Global “Lighthouse factory” Adds 10

1 to 3 July, the Thirteenth Summer Davos Forum held in Dalian. During the meeting Control Engineering Copyright , the World Economic Forum announced its “Global lighthouse factory” and added 10 new members.
previously announced 16 “lighthouse factory”
global “lighthouse factory”, the World Economic Forum and the world’s leading global management consulting firm McKinsey cooperation, selected from more than 1,000 worldwide in a large-scale factory the introduction of new technologies walk in the forefront of the world’s leading companies “lighthouse factories” in the hope that play a leading role in the overall ecosystem manufacturing. “Lighthouse factory” to improve the traditional enterprise production system, innovative design value chain, to create new business models and other subversive potential, gave birth to a new economic value. The latest selected the 10 global “lighthouse factory”, including Nanjing, China SAIC Chase, Schneider Electric 福特奥特桑 Turkish province of Kocaeli, Nokia in Oulu, Finland, France Cléon Renault Group, Indonesia’s Batam Wait. Schneider Electric re-elected “Lighthouse Factory” Schneider Electric factory is located in Indonesia’s Batam wisdom with outstanding performance in intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation aspects of the award. This is Schneider Electric following the 2018 French le vaudreuil factory named one of the world’s most advanced nine “lighthouse factory” re-elected to another factory.
Schneider Electric Indonesia Batam factory through the deployment of its EcoStruxure architecture and platform, and a wide range of industrial applications of Things (IIoT) technologies, including intelligent sensors, alarm management, on-site benchmarking and augmented reality technology, enabling employees to let them to visualize approach to operations management, equipment maintenance and energy use. Application of digital technology , so that the whole plant while reducing maintenance costs, improve the equipment operating efficiency. Up to now, Batam factory downtime per year has been reduced by 44%. Batam factory also through the integration of IT and OT innovative technology deployment planning and scheduling management and other digital tools to provide end to end view of the needs, coordination of upstream and downstream business partners and employees to achieve on-time delivery rate increased by 40%. In addition, Batam factory as a machine learning, artificial intelligence, digitalPredictive maintenance, as well as interoperability of equipment and process testing platform, by integrating big data, cloud computing, networking and other industrial technology, to complete the digital transition for all types of organizations in Asia Control Engineering Copyright , and long-term operations to achieve higher energy efficiency and provide reference for sustainable development. China only selected – SAIC Chase C2B Nanjing factory is located in Nanjing Jiangning Nanjing High-tech Zone SAIC Chase C2B factory, became the second worldwide only one selected Chinese companies.
advantage SAIC Chase Nanjing plant intelligent production lines that start from the development phase models Control Engineering Copyright , let users through self-development “spider Holiday” smart Chooser, deeply involved in the whole process. From the forecast released, the user orders, production planning and scheduling, spare parts into the plant, until the vehicle production, quality inspection, every aspect of shipping, full coverage of product lifecycle “smart customization” concept, which can accurately respond to user customization the individual needs.
[SAIC Chase digital process management platform]
After initial visits and comprehensive assessment of the World Economic Forum and McKinsey clear SAIC Chase Nanjing C2B factory to meet “to achieve a significant impact on the successful integration of multiple use cases, with scalable technology platform, and outstanding performance in the key drivers of “industrial 4.0” lighthouse factory “standards. The jury said: “The challenging market environment to promote the plant to build large-scale intelligent customization of the new model Control Engineering Copyright , digital value chain from the supplier to the end user, thereby improving sales and reduce costs. “
jury personally visited Nanjing, SAIC Chase C2B factory
Prior to the” Lighthouse factory “members include leading technology such as the world’s largest automotive supplier Bosch, the world’s electrical and electronic engineering fields industrial giant Siemens and other companies in the column 16. At present, “Lighthouse factory” 26.

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