Honeywell released its first white paper process industry intelligent plant

October 16, Honeywell Process Industry today released the white paper Intelligent Plant , elaborated in China “smart +” strategic context, how to use the Internet of Things Industry (IIoT) upgrade manufacturing business performance insights. The report released by Honeywell (China) Co., Ltd. Intelligent Manufacturing newly established Institute.

The report, entitled “Smart Plant White Paper process industries – from insight into the results,” the report focuses on the definition of “smart factory”, the key success factors of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing the latest technology Honeywell advanced technology trends and help Chinese and global customers’ success stories.
“Although the Chinese process industry in sustainable, high-quality manufacturing are catching on in other parts of the world , but many companies still do not know where to start should be.” Honeywell Process Control vice president and general manager of Greater China, Chen Yan, said, “Honeywell for decades has always been a leader in the field of industrial process automation technology and solutions, so Chinese enterprises have the ability to share our outstanding experience, knowledge and opinions. we are honored to participate in the continued growth of China in recent years, and is committed to provide strong support for the development of China’s long-term partner. “Honeywell (China) Co., Ltd. intelligent manufacturing Research Institute of China-focused intelligent manufacturing the market research and technology, plans to release the latest report CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright for intelligent manufacturing, marketing, applications, and technology trends each year, while also committed to provide consulting services to Chinese enterprises and the government, and the establishment of partnerships with universities, research institutions and non-profit organizations, to promote China High-quality development. Honeywell Process Industry White Paper and intelligent plant Honeywell (China) Co., Ltd. Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute on the same day on Honeywell Technology Summit 2019 officially released and announced. The summit was held on October 15 to 18 in Xi’an, showing more than 60 products and solutions, it attracted more than 350 participants. Published on the summit of new products include: • Honeywell tank wisdom: the production and integrated security solutions, mainly to process alarms, patrolCheck system events, device status and health, safety and environmental management systems together to build a workflow task tracking and monitoring mechanisms. It uses advanced embedded analysis software technology, provides a unified mobile access solutions for business management, security monitoring, and work order management. Tank wisdom not only integrate data from subsystems into a unified platform, and the cross-subsystem data flow and logic to construct a common data center to achieve real interconnection data. Through this unified platform to previously siled systems together to achieve interconnection and personnel data connectivity, enabling customers to carry out the task tank round monitoring and tracking the whole process, improve safety management, operational efficiency and accuracy. • Honeywell mobile operating software factory (MPO) is for the factory routine inspection, personnel location, staff communications and process management of a mobile work solutions. The technology relies on the cloud, smart mobile devices and the applications are equipped with, work with back-end servers, and with factory MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and other systems of intelligent interconnection CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright [123 ], standardized connect multiple departments, or even break the boundaries of the company’s fully integrated personnel, equipment and information systems, collaborative on-site jobs, equipment management, scientific and digitized. It helps protect customers’ existing investments and use the latest technology to improve operational efficiency. • Push Honeywell alarm system (ADS) through proprietary applications , with the key inside and outside the plant maintenance staff and management real-time alarm butt important, production and environmental data. ADS support OPC (communication interface standard that allows software Windows procedures and industrial hardware), data may be obtained from a variety of control systems. ADS integrated OPC A & E (alarm event) protocol can be customized push rule, upgrades and “You Are the One” mode. ADS can take the initiative to alert maintenance personnel to take immediate action in order to shorten the response time to prevent minor accidents upgrade.

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