Fairy tale house on the way to school

There are some colorful small houses on some roads in the Norwegian city of Gran, jointly launched by the Norwegian Transport Planning Agency and the local government. This project is for the pilot projects built by the children of the city of Granville. 18,000 euros, it was built for children, and the children themselves participated in the construction process.

The main purpose of the project is to increase walking or cycling by adding some childlike buildings on the way to school. The attraction of schooling encourages children and adolescents to exercise. The problem of youth lack of exercise during this period has become more and more prominent, and the project is one of the many efforts to improve this negative trend.
Designers scattered colorful, simple and versatile independent small building units along Gran’s school roads, intended to use modules for a range of play spaces for children. Each module can be used independently or in combination. Through the functions of these small buildings for fun and social interaction, children are encouraged to meet in these small buildings on their way to and from school, thus providing a viable solution to the problem of insufficient children’s activities.

The project was implemented with the help of students, and the module was built by the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The main purpose of the project is to inspire other cities to join in to do similar projects, and finally make such gathering points a landscape that can be seen everywhere along the Norwegian school.

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