Grundfos launched Compact leak-free canned motor pump to create innovative environmental temperature control system, power industry, industrial upgrading

Grundfos announced the official market launch of the CM leak-free centrifugal pump (CM Leakage Free), this product is the first Grundfos Multistage horizontal industrial leak-free canned motor pump. Its innovative design, energy saving, stable and maintenance-free life and other features, this product is widely used in various industries, including clean energy, transportation, medical and laboratory, IT, mechanical cooling cooling Control Engineering Copyright (C) , help Chinese industry industrial upgrading. Whether developed or developing, are important economic lifeline of the industrial, infrastructure is a top priority. Sponsored by the Chinese “along the way” project has attracted worldwide attention CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , infrastructure construction of multi-party cooperation continue to get recognition. Grundfos since 2009, launched this series of centrifugal pumps, continuous improvement and innovation through personalized custom services, has accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge and experience of application users. Meanwhile, Grundfos through continuous research and development of this product has the ability to undertake large orders, to help Chinese industrial upgrading, responding “along the way” initiative is well prepared. In the cooling unit central air conditioning, wind power is widely used in servers and supercomputers long standby work, MRI medical equipment, electricity generation solar cells, laser cutting and other processes, and ultimately, this shield pump figure. In many of the above applications, this pump by shielding the respective parts of ethylene glycol coolant delivery to the machine, to control the temperature, so as to ensure the normal operation of the entire unit. Compact space, leak shield, the unique fanless design makes this canned motor pump is unique in the market, is the general trend of industrial upgrading in various fields of choice. ● compact space: on the market as the most compact pump of a shield, the gap between each member is less than a finger, can effectively save floor space, requires small space for installation. At the same time, compact design also brings to assemble convenience and cost savings , especially for industrial upgrading and emerging field of energy saving building construction demand. ● no leakage shielded: no unique mechanical seal designed to prevent leaks, will not switch the mode of operation and the working environment and frequent restart cause corrosion, reduce the impact on the environment. At the same time, without having to re-join coolingFluid, maintenance-free life CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , significantly reduces the user’s total operating costs. ● innovative fanless design: fanless design greatly reduces the size of this product, while offering the advantages of dust Yang and quiet, especially for hospitals, laboratories, high-speed rail and other needs quiet and comfortable scene. In addition, to avoid the risk of circuit board burned, greatly extending the life of subsection pump to enhance the user’s return on investment. Which products through Europe and North America cURus CE safety certification, market access licenses in Europe and America, and its compact design through energy efficiency certification. In addition, the product that also follows the RoHS, 2002/96 / EC directive, meet the energy requirements of environmental protection , for the Chinese enterprises to enter Europe, America and Africa market and actively participate “along the way” project escort . Business Development Director of Grundfos China Zhang Jie said: “Grundfos establish itself in China market since 25 years, has always been to meet the escalating demand of Chinese customers as the core .CM leak-free centrifugal pump is the introduction of Grundfos Chinese market based on sound , innovation and R & D results. Grundfos upgrade China’s industrial power, to help Chinese enterprises to the world as their responsibility, and is committed to a long-term close business partner of China. ”

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