Exposed structural elements bring symmetry to Russian homes

This home is located in Rostov, one of the oldest towns in Russia.

Architectural work RoomChadoSelected a symmetrical design for this project. The center of the house has a social area and two wing structures. The wing structures are equal in size, one is the master bedroom and the other is the bedroom for two children.
Exposed structural elements highlight the symmetrical design. Exposed trusses and brick walls became the main design element to help define the project.
A double-sided fireplace connects the interior and exterior areas and is a fascinating accessory for both indoor living areas and outdoor terraces.
The center of the house is a social area with an open kitchen, dining room and seating space. The fireplace connects all of these functions together while the glass door introduces natural light.

Brick Wall Defined almost every corner.
The master bedroom is a comfortable room. Wood floors and exposed brick walls help it blend into the overall design, while elements such as the blue bed and headboard make it stand out and look special.

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