Germany “Industry 4.0” 2030 Vision towering burst on the scene

The German government set up to coordinate and promote the “Industry 4.0” institutional development process “Industry 4.0 platform” has officially released the “Industry 4.0 Vision 2030” document, which emphasizes automation, interoperability and sustainability for the future of the global guidelines open digital ecological chain. How to understand the “Industry 4.0” next stage of development path of this vision represent? Reporters at the recently concluded world’s largest industrial fair – during the Hannover Messe representative of German companies in this area were observed. As Germany and Europe’s leading software giant, SAP in this CIIF joint six European mechanical engineering, industrial automation and enterprise software industry Beckhoff (Beckhoff), Endress + Hauser (Endress + Hauser), Hilscher (Hilscher), ifm (ifm), library card (KUKA) and Modi Vic (Multivac), jointly announced the establishment of “industry 4.0 open Alliance” (OpenIndustry4.0Alliance), and signed a specific cooperation agreement. According to reports, the alliance open Control Engineering Copyright , Balluff (Balluff), Gebhardt, Fuchs (Pepperl + Fuchs), SchmidtscheSchack, Samson (Samson) and Wika (to all enterprises WIKA) has joined the alliance. Alliance member companies plan to work together more companies to join, based on I / OLink, OPCUA and RAMI and other existing standards and establish the “open industry 4.0 Framework” (OpenIndustry4.0Framework). “All businesses are now considering how to make the transformation Industry 4.0, and they find ways to adjust in accordance with the new concept of industrial 4.0 all internal work processes CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , improve the efficiency of each link. “SAP executive vice president, Gibbs (Mark Gibbs), president of Greater China, told reporters. As Germany “Industry 4.0” leader, Siemens announced a strategic cooperation with the China Aerospace Science and Industry during the Fair, through Germany “Industry 4.0” and China “Advanced Manufacturing” enabling manufacturing transformation and upgrading. Reporters fromSiemens, learn that , between the two sides together to create the world’s first intelligent plant model of precision electronic components industry in industry internet-based platform with cloud manufacturing capacity. Project with more variety, low-volume, customized features Control Engineering Copyright , to open new lean flexible production model order-driven. Smart shop productivity will increase by 50%, the product defect rate will be reduced by 56%. “We put in the industrial area of ​​4.0 efforts bargained for. Digitized and interconnected solutions to enhance the efficiency, flexibility and productivity of the plant.” Bosch Group Board Member, Bosch Industrial Technology business leader Rolf Najork representation. According to reports, industry 4.0 has been fully integrated into the Bosch Group, manufacturing process, and the results are remarkable. Over the past four years , Bosch Group sales in the Industry 4.0 applications has accumulated more than 1.5 billion euros, and plans first to achieve industry-related businesses 4.0 in 2022 annual sales exceeded one billion EUR. Germany “Industry 4.0 platform” side said that the current artificial intelligence and block chain has also been on the agenda of the platform, which is being actively carried out exchanges with partners within China, Japan, the United States and the European Union, “continued in Industry 4.0 remain globally respected within the scope of the position. ”

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