Hand in hand singularity cars from Siemens, to see the development trend of global digital transformation

With the concept of take the heat “digital”, the manufacturing sector set off a huge change, more and more companies have begun to follow the development trend of the times. Global manufacturing has been digitized or industrial operations 4.0 on the agenda, “Made in China 2025” stressed: digital and intelligent is a great opportunity for the development of enterprises, enterprises have to transition to intelligent manufacturing upgrades, enter the target all intelligent equipment.
Siemens Power singularity create intelligent factory of Siemens (China) based on its extensive experience in electrification, intelligent, digital factory area, we have been committed to the “digital” concept floor. Recently, Siemens (China) singularity hand car, to cooperate in intelligent manufacturing and big data, it is expected to create the world’s most advanced digital smart factory.
According to the contract, Siemens signed with the singularity, Siemens to singularities provides digital enterprise software suite, “digital twin” technology, customized products and services to help singularity production base of intelligent building process, and product design, production planning, production engineering, production implementation, service and other train services. At the signing ceremony, Siemens said Control Engineering Copyright , from the digital factory to process industrial 4.0, still a long way, but realize digital factory, are milestones in the development of Siemens “digital” has been at the cusp in this era of intelligent manufacturing “digital” has been at the cusp. Insiders analyzed to 2020, the 2000 strong enterprises, nearly 60% are digital transformation strategy as the core of future development. China, the world’s largest factory, the world’s only country to include all industrial industries industry classification in the United Nations, it is destined to China must build their own intelligent manufacturing development strategy and accelerate floor. The whole industry chain, divided into 39 kinds, class 191, subclasses 525. To achieve intelligent manufacturing sector, it is necessary to implement these specific scenarios. For example, industrial design, simulation scenarios, should be done based on a modular data center products and solutions for highly realistic scene; intelligent plant, you need to take advantage of cloud computing, server and network product solutions to improve; Intelligent Service on the construction of intelligent cloud platform, enabling users to remotely operate in real time according to other mobile phone APP convenient way. Digital manufacturing is not equivalent to full automation in industrial manufacturing leadDomain Control Engineering Copyright , a lot of people say fully automated, but it does not mean all-digital manufacturing automation CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , which is a deep misunderstanding. To realize the digital manufacturing plant must first fully automated. People in terms of industrial manufacturing production flexibility, the machine is second to none, therefore, the future mode of operation, the machine is bound to be people with mutual cooperation relations. Companies working in manufacturing, many complex information to judge, as well as some high repeatability, hazardous work can replace people with machines. Bonus population decline is a direct factor leading to higher and higher in recent years, labor costs in manufacturing, and manufacturing in addition to labor costs, as well as the cost of the supply chain. Digital manufacturing emphasizes not only reduce costs, to provide more high quality products , and the product quality is not the same cost. As in recent years, the domestic manufacturing sector less competitive, many companies are controlling costs, but in fact, is not the most should pay attention to labor costs, but the cost of the whole industry supply chain. As a large labor-intensive manufacturing Control Engineering Copyright , labor costs are only a small fraction of proportion and do not represent the entire supply chain costs. Throughout the digital manufacturing process, the data exchange can effectively enhance the efficiency of manufacturing management, and industrial 4.0, not only depend on the level of automation of production lines, as well as the level of more management level. Across the road intelligent transformation of the Chinese manufacturing, management is based on hardware devices. Industry 4.0 is referred to as the fourth industrial revolution, but merely a characteristic of intelligent manufacturing industry 4.0, which also includes new materials, new energy and other high-tech, new formats, and so on.

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