the Chinese market, but with the agency, formerly south and the north two total generation. Now there is a regional agency. Meidensha the AGC addition, it also has the AGV, such as laser light truck, heavy-duty, and other types of piggyback AGV CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , these products are sold Meidensha themselves.
Aichi Aichi is a Japanese company, began selling real AGV, in Japan in 2001, in addition to AGV, also sell the drive unit and the control unit. In the Chinese market, Aichi business is mainly deployed through agents.
OMRON Omron is the world’s leading automation control and electronic equipment manufacturers, as early as in the 1970s, Omron has technical exchanges with China began, then began to gradually enter the Chinese market.
Indeed Control Engineering Copyright , the last two years with the rapid development of domestic AGV, the difficulty foreign companies to enter the domestic market is also increasing, and open up the pre-market road is not good to go . Can also be seen from the above listed companies, the current foreign brands on the domestic market AGV is not much, and what characteristics do they? First, , from the nature of an enterprise point of view, most of these companies are established companies or logistics automation systems integrators, they have a wealth of experience in application integration, AGV products are mainly in their project-based; of course, also have a special AGV manufacturers, their huge accumulation of technology, often with distinct characteristics of highlights and performance competitive. Secondly, in the sales channel, these enterprises to enter the Chinese market earlier and more mature sales channels, but also for its AGV products to enter the Chinese market to provide convenient. Some places brand proxy form in domestic sales Control Engineering Copyright , to the high-end market-oriented. Overall, foreign brands to enter China Control Engineering Copyright , for domestic enterprises will cause a certain amount of pressure, after all, competition in the market has been fierce enough, but on the other hand, competition but also to promote the progress of domestic enterprises, after all domestic AGVThe market price is the factor most popular.

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