Hitachi Appliances launches the first sweeping robot for the country okorder

On the 19th of next month, Hitachi’s Hitachi home appliance company plans to launch the first sweeping robot for the country “mini road & mdash; — Minimaru.

As early as 2003, Hitachi disclosed its successful development of sweeping robot technology, and it was only after 13 years that it finally became conditioned.

The sweeping robot is a late-generation product in the modern smart home appliance. It uses the rechargeable battery as the power, and uses the built-in program to measure the room cleaning space. Optimized cleaning route instead of manual completion of floor cleaning work.

The core technology is to measure and calculate the clean coverage route. The sweeping robot was first recognized in the European and American markets. The highest-end iRobot sweeping robot series in the North American Roomba brand is priced at $900, equivalent to RMB 6,100. In recent years, the average unit price of domestic brands has dropped to about 2,500 yuan, which is also accepted by users in first-tier cities in China.

Dyson of the United Kingdom and Roomba from the United States occupy a higher market share of sweeping robots in the Japanese market, while Japanese brands are only among the top Panasonic.

This body mini Minimaru is only 25 cm wide and 9.2 cm high. Known to be able to clean the path algorithm from more than 100 modes under the control of artificial intelligence (AI), especially to the seat, sofa A narrow space underneath.

Hitachi believes that the home cleaning equipment market is currently a blue ocean that can tap business opportunities, and can quickly gain market share in a less competitive environment. The AI ‚Äč‚Äčartificial intelligence sweeping robot is priced at 108,000 yen (about 7,000 yuan). Nissan plans to produce and supply more than 60,000 local markets in the coming year.

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