Foxconn have a new action, purchase thousands of robots, which is ready to find another way out yet?

Foxconn can be said that our country has a head of the factory, and it works in the production pipeline is famous in many domestic factories are very famous. Foxconn is responsible for some of the most processed products business Control Engineering Copyright , in cooperation with the United States, Apple’s mobile platform frequently in previous years. As part of Apple’s sales increase of Control Engineering Copyright , Foxconn’s business development is also growing, both of which can be said to form a win-win situation.
Although Foxconn’s cooperation with Apple a lot, but did not relate to some of the core technology and high-tech level, so that Foxconn and Apple’s core factory have a lot of difference. Orders are often large amount of cooperation, which requires gathered in a labor-intensive areas, Foxconn location happens to be in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, is rich in labor, to meet a large number of factory production and processing.
but the current accelerated economic development, labor force increasingly important for the development of any business, so labor costs are increasing. In this world situation CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , we want to develop labor-intensive industries is an outdated idea. Foxconn’s management is aware of this, so I decided to find another way out, started looking for cheaper labor. Foxconn’s management chose the United States as the next expansion goals, but many people do not agree with this decision, because the US population is less developed economy, high labor costs than China.
US economy is well developed, so they choose to use machines to replace manual labor. Foxconn is also learned to this point, began a large-scale layoffs Control Engineering Copyright , and from a large number of domestic purchase tens of thousands of machines. It can be said that since the Foxconn since its establishment a very important reform, mainly in order to keep up with the pace of the world, to reduce labor costs.
Not only that CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , Gou also intends to set up factories in India, India is the main reason for selecting India’s labor force to meet today’s false Foxconn demand for labor. This also means that in future development, Foxconn will be labor-intensive operations to foreign countries, so the gang-related employmentPosition will be reduced, layoffs are the only way. According to the latest news, India’s construction can be completed in a new field, many people questioned Gou this decision as a plant in India will lead to many Chinese workers unemployed.
But the overall pattern of view, Gou that decision is understandable. Entrepreneurs are based on business interests at heart, one hand can reduce labor costs and build factories in India, more importantly, to meet Apple’s requirements. Although Apple is the world’s leading electronics brands, but in India the market is not very good, so this Foxconn plant in India to help you Apple to open India’s markets. India then decided to build factories in the Foxconn, Foxconn factory conducive to reform and shift the focus, but also conducive to broaden Apple’s market.

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