Hikvision machine vision released 150 million new ultra-high resolution cameras and other heavy

March 21, 2019 Hikvision machine vision new conference was held in Shanghai, at 150 million Hikvision ushered in ultra-high resolution cameras, high-resolution CCD camera 50 million, 8K color line scan cameras , the world premiere of blockbuster new algorithm platform VM 3.1, SC series of vision sensors, IH series of intelligent readers and so on. Li Zhe Intel global industry manager for technology, vision systems design magazine publishing director Jimmy Lin’s, as well as business and media representatives attended the meeting.
Hikvision has roots in the visual perception of the direction of smart technology more than ten years, in 2014 formally established the Machine Vision business, Hikvision from his breakthrough machine vision to juvenile elegance, in the algorithm, Sensor, Interface and other technical fields continue to make breakthroughs, gradually breaking machine vision applications in the past to rely on foreign brands situation. Committed upscaling, from 31 million global CMOS camera, 50 million high-resolution CCD camera appearance to boast the world’s 150 million ultra-high resolution cameras, high-resolution industrial camera Hikvision continuous improvement. Hikvision 150000000 super high resolution camera with Sony IMX411 back-illuminated sensor , 1.5 billion resolution, 3.76um pixel size using CoaXPress data interface, high bandwidth , high dynamic range and low readout noise ensure excellent image quality, perfectly suitable for the detection panel, aerial photography, scanned files and other applications.

The world’s first mobile phone perfect fit proportion CCD camera – Hikvision 50 million high-resolution CCD camera, using a unique cooling technology, making the camera sensor and keep at room temperature or even below room temperature, to ensure the image quality.
Hikvision product family of intelligent Adds new force, a new generation of VM algorithm platform, visual control, vision sensors offer more competitive solutions for the visual AI. Hikvision machine vision algorithm platform into the VM version 3.1, the underlying algorithms have complete independent intellectual property rights, superior depth learning techniques blessing, location and identification algorithm performance, support for TCP / IP, serial, I / O communications, without programming, interactive Friendly CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , simple and flexible configuration, allowing to buildVisual program easier and more convenient.
a new generation of vision controller VC4000 is “highly integrated, high performance” AI computing platform of choice, for high-speed image processing, with a GTX1060 run deep learning programs. The controller interfaces with rich, highly scalable.
“small size, big wisdom” series of vision sensors SC compact structure CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the use of embedded hardware platforms, enables high-speed image processing, high-accuracy positioning, visual measurements algorithmic tools, enabling presence or absence of positive and negative, position, size and other testing requirements.
depth learning IntelliSense technology gives the transformative power. The new release of IH series of intelligent readers, the depth of learning technology into one, high performance algorithm stable, sustainable upgrade. Algorithm robustness, without fear reflex, dirt, defect, can easily cope with harsh reading of complex environmental, industrial application scenarios further widened.
Kang robot president Gu Yonghua said that in terms of technology, products, quality, standards, marketing and services, Kang robot continued research has made substantial breakthroughs in a number of industries [ 123], the steady ‘enabling transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector’ letter. In recent years, Hikvision new layer out of the machine vision, constantly enrich the product line, opened a “high-resolution, high frame rate, highly intelligent, high-quality” road of evolution go hand in hand. Future, machine vision Hikvision will continue to adhere to independent innovation, openness and cooperation, technology and innovation as the core , to user needs as the fundamental, to provide professional quality products and services, work together partner more exciting achievements “as” sector. See far, the line farther.

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