Festo innovative automation solutions to help fight the epidemic increase in output efficiency

At the beginning of 2020, a sudden outbreak to people’s lives and a great impact, but also to all walks of life have brought different challenges and opportunities. Now, with the global challenges of the epidemic spread of epidemic prevention-related medical, pharmaceutical, personal protective equipment and other industries will face last longer, it will usher in more opportunities. As the industry leader in automation during the Spring Festival holiday, the local government should call, Festo emergency recovery part of the production to supply automation equipment demand mask production line. Currently, Festo can has been fully restored in China’s production, and continue to play an important role in nucleic acid detection, medical equipment support therapy machine breathing machine, personal protective equipment masks disinfectant, vaccine production and for the future of laboratory automation and other fields, help anti Phytophthora increase in output efficiency. Festo one-stop solution CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , as masks, disinfectant production speed global epidemic of a new crown spread, rose to make this “hot” masks demand, many companies to join temporarily “mask productive workforce. ” For the most widely used flat masks, its standardized production primarily through a tabletting machine, dispenser, three kinds of spot welding equipment. Ear cord to the mask welding stations, Festo automation products to show their talents. First, ELGC-TB electrically driven jaw cylinder DHPS pulling lug fast axis specified length, compact and flexible, to maximize efficiency under a limited space; Subsequently, the DFM air cylinder driven automatically cut the excess portion of the ear scissors axis; Next, the EMMS -ST ear pivot axis of the stepping motor 90 °, the core value of the product as the Festo , EMMS-ST only delivery speed, high-quality, high reliability and further comprising dynamic long life full positioning function, mask production to meet the production requirements of the day and night; Finally, DSBC ear pressing cylinder axis welding. On the Edge mechanic bit KN95 masks, Festo product can also provide a lot of help. Festo pneumatic rotary indexing table DHTG, efficient and stable positioning control KN95 masks Edge, more stable compared with similar products, the structure is more compact, cost-effective. Fast output level of medical protective masks you want to achieve, the sterilization process is the “key.” An analytical standard sterilization processes, or 7 days to halfMonths (data from the Ministry official micro instructions). Sterilization processes that involve multiple media segment (vacuum, ethylene oxide, process water, etc.), multiple process lines need to make up the entire process. Make sure the media delivery, improve sterilization efficiency, Festo process valve is the “best choice.” Festo pneumatic valve sets of structure not only ensures the circulation of the medium, accelerate and improve the efficiency of sterilization equipment and parsed its excellent seal to prevent leakage and internal leakage of the media to protect the sterilization process safety. Disinfectant as essential to personal protection products, during the epidemic surge in demand. The most technically demanding than quantitative filling disinfectant production process. Disinfectant corrosive, requires filling valve corrosion, acid resistance, and the valve switching frequency is frequent, fast switching speed. VTUG by Festo valve seat valve controls the pneumatic angle VZXA and enable accurate quantitative filling, while controlling the plurality of pneumatic angle valve, to achieve quantitative refill consistency greatly improved production efficiency. Stainless steel process valve VZXA, no dead ends, easy to clean both inside and outside. Patent sealing technology, can be carried out without removing the drive replacement pipe, to prevent the media from entering the drive. Rugged compact, long life, high-volume, ideal for corrosive media. Nucleic acid sequencing, nucleic acid detection process stable and accurate, high-throughput sequencing through the sample sequencing huge amount effective, rapid diagnosis is completed. The critical period, the customer proposed a “fast delivery, corrosion, shorten detection time,” the demand for this equipment. Three seemingly simple, in fact, is behind a large number of samples tested handling, frequent switching positive and negative pressure, pressure indicators precise control to avoid corrosion agent equipment and other technical problems. 1. The precise pressure control sample. The first step in the detection process of sampling, the vast amount of samples, requires accurate pressure control. In this session, Festo provide customers SPAN pressure sensor solutions. SPAN extensive common, comprehensive monitoring of the negative pressure and the positive pressure environment, and to realize PNP / NPN and analog current / voltage output. Its easy to debug, debugging can be realized by multi-parameter copy function, thus full control of sample pressure indicators, to ensure the stability of the sample extract and accuracy of test results. 2. Automatic tube assembly. For gripping, transporting, positioning and operation of the test sample batches of different types, the medical tube assembly Festo automatic program can do so easily. Bus control type electric rotating cylinder ERPrecise positioning the tube in any position of the MO, when the electric gripping jaws EHPS tube gripping force adjusted according to the batch to achieve a flexible gripping. While the motor is integrated in the claw, using a real-time analog position sensor sensing an arbitrary position of the jaws, avoiding excessive gripping. In this process, the guide cylinder tube DFM achieve precise alignment of the cap and the body, improve the assembly yield. 3. The fluid delivery guarantee. In addition to accurate and efficient detection apparatus operation, it has a very high corrosion resistance requirements. In the joints, NPQP play a “key role.” NPQP polypropylene tubes with special fittings to ensure tolerance of pH during the transmission of the sample, to ensure the fluid delivery device. Meanwhile NPQP non-metallic material, food grade meet safety standards, to facilitate movement of the weight member, transparent appearance of the device easier troubleshooting. Break the impasse medical equipment to alleviate the epidemic situation is well known, the new crown virus infection can cause severe respiratory failure. Oxygen therapy machine and ventilator as a treatment for severe pneumonia key equipment, its performance and the patient’s life and health are closely related. For the surge in the number of patients and hospital bed shortages and other problems, stability and breathing space class medical device adaptable began to be put forward new requirements. The face of urgent technical requirements, Festo proportional throttle VEMD and 2/2 proportional valve VPWS become the key to break the impasse. For some patients with mild, the use of portable oxygen machine can make it even more convenient to carry out the treatment at any time, to ease the pressure beds. VEMD particularly suitable for use in such apparatus is mounted, it is compact in size, light in weight, development designed for medical applications, very quiet. It is performed by the integrated circuit with sensors for controlling the actual flow rate adjustment, and then supplied to the main controller of the analog signal as long as input 10 a set point … 0.2 V within the range, you can easily adjust the system output volume flow at, it proves professional dynamic response and energy efficiency advantages. The critically ill patients will need support ventilator to sustain life, then you need to play VPWS its strength. VPWS lightweight compact diameter of only 15mm, but controllable flow is very large, such a compact design and high flow characteristics also make it the best choice for a medical ventilator. It can be adjusted precisely breathing gas flow, strict control of oxygen and carbon dioxide discharge, laying a solid guarantee patient safety. Vaccine development, accurate and efficient countries in the medical field has been developed as a vaccine main battlefield. Verily, Festo has launched a new crown vaccine development and production projects related to cooperation with the customer. Vaccine development and production need to go through training, dosing, testing, sterilization, filling, packing a few stops. In these processes, the process of the dosing process, directly determine the final quality of the finished vaccine. Point for the process fluid and the like pipetting, Festo proportional pressure control valve with high accuracy can be achieved by VEAB innovative piezoelectric technology and closed-loop control, to maintain good stability during long-term use. In addition, Festo also applied to the valve island VTUG vaccine dosing system. It enables automatic control of a process valve for precise matching. Compared with the conventional electromagnetic valve, VTUG saves a lot of labor, but also facilitate field line arrangement. Its own plurality of diagnostic methods, to achieve fast fault diagnosis, improve the stability of the dosing system. Experimental study of acceleration, unpredictable challenges of the future development of the outbreak, only to speed up laboratory studies, large quantities of genetic sampling and analysis, and increase the accuracy and consistency of process efficiency, in order to detect and follow-up of the vaccine virus, so that deal with more challenges in the future may face. A more intelligent laboratory sample preparation system to help partners maximize efficiency CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , Festo offers a range of equipment solutions. To frequently during transport of the liquid sample collected in the gene, the plane of the door frame by Festo EXCM, power handling module and a rotating cylinder ELGC EHMD combined application, help researchers precise gripping collecting samples and transported to different stations. In this set of motion of the actuator Copyright Control Engineering , in combination with the plane of the door frame EXCM ELGC electrically cylinder can ensure the accuracy and smoothness of movement of the sample. The system is simple to install, compact design structure, to maximize the use of workspace. To determine the position of the moving, rotating work gripping gripping EHMD module will perform the sample, which is the kind most compact rotary handling module, ideal for gripping small objects. Meanwhile, in the process of sample preparation, it is generally necessary to adjust the pressure or vacuum applied to liquid and the support point of pipetting, which requires VEAB controlled proportional pressure valve. It uses innovative piezo technology and closed-loop control technology Control Engineering Copyright , it has excellent control precision, the pressure control performance consistently, even long-term use can maintain good stability. Festo automation technology has always been committed to innovation, since the new crown outbreak, Festo keeping with the medical, pharmaceutical, life sciences, packaging and other industries in close communication and cooperation, and promote innovative automation solutions to accelerate investment in production line applications to ensure product safety, rapid, high quality production. China’s epidemic has been effectively controlled, future-oriented, Festo will concentric counterparts with industry partners to advanced automation technology for the protection, guard brilliant light of life!
proportional throttle VEMD
ELGC electrically cylinder
the SPAN pressure sensor
VTUG valve island

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