Dropbox headquarters is an entertainment-themed design

It is important to have fun and feel comfortable in the workplace. After all, just like your second home. Most large companies understand that we see a lot of beautiful headquarters and office interiors that focus on making employees feel attractive and comfortable. This is a good new example. This is the new Dropbox headquarters, which is located in San Francisco.

This is a project designed by Geremia and Boor Bridges. The space is full of energy and it has a vibrant and fun interior. The team is focused on maximizing its entertainment features and also making the space feel comfortable. They use modular furniture and green design. Open space and functional groups are open to better serve employees. It also includes a range of informal lounges, kitchens and meeting rooms. Playfulness seems to be a theme. The name of the conference room is “Romantic Room” or “Broken”, and there is a “Back to the Future” meeting room. There are also a variety of familiar messages and phrases written on the wall, such as the legendary “accept challenge”. Workspaces are organized in a way that is based on the concept of teamwork. Of course, there is no shortage of art elements. There is a cultural wall and an art exhibition hall.

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