Domestic exports AGV must understand insider!

In recent years, the rapid development of China’s industrial robots, the most in the field of hot segment would undoubtedly AGV mobile robot. According to Chinese mobile robot (AGV) Industry Alliance, a new industrial strategy Robotics Institute statistics, in 2018 the new Chinese market for mobile robot (AGV) 29600 units, including the general AGV, AGV forklifts, warehouse logistics AGV and other electricity providers, compared with 2017 35.22% annual growth in sales of 42,5 billion in market growth. As can be seen from the above data AGV good domestic business development momentum, but with the 2019 domestic AGV industry into saturation competition, more and more companies will AGV open up overseas markets as an important strategy. AGV domestic market is not optimistic about the domestic AGV actually want to “escape” overseas across the board, today’s market homogeneity serious, intense price war competition, there is no core technology of the enterprise to survive. Industry segments and continue to be open to expand, more and more start-ups emerged AGV, adding stalemate in the war situation, AGV industry is undergoing a shift in the long “shuffling” process.
and industry segments in the AGV business is not carefree, to field of electronic business, for example. Because of confidentiality requirements of operating data, commercial enterprises often choose to buy products or research since the AGV, while Amazon acquired Kiva also bought out its posterior, Kiva termination of the services of other companies before. Domestic electricity supplier Jingdong is the self-development of the AGV robots, Ali chose the fast warehouse, Suning, the only product will select the company and the Unicorn Premium Ka Geek + cooperation. AGV profits gradually lower the domestic market, domestic AGV want more profit, it is necessary to reduce costs through technological upgrading, but this is difficult to achieve in a short time, to open up overseas markets to become the best choice for AGV enterprises to improve profitability. For start-up companies no technical barriers, in the domestic market is difficult long-term survival CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , burst into overseas markets and perhaps fighting chance of survival. And mastered the technology giants barriers when seeking rapid expansion, also playing the abacus for the overseas market.
Domestic AGV want to export, to a clear understanding of these export advantage in the domestic AGV projects which resolve most export markets in Europe and America and Southeast Asia, Europe and the characteristics of the market is the main industryTend depth of customization and automation systems on the market usually project will be completed by several companies to cooperate, divide their profits, coupled with Europe’s labor costs are higher, most companies do not have the price advantage. Southeast Asia adequate labor market, low labor costs, AGV market penetration is low Control Engineering Copyright , but human labor obsolete mode of production, the factory has begun using a new generation of advanced automation technology, has a great future development of space to be developed. China as the world’s factory, domestic enterprises AGV already has served various types of plants, extensive experience in non-standard product design and production, specializes in the depth of customization, domestic labor costs are lower, prices have obvious advantages. And in the long period of accumulation of AGV products and application technology, and now the country’s AGV technology has matured, the products can meet international market standards, the gap with foreign products is still being pulled small, and some have even catch up.
Second, what “trap” can not step on the development potential of overseas markets, although people s heart, but domestic enterprises to display their fists while also considering limiting factors. Foreign attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property, exports must pay attention to the issue of infringement. Third, export certification and standards which are mostly concentrated in the AGV project exports in recent years, the United States and some Southeast Asian countries, less Europe, some of the main reasons is that the strict EU standards allow enterprises to stay away. AGV mainly applicable European standards EN 1175-1 and EN 1525, safety requirements can be divided into mechanical, electrical and control of three parts. Mechanical safety requirements, the load handling means comprising design requirements CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , stability requirements, security requirements mechanical brake, electrical safety requirements, comprising a charging system [123 ], such as a battery, a battery connector, the charging post, a motor, contacts, wires, electrical protection, testing and the like. Control security requirements, including safety devices require (such as emergency stop, warning device, person detecting device, etc.), to control the safety requirements (e.g., charge control, transport control, steering control, speed control, cruise control, etc.), and a low voltage, parameter error , chassis failure. Europe really is more comprehensive in terms of safety standards AGV, it is worth learning from, While domestic exports AGV want and what can be certified as a product of “signs” mean? Certification CR: CR certification is the National Development and Reform Commission, Administration of Quality Supervision, the Ministry of Industry, commission and other four ministries officially released to the community on the forum Chinese robot (CR) standard, China’s robot CR authentication mode is divided into two types: product type test, product type test + initial factory inspection + supervision after inspection, which is commonly used mode. CR announced certification adapted to the needs of the domestic robot market, and promote the healthy and rapid development of the robotics industry. CR is currently certified by enterprises in Shenyang new song, machine Branch shares, Shanghai Express warehouse, Qingdao Haitong, Kang robot, Beijing Jia and so very intellectual. CE certification:
“CE” mark is a safety certification mark indicating the safety approval rather than quality standards in the EU market “CE” mark is a mandatory certification mark, whether within the EU enterprise products, or other countries products, in order to free circulation in the EU market, it is necessary to add “CE” mark to indicate that products meet the EU “technical coordination and standardization of new methods,” the basic requirements of the Directive, which is a product of EU law proposed mandatory requirements. By CE certified products have the equivalent of a “passport” that can circulate freely in Europe in more than 30 countries. “CE certification” must be in the EU member states by the certification bodies headquarters before they can issue certificates, since the late 1980s, there have been a number of foreign certification agencies stationed in China, can provide authentication and certification. For example SIASUN mobile robot machine system received CE certification TüV SÜD award, becoming China’s first certified by CE (Mobile) robot entire system, wooden ox forklift AGV won the Greater China TüV Rheinland issued area debut in line with the European CE certification safety Directive, Kang robot obtained by SGS granted – the country’s first AGV full instructions CE certification, covering machinery safety (MD), electromagnetic compatibility security (EMC), wireless control security (RED ) certification. Fourth, how to export layout in Europe, America and other developed countries, AGV rapid development of a wide range of applications
CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , need to move where almost all were using AGV. Labor cost is the primary factor affecting AGV in the United States and Europe are widely used, the use of the machine not only for enterprises FestivalAbout the costs, but also eliminates the need for workers to demand pay and social security and other troubles, followed by business management and product safety requirements also contributed to enterprise applications AGV. European countries path planning projects and production processes complex, huge demand for AGV, the pursuit of perfect function technologically advanced products, AGV in Japan and South Korea also tend to good development momentum. Today part of our AGV industry enterprises, mainly to Europe, America, Japan output, export a maximum of two overseas edition this figure in 2007, the new song won the global tender AGV General Motors to become GM’s global partner suppliers, export AGV opened precedent. Very wise Kerry (Geek +) to enter the Japanese market to provide logistics and warehousing services for electrical services, a Japanese company, the country and the world from the robot’s five hundred United States Staples Office Supplies giant signed a five-year service agreement AGV. Another part of the output to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, such as a new song, Queensland boat, the country from the robot, a very intellectual Kerry, wellhead, Aiji Wei, Xiao Hua, also have applications in several projects landed in Southeast Asia. Labor-intensive enterprises dominated the Southeast Asian market, although low labor costs, but productivity is also low in Southeast Asia workers, business-to-AGV have a certain demand, market potential. Under Industry 4.0, 2025 China Intelligent Manufacturing and other opportunities, AGV industry has been rapid development, some of the above knowledge is only a small part, in order to make export trade, companies need to do more preparation. In the current trend of the sea, there are some overseas markets, the proportion of total revenue over a third of the company, through “along the way” in the east, the new song will be exported to the robot South Africa, Belarus and other places, is not difficult to imagine AGV domestic enterprises in the future will open up more and more new overseas edition map.

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