Digital war “plague” of: digital exams – the Internet platform to fight the epidemic and Industry

The fight against the epidemic, is a medical “campaign”, but also a digital war “plague”, judged epidemic prevention and control, a digital production scheduling exams materials, industrial chain collaboration are all of our modern manufacturing systems. Epidemic prevention and control, the people related to safety; stable production, industrial relations and the rise and fall of corporate survival. The fight against SARS relief stable economy, is a race against time of war, but also a digital capacity building of the College Entrance Examination. In this strong central leadership, 1.4 billion people to participate, thousands of enterprises to actively respond to the people’s war, the industrial Internet platform represented a new generation of information technology has played a vital role. At the same time, the epidemic crisis also showed a profound lack of respect in the industry chain collaboration, social management and other information technology digital support. New digital speed up infrastructure construction, vigorously promote the digital transformation is imminent.
digital war “plague” of the current global economic and trade friction after another, unilateralism and protectionism intensified, the global industrial chain and the international division of labor is under attack, the external environment facing China’s economy become more complex. Sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic is to let China’s manufacturing industry is facing a severe test, manufacturing companies in response to pressure China-US trade friction generated by exports outside the industrial transfer, but also facing recruitment difficulties, systematic delays return to work, such as cash flow break operational risks. The focus epidemic prevention and control in the face of supply and demand docking, emergency support such as return to work and resume production difficulties, problems blocking point to the Internet platform as the representative of industrial information technology companies in a timely manner to carry out a lot of fruitful work , in terms of joint prevention and control epidemic, such as the deployment of materials and efficient, first started digitizing the fight against SARS battle. As for the deployment of medical and epidemic prevention materials difficult to match supply and demand information can not be quickly epidemic prevention and other outstanding issues blocking action, Haier, the UF, aerospace and other cloud network platform for enterprise information supply and demand of medical supplies have released docking platform to ensure accurate and efficient matching of emergency supplies; Foxconn Haier, win together science and technology enterprises play to their strengths in automation equipment manufacturing, new technology research and development and customization, etc. quickly realized the mass production of medical supplies by transfer, etc., Foxconn in Longhua Park imported masks production line It is expected by the end of 2 Nissan production capacity of up to 2 million. For local governments, epidemic prevention and control of emergency response community needs, Tencent, Alibaba and other companies use IT platform capable of achieving disease information collection, patient traceability, to help governments improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control,To prevent the spread of the epidemic; Xugong information, Sany Heavy Industry, and other enterprises emergency deployment of construction machinery and equipment online rush to the rescue emergency hospital construction in Wuhan, Henan, Beijing and other places, effectively protecting the implementation of the project; peace and actively develop smart city epidemic prevention and control online service area, the establishment of visualization big data analysis model to provide a reference for government decision-making scientific epidemic prevention and control. For the next epidemic prevention and control companies to quickly resume production resumed practical difficulties faced by Tencent, Ali, Huawei, UF and other platform for enterprise network Tencent timely introduction of free meetings, nails, Welink, Friends of space collaboration solutions to help enterprises lower cost, Quick to realize online meetings, coordination office; UFIDA launched production equipment remote monitoring and maintenance of cloud services, the effective maintenance of the production run and the capacity restoration; Tencent, Ali, Huawei and other platform companies give full play to big data, 5G and AI and other technical advantages, for return to work enterprises, including elevator without touching perception, abnormal body temperature screening and staff development cloud solutions and services, effectively alleviate the pressure companies to resume production resumed. After the digital challenges of the new crown pneumonia outbreak, industrial enterprises rapidly launch Internet-based integrated service platform, strong support for the full integration of social resources and material efficient call reflects the positive effect of information technology and digital transformation achieved. But at the same time, the epidemic has also exposed the deficiencies in the emergency support China’s manufacturing industry, industrial chain collaboration, accurate delivery and other materials, digitization capacity building a higher challenge. Under the crisis, through the digital transition and development to enhance the emergency response capability is imminent. 1. Large data level is not high, affecting supplies precise match since the new crown pneumonia outbreak, caused by the surge in demand for emergency medical supplies shortage, security work attracted wide attention, the resumption of production through organization-wide return to work, productivity has increased substantially, but the medical protective Key medical supplies supply clothing, medical protective masks and goggles still face challenges. Untimely removal of such factors as a time when the Chinese New Year holidays due to capacity planning and delivery of materials, but also allows us to see the outbreak of emergency supplies production of downstream supply and demand fast and accurate transfer of information in the industry chain, the production of raw materials to match precise, supply chain and logistics chain management, there are practical difficulties, and thus led to the emergency response is not timely, has resumed production rate is not high, the potential production capacity of mining insufficient to quickly and efficiently meet the needs of high-volume production of emergency supplies. To this end, an urgent need to enhance the level of building big data, especially to promote the industry Big Data, Big Data industry construction industry to fully tap the Internet platformIn a comprehensive manufacturing resource links across the country to promote the accurate docking of supply and demand, optimizing the overall potential applications and other aspects of the allocation of resources to address the information asymmetry is not timely adaptation dislocation brought about by resource issues such as the formation of the country’s manufacturing a game of chess, to promote China’s manufacturing emergency capabilities of modern. 2. The industrial chain of digital weak, the lack of risk management capability is now global economic chain intertwined, inseparable, wide range of industrial system, strong supply chain supporting capacity, has the depth of integration into the global division of labor Control Engineering Copyright The new crown pneumonia epidemic not only make China’s manufacturing industry is facing a big test, but also triggered a global “domino effect.” The automobile industry, for example, as much as China’s major automobile production base in Hubei Province on “closed city” mode, if the short-term epidemic can not be effectively controlled, and the country in Hubei car companies, parts suppliers, manufacturing facilities continued to shut down production China’s auto industry will face a double risk at home and abroad: on the one hand, the quarantine will lead to business resumed production complex difficulties, product development, manufacturing, and downstream distributors purchase, transport and logistics, marketing and other domestic industrial chain suffered a serious setback; another respect, continued outages could lead to the risk of international supply chain car prices in China transfer to other countries. To this end, an urgent need to speed up the industry chain to enhance our focus on digital level, give full play to the advantages of prominent platform resource elements converge personnel, materials, equipment, data, and knowledge, and open up the internal material flow, capital flow, information flow and the longitudinal chain key nodes horizontal, provide important support for the development of off-site manufacturing, provide critical protection for the industrial chain collaboration and integration. 3. The lack of flexible production capacity, capacity constraints configure the outbreak Let us further recognize the need and urgency to accelerate and enhance the rapid reaction capability of flexible manufacturing system production capacity of our country. While the holiday time when epidemic affecting the normal business started, but quickly organized after the outbreak relevant government departments to mobilize all relevant business areas stop on leave, return to work to resume production, February 3 was restored to 60 percent of capacity, the current civilian medical masks still frequently the reason is that the production of raw materials ran out of hand, production can not precisely match; on the other hand, many manufacturers do not have the flexibility to quickly converting capacity, high current only Haier, Foxconn, Sinopec, BYD degree of automation, strong financial strength relying on the enterprise platform for building masks production line, a large number of potential output has not been effectively released. To this end, relying on much-needed powerful platformDocking of supply and demand data analysis, optimize the allocation of capacity, intelligent optimization scheduling and other functions, to enhance the flexible production capacity of manufacturing enterprises to carry out strategic materials of mass customization of rapid production, to achieve efficient allocation of society as a whole potentially effective production capacity. 4. The transition is difficult for SMEs, need to lead the drive to return to work to bring the epidemic to postpone, delay in order delivery, supply chain disruption, such as cash flow break to let our small manufacturing enterprises face a variety of unbearable “pain”, also reflects a low degree of digital SMEs, business continuity management is not strong, lack of ability to resist risks, poor cash flow and other weaknesses. Although the current national and local levels have introduced support policies help SMEs tide over the crisis , but the money to support the application issued a long time, heavy “blood transfusion” light “blood” as a result of difficult policy support for small and medium the current plight of the development of enterprises form a strong support, an efficient and precise yet to upgrade the level of service. To this end, an urgent need to create a new model based on the Internet and other new industrial platform services to SMEs. On the one hand, supported by digital technology depth application links upstream and downstream industries, the integration of industry resources to build the elements set collection pin platform, providing more opportunities for online order for SMEs; on the other hand, to carry out a new industrial financing industrial credit based on the Internet services to reduce the threshold of the SME financing and expanding financing channels. Digital face the challenges of a new journey, an urgent need to speed up the construction of new facilities such as the Internet platform digital basic industries, indeed, promote the digital transformation, total factor pushing China’s manufacturing industry, the whole industry chain, the whole value chain of interoperability, enhance digital level of modern industrial system, provides the core driving force for China’s high-quality economic development. 1. speed up the construction of new digital facilities, strengthening their ability to support the development of industrial transformation of the Internet platform and other new digital infrastructure CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to enhance the business of digital, intelligent manufacturing operations level. From design to achieve R & D, manufacturing, operations management, supply chain management and control and customer service network cooperation of the whole value chain, help enterprises to break through geographical restrictions to achieve information sharing and telecommuting, improve work efficiency. Based on the platform to carry out equipment ROMS and fault diagnosis, enterprise real-time data acquisition equipment, statistical analysis, expert diagnosis and fault forecast, guarantee stable production processes. Efficient integration platform based on the internal life of industrial enterprisesProduction resources to create intelligent plant, to achieve optimal allocation of production resources dynamically and rapidly respond to fluctuations in market demand. 2. Push the big data construction industry, providing support for the precise application of policy building coverage hierarchical classification of country, industry, region and other major industrial data and industry cloud, real-time monitoring of key industries, key data for all levels of government fully understand the industrial capacity, accurate positioning business needs, precise scientific facilities strategy provides an important basis. Relying on the Internet platform of industrial mining big data analysis capabilities, according to industry classification management needs to show visual industry, regional industrial overview of the situation, to provide accurate data to support measures and policies. Using digital development capabilities of the platform, according to industry management demand the development and deployment of various types of Command and Control System, Auxiliary efficient government to carry out urban governance, supply chain, emergency response and strategic materials command and management to ensure the landing implementation of policies by digital means to enhance government science ability to govern. 3. Push the cloud industry, to enhance the integration of industrial chain coordination sub-sector resources, to create “industrial clusters on the cloud,” open up the industry to speed up the production chain, logistics chain and capital chain, to achieve sub-sectors and the whole industry chain through optimal allocation of resources . Construction industry leaders to promote the industrial sub-sector Internet platform to guide the SME platform, with platform brings together industry production and marketing resources to build a cloud-based platform, the industry chain, breaking the boundaries of the physical plant, to-end collaborative production. By platform throughout the whole logistics chain, visual management cloud platform, logistics and vehicle transport route analysis and optimization utilizing big data, real-time tracking of strategic goods in transit transport state, to achieve the full logistics chain all-channel real-time control [123 ], strong support efficient supply chain operation. Based on the platform to carry out “industrial loan-cloud” and other related financial services, relying on the user platform production operations data analysis carried out new industrial financing credit, reducing the threshold of SME financing, financing to create a relaxed environment, support after the outbreak companies to quickly resume production resumed. 4. Establish emergency system platform to promote the development of manufacturing security crises into opportunities, plan ahead. Internet-based platform for building industrial risk early-warning and emergency security system, providing critical infrastructure protection for future emergency events. On the one hand build platform based on highly automated, intelligent manufacturing risk early warning systems, real-time tracking and monitoring through the raw material supply, production organization in strategic sectors such as master key material situation production capacity, production, inventory, etc., through big dataAnalysis to predict various risks and risk warning. On the other hand emergency support system platform construction of key strategic industries based materials, a crisis can quickly mobilize resources to guarantee the production and supply of strategic materials industry special period connected to the platform, while achieving critical emergency allocation of supplies across the country, precisely matched and emergency support, mitigate risks and minimize losses.

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