First half of the over 80 billion of capital into the industrial robot, where both voted?

Day cards robot one hundred million yuan B round of financing refresh the highest single financing domestic collaboration robotics, roots interconnection 500 million B round of financing reached a new record of Chinese Internet industry financing platform for the amount, as the technology Kuang D round of financing of $ 750 million this year to finance large . In the first half Control Engineering Copyright , industrial robots financing is still lively.
According to incomplete statistics, the first half of 2019, industrial robot from a total of 43 cases of financing, AGV, machine vision, industrial segments leading internet three most enterprises access to finance, financing case were 11 cases, 10 since, seven. Field of system integration, the four companies to obtain financing; Hansheng field of harmonic reducer 10 million pre-A to obtain financing. In addition, the robot’s Day card in the field of cooperation, the main parallel robot Astro Boy, SCARA field of Kay-financing gains were in the first half. On
the amount of financing, the amount of financing in the general level of ten million. Removing an undisclosed amount of financing four companies, 39 companies are financing more than 10 million level. Among them, nine more than one hundred million yuan level of corporate financing, corporate finance nearly 2 billion yuan, 28 enterprises financing amount between 10 million and 100 million yuan. Financing rounds of financing in the first half of the universal wheel before B , and is concentrated in the A wheel, pre-A and B-wheel wheel. According to statistics, 43 enterprises to obtain financing in the 15 companies received A round of financing CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , nine companies to get financing pre-A, 9 B round of financing enterprises, three companies obtain financing strategy, two companies received angel round of financing, two a + companies get financing, access to seed round, a ++, B +, D round of financing of each one.
AGV, machine vision, industrial Internet access to capital continues to flow, the three have a “take-all” feature in the smart production, as long as there is need to move where there is the AGV; and a flexible, lean production, machine vision indispensable actor than color; Internet industry is manufacturing by the “manufacturing” the key to the “wisdom made” the whole industry is energized. Capital as a benchmark, enterprises obtain financing from this point of view, AGV, machine vision, industrial or the Internet will be the future of industrial robots outlet. WorkInternet industry: financing upstart in the first half of this year Control Engineering Copyright , the field of finance industry internet news continued. From the tens of millions of mushroom was linked to the Black Lake wisdom made the 150 million, 500 million and then to the roots of the Internet, the amount of financing innovation high. Industrial use of the Internet generation of information technology, to meet the urgent need for the development of the manufacturing sector to enhance efficiency and optimize the urgent needs of the assets and operations, is expected to promote enterprise digital, network-linked, intelligent transformation. The first half of 2019, Black made Moses Lake, sea-online, cloud factory, Bora technology, Internet roots, mushrooms things together, ITES seven aerospace companies to obtain financing. Internet roots as China’s oldest industrial Internet-enabled platform company, founded in 2016, CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and several hundred million dollars to complete the first round of financing in 2017, in June this year, the Internet root announced the completion of 500 million yuan B round of financing again, setting a new record for Chinese internet industry platform for financing amount. This 500 million B round of financing not only optimistic about the development of capital markets for the future of the Internet root, also reflects the growing number of eco-industries are reaping the Internet this emerging industry attention and support. SaaS industry as an important part of the Internet industry, will promote the accelerated development of the Internet industry. Industrial process collaboration and data analysis software company Black Lake wisdom made 150 million yuan completed B round of financing, which set a maximum pen financing in the field of domestic industrial SaaS. SaaS Internet also provides industrial products and services of Bora technology also in March this year to obtain tens of millions A round of financing.
above six finance companies, there are three financing amount over billion yuan, can be described as a strong “suck money” capability. Go into the reasons, one is that in the process towards Industry 4.0 China’s manufacturing industry plays an indispensable role to promote manufacturing, “Chi-made” transition from “manufacturing”, on the other hand, is closely related to national policies . As early as July 2018, the Ministry of Industry on the release of the “Industrial Internet platform construction and promotion Guide” and two important policy “Industrial Internet platform evaluation method”; January 2019, the Ministry of Industry has issued the “Industrial Internet network construction and promotion Guide “then, in March,” Internet industry “is written to the 2019 national government work report. In addition, Internet companies as industrial asset light operating business, its core is the data, and,Do-platform enterprise can quickly copy an industry platform, the marginal cost of the project will gradually decline to zero until, naturally get the favor of capital. AGV: alive July 10 evening, intelligent logistics Robotics Geek + Premium Kerry announced the completion of the main ultra-C1 round of financing, this round C1 total amount of financing the industry will hit a single financing and accumulated a record amount of financing. The sensational news AGV circle. AGV as one of the important equipment storage and logistics systems, along with further promote electricity supplier, the rapid growth of the express delivery industry and intelligent manufacturing, logistics wisdom, AGV more and more enterprises of all ages. Then cattle smart factories are inseparable from the AGV robots, as long as local transport, the need to use AGV robots. At present, the automotive industry, electronics manufacturing and other manufacturing fields AGV is still the main demand of the market , followed by the electricity supplier logistics industry. GGII think, AGV in the field of automobile manufacturing, electronics, tobacco industry and other markets steady growth in demand at the same time, the transformation of automated warehousing logistics, warehousing particularly strong intelligent building needs, also contributed to the rapid growth in sales of AGV. In the first half Control Engineering Copyright , the field of financing AGV 2018 still retains the heat, in the financing of industrial robots this year played in 42 events, financing of up to 11 cases of AGV field since become the industrial robot financing case the highest segments. In the capital “shortage” special period, AGV is one of the few segments can sustain the heat.
Smart Technology, science and technology, respectively whale warehouse financing 100 million, 75 million yuan living in financing the first two, much higher than other companies. Smart Technology to obtain 100 million yuan B round of financing in March this year, Smart Technology founder and CEO Qi Ou said the financing will be used for shipping in volume production logistics, warehousing and consumer robots; warehouse technology obtained from whales in January Kuang, as the technology lead investor, BV Baidu venture with the investment of 75 million yuan of B + financing, whale warehouse technology, said this round of financing through the desert, as the hope and Baidu venture cooperation, speed up the application of AI in the warehouse scene. Continued capital inflows, which fully reflects the capital for mobile robot optimistic. But it is worth noting that, except for a few companies, on the whole, AGV corporate finance amount is not large, the majority concentrated in the million level, not many billions of. And with a pastKind of financing in the first half of this year are still stuck in the previous round B, C round into the business basically no. Of course, no matter how little, for start-ups, to some extent, into the capital of the company to ease the pressure in terms of initial investment, on the whole, to promote the industry’s technological progress. Machine Vision: Course fiery machine vision is undoubtedly a main theme of this year, with the day-Technology will be successful too, which also laid the machine vision is essential in the field of industrial robots position. GGII data show that in 2018 China market size of 5.379 billion yuan, an increase of 27.95%, GGII expected in the next five years, Chinese machine vision market will remain more than 20% growth rate, reaching more than 16 billion yuan market scale in 2023, 2019 –2023 annual compound growth rate of 23.87 percent. The rise of machine vision stems from the growing production of industrial automation technology needs. Modern industrial automation involved in the production of a variety of detection, location and identification work, the naked eye could not do, so the growing demand for machine vision. At the end of the first half of 2019, including Kuang as science and technology, Peter Meca, AI core intelligent machine vision and other 10 enterprises to obtain financing through the inventory found that, in addition to the number of machine vision companies to obtain financing, the amount of financing is generally higher than other segments. AI unicorn enterprises have computer vision Kuang said the four little dragons, as the technology this year May 8 D round of financing to complete the $ 750 billion in financing for this year’s big. Application of the market share in 2018 released kinds of computer vision technology to the desert, as the 20.6% market share, second only to the Shang Dynasty Technology. Kuang as the technology of $ 750 million D round of financing, media reports, the valuation is expected to be around $ 4 billion, funds received will be used to further strengthen the technical advantage in the field of deep learning, artificial intelligence and accelerate business solutions of landing. In a billion dollars-level financing as well as Meca Peter visual sorting program, its completion billion dollar level A + and A round of financing in April. In addition, established in August last year, as the company’s 3D visual bits in this year’s gains seed round of financing, and in July to get an angel round of financing from lead investor capital Turing again.
From the point of view throughout the first half, the major machine vision frequent corporate finance, capital markets favored by widespread gains, under the power of capital, enterprise development will continue to accelerate, which seems to indicate the second half of the machine vision marketThe development will also make further breakthroughs. Machine vision in lean, flexible production plays a key role, not only can make the product more stable in quality automated production process more efficient, but also allows the degree of production flexibility, efficiency has been greatly improved. Many industry sources, machine vision is an important branch of artificial intelligence is important, it now gives the robot “eyes”, the future will give a robot “brain.” Capacity, price, degree of standardization, ease of machine vision are improving, becoming the “standard” is just a matter of time.

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