European and American film new material to bring a one-stop application solutions at Shanghai Water Show

How to prevent the film “core” fouling? How to prevent organic pollution and improve system recovery film “core”? How to extend the film “core” issue of life …… these industrial water treatment systems users are most concerned about, is listed prominently in the background on the wall of the booth. At the recent opening of the Shanghai International Aquatech Water Show, Europe and New Materials Co., Ltd. (Ochemate Advanced Material Technology, Ltd.) as “old Chinese sits” for incurable diseases film applications gives customers a full suite of solutions and professional depth It answers.
The film agent Western new material for the main film broad spectrum inhibitors CPE8000, scale inhibitor of this general type by the American NSF certification, applicable to a wide range of water quality, the biggest feature is eight times concentrated , which means significant savings in transportation costs, storage area and reduced labor costs, disposal costs and reduces packaging waste. Further, another aspect of the new industrial scale inhibitor is a film of special NP217, it has a unique silicon barrier function. Under selected conditions, the concentration of silicon can still be effective at 300 ppm of control, to ensure the normal operation of the system. Mainly used in water reuse and reverse osmosis / nanofiltration membrane system zero emissions project. “Europe and new material for the film manufacturing, application and maintenance has 20 years of precipitation technology, which makes our team the ability for customers ‘pulse’, and consider the effectiveness of the integrated economy, providing appropriate the ‘prescription’, which is our one-stop professional services , “CEO Fang Peihui introduce new material in Europe and America. “At the same time, as a Western integration and innovation of businesses, we have never stopped to explore the market pain points, the water we bring home exhibition hollow fiber nanofiltration product is a good example.”
new hollow fiber nanofiltration – Neff (? N F), it is a used in homes and commercial, civil construction (such as schools, hospitals, etc.) water purification products. It is to overcome the difficulties in the core material, a hydrophilic material and nano thin separation layer of the composite CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , a new generation of selective filtering techniques. Main “safe and healthy”, in the waterHarmful substances (including toxic small organic molecules – antibiotics, endocrine disruptors, viruses, heavy metal ions, etc.) while removing, water retention portion Ca2 +, F and other beneficial elements on human teeth, bones, etc. [ 123], truly selective filtering, more in line with “healthy water” standards. Compared to other products on the market, this nanofiltration is more energy saving, its operating pressure of less than 3 kg, the same size, only a single component flux far more than competing products. In the first day of the Shanghai International Exhibition of water, Neff Europe and new material? TPFP technology high-profile, highly recognized industry experts and government science and technology sector. Former director of the National Center for Disease Control and Bai Xuetao, Huzhou City, South Lake Science and Technology Bureau deputy director of industrial parks in Changning Yin CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , membrane separation Zhejiang University and Huzhou Water Treatment Collaborative Innovation Center Research Institute Vice Dean Wu Tao and so long to witness this historic moment to lead the environmental health of drinking innovative solutions released. The water show Western bring new material products further comprising a solid household Caldoff release inhibitors, chemical membrane system and a circulation water systems and other chemicals, Booth 5.1H713.

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