Gree hand in hand Unicom established wisdom 5G factories, household appliances industry, industrial upgrading of the road, how far?

Recently, China Unicom official website announced that China Unicom and Gree was signed August 16 5G wisdom Factories and full-service strategic cooperation agreement in Zhuhai. Under the agreement, the two sides will be based on 5G, the Internet industry, networking, big data, artificial intelligence and other new technology, to create the country’s leading home appliance industry wisdom 5G plant demonstration area. Coincidentally, just a week ago, held in Qingdao, Shandong Province, “2019 World Industrial Internet Industry Conference,” Haier and Huawei joint China Mobile officially launched the world’s first “smart + 5G” Internet factory. Conference, Haier indicates the depth of key technology innovation and change will be business organization, business models and ICT technology, artificial intelligence, 5G and other integration , to redefine the future of intelligent manufacturing.
Why 5G household electrical appliance enterprises have the layout of the smart factory? What exactly brought 5G give the manufacturing sector? “The poor are changed, change the pass, long-General”: intelligent transformation of the industry trend with the improvement of people’s living standards, the concept of mass consumption rose from food and clothing to meet the pursuit of quality. In this trend, whether it is to improve product quality, or to meet the needs of individual users, both for traditional manufacturers launched a greater challenge. Especially when the entire appliance industry slowdown, the entire industry to automation, flexible production transformation has become an inevitable trend, which gave birth to the demand for intelligent home appliance manufacturing transformation. The market value of the top three domestic household electrical appliance enterprises: Midea, Gree, Haier, as of August 20, the market value was 357.076 billion yuan, 317.57 billion yuan, 98.775 billion yuan, have been competing to open from the traditional manufacturing automation, digital, intelligent transformation. Read the annual report of the three companies in the past three years, can be found in R & D investment showed a rising trend. The analysis can be found, that several business transformation focus, though not identical, but the general direction of development is consistent. Specifically, the three companies, the highest market value of the US group, from 2012 he opened the digital transformation of the eight-year investment in digitization, the Internet industry has more than 10 billion yuan above. In July this year, the United States “exposure” of the first US industrial internet platform (Midea M.loT) factory blessing of wisdom – the wisdom of Guangzhou Nansha plant. Statistics show that in more than 40,000 square meters of factory buildings, the large and small robots in the automation HealthProduction line, injection molding, and other aspects of three-dimensional database “perform their duties.” Outside the factory, on the big screen industry Internet data center operating parameters of production, materials, quality control, process parameters, injection molding equipment at a glance. The United States has become the first elected to the national 2018 Industrial Internet innovation development demonstration projects of enterprises. United States CIO Zhang Xiaoyi said: “The beauty of features is the accumulation of 50 years of manufacturing knowledge into the platform go, we call platform manufacturing knowledge, software, hardware, three-dimensional together.” Gree as a domestic leader in industrial manufacturing representatives, It can be described as intelligent equipment Maozuliaojin force in this area. In September last year, Gree CIIF starting new “G-FMS flexible production line”, this production line includes Gree independent production of industrial robots, AGV logistics equipment, intelligent three-dimensional database and other core products, graphite with high-precision machine tools to complete loading and unloading, testing, distribution, storage and other intelligent integration of the whole operation. Gree smart with a six-axis industrial robot was also named “2019 Guangdong Province intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects list.” As Haier, although not on grid power and beauty of body mass, but also blazed a path for their own development. It jumped out of contention hardware platform embarked on a drive way. With the advent of the Internet era of industry, Haier subvert the traditional closed system, Internet platform to build industry COSMOPlat, the United States is different from the industrial Internet platform, Haier’s ambitions seem not only in the home appliance industry. It is understood, COSMOPlat has been used in 15 industries, began a promotion in more than 20 countries, comes to clothing, food, housing, transportation, health, support, and several aspects of medicine. All in all, both the United States and the digital transformation, to create a flexible production line Gree, Haier or layout of industrial internet platform, communication facilities are basic. Like CNC machine tools, industrial robots so that the bottom of the industrial equipment, basically a high-speed control devices, high real-time requirements. It is worth noting that the industrial scene for network quality of service requirements are relatively high Control Engineering Copyright , real-time not only mean faster, more deterministic means. 5G large bandwidth, low latency, high connection characteristics, can be a good balance of speed and network transmission problems certainty. Therefore, when the 5G has just come out, these companies would have to want to use 5G, in order to achieve a greater degree of automation and intelligence. Three operators, “homeopathy”June 6 this year to explore the open day laborers 5G Ministry issued a formal business license, China formally entered the first year of commercial 5G intelligent manufacturing. According to the deployment of the Ministry of Industry, the country will achieve commercial 5G 2020. China Information and Communication Research Institute released “5G economic and social impact of the White Paper,” predicts that by 2030, 5G is expected to bring direct economic output of 6.3 trillion yuan, 2.9 trillion yuan economic value added, employment opportunities 8,000,000. Ferocious sparked public concern 5G, 4G network problems by the age limit, in the era seems to 5G can be improved. Operators are actively layout 5G test network 5G to accelerate progress on the construction of the “fast track.” In April this year, China Unicom officially launched 5G brand “5G?”, And released “7 + 33 + n” 5G network deployment. Ie continuous coverage in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, seven male An urban cities, to achieve hot spots coverage in 33 cities, customized 5G network college network in n cities. As the first operator to deploy 5G, from the beginning of 2017, China Mobile has been in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuhan, Shanghai and other five cities in the field test. Meanwhile, the next batch of applications and 5G demonstration cities include Beijing, Xiong Ann, Tianjin, Fuzhou, Chongqing and other 12 cities, will focus on the construction of 31 scenarios 5G demonstration, continue to explore innovative in application of the above, the establishment of a joint 5G Innovation Center . China Telecom in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other 17 cities in the pilot demonstration 5G Innovation , accumulate experience for the 5G-scale development. In order to speed up opening up and cooperation, China Telecom has also advocated the establishment of 5G League innovation, promote industrial development 5G. In the context of national policy to vigorously promote the development of 5G, the operator will not be too far behind in the move towards 5G commercial road, almost all pre-commercial in 2019, 2020 official business. Different from 4G, 5G is a very important application scenarios that industry. Therefore, the three operators have launched layout in the field of intelligent manufacturing. Shanghai Unicom first to set up Intelligent Manufacturing Institute, in addition to wisdom and Gree work together to build 5G plant, but also equipped with Luo Ming together to create a “5G industrial manufacturing joint innovation center.” China Mobile’s performance no less, in addition to the Haier to create smart + 5G Internet outside the factory, in July this year and Hengtong Group reached a 5G +Intelligent Manufacturing joint innovation strategic cooperation. In contrast, it appears that China Telecom mediocre Control Engineering Copyright , although there are force in this area, but has not been able to become a benchmark case appears. Needless to say, the arrival of 5G , and laid a solid foundation for the manufacturing plants to achieve network and the Internet, digital, intelligent upgrade. For the home appliance manufacturing industry, in today’s communications technology, artificial intelligence, big data technology are ripe conditions, industrial upgrading is the best time. Historically, the river era of technological change can seize the opportunities of the enterprise, often a new life, and those who stand still in business, sooner or later will be overwhelmed by the river of time. “Book of Changes” goes: “the poor are changed, change the pass, General long,” meaning that when development of things to the extreme, change to happen, changes will enable the development of things is not blocked. This tells us that in the face of the evolving situation, we must change the status quo to change. For the home appliance manufacturing industry is so, it is for the entire Chinese manufacturing industry, but also yes.

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