Floods in Nepal have killed 50 people 35 people are missing

Xinhua News Agency, Kathmandu, July 14 (Reporter Zhou Shengping) Nepalese police said on the 14th that the floods caused by heavy rains in the past three days have killed at least 50 people and 35 others were missing.

The police issued a notice in the afternoon saying that at present, the number of counties affected by floods in Nepal has expanded to 25 and tens of thousands of houses have been flooded. Search and rescue work is underway and more than 1,100 people trapped by floods and mudslides have been rescued.

Some disaster research experts believe that Nepal’s rainy season this year is worthy of vigilance and worry.

It is expected that heavy rain will continue in many parts of Nepal in the next few days. Nepal has carried out a national mobilization, and relevant government departments, police, military, and social organizations have all invested in flood control and disaster relief.

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