Gold corner Jidong Cement entered into a strategic cooperation with SAP, of traditional building materials enterprises across the intelligent

Recently, SAP and gold corner Jidong Cement jointly announced a strategic cooperation, expand cooperation in business management aspects of information technology, deepen cooperation contents. Gold corner Jidong Cement will use SAP S / 4HANA digital core suite to build an integrated control and information platform operator CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , leap from the traditional ERP to intelligent enterprise management, speed up digitization transformation. Jidong Cement Jinyu, deputy party secretary, general manager Kongqing Hui said: “The information technology is one of the core gold corner Jidong Cement industry remain competitive in the previous cooperation with SAP, we achieved with SAP ERP as the core. standardization of business management. the two sides expand cooperation contents, a comprehensive upgrade to SAP S / 4HANA, will build up the industry’s leading information technology, networking, intelligent systems, create a new pattern gold corner Jidong cement information technology. “[ 123] gold corner Jidong cement with SAP to reach
SAP senior vice president of global strategic cooperation, general manager of China Li Qiang said:. “At present, China’s traditional building materials industry, is to the international, high-quality development and transformation towards this transformation the process of digitization is the key. we are very pleased with the gold corner Jidong cement deepen cooperation and support enterprises of comprehensive digital intelligent management
CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to enhance their global competitiveness, promote long-term business development, to lead the transformation and upgrading of the building materials industry. “gold corner Jidong cement will use SAP S / 4HANA digital core suite to build a And operational management and control information platform as the core, intelligent linkage factories, intelligent enterprise information management system platform for electronic business, intelligence, logistics, procurement sunshine, visual decision-making, budgeting and performance management, OA and other professional collaboration platform. SAP system to achieve full coverage, support and management to enhance the Group’s business, help business quality and efficiency. Meanwhile, the gold corner Jidong Cement also selected SAP digital enterprise service and support for the implementation of the project to deploy escort. Gold corner Jidong Cement is one of Beijing Jinyu Group Co., Ltd.’s core industries CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , business layout of the country’s 13 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities Control Engineering Copyright [ 123], And to the development of South Africa and other countries CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , is a former top three, top five cement group, to create “a world-class modern, professional and large cement industry groups.”

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