Embrace the 2020s | from major industrial countries into an industrial power, China needs to do what?

Compared with the Internet and other new forms of economy, the manufacturing sector seems to be more need for loneliness. Fortunately, the future can be expected. “God will punish anyone, then let him do it in manufacturing.” Xie said with a smile. Over the past decade, he has not left PV manufacturing industry, also witnessed the ups and downs of this industry. In 2009, China’s photovoltaic industry after 10 years of development has made great achievements, surpassing Japan as the world’s largest producer of photovoltaic equipment. Although a huge production capacity, but suffer from “two out” and constraints on people, for the development of the industry planted a huge risk. The end of 2011, by the European debt crisis, the global and the rise of trade protectionism in Europe and America suffered “double reverse” survey, the global slowdown in new installations of photovoltaic power generation, China’s photovoltaic manufacturing industry into a stage of excess capacity, product prices have fallen sharply the whole industry into a loss. Until the State has issued policies to support the industry, the photovoltaic industry was gradually pick up.
PV is a microcosm of China’s manufacturing industry. Also in 10 years, Germany put forward the “Industry 4.0” concept. In China, wound up being the Internet will usher in a baptism of Industries of. With the rise of mobile Internet boom CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , business entities appeared an unexpected turn: the shops on the street gradually wound down. And behind it, the plant’s production and marketing chain and therefore changing, machine, between the factory floor and people will soon link up via a network, through big data analysis techniques, the manufacturing sector in reducing losses, means using the Internet, new sales channels will divide and transform the traditional channels. Challenged the traditional production and management, business resilience largely determines the pattern of the industry reshuffle. Chinese manufacturing industry is facing a wave of intelligent manufacturing. Traditional Industries and also inevitably “Internet +” washing concept of impact. Internet + Co. under China’s new economic transformation is both an opportunity and a challenge. May 2015, the State Council issued the “Made in China 2025”, which is the first decade of the implementation of the Program of Action of China’s manufacturing power strategy, also landed in China’s industry 4.0. According to the plan of China’s manufacturing industry development plan, by 2025 the manufacture of power into the ranks; by 2035 the manufacturing sector reached the world’s manufacturing powerhouse camp moderate level; by 2050, the comprehensive strength into the forefront of world manufacturing power. At present, China is not the industrialPower, but industrialized nations. Compared with the Internet and other new forms of economy, the manufacturing sector seems to be more need for loneliness. Fortunately, the future can be expected. There are development difficulties than a decade ago, made in China really a lot stronger. First in terms of scale. China’s manufacturing industry than the United States, Japan, the total manufacturing value added is higher. 2018, the industrial added value of more than 30 trillion yuan for the first time, reaching 30.5 trillion yuan, equivalent to $ 4.6 trillion. Among them, manufacturing value added close to $ 4 trillion. The scale of China’s manufacturing industry has been in 2010 surpassed the United States as the world’s first, is already 1.6 times the United States, the proportion of the world’s manufacturing industry accounts for close to 30%, equivalent to the sum of US-Japan and Germany. China’s manufacturing industry categories. China is the world’s only industry with a global classification of all industry categories of countries, forming a complete industrial system industry, a veritable factory of the world. A manufacturing companies in China will soon be able to complete the work package, which is unthinkable in many countries of convenience. In some areas, made in China has reached world advanced level, it has even lead. For example, 5G mobile communications network, UHV transmission technology, quantum communication etc has been at the forefront of the world. However, the overall structure point of view, China’s manufacturing industry is not strong enough. In 2019, the number of Fortune 500 companies on the list for the first time surpassed the United States. But, energy, metals companies accounted for is too high, its profit margin is not prominent. The automotive, industrial machinery industry is relatively weak, computer electronics equipment manufacturing enterprises also showed big but not strong, profit is not high. China’s manufacturing industry companies on the list later, the rise time behind the United States and Japan and Germany, are only some of the automotive industry started relatively early. Haitong macro research report said, compared with the United States, Japan, Germany and other manufacturing power, we still have some gaps. Mainly in the following areas: China’s manufacturing industry accounted for a higher proportion of the economy. As the industry continues to upgrade traditional industries accounted for the proportion of economic decline, the manufacturing share of GDP will trend downward. At present, China manufacturing value added to GDP ratio is still as high as 29%, equivalent to the United States in the early 1950s, mid-1980s Japan. “Overall, China’s manufacturing industry, construction, metals, building materials accounting for the high, and machinery accounting for the low, reflecting the industry from raw materials to class upgrade class processing and assembly industry is not smooth, but the electronics industry realized overtaking around the curve. “the report wrote.In the world’s top 500 enterprises, China’s energy, metal industry high proportion, 16%, 10% respectively, but profitability is not prominent. And the United States, Japan and Germany energy and metals companies accounted for no more than 10%. But in fact the margins of these two types of industries and enterprises is not outstanding, our energy companies profit margins enrolled less than a third of the United States selected energy companies, metal companies profit margin is only the United States of similar enterprises ninths One. 2019, China’s automobile manufacturing industry in addition to the companies on the list of 10, the number of three over other, faster to catch up with the number. In fact, until 10 years ago, in 2010, China’s only four manufacturing companies on the list Control Engineering Copyright , and are motor vehicles and parts industry. Over the past decade the number from the list view, car prices better than the performance of the United States, but behind Japan and Germany. And in addition to other manufacturing companies outside the car to enter the world top 500 mainly occurred in the past decade, compared to the United States, Japan and Germany were in 1995 and has other manufacturing companies on the list, our country lagged behind. There have a future upgrade path to imminent made in China. After a period of rapid development over the past decade, the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry is gradually entering deep water. Optimized manufacturing structure appeared. This was reflected in the last decade China’s electronics industry continued to grow, exceeding the growth rate of the overall industry growth rate of Control Engineering Copyright , which means that its share of the overall proportion of industry increased substantially. In recent years, artificial intelligence technology from the laboratory to industry, both from the national level or enterprise level are actively promoting the intelligent transformation of the manufacturing sector. Chinese manufacturers continue to use information technology to optimize production lines, improve product structure, improving production efficiency and product quality. With the disappearance of the demographic dividend, many factories, especially the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and other regions, by machine substitutions, product testing and other intelligent change the use of artificial intelligence technology, improve production efficiency and further improve the performance and quality of Chinese products, real implement manufacturing shift to China from the Chinese wisdom made, high-quality development of manufacturing industry. Xiamen Hongfa’s case, the company established two subsidiaries dedicated to research and manufacture of automated production lines, we have developed more than 160 automated production lines, automation rate of 80%. With a clear competitive advantage, its products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions , 14.1% of total global sales of the relay, the relay areas in the world, Acer production and sales are the first. Successful experience in Control Engineering Copyright , the future development path of China-made faintly visible. Chinese Academy of Engineering, former Huazhong University President Lee Bacon said in public statements: the future path of the manufacturing sector has three main points: the first is data-driven, any business, all the activities of enterprises, all processes, all products, all require digital drive. The second is a software-defined. He Volkswagen, for example, said the core of the future competitiveness of the car largely reflected in the software, whether it is the product itself or the manufacturing process. The third is the actual situation, construction machinery, intelligent construction, aircraft manufacturing, we need the data collected in conjunction with the actual situation. Lei Jun also two of the country open to the media, said: “I think the development of the manufacturing sector, above all, rely on innovation and innovation, mainly to breakthroughs in core technologies, seize the high ground of technology, and to obtain the right to speak Technology innovation in manufacturing. the most important tool for development. “but it can not ignore the challenge is to produce increasingly powerful China, and alarmed other manufacturing countries, international trade disputes in recent years repeatedly appeared. “I am very fortunate to live in this very big change and passion of the times, but to be honest, I want it to go over.” Wu Xiaobo was in the “agitation” Thirty Years in wrote. From China to manufacture bigger and stronger, there is still a long way to go. Many of today’s internal and external difficulties facing the manufacturing industry, but through the fog, the future can be expected.

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