Former Egyptian President Mursi was tried in a cage and his defense lawyer retired.

People’s Daily on February 17 According to Reuters, former Egyptian President Morsi was tried in Cairo on the morning of the 16th, and his defense lawyers retired from the protesters. As a result, the relevant trial had to be suspended until February 23 and resumed. Mursi’s defense lawyers retired to protest that Mursi and the other defendants were confined to a soundproof glass cage.

The former leader of Islam faced four different trials, three of which have already begun. Mursi was transported by helicopter to the Cairo Police Academy from the Arab Tower Prison where he was detained on the morning of the 16th.

In this trial, Mursi and 35 other people were accused of attacking Egypt with Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. Mursi and his co-defendants were accused of colluding with foreign organizations and undermining national security. If the crime is true, the death penalty can be imposed.

In recent court appearances, Mursi and others were placed in a soundproof glass cage to prevent them from yelling and interfering with the proceedings. The defendants said they could not understand the trial process because they could not hear anything. But the judge said that the headphones in the cage allowed them to hear the sound outside. This cage also allows the judge to control when the defendant speaks.

According to Reuters, people in the court once heard Mursi say: “What are you afraid of?” Are you afraid because you don’t have public support? & rdquo; The court said they will now appoint a new defense team.

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