Determined to move forward, coupled smart “Wei” to – Interview Weidmuller Asia, Mr. Zhao Hongjun, vice president of execution

In 1994 to enter the Chinese market, in 2003 the establishment of the Asia-Pacific training center in 2010, R & D centers of excellence were established in Shanghai and Suzhou, 2019 Weidmuller Suzhou new plant into production, a few strokes to clearly outline Weidmuller roughly in China’s development context, the growing market demand, continue to increase investment. Weidmuller future will create a kind of remarkable on this basis? Coincides with Weidmuller Suzhou factory opening ceremony and 25th anniversary celebration in China, to take this opportunity, the reporter interviewed Mr. Zhao Hongjun, Executive Vice President, Asia Weidmüller range of issues of concern, ask him to share with us Wei DeMille next step blueprint.

Weidmuller Asia Executive Director, Mr. Zhao Hongjun, vice president speech at the celebration site

wonderful 25 years, paid off
the current Chinese economy is in a new the transformation of normal adjustment process, Weidmuller has to face a leading innovator and challenger in the forefront of the industry, and has made remarkable achievements. German Design Award, an outstanding employer, CAIMRS double awards and many other awards is the best affirmation of Weidmuller, then, what is the reason for Weidmüller gained such impressive results? “We have been firmly committed to the expansion of the Asia-Pacific market, and in particular, chose China as the Weidmuller development platform in the region, efforts to increase investment in the Chinese market, China can be said that these achievements in terms of extremely Weidmuller important. “Zhao Hongjun this outspoken,” the Chinese market is strategically important position for Weidmuller, it plays an increasingly important role in our business growth. “
to enter the Chinese market 25 years, Wei DeMille from sales and service, product development and personnel training in order to put into practice the three local customer-oriented strategy. Today, Weidmuller in China has a large and complete sales network, sales liaison offices covering 17 major cities CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , which makes Weidmuller able to provide customers with comprehensive and convenient sales and technical services. In order to meet the rapidly changing needs of customers Control Engineering Copyright , the German headquarters also gives Weidmüller support. R & D engineers from different product units often come to China, visit the customer site, listening to customer needs, not onlySolve the practical problems of customers, but also for the company to train more outstanding technical talent.
For 25 years, Weidmuller has accumulated a wealth of product range, depth of experience and expertise. “We try to understand customer’s industry, roots in all areas of automation applications , both the petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, machinery and other traditional manufacturing industries, or photovoltaic, wind power, robotics, 5G communications emerging industries, Weidmuller can be customized solutions. “Zhao Hongjun Road. China always in a rapidly changing market, not only the rapid development of new technology, customer demand for new products and new solutions is very urgent. Therefore, Weidmüller is always trying to dig depth customer demand, widening the breadth of customer needs, so that it can adapt to market changes more quickly.
globalization strategy, localization services
based in China, Asia is the radiation is Weidmuller Weidmuller has been upholding an important development strategy. As one of the world’s top three Weidmuller Group production base in Suzhou factory, in the course of Weidmuller’s product innovation, but also plays a role “catalyst”. The new Suzhou plant will help Weidmuller integration advantages of resources Control Engineering Copyright , to achieve regional collaborative innovation, and faster to bring innovative solutions to the entire Asian market. “This will give us Adds powerful engine in the development of China’s industrial sector, we will also expand the Asia-Pacific market, industry compete in the global market to provide a solid technical and production support.” Zhao Hongjun says.
With the investment in the new plant in Suzhou Weidmuller use, will provide customers with more and newer products and services to meet different levels of customer demand for personalized help customers save time in the true sense of the cost, improve efficiency to further enhance the satisfaction of local customers, which also reflects the Weidmüller to “local customer oriented” core brand values. At the same time, the new Suzhou plant also helps to strengthen Weidmuller throughout the Asia Pacific region to promote flexibility, many local and multinational customers will benefit from Weidmuller professional solutions and services to succeed.
“We can not only make for a more timely response to customer demand, but also closer to the Chinese customer base and support for different countries in Asia customer needs. At the same time, some of the solutions developed in China CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , will also pass through the center of the pivotal role of headquarters, transport to Weidmuller global industry partners and customers. “Zhao Hongjun represents. Local collaboration with global integration strategies to promote the rapid development of Weidmüller’s future, Weidmüller will, as always, the Asia-Pacific market, especially China market continued investment, strengthen the forward-looking in the local market R & D, in close collaboration with our customers, and promote the application and promotion of related innovations in the global market. “
wise joins leading industry 4.0
moment, the industry is increasingly clear blueprint 4.0, Weidmüller also stepping up the layout which, coupled’s application is of great significance for intelligent manufacturing purposes. Weidmuller has long recognized the potential of digital development, and now is working on a new digital, intelligent connectivity solution development programs, help intelligent manufacturing. Digital factory, industry analysis, cloud services, it is Weidmuller cut “Industry 4.0” an important breakthrough.
“Industry 4.0 generate future global industry has had a profound influence even subversive, digital production and become highly automated, highly intelligent devices to communicate via the Internet network.” Zhao Hongjun us paint a ” industry 4.0 “blueprint. All along, Weidmuller efforts to promote the future development of the manufacturing sector, its continuing ability to innovate, a complete product line and extensive industry knowledge, as “Industry 4.0” is really landing laid a solid foundation. In the lead up advanced stage “Industry 4.0” era, Weidmuller has shown its leadership in this trend in change, it has laid a solid foundation for the realization of the vision of the future of the manufacturing sector. Speaking Weidmuller future development strategy, Zhao Hongjun very clear firm pointed out: “to achieve win-win situation with customers is our firm goal in the future, we will be more closely focus on the latest developments in the global industry 4.0, customers work side by side step. the pursuit of efficiency, flexibility and high productivity of high-end manufacturing direction. “
as a leader in the market to achieve healthy and sustainable development has been pursuing the goal Weidmuller. Future, with a pulse transmission of the spirit of innovation, closely inter-regional collaboration and talented team of professionals, Weidmüller will be a more robust attitude to move forward, it will certainly appear more dazzling achievements for global customers . Finally, Zhao Hongjun, said: “In embracing WeidmullerRapid changes in the market, is the future, from the ‘new’ departure. “
accumulation twenty-five carrier, today Weidmüller has stood on the starting line of a higher level, let us look forward to him along with the user, create brilliant!

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