Home improvement wood floor maintenance Raiders

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First, keep humidity to prevent cracking

Wind Dry, the air humidity is relatively low, the wood fiber in the wooden floor will naturally shrink due to water loss. Step into the autumn, the indoor humidity should be kept between 50% and 70%, because once the moisture content of the wood floor is too low, it will be direct Problems such as cracking of the wooden floor and opening of the joint. If the humidity of the room cannot be guaranteed, wipe it with a wet cloth that is twisted to water two or three times a week, or use some small humidifiers to moisturize the room.

Second, proper cover to avoid exposure

Long-term sunlight will cause cracking and fading of the wooden floor. Although the intensity of sunshine in autumn is not as good as that in summer, it cannot be ignored. When the sun is violent, it should be pulled. Cover the curtains to extend the service life of the wooden floor. In long-time exposed home locations, such as balconies, floor-to-ceiling windows, etc., consider laying carpets or placing floor vases to prevent direct exposure of the floor to sunlight. ‘Contrast color’ appears indoors

Third, regular dust removal and timely cleaning

autumn is a season that can not be lazy to clean and dust. Dry weather causes dust to increase, if not cleaned in time, water will accumulate in the wood floor In the gap, stubborn stains are formed. In addition to regularly using a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, special attention should be paid to the position where the pedals are often stepped on, and carpets are placed at the entrance of the doorway, and dust-proof strips are attached to prevent dust from entering the house. /P>

Four, moving furniture waxing maintenance

Because the autumn air humidity is relatively low, the floor is easy to shrink and deform, in order to ensure smooth expansion of the floor, it should be avoided to concentrate heavy furniture, preferably separated by a section Time shifting the position of the furniture can prevent the floor from being able to smoothly expand and contract, and avoid the unevenness of the floor due to the furniture being pressed and not ventilated. In addition, the waxing of the solid wood floor is maintained in the autumn. Wipe the floor clean before waxing, then apply a layer of floor wax evenly on the surface. After a little dry, wipe it with a soft cloth until it is smooth and bright. At the same time, open the window as much as possible to keep the space inside. Circulation. When the weather is drier, you need to use a humidifier to adjust the indoor humidity.

The floor also needs to be taken care of like our skin, cleaning, moisturizing, sunscreen, waxing these steps can not be less.

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