Five Steps to create a key strategic partner, ADI breakthrough widespread anxiety Industry 4.0 landing

“In contrast with the previous industrial revolution, the revolution is an exponential rather than linear pace …… It is not only changing the way we do ‘what’ and ‘how to do’, we are also changing ‘who’.” World economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab (Klaus Schwab) wrote in his book “fourth industrial revolution”. Intelligent Manufacturing industry has led to a wave of 4.0 sweeping the globe, the world’s major countries have increased manufacturing reflux efforts to enhance the strategic position of the manufacturing sector in the national economy. Obviously , this is a technological change, Sprint, and double promotion policy under the market, the world’s major manufacturers have to develop Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Control Engineering Copyright , to accelerate its fall. However, as the F1 track, if the lack of technical skill will haste makes waste, destined to follow watching out ahead of time. “Right now is the right time to invest it? Can upgrade an existing system or installing a new system must all? Investment will pay off today really do …… this is the current trend in the industry is facing at the upcoming landing 4.0 of enterprises widespread confusion.” 2019 outlook on the industry technical seminars and, ADI to Chang Tao (Roger) industrial automation marketing manager of China said in its “accelerated towards industrial 4.0” speech.
ADI to Chang Tao (Roger) industrial automation marketing manager of China: ADI help accelerate the industry move towards 4.0
out of these typical confused, join the track Industry 4.0 with ADI
4.0 floor facing the industry general “anxiety”
anxiety, because the trend is clear and definite decision-making difficult. However, the fact that some of the leading companies have come out of the initial anxiety, into the floor of the tide. A survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers showed that 72 percent of respondents expect their companies in 2020 in terms of integration and digitization will reach the advanced level, more than 85% of respondents expect their senior digitization project will reduce costs and increase revenue . “Resolving this confusion the most likely suggestion is to find one or several professional partners, is committed to the establishment of common goals, made in partnership successful.” Roger said. In his view, the partners need to have a rich, in-depth expertise in hardware, software, security, and system-level design and other fields, but alsoKnow your business / business challenges and technology challenges to help you solve system-level approach to all challenges. “The partnership needs to be able: to seek solutions to the challenges of system level; pre-tested reference design solutions to accelerate time to market; a pre-certified solution that supports all major connection protocols; and design resources to purchase and build according to demand tailored and flexible solutions. “Roger said. Of course, the Speaking Industry 4.0 Floor strategic partner, ADI is worth mentioning that a large coffee industry. In its up to 54 years (founded in 1965) in the development process Control Engineering Copyright , ADI long-term work in the field of high-performance analog technology, while its total industry in 2018 at 6.2 billion US dollars accounting for more than half the income. ADI’s technology in the industry has been widely recognized and application – from the front end detecting includes various sensors and signal conditioning circuitry, including, subsequent to the measurement, data analysis , and microprocessor, DSP-based edge computation and RF wireless / Ethernet connection, cover the entire signal chain.
Industrial ADI signal chain solution provides full technical coverage
speech, Roger mentioned ADI recent years by more than very forward-looking, strategic acquisitions to further expand its capacity full signal chain complete solution: and after the successful merger of Linear technology’s high-performance power industrial applications become a strong competitive advantage in the competition, in addition to the reliability of over 99.999% of the SmartMesh low-power wireless network technology it is crucial for industrial edge connected; acquisition of Symbol Thai (Hittite ) makes the ADI wireless products range from DC to 100GHz RF, microwave solutions; Ethernet semiconductors and software solutions, a leading provider of Innovasic certainty through mergers and acquisitions, master a set of multi-protocol industrial Ethernet switch chip family based fido5000 REM obtained network solutions; the successful acquisition of the German company to introduce innovative Symeo RADAR technology for industrial and automotive markets …… ADI industrial 4.0 “Methodology”, the key to landing five steps to help vision in this seminar, Roger’s speech mainly from the five aspects ADI industrial power about 4.0 to embark on the fast track methodology, a summary from Say five “speed up”: AcceleratingSoftware configuration system; cloud connected to the edge acceleration; monitoring device health acceleration; acceleration level security system; robot acceleration integration. Configuration software deployment system, acceleration flexible manufacturing upgrade. Currently, industrial automation or process control system has a large number of IO physical layer interfaces, including analog and digital inputs and outputs, once production changes, re-arrangement of the production system cost can be very high, and very risky. “In this regard, ADI introduced a new generation of software-configurable technology, so that each IO implement software configurable, greatly enhance the flexibility of the industrial system configuration.” Roger disclosed. Software configuration will bring the following benefits: plug and play capacity building, thereby greatly enhancing the flexibility and efficiency; increase the speed of implementation, equipment upgrades and process re-configured to work in minutes instead of hours or days; from the field equipment to control, factories, enterprises and cloud, enabling a more seamless sound analysis and more flexible automation. In order to achieve mass customization advantage of being able to quickly switch between product production assets, the small batch and mass production as efficient.
connected to the cloud edge, things accelerated industrial floor. Things industry is the fundamental support intelligent manufacturing only networking equipment to achieve intelligent analysis and intelligent control. ADI’s already widely deployed landing SmartMesh embedded wireless sensor networks, making the deployment of wireless edge in the most challenging industrial environments becomes practical access,> 99.999% data reliability and> 10-year battery life and more to solve things industry challenges edge wireless access reliability and low cost maintenance. And from the edge of the connection to the cloud, Industrial Ethernet is undoubtedly the mainstream choice, but many industrial networking standard model complex, networked often faced difficulties between old and new or different devices connected to standard equipment. To this end, ADI launched the real-time Ethernet switch chip fido5000 creatively through a series chips support different industrial networks for connections between different device architecture, and will support the next generation Internet industry standards. Fido support 100Mbps time-sensitive network (TSN), and plans to develop the TSN 1Gbps technology to meet the needs of real-time industrial applications under the big data scenarios.
connection from the solution to the edge of the cloud, to accelerate industrial things landing
to create machine health monitoring, meter deniedUnplanned downtime. According to ARC Advisory Group survey , 5% of North American production losses due to unplanned downtime caused by outside. As an integral part of industrial 4.0, health monitoring of the machine can effectively reduce the frequency of plant shutdowns, improve the efficiency of the device. “ADI’s low-latency, monitoring programs based on conditions (CbM) perception and precise sensors embedded algorithm combined with minimal additional processing means for real-time monitoring, extremely reliable and real-time data communications to prevent interruption in production, improve safety , improve throughput and reduce costs. “Roger noted, he presented in detail in conjunction with the vibration sensor based on MEMS transducer as their precision, linearity, and power isolation technology, combined with the wireless network SmartMesh machine health monitoring solutions.
ADI wireless machine condition monitoring solutions allow controlled industrial health
system to protect industrial safety, ADI both hardware and software multi-point start. Openness is an important driver of Industry 4.0 of commitment, but also brought unprecedented vulnerability, 4.0 in the planning of industrial strategy, assess implementation and readiness to move forward, the security is a fundamental consideration. “ADI has been emphasis on safety, especially on functional safety, and industrial applications IC design with functional safety standard IEC 61508 to extend ADI has been very strict new product development process to ensure extra security plan IEC61508 requirements, safety analysis, verification and validation to be performed. “Roger said. In addition, he detailed the ADI other security policies: ADI’s new hardware-based identity solutions, enabling secure network edge in the factory within the control loop; by the security features combined with TSN properties, ADI in industry network edge to achieve the most advanced field device communications solutions; SmartMesh network, all traffic from end to end encryption, message integrity checking and authentication devices for protection and so on.
the popularity of industrial robots doubled provide market opportunities for ADI
robot-scale deployment, driven by accelerating robot integration. 4.0 achieved through industrial efficiency and flexibility thanks to the use of robots to a large extent, collaboration and robotOther advanced machine. “Robots are converging more sensors and communication technologies: for example, to detect jitter under heavy load situations arm itself; collaborate closely with security guarantees with the staff robot; robot parameters are uploaded to the cloud ……” Roger pointed out that “these new needs and new technologies directed present such opportunities ADI increases more than doubled. “in fact, the robot itself is a complete system, ADI key to high performance industrial technology known for, e.g. sensors, power supply, is connected, the signal the key processing and security technology to achieve both functionality and performance of the robot, such as ADI for robotic applications customized products launched ultra-small size dual-channel synchronous system SAR ADC AD7380, an area of ​​only 3 mm x 3 mm, 16-bit accuracy. More and more high robotic arm, special change is part of a joint, requires a very small volume of high-precision analog-control, it can be difficult to achieve before the robot joint made out of fine motor control through AD7380 customers.

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