Floor color is everywhere in life

As an important part of the home space, the aesthetic and artistic value of the ground is being recognized and valued by more and more designers and consumers. From styling, to color, to rich patterns, and more, the aesthetics and design of the ground is leading a revolution in ground finishing materials. In the future, artistic display will be an important development direction of floor decoration materials.

Home, taking the lead in the development of global home art, is the first to make bold attempts in the industry, not only to change the shape of ordinary floor by hand, but also to add rich color elements. Used in the creation of the ground, and also cooperated with the Italian design master Alessandro Mendini to create a more artistic effect of the ground products, leading the ground products from monotonous to colorful.

In order to enhance the attention of the whole society to the creativity and design of the ground, promote the development of the ground art industry, let more people know and participate in the development of the ground art industry, to consumers Providing more exciting ground products, the living family will start a vivid ground art journey around the world with the theme of ‘Walking the World’s Ground Art’. At the launching ceremony of the Beijing event, Ruili Home Editor Zhang Meijun said:

Comfort and comfort – the pursuit of home life

In many interior design discussions To create a comfortable and pleasant home environment is the highest pursuit of every family. I believe that many designers hope that they can design a stylish and warm home for their customers. This is not only to choose the right color to match, but also how to use the space, how to be healthy, environmentally friendly and easy to care, in order to create a comfortable family environment, in order to reflect the comfortable lifestyle that customers need.

Color is everywhere, art makes life more exciting

The ground art exchange activities of the world It aims to share and exchange the latest space, trend matching, and design trends with excellent designers. With the improvement of modern living conditions, every designer has a personal pursuit and insight into the innovative design concept. In our lives, color is everywhere, even if it is a low-key color, the designer’s clever combination will show unexpected smash, which is the purpose of the living art to travel the world’s ground art activities. Change the plain life and let the family art. We will invite well-known design masters to share the topic of space, color and art with all of you. We will also send invitations to national designers to collect a variety of ground-related design works, pay attention to each designer, and look forward to this event and everyone. communicate with.

From the visual sensory design, from the psychological perception experience, the perception of cutting-edge designers brings new insights and impacts. As one of the organizers of this event, “Rui Li Home Design” magazine and thousands of readers are looking forward to the innovative design inspiration of living and designers, and look forward to this face-to-face communication.

Release date: 2012/5/2 10:13:40

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