Depth walled garden, gathered the Internet industry – Interview data Kunlun founder & CEO Dr. Lu Wei

2019 Industrial Internet Summit has recently come to an end, all kinds of large gamma situation will be on the “Industrial Internet” hot topic on the same stage on the road. How to use in a new era of high-tech, advanced manufacturing so that radiate vitality , how to measure the value of big data and artificial intelligence influence of industrial enterprises, industrial value from the Internet how to flutter hotspots landing? No matter what kind of new business models or new technology, after this wave of enthusiasm, industry practitioners who wish to achieve what the distance is? – domestic industry pioneer in the field of big data, data Kunlun industry in 2019 Internet Summit gives his own answer. Take this opportunity to summit, CONTROL ENGINEERING China correspondent honor to listen to the insights of the Kunlun data-founder & CEO Dr. Lu Wei in simple terms.
Kunlun data-founder & CEO Dr. Lu Wei
walled garden, when the service of the Road “in-depth walled garden Control Engineering Copyright , a new definition of industrial production, the industrial enterprises to accelerate the newborn , accurate medical treatment, scientific lose weight “, which is involved in the Kunlun data 2019 Internet Summit’s core industrial point of view, carrying data Kunlun” new awareness walled garden “, as well as new future productivity, production relations and production methods thinking. Dr. Lu Wei had last year proposed the Internet industry is one “walled garden”, leading enterprises are the core node garden. After a year of practice, she stressed that if the “walled garden 1.0” is a platform to build, then the “walled garden 2.0” will focus on value creation. “And leading enterprises to join hands to build a vertical industries industry Internet platform is not an end, but as a path to enterprise services, the real value lies above the platform can provide the kind of service.” Kunlun worth more than three data presented breakthrough extending from the “industrial enterprise needs pyramid” from. As the Internet industry focused business Kunlun data, hoping to Internet-based means of bringing together a variety of industry data, data mining business value, helping industrial enterprises solve problems and create value. Therefore, won wide recognition in the industry, because one, forward-looking data on Kunlun industry leader. Second, practical help industrial enterprises. Last year, the Ministry of the First National Award National Industrial Internet platform, the final selection of 20 cases of industrial internet platform, 4Kunlun is a data support. Three gold, shine at different levels of the first golden light, accelerate new life, leading enterprises for the tip of the pyramid. Leading enterprises have two common characteristics, first of all, the challenge is more than internal improvements, but to break the existing business ceiling in the Internet age, the Internet provides a new industrial business. Second, these leading enterprises in the industry chain typically occupy a position of comparative advantage is the core node on the chain, upstream and downstream have business dealings, have generated business data exchange. Should make full use of its dominant position in the industry chain, and available resources, to build a platform where the Internet industry vertical industry, upstream and downstream support, this is the path to practical industrial transformation of the Internet. Kunlun data with its own advantages for the joint leading enterprises in-depth walled garden Control Engineering Copyright , the industry verticals to build Internet platform. To “Green Internet” as an example, this is the first source of net charge to cover the integration of new energy industry, industrial Internet platform that brings together the power generation end data wind farm, solar farm and other downstream businesses of electricity and data, based on these data can enhance the power generation efficiency power generation business, optimize new energy consumptive, downstream enterprises to improve power quality, electricity and so on cost optimization services. You can even plant-derived securitized assets, to enhance the effective assessment of the assets and other financial services. This series of value-added services beyond traditional original grid business, is based on the emerging Internet industry business platform generated power to help achieve the transformation of the Internet industry. Cooperation in environmental protection projects this year by optimizing operations, the annual operating expenses by the sixty-seven ten million down to fifty million. In addition, the face of the collapse of catalysts and other security risks through professional management team to address the efficiency, cost, safety, environmental protection and other issues. Kunlun data as the sole partner of the project, reached a long-term strategic cooperation to jointly build an industrial environmental protection industry Internet platform. The second golden light, precise treatment, advanced manufacturing for the pyramid waist. The challenges these companies face is “strangle hold ill.” The core technology in many areas of China is not original Control Engineering Copyright , dependent on imported technology, equipment, etc. to support the production process, there is the introduction of technology acclimatized, and there is the risk of being strangle hold in the international confrontation, etc. problem. How can the introduction of foreign core technology digestion and absorption, how to enhance innovation capability and international competitiveness of the domestic process? NeedleThis kind of condition, the real solution is a breakthrough and master the core technology, but the technology gap is not able to break overnight. For this reason, the best way is to rely on data. Based on big data algorithm mechanism and industrial scenes to help companies define the key processes and process-related core processes and all relevant parameters, depth data mining, artificial intelligence, depth of learning and other technical means to accelerate the anomaly investigation, enhance the overall R & D capability , expertise breakthrough, breakthrough technology blockade. Application in the field of electronics manufacturing, new materials Kunlun data has been achieved. A semiconductor company Kunlun data collaboration, for example, the company’s main production equipment imported from Japan, installation, use and commissioning of the full need expensive original from Japan, please experts, business has never been able to effectively master the core technology, process instability, yield It is difficult to protect. Technical barriers to advanced manufacturing is difficult to quickly break through Control Engineering Copyright , while data analysis by precipitation, breaking expertise, quickly grasp both the process, is the best means. A previous batch of product yield problems arise, affecting hundreds of factors, root cause investigation by experts to seven days, and now as long as 15 minutes.
The third golden, science diet, small and medium enterprises for the bottom of the pyramid. Such enterprises continue extensive management will not be competitive. Weight loss becomes imperative thing. How to lose weight is to use the data to help companies improve its management level, to reduce all kinds of leaking, quality and efficiency can help it. In response to these needs, the Kunlun data to create a transparent solution for a plant, data and advanced management theory, such as the potent combination of lean, 6σ theory, help companies clearly see the current state of health, to improve the proper place for fertilizer enhance the overall strength. For example, a textile plant with the raw data of the Kunlun, after the six-month weight loss program, when 9.3 million for direct costs, but also of reducing customer complaints, increasing customer satisfaction, reducing the administrative burden and other indirect benefits director. “It is foreseen that future production will be through technical optimization process, enabling management, breakthrough technology to break through the industry chain leading enterprises, the industrial chain to achieve further dynamic matching of supply and demand, bidirectional data link can be traced back, push the sound development of the industry. “Lu Wei expressed.

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